Friday, December 8, 2017

Homeopathy and Western Medicine

(The following is a question that I think most people can relate to at some point in their life, including myself...It felt important, and I wanted to address it.. Please keep in mind I am not a doctor, and everything I get comes from an intuitive perspective.  Listen to your intuition as well as you encounter these dilemmas in life with your loved ones, or yourself.  Love and light, Lynn)

Q. I try to be as natural as I can in terms of healing.  There have been times when I have needed to submit and take traditional medicine due to an illness (auto-immune issues).  I get torn between healing through homeopathic means and feeling the need at times to take big pharma drugs.  I hope my question / concern comes off clear.  I have real internal battles with this.  How does the Universe see this?
A.  When I tune into this I get the goal of the Universe is to work in balance.  It isn't a (homeopathic) good versus (western medicine) bad, or light versus dark, the focus of the Universe is how things harmonize and balance with each other.  An underlying driving force to help you find balance in a situation you feel conflicted in is the intent you put on your "tool" to heal regardless of it being homeopathic or western medicine.  

It is true that homeopathy is more gentle on the body, working with natural vibrations, but it can take time and require patience to work.  In certain situations that you feel you don't have time (like when something is aggressive, you can't coordinate the right homeopathy, or an infection is severe) there may be a time and place that western medicine is necessary for best health and healing.  

Back to the intent...  When your goal is to be homeopathic, and you find yourself directed toward western medicine, don't allow it to affect you negatively, but rather focus on the positive intent you can tie to it.  For example, when you take a medicine, think to yourself "thank you for this tool and allow it to heal" rather than thinking "I'm sick or ill."  Don't use the medicine as a reminder of illness, but rather visualize the wellness that is to come.  

Overall, I feel the grander message of the Universe is to take care of yourself, and use your environment to heal when you can.  If you come across a situation that you cannot seem to remedy, and feel like western medicine may be the best choice, don't beat yourself up.  Use positive intent with your medicine (create a harmony) as your work toward a better balance of health and well-being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

How helpfull is the Galvanic low voltage current in order to heal chronic diseases as MS? ( )
"The Galvanic fine flow healing method, named after the inventor of the battery Luigi Galvani (1737 - 1798), flows smoothly and without fluctuations due to its power grid independence. It stimulates self-healing processes in stimulating and harmonizing ways
Wise. It has been proven to regulate the system in a positive sense and is the electric impulse generator through which consumed or blocked life energy can regenerate."Thanks!!!

Bill Ramirez said...

Love this one Lynn! GREAT stuff! *********

Judy Koons said...

Love what you say Lynn!

What if auto immune isn’t what you have been taught to believe it is? What if it is all from a lack of funding to understand it due to dollars lost in the life long usage? Have you heard that auto immune is for life? Follow the dollars.
What if I told you auto immune didn’t exist. Am I the quack? Did you know that the term quack originally started with doctors as they experimented with mercury elixirs for health that literally caused people to go crazy.
There is new science out everyday and yet sometimes it takes literally decades to make it into the medical system. Why?
Clean up the environmental toxins and get rid of the pathogens. Look after your liver by saying to the SAD diet and take your health back!

Judy Koons said...

Saying ‘no’ to the SAD diet!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@ 0a5a8f96-1649-11e7-aab5-b737b79fb4dc: This machine does look helpful, but I get it is only part of the puzzle. You also need to be mindful of balance in other areas of your body as well.

@Bill: Thank you.

@Judy: I think you are very correct in that we have a LOT to learn and things are not always what they seem. The liver is the root to many things. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! While it certainly is not the whole story as you propperly state, there are other (sometimes weird) complimentary treatments! As this "plant information" technique: watering nettle plants with one's own urine or saliva! According to this Seattle based Doc it will enable the nettle tee prepared from this plant (which developped adaptogens) to treat MS! What are your thoughts?