Thursday, December 28, 2017

Blog Entry #1000.. A Look at 2018!

As I do my 1000th blog posting and approach nearly 5 million views, I want to thank each and every one of you for reading, guiding, supporting and teaching me along the way.  I am truly humbled by how this blog has grown and the beautiful people that have crossed my path.  Love and Gratitude, Lynn 

With 2017 coming to an end, I wanted to look toward the future to "see" what we have coming our way.  I broke this down by categories to better focus... 

Politics and Media
I see more "fake" news (or rather news that is insignificant, embellished, or not indicative to REAL issues of the world) being used as a tool to keep people divided, and a way to create havoc for Trump.  As I see it, Trump truly is one of the biggest obstacles of the PTW (Powers That Were) because he is viewed as a wild card.  Trump knows what the PTW want (through connections and also personal requests / favors from them), but has too much ego to allow it to happen (because he cannot be bought and enjoys the power struggle).

I get Trump will make an unexpected ally.  Something is in the works now, but I cannot see how this will unfold.  It does look to be in the middle east, but I can say it doesn't look to be China or Russia, but he is brokering a deal with another country that is ready to fight and expose the PTW as well.  I hear "this is best played as the long game, so it will require a certain element of patience."

Some type of peace is also being worked on with China and Russia (even though it doesn't appear to come full circle in 2018).  Trump realizes that part of the issue these countries have with us is they feel the US hasn't played fairly in many world affairs, and they are also bitter at the US control of the dollar.  Trump has to level the playing field, and create a sense of fairness, but this is a long process (so long I cannot see the finality of it, or if it is even possible).  There is also an ulterior motive for Trump to make peace as Russia and China are aggressively working to squash the dollar, implement a gold backed currency, and establish new guidelines in which to purchase goods (including influence of oil trade).  The demise of the dollar would hurt the US in a major way, and Trump also doesn't want this type of event tied to his presidency.

False Flags / Events / Changes- US Based 

I see something that has a similar appearance to small pox looks to come forward during the first quarter of 2018.  This promotes fear and allows an opportunity for big pharma to make money off immunizations.  Just be cautious and listen to your gut as I don't see this as the epidemic that they portray..

I hear the phrase "Atlanta burning" and get there will be something in that area (fire, explosion, ??).  It feels politically driven, both locally and federal.  There may even be a "drill" there to see how people will react.  2018 looks full of "how will people react" events while the PTW see what people really are willing to put up with.

As we approach the middle of 2018, it looks like the central part of the country suffers periods of droughts.  The Mississippi River feels very low and concerning, and I don't see that changing.  It looks like larger trade and travel ships will start to reroute or find alternative means of travel.  Consequently, the cost of goods will start to rise (especially in this area).  At first this situation is downplayed, and doesn't receive much media, but the problem looks to get worse and worse and will start to become a news story..

To the east of the Mississippi River I see a rather large sink hole emerge (Tennessee area??).  There is an illusion that this baffles scientists, but the reality is that the earth is expanding, plates are shifting, and a gap is being created (only a few inches, but makes a huge difference because the water of the Mississippi is entering the crack and eroding the earth from the inside out in this specific area).

Yellowstone looks to encounter several small earthquakes, but not "the big one."  There really is some guiding intervention working overtime to dissipate the energy stored there.  I get there will be several UFO sightings in the area, even more than before, while "they" help to balance this area of the world.

International Affairs
When I zoom out on a map, I see the northern region of Australia light up, and also England and Germany.  These look like targets for "ISIS" attacks, with an agenda to get them to join the PTW to fight against Saudi Arabia to gain controlling interest of their (the Saudi's) oil (there is fear by the PTW that trade will be gold based, which they do not want so if they control the oil they won't have to worry about how to pay for it).

With the world changing, the PTW needs a physical presence in Afghanistan to control the poppies (i.e. opium) and Saudi Arabia for the oil.  That region of the world feels very active during 2018.  Oddly, this won't be the top stories in the news though, as propaganda surrounding North Korea and China seem to serve as the smoke screen for the dirty dealings in both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Russia feels somewhat quiet, but still holds a presence.  Toward the end of the year they emerge again, but for the short term they feel to be watching to see what happens with the rest of the world (while they ramp up their own defenses).

North Korea feels to get very agitated with the constant monitoring of how they are governing their country.  It does escalate, and some kind of confrontation occurs toward the middle of the year (looks like a balloon bursting).  I cannot see it being nuclear, even though the threat and fear of it will be out there, but there is weaponry involved.  It looks like there will be a man made weather event used to weaken them (NK), followed by a smaller battle.

PTW (Powers That Were!)
They feel more vulnerable than they have in decades.  They see that people are waking up and demand truth.  Slowly things are being exposed in undeniable ways (such as the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination).  Most of their agendas require people to beLIEve their lies, and there is an inner subconscious that is restless.

Their goal will be to continue to conquer through division.  People are emotional beings, and the PTW prey upon that.  There will continue to be social unrest, BUT far more people are going to disengage and realize this state of living in constant anger, being offended or feeling oppressed because you are told to feel this way isn't healthy.  When the PTW loses the power to make us "feel" a certain way, they will truly lose control.  We are headed in that positive direction as we get further and further into 2018.

I also get that the PTW are slowly being dismantled as they get weaker and things are falling apart.  I hear they are SLOWLY being brought to justice, but it will be handled quietly.  Part of their plea deals is that things need to be taken care of out of the public eye (when you see an over the top new story, most likely a new PTW member has been taken down and the media is providing a cover as this isn't "illegal").  If you feel something strike your "spidey sense" as off, that is because it is.  For example, I don't get that Hillary or McCain have been arrested,  but some kind of negotiation is happening (note the picture to the right) and they have been told not to leave the country (queue the body doubles, they will be working overtime in 2018). 


There will be some subtle disclosure happen in 2018.  What I mean by this is it looks like someone reputable (ex-military out of Florida???) will come forward as a whistle-blower. ???  I get this man is retired, and feels as though he spent his whole life keeping secrets, and he doesn't want his life to end still holding onto them.  He will reveal different things he witnessed and confirm what many people know to be true.  The PTW will work overtime to discredit him, but he doesn't look to scare easily.  I see this man's statement as being what many people want.

Economy / Cryptos / Gold / Silver
When I focus on the economy, I see a house made of cards.  This feels like symbolism as to how fragile the system really is.  One slight move, one misstep, and the whole thing will come crumbling down.  We are at a point where things have to be strategically handled to keep the false inflation going, and prevent a collapse.  

The dollar is fighting to stay alive, but is growing more and more devalued through inflation.  Quantitative easing will still periodically be done to offset this and prolong the life of the dollar (I'm not a finance major, but it comes through to me as a way to print more money while shifting debt elsewhere.  I hear the phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul.").  

Meanwhile, other countries can see what is happening, and are concerned and want to get trade established in terms of gold or gold backed currency.  They (other competing countries) are worried that if / when the dollar collapses, they will be left holding worthless currency, so they want to unload as many "dollars" as possible in exchange for something tangible.  If this newer currency (not solely crypto or block chain based) hasn't been released yet, it is very close and looks to emerge in 2018.  This currency will be the competition for the dollar, and its' creation feels to be intentionally kept out of mainstream media during it's infancy until it takes hold and gains momentum. The PTW look to feverishly convert assets over to diversify their wealth, and also plot how to get control of it, and manipulate events to try to do so (and look to fail).   

When this newer currency gains popularity, the US will want to fight it because it competes with the dollar AND because the controlling country (I want to say China) is not the US, the US doesn't have a system in place to trace the purchases and selling (many tax dollars will be avoided).  I see this being a huge issue for 2018, and look at this topic to finally make the media around August ???

Many people are worried about cryptos and Bitcoin.  During the beginning part of 2018 they look to hold their value until the newer, backed block chain "type" of currency takes hold.  Once the newer one is in place, people look to sell their Bitcoins, dropping the value (the supply vs demand shifts).  Just be mindful of the news and watch for trends as you monitor your portfolio.

Around this time, gold and silver markets try to begin resetting to the "true" value, but it takes some time because of the extended periods of being suppressed.  The stock market looks to peak abnormally high in the final moments, the PTW sell off stocks, and then the market will dip as the precious metal starts to peak (sort of like a teeter totter).  Listen to your intuition, and pay attention to trends during the middle part of the year..

The Event / Spiritual / Collective Consciousness
We are in the middle of it!  I see the Event as the birth of a 4D Earth in conjunction with upgrading those that are ready to ascend so they can inhabit this newer realm.  The upgrade involves a synchronicity between the physical self and elevated spiritual self (our 3D self cannot handle sustained vibrations of a 4D reality, so we have to advance slowly as to not fry our systems).  The Event doesn't look to fully complete by the end of 2018 or early 2019, but we are in the final stages. 

You will continue to experience symptoms of this "upgrade."  You may have moments of fatigue for no reason, or even restless sleep when you are tired.  You may also develop sensitivities to food, sounds or even light as your clairs enhance (but please also listen to your intuition and if you need medical attention, seek it out as these symptoms could be something else).  Pay attention to yourself, and now is a great time to start to meditate, even if for only a few moments a day.  2018 also looks to be the year of purging emotional traumas and negativity.     

The collective consciousness is elevating.  We are living an amazing time where shifts are occurring.  You may feel alone during the process, but there are many feeling the same way.  Everyone has to awaken on their own time frame, and we will all meet together at the destination.  As I close, I am reminded of the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Cardin, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."  You are much stronger than you realize, especially when we work in the collective.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!  I will have limited internet access for the next few days (and will try to check in from time to time), but will be back in 2018!  Love and light, Lynn
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hidden Agenda within Star Wars

Q. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading on the hidden messages embedded within the latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi by the PTW (Powers That Were)? What kind of programming does this movie contain?
A. (I must admit, my family and I being "old school" Star Wars fans went to see this movie shortly after it was out.. This question jumped out to me, because as we left the theater, my husband and I too felt something was different about this movie..)

As I focus on the movie, and tune into this question,  I see a balancing scale and the divine feminine and masculine are very off balance.  It was as if the movie shifted roles around, to where the subconscious of the viewer became confused.  I need to break this down a little more to explain what I am seeing, understanding and feeling a little better because I feel this may inflame some people and I want to be as concise in what I'm reading as possible.

Historically in the 1950s, 1960s, etc women stayed home, raised children and took pride in caring for their home.  Men got up, went to work and provided.  There were societal roles and things (when I tune into it) felt simpler, and happy.  Most women (not all) didn't feel oppressed until many years later when media and marketing made them think they were.  I do realize this life is not for everyone, and choices and changes should be made based on what resonates with you and your family- we are all different.  I am just trying to paint a picture to contrast where we are now to better explain what I am getting.  Many people feel unhappy because they are being forced to work because that is what they think is a measure of success (maybe they want to stay home), or buy the second car because society says you need it to be happy, and the list goes on.  Many times what people are told will make them happy does the opposite (and why so many people are depressed- they have lost themselves and what REALLY brings them joy and satisfaction).  This was truly a brilliant design by the PTW because now most people are in debt buying things to fulfill a need while the PTW get rich.

Then I see feminism, which started as a good thing, giving women equal rights and fair pay, has become (what feels) very hostile.  Rather than loving men, AND also loving and respecting yourself, it has turned into (what looks like) an US (women) versus THEM (men).  Women are being influenced to feel like in order to feel powerful and strong you need to hold very specific, high power positions, and that "vibe" or influence crept into this movie.  Women were put into leadership roles such as Generals.  This isn't to say that women shouldn't be leaders (if that resonates with you, go for it), but they previously were viewed as Queens and Princesses (still VERY powerful and influential, but a different vibration attached to the position).  There is a beauty and softness (I'm not referring to just the physical, but the energetic vibration) to women that this movie lacked.   

Many of the powerful men, like Luke, a Jedi, felt weak and confused.  A Jedi, who is one with the Force and the Universe, should feel the strength, be strong and pass the Force on.  The Force (very symbolically of how I see Psychic connectedness with Source) is amazing and beautiful.  It should heal and help a Jedi (and an iconic one at that who has studied the Force) to find courage even in moments of doubt.  Luke felt like he just gave up (which really is what the PTW want society to do as well when faced with the Dark Side).  

Overall, it looks like there is an intentional blurring of lines between the feminine and masculine energy, and the divine masculine feels like it was portrayed as weak and the divine feminine doesn't feel to be fully embraced.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Few Curious Questions..

Q.  What did Spirit create first in the beginning?  Thank you.
A.  When I tune into this, I see two hands emerge with the palms pressed together.  As I focus on them, they open up slowly as to reveal a surprise, and this brilliant bright light emerges. I hear the phrase "let there be light."  Then, I realize in the mass darkness, the first thing to emerge is light.  

(I realize this may not be the intent of the question, so I wanted to take it a bit further. I want to see what were the first beings.)  I see the first beings are high vibrational spiritual beings.  They look like miniature humans with all different skin tones (blue, violet, pink, green and violet come forward).  They seem similar to how I envision fairies, but without wings.  I hear they were created to serve as guides and helpers to Source.  

Q. Why is the moon used in Islam? Many Muslim countries have a moon in their national flags.
A. I see the moon (which goes through cycles) representing a birth and a death.  It represents a necessary cycle for growth, and expansion of experience leading toward strength and wisdom.  Life in general is a constant birth of new things, and a death to others so a new birth can unfold.  Many of these countries realize this, and use the moon symbolically to represent it.

Q. Recently I have been listening to QHHT sessions on YouTube. This is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique started by Dolores Cannon. I was fascinated by the clients who were under as they spoke about the coming Event, a massive wave of spiritual light hitting the planet and accelerating our evolution into overdrive, then the reset, great changes, etc.

They are all saying independently that it is very soon, as soon as spring 2018 or as late as 2019, but very close. I know you've seen this as coming in increments, but is there going to be one large, massive wave at some point where everyone on the planet will feel something, regardless of their level of consciousness? If so, when do you see it happening?

Also, one man said it would be like a fog of Light that would last for three days and that doorway would be seen. He said we would have the option of going through the door into another dimension at that time. What do you think about this?

A.  It does look like the Event will continue to come at us in phases.  Some will be more intense than others, but it looks like a process to get where we need to be as 3D humans.  If we were to get hit with a massive wave, it would fry our neurological systems, which run in parallel to our intuitive system (when we sense or feel things intuitively, it is because our spiritual self sort of hijacks our neurological system to convey messages both physically and emotionally).  Everyone will feel these surges, but some will feel it more intently than others (and it will manifest in different ways).  I see target times for more intense surges being at the solstices.  

It is true our evolution is accelerating to prepare us for a 4D earth, and changes are coming, i just see it coming at us incrementally to prepare our physical self to reside in the higher vibration.  For those that are spiritually ready, It looks as though the door to the 4D earth will be an option when we make choices at our next incarnation.  If you are spiritually ready to ascend, you will have the choice to walk through that door (which will look like white light).  Others, that are not quite ready will incarnate back to this 3D world to have an opportunity to expand and grow through experience (and try again).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, December 22, 2017

It's Friday... Let's Mix It Up

Q. Can you do reading about the mobile phone industry? What should we be cautious of? Is one company more ethical or safe than the other? Is Apple's iOS really more secure than Google's Android operating system? What about Korean phone manufacturers (Samsung, LG) and Chinese brands (Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo/OnePlus)?
A.  I get as far as personal security and willingness to extract information, Apple is the worst (they even portray it with their symbols, "i" prefix on the products for the all seeing "eye" and the "apple" symbolic of knowledge.)

The other platforms look to be about the same as far as security (but you need to do you research regarding performance and reliability).

Q. How are rainbows formed? Is this due to the flat earth's firmament serving as a mirror? If it is the droplets that serve as a mirror, then our atmosphere should have a lot of small arches.
A. The dome shape does play a role... I see it like a terrarium in which the water droplets reach the top, condense, and then the sun filters through the firmament layer and refracts off the moisture / droplets.  The rainbow shape reflects off the dome. The end result is a visible full color spectrum (other colors are also present, but our human eyes cannot pick them up.)  

Q. Why don't we have a compass that points to the south? Is it because the "south pole" is the entire circumference of the flat earth?
A.  Yes, the compass is directed and pulled to the north pole, so by default the opposing end is south.  There doesn't look to be a southern pull.

Q. What can you say about the Cohen diet? They recommend diet based on blood tests. It is expensive!
A. I do see that this diet based on healthy eating is effective, but I get you are able to do this without paying for expensive tests (unless you want to track your metrics).  Focus on fresh versus processed, reduce sugar, sodium and high fat foods.  When you go to the store try walking the perimeter and only go down the isles for essentials (like spices or coconut oil).  

Q.  Are the holocaust cemetery and gas chambers in Germany real, or fabricated to support the narrative against Hitler?
A.  (This is a tough one that evokes a lot of emotion.  I initially was going to pass on this, but realized tackling the unpopular questions is important.)
There were terrible crimes committed on both sides of the war.  When I look at the war, Stalin was the real criminal, and many people know it.  The chambers do feel authentic, but they don't look to be used for gassing (maybe a bathhouse??).  I get that if you were to view the structure, the chimney or windows aren't airtight (something is off with those and in some cases they are absent which makes no sense because the gas would need to leave before soldiers could enter??), and modifications have been made to the structures since the war.  Also, if you tested the concrete, the presence of residual gasses would be absent.  

The cemeteries are also real.  There were cruel acts throughout the war, but more than anything as colder months approached and supply chains were cut off, and people starved.  It was a truly terrible time for many.  Again, my heart goes out to all those hurt by war. 

Q. Why is the mass media demonizing whiteness? Why do they want white genocide to happen? Will the PTW be successful in implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? In addition to George Soros' European refugee crisis, in what ways are they trying to achieve this?
A. I get that most (but not all) PTW (Powers That Were) are Caucasian males.  To them, something in their psyche views this group of people as their biggest opposition if they were to band together (it is a very confusing psychological thought process because we are all strong in our own unique way).  They know how they have operated for centuries, and worry if given the opportunity a newer, smarter, wiser group will rise and take their control (and are oblivious that it is the collective of everyone, not just a certain group, that is slowly bringing them down).  For these reasons, the PTW feel this group needs taken down... 

Q. Can you do a reading about this cult-like Christian religion from China (and expanding to other countries like US and Australia), the Church of the Almighty God Eastern Lightning? They are teaching things that are different from what we know, like the idea that God has returned as a female Chinese.
A.  I hear this is all about confusion and obfuscation... Look within, listen to your intuition and trust your instincts.  If something feels wrong, it probably is.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pox by Deborah Hayden

Q. Hello Lynn,  I recommend a book called "Pox," by Deborah Hayden.  Europeans regard it as a definitive book.  Pox refers to syphilis, which apparently Columbus brought back from the Dominican republic, and it rapidly spread through Europe.  Natives seemed to be immune to it.  Many famous people had it - Lincoln among others.  Hitler thought he got it from a Jewish German prostitute - this prostitute being a rite of passage for young men at that time.  The Pox truly ravaged Europe.  Mercury and arsenic were some of the "treatments."  Would just like you to look at the book!  Good read.  Best regards,

A.  (I didn't get an opportunity to read the full book, but I did review a synopsis before tuning in to the subject.  The topic was so interesting, I wanted to share it along with what I was able to see.)

The "pox" outbreak feels like it was rampant throughout early history.  It looks like it didn't just "happen" to the above mentioned high profile people in history, it spread intensely through elite "Illuminati" and secret societies.  

Seeking medical treatment was also a challenge due to the shame tied to this sexually transmitted disease, and it was know that prostitution was one of the biggest spreaders of this illness.  Many people were in denial during the infancy of the infection, and finding a very discrete doctor was also a fear because these high profile people cared about their image (they wanted to remain powerful).  It was also tough to realize that there was no cure, just management of the symptoms.  

I get at one time a purging of prostitutes occurred (this was even before the Holocaust).  The "elites" didn't want to forgo the "use" of prostitution, and this was their solution to "clean things up."  Pox wasn't selective about attacking the rich or poor, as prostitution had few boundaries for clients with money (regardless if it was their last dollar, of if they had a million).  I keep getting references to DaVinci, and my impression is that this murder / purging spree occurred during the later part of his life (and he may have incorporated this event into his art).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Gadaffi and Gold

Q. Hi Lynn, thank you for all the readings you do for us. I stumbled upon your site when reading on the Malaysian plane. I've searched for any past readings regarding Gaddafi's green book, but nothing was available. I found a site "What Conspiracy Do Gold, Gaddafi, Saddam & The Dollar Share" where Gaddafi stated the following: In Libya a home was considered a natural human right, and could not be owned by the banks under mortgage. Education and medical treatment were all free. Everything that he says in there sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you can look into the site, and do a reading to see if Gaddafi's death was indeed intentional to stop what he was doing. Also, did the PTW have anything to do with his death?

Thank you again for your wonderful readings.

A.  When I tune into this, I do get the PTW (Powers That Were), were behind his death.  I get that Gaddafi's vision threatened the PTW agenda, because Gaddafi's plan was to slowly disengage from the dollar i.e. "western control."  He was also against the concept of "usury," and the banking systems did not approve of type of consumer based financing (as it reduced their profits due to the inability to take advantage of people with high interest rates and never ending debt.).  

In many ways I see a correlation between the ideals of Gaddafi and Hitler (as Hitler threatened the PTW by making Germany strong and creating a strong economy).  Just as the PTW could not allow Hitler to thrive and demonized him, they used similar tactics to take down Gaddafi.  

This isn't to say that Gaddafi was perfect, but he had ideas to create a perfect society with independence from western control, and economic practices that supported a society void of usury.  He wanted his people treated fairly, and wanted a strong country.  He saw oil for what it was, "black gold" and wanted trade to be done in gold, which makes the dollar less relevant and as inflation takes over, less and less oil could be bought with the same dollar.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

I wanted to conclude by attaching links to a few previous readings I did on Hitler.  I saw many synchronicities in what Hitler did and what Gaddafi's vision really was.  I get if the truth were revealed the social unrest regarding Gaddafi that was broadcasted through media outlets was fabricated to justify what happened.  I also get people of the country have been discouraged from talking about him (just like Hitler).  I know this can be a very sensitive subject for some, so please be mindful of that if you chose to click the following links (my goal is to share what I get intuitively and not upset anyone).  Above all, I encourage you to listen to your own intuition....
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Mix-Up

Q. I know you have done a reading on the European Refuge situation, but now it hits home. After nearly 7 years with the same company they lost the contract. I have been laid off as well as ten others. The new company has hired African Refugees at wages far lower than we were making, but the catch is outside sources are matching those wages, making their take home pay far higher than we were making...  (Good for the company and those workers huh?) What gives with this situation? Thanks for all you do..
A. When I tune into this I get this benefits those at the top of the company.  It looks like they are getting cheaper labor (even though subsidized by outside sources), tax incentives for having refugees, and cheaper benefit packages (refugees feel to have fewer demands).. This is really about the money and shareholders rather than the employees (or ex-employees).  I also see that people are too scared to pool together and state their concern because they will be labeled with a "negative term" therefore, making legal action very difficult as well.   I also hear that "the best person doesn't always get the job, there are many unforeseen circumstances that make the final decision."

Q. I have looked into your past Iraqi Dinar posts and had a couple questions on it. My dad started investing in it about 10 years ago. A lot of people online have posted about it being a scam within this time. You seem to believe that it is a strong investment. Do you see him getting a lot of return on his investment? Can you see the value of the Dinar compared to the dollar when the dollar fails? Like 3:1, 4:1, etc?
A.  I do see the dinar as being stable going into 2018.  It looks like it doesn't generate a huge return, but it doesn't lose either.  As the dollar fails, and becomes overtaken by inflation, I do see the dinar holding true to it's value.  It does feel like a solid investment as far as a holding place. 
(Please understand that this is what I get from an intuitive perspective, and I encourage people to trust their intuition as well.) 

Q. Hello Lynn, would you please do a reading on a cat named Oscar who is able to predict the deaths of people in the nursing home where he lives. Below is an article about him, according to the article he has predicted 50 deaths and stays with the person until they have passed. Is this cat a reaper or spiritual guide of some sort?
Many thanks!
A.  Animals are very intuitive, especially dogs and cats.  I get in this situation, Oscar picks up on the altered vibration that someone experiences when they are close to passing.  This altered vibration allows the person to begin "visiting" the other side and communicating with loved ones and guides waiting to help them transition.  

I get Oscar also "hears" the conversations between this 3D earth and the other side (clairaudiently) and it draws him in. In many ways he is of service to those guiding in spirit.

Q. Hi. A lady posted this in a witch group I'm in on Facebook-
-I've always pictured Scotland, Ireland, Sweden as a haven for the natural magic beings (fairies, elves, gnomes, etc) and always thought that they couldn't die, or if so, went into their realm... Are there actually fairly coffins or is it fake? Thanks for reading.
A.  These tiny coffins feel very ceremonial and symbolic and created by a group of very low vibe and naive people.  There are real fairies, elves, etc.. and they reside in a spiritual realm.  There is an infinity feel to their existence, and I cannot see that they actually die. 

Q. My husband had a short telepathic communication with Pele, the volcano goddess, many years ago when we were flying above the lava fields on the Big Island. We are both White, not Hawaiians. He told me Pele expressed surprise at the level of human technology we had at our disposal. Something to the effect of, "If you can invent helicopters, you can do anything, you don't have to worry." 

I am convinced that the entities Hawaiians regard as their mythological Island gods actually exist. However, what exactly are they, where do they come from, how long have they been on the Islands, do they have any agenda other than just continuing to live there, and how best to initiate communication with them?

A. I have always seen the earth, Gaia, as a living thing.  These entities, along with many others, are her representatives or guides.  They have a deep love and passion for mother Gaia, and will do what they can to honor her.  You can communicate with them by meditating, or having a quiet moment while focusing on them.  

Q. This question is just pure curiosity. After reading your blog for so long, I am starting to questions the world. So there are humans, there are ETs, and there are also ghost and other kinds of creatures (Genie and spirits). Our Indonesian president (Soekarno) was quite well-known as a president who mastered one of the highest levels of black magic. If you can do a blog post about Soekarno it would be a very interesting read for me. Looking at things around what things he does with this power and how it affects and help during his time as a president.
Thank you again for taking some of your time to do this reading for me.
A.  One thing I need to mention is there are powerful people that practice black magic, and Soekarno was one of them.  These leaders worry that they cannot obtain the power and control they deeply desire on their own merit, so lean on other tactics to feel the illusion of control.  They are directing their intent into lower vibe forces to accomplish a desired result.

It is important to know that we are strong, and have the ability to ward off such attacks.  Just as we sage or smudge our home, we can also do that on our being (while is the 3D home for our soul).  Most importantly, create a barrier of protection through your intent, and force the negative energy, vibrations, beings or entities elsewhere.  Honor the fact that energy isn't created or stored, but can fully be relocated by your own doing. 

Q. Lynn, Could you do a reading on the recent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Why did he pick an American girl? Does she know or understand what she is getting into? 
A. I did a reading on them a few months ago, and wanted to bring it up again due to the recent engagement and questions.   Here is a link if you would like to read it again: 

Q. This case popped up again in my mind so I checked on it. She's missing a year -- December 2, 2016.  I wanted to share something with you that happened when your reading went public... This may seem a bit out there, but I've seen this particular energy before and it's tricky...

First, I had a vision that when you connected and published the energy linked to a professional Asian man.  He was reading it and was wearing a dress shirt.  He seemed upscale and affluent... white collar... and angry/concerned with the reading and what it exposed?

Then the reading triggered something behind the scenes in the police department where they were made to create a distraction or cover story...hunt for body in park... this energy... the energy around it, orchestrated this dark and purposeful.  It's a distraction and designed to throw things off, discredit the reading, Someone was panicked that had to conceal?

So I turned up the universal frequency around it which is something we all can do with care.  I know it sounds weird but I have a personal experience with something similar a few years back and recognize the energy signatures. Most people/psychics/intuitives will fall for the distractions as they don't know about how the energy is manipulated purposely.

Given the disappearance is now a year, maybe there is more that can been seen now to help?
A.  With this being year, I wanted to give this another look.  I still feel this is associated to human trafficking, and it was based out of Detroit.  I also see a shipping yard was involved in this (for transporting or a remote meeting area to conduct "business"). 

It looks as though she was abducted, and there are phases to initiating someone into the human trafficking ring.  You have to isolate them, make them feel alone and then get them hooked on addictive drugs.  They start to look at there high profile "pimp" as some kind of family, wanting to do things for them to make them proud and also fund their new found drug habit.  

I do get that (unfortunately) there can be misdirection or distraction due to high profile people (in this case I get it is a politician) involvement.  Bribes flow to people of influence to direct people down dead end paths.  This type of activity does happen more often than we would like to realize.  People need to listen to their gut, keep asking questions, and not allow cases that feel off go silent.  

The following is a link to my previous reading.  If anyone has any other information, please feel free to pass it to authorities or leave it here and I can forward it on.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

California Fires

Q. Hi Lynn,  Remember you did a reading on the fires from a few months ago and there have been more recent fires in Santa Monica. This YouTube shows the use of laser directed energy with videos from Portugal showing the same technology. This is being done to implement an Agenda 21, to depopulate huge areas, while at the same time directing the people that return to this area to live with a smaller footprint with condos or tiny homes. Really scary stuff that hopefully can be stopped if people's attentions can be directed away from the sex.  What is your take?

A. When I focus on this, these fires do look intentional.  It was caused by flammable chemicals that were chemtrailed down to the earth and then HAARPed, which caused a chemical reaction that resulted in fires.  There are several motives at play, and this looks like an experiment.  

I see this was a military tactic backed by the PTW (Powers That Were) to see if it could be done.  They were testing the chemtrails, and the HAARP effect with the chemicals.  They were also testing the timing (how long for the flammable chemicals to reach earth, and how quickly do they lose their potency.  It isn't only for domestic purposes, but as an international defense (creates some feeling of power and control).  

The real question, is Why, Why test California?  

This does look slightly tied to Agenda 21, and there is truth to the smaller footprint, but it is even more about a restructuring of California and using California as a test for other areas (to purge and restructure).  California was first chosen because the property values in this areas are high, and with a more modern "rebuild" more people can fit in the current space.  I hear there is a vertical advantage that hasn't fully been explored.  More people and an area with higher costs of living, means more money to developers, taxes, economy and business.   Financial institutions also stand to make a lot of money from many different outlets, therefore, helped to "fund" and work with the PTW to complete this project. 

If it is traced far enough back, there are people at the top that will profit from this horrible event.  The PTW most often are the ones that create the problem, and appear to be the solution, while their bank accounts overflow in the process.

Many small companies and people lost money, possessions and even health (and injuries). Please send love, light and healing to these people and their families. 

Much love, Lynn
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Argentine Submarine

Q.  Thank you, Lynn, for all your insights! You're the BEST!  My love with you started with a missing Malaysian plane, now we have a missing Argentine submarine. I suppose, it is a similar event. Could you, please, describe if a crew has transformed to other dimension safely, or all have died? Is that area another multidimensional portal? Do satellites and military radars provide true answers to scientists about such 'missing' events, or it still remains 'unexplained' to modern science? And in a memory of Malaysian plane, can you still see anything about remaining servitors in that timeline?
A.  When I tune into this I snap to an image of this submarine being deep underwater and the GPS started to glitch.  It appears there was a magnetic disruption that interfered with the GPS signal.  When their GPS lost reliability, they tried to surface (that can improve the signal??), but they weren't able to reach the surface.  

It doesn't look like one big explosion, but rather a chain reaction of events.  It first started with the electronic glitches (which has a vibe of being man made by a HAARP type device, but doesn't look to be driven by the US???).  Within moments they realized all their electronic, communication and navigation systems were down.  Then, the oxygen exchange appeared to quit working properly, and the crew eventually lost consciousness and passed way due to the lack of O2 .  

Following the above events, the submarine sank.  It diverted off course by up to 75-100 miles before it met it's final resting place. I cannot see them being able to "ping" anything as the electrical system fully shut down at the time it went down...

I don't see a portal being located in this area.  It really looks like an energetic "beam" was directed at this submarine remotely.  Radars and satellites are helpful tools in the first round of searching, but in the event there was a time slip or transference into another reality, radars and satellites provide little assistance as the other dimension vibrates at a different frequency that isn't seen on our 3D earthly devices. 

The Malaysian plane... I haven't tuned into this situation for many months, but in quickly looking I cannot see any of the survivors in the holding space, but I do feel the residual emotions of fear and chaos.  I get most of what was forecasted to happen didn't, and plans constantly had to be revised.  Eventually, when the survivors were no longer needed, they were slowly put to rest.  (I'm so sorry to report this, and my heart goes out to the families.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Please take a moment and send love and light to these families during this difficult time. -Lynn 

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Homeopathy and Western Medicine

(The following is a question that I think most people can relate to at some point in their life, including myself...It felt important, and I wanted to address it.. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, and everything I get comes from an intuitive perspective.  Listen to your intuition as well as you encounter these dilemmas in life with your loved ones, or yourself.  Love and light, Lynn)

Q. I try to be as natural as I can in terms of healing.  There have been times when I have needed to submit and take traditional medicine due to an illness (auto-immune issues).  I get torn between healing through homeopathic means and feeling the need at times to take big pharma drugs.  I hope my question / concern comes off clear.  I have real internal battles with this.  How does the Universe see this?
A.  When I tune into this I get the goal of the Universe is to work in balance.  It isn't a (homeopathic) good versus (western medicine) bad, or light versus dark, the focus of the Universe is how things harmonize and balance with each other.  An underlying driving force to help you find balance in a situation you feel conflicted in is the intent you put on your "tool" to heal regardless of it being homeopathic or western medicine.  

It is true that homeopathy is more gentle on the body, working with natural vibrations, but it can take time and require patience to work.  In certain situations that you feel you don't have time (like when something is aggressive, you can't coordinate the right homeopathy, or an infection is severe) there may be a time and place that western medicine is necessary for best health and healing.  

Back to the intent...  When your goal is to be homeopathic, and you find yourself directed toward western medicine, don't allow it to affect you negatively, but rather focus on the positive intent you can tie to it.  For example, when you take a medicine, think to yourself "thank you for this tool and allow it to heal" rather than thinking "I'm sick or ill."  Don't use the medicine as a reminder of illness, but rather visualize the wellness that is to come.  

Overall, I feel the grander message of the Universe is to take care of yourself, and use your environment to heal when you can.  If you come across a situation that you cannot seem to remedy, and feel like western medicine may be the best choice, don't beat yourself up.  Use positive intent with your medicine (create a harmony) as your work toward a better balance of health and well-being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-