Monday, December 18, 2017

Gadaffi and Gold

Q. Hi Lynn, thank you for all the readings you do for us. I stumbled upon your site when reading on the Malaysian plane. I've searched for any past readings regarding Gaddafi's green book, but nothing was available. I found a site "What Conspiracy Do Gold, Gaddafi, Saddam & The Dollar Share" where Gaddafi stated the following: In Libya a home was considered a natural human right, and could not be owned by the banks under mortgage. Education and medical treatment were all free. Everything that he says in there sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you can look into the site, and do a reading to see if Gaddafi's death was indeed intentional to stop what he was doing. Also, did the PTW have anything to do with his death?

Thank you again for your wonderful readings.

A.  When I tune into this, I do get the PTW (Powers That Were), were behind his death.  I get that Gaddafi's vision threatened the PTW agenda, because Gaddafi's plan was to slowly disengage from the dollar i.e. "western control."  He was also against the concept of "usury," and the banking systems did not approve of type of consumer based financing (as it reduced their profits due to the inability to take advantage of people with high interest rates and never ending debt.).  

In many ways I see a correlation between the ideals of Gaddafi and Hitler (as Hitler threatened the PTW by making Germany strong and creating a strong economy).  Just as the PTW could not allow Hitler to thrive and demonized him, they used similar tactics to take down Gaddafi.  

This isn't to say that Gaddafi was perfect, but he had ideas to create a perfect society with independence from western control, and economic practices that supported a society void of usury.  He wanted his people treated fairly, and wanted a strong country.  He saw oil for what it was, "black gold" and wanted trade to be done in gold, which makes the dollar less relevant and as inflation takes over, less and less oil could be bought with the same dollar.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

I wanted to conclude by attaching links to a few previous readings I did on Hitler.  I saw many synchronicities in what Hitler did and what Gaddafi's vision really was.  I get if the truth were revealed the social unrest regarding Gaddafi that was broadcasted through media outlets was fabricated to justify what happened.  I also get people of the country have been discouraged from talking about him (just like Hitler).  I know this can be a very sensitive subject for some, so please be mindful of that if you chose to click the following links (my goal is to share what I get intuitively and not upset anyone).  Above all, I encourage you to listen to your own intuition....
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Ryno said...

As always, the "Winners" get to write (create) the history.

Off topic, but was a "false flag" prevented in the ATL airport when the power was out for 6 hours yesterday?

keescomm said...

the two video's recommended in Lynn's message have been disabled by youtube.... because they might offend certain people...

Unknown said...

I watch a lot of holocaust testimonies of people who lost several generations in minutes. Many mention the SS guards speaking German. Not russian. I had a Jewish neighbor who survived the holocaust. She was German and persecuted by Germans. She was not part of the "PTW". So whatever your views on the goodness of Hitler. Maybe you should look into the thousands of testimonies of people across Europe, not just Jewish...but also gypsies etc. That were shipped to concentration camps, stripped, robbed, and murdered. Maybe do a reading on just one.. And see if their specific story is true. My neighbors was. Who decided the Jews in Germany and elsewhere should wear stars? Russia? I like you and your blog. But you lost me on this one. Then I seen someone compare it to the Civil Rights Movement being false in your Hitler post. Lol. Question the holocaust and American racism. It's convenient for white ppl (non Jewish, non black) who never experienced it...or even know someone who experienced it to deny it. Hitler certainly didn't try to stop Jewish persecution. And his rhetoric encouraged it. Hatred is hatred. When you throw a little baby out of a window for being can't blame usury etc..

Unknown said... the comments on the link you say the Germans let their prisoners go And didn't gas, murder, or torture them. Hahahaha If forcing starving people to walk on a death match is letting them go. I'm sorry I study history....first hand accounts. Comparing and contrasting. Did Dr. Mengele exist? Did he separate who would live and die? No? He was just letting them walk naked in front of them to let them go. Heil Hitler! Lol Jesus is my hero. F*ck Hitler! Not someone I admire. Sorry! Plenty other ppl to look up to. Yathink? Sorry Lynn. Got me on that One!

Robert Schoen said...

Qaddafi was demonized as a terrorists by the US for almost 30 years because he wouldn't let bank and oil interests into his country. If you'd ask most Americas, they'd say Qaddafi was a terrorist and point to the explosion of Lockerbee flight. Libya had the highest standard of living outside of Sweden, Qaddafi was so beloved he's ride around Tripoli in an open car for hours getting praises whereever he went.

The Obama/Clinton/CIA overthrow of Qaddafi by "Libya's political opponents" that lead to the total breakdown and destruction of Libya was one of the biggest cries against humanity ever committed in the name of democracy. Oil rich Venezuela is no doubt a similar example of how we've helped countries who don't agree with us find true democracy.

to Unknown above: why don't you concentrate on the recent past and what's going on now at this very moment before you rant with absolute certainty about things you've only read in history books. Just as how some politician who are never questioned or called out by the press for saying the exact opposite of what they really do while demonizing their opponents, you have no idea how many things have been distorted or omitted for political purposes. Your faith in history's inaccurate record the past is what's preventing you and many others from seeing through the lies that are going currently on before your very eyes.

Buddhist Lady said...

Thank you, keescomm. Some of my bookmarked sites are no longer "there." Many "YouTubes" (like the Hitler ones) have been shut down. Everyone...please know that, at this point in time, the web is effectively under censorship. I would suggest that, if you like anything on web, print out the article and safekeep. Purchase books. Etc.

I also like Nicolay's idea of usury...the cheap products we enjoy in the U.S. at the expense of forced labor in foreign countries. Whether or not we like the idea, Americans benefit from the inexpensive costs produced in hellish conditions...where the value of peoples' labor is stripped from them = usury.

Bee E-lightened said...

Lynn did a reading on hitler before and said the holocaust numbers were vastly exaggerated....she didnt deny it happened

Serene said...

It is true that there were many atrocities committed by Nazi's. However I do believe what has been omitted was the presence of Russian soldiers in Germany, there were many of them. During WWII, a family member of mine and his childhood friend were chased into a cesspool, and that was what saved their lives. The Russian soldiers would have killed them, but the amusement of seeing two little German kids fall into a huge pool of poo and pee must have been the highlight of their day.

It wasn't only the Jewish people that suffered, the German people did too. There was a great fear of Russian soldiers as well as German soldiers. Hunger was rampant, my family's homes were all destroyed and there was wandering for weeks or longer looking for shelter and food. There were no social services around to help anyone and everyone was desperate - whatever food or supply did come around everyone fought for it.

I do believe that up until the day they died, (which ironically came exactly the day after they visited the barn where they stayed for shelter) they did suffer from PTSD. Living with someone like this was quite an experience. WAR IS HELL.

Unknown said...

I wrote the comment above. And Im sorry if it seemed like I wasn't aware about how the German people suffered. Yes the Russian soldiers were greatly feared. They raped concentration camp prisoners who had to avoid them. I heard of one Hitler's secretary being tortured and raped. Really she was an innocent girl forced into that job. So yes. All sides suffered. And that's important to be said.

Unknown said...

Oh. 25,000 testimonies is enough for me. Telling how their whole family got wiped out. I think the PTW use them as a scapegoat to divide people. Use our differences to turn us against each other. I do appreciate Lynn's overall message.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Ryno: Yes, the proclaimed winners write the books.
I do keep seeing something with Georgia, but I think it will be bigger than a power outage.

@Unknown: Terrible things happened on both sides of the war. My heart goes out to anyone that was hurt... Russian, German or otherwise. I'm not saying Hilter was a perfect person, but I do see that he wasn't the person the PTW want you to believe he was. I do appreciate your comments and I know this is a sensitive topic.

@Robert: Thank you for the comments. They really resonate within me.

@Serene: Thank you for sharing. I agree that both sides of war are ugly, and even if you "think" you win... do you really win?

Thank you for all the comments and sharing. I know this is a really tough topic and I appreciate the dialogue.

tara said...

@lynn and Roberts well said.

Iv said...

Well my family being Ukrainian were part of the war and sent to camps and taken away from their families at young ages. First hand I can tell you my grandma and grandfather will tell you that the soviets were the worst and you hoped to god that you did not run into any . They killed his family in front of him . The Germans might not of been the best but don’t think the Russians didn’t play a role.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@tara: Thank you.

@Iv: Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry you and your family had to experience this. Love and light to you and your family.