Thursday, December 28, 2017

Blog Entry #1000.. A Look at 2018!

As I do my 1000th blog posting and approach nearly 5 million views, I want to thank each and every one of you for reading, guiding, supporting and teaching me along the way.  I am truly humbled by how this blog has grown and the beautiful people that have crossed my path.  Love and Gratitude, Lynn 

With 2017 coming to an end, I wanted to look toward the future to "see" what we have coming our way.  I broke this down by categories to better focus... 

Politics and Media
I see more "fake" news (or rather news that is insignificant, embellished, or not indicative to REAL issues of the world) being used as a tool to keep people divided, and a way to create havoc for Trump.  As I see it, Trump truly is one of the biggest obstacles of the PTW (Powers That Were) because he is viewed as a wild card.  Trump knows what the PTW want (through connections and also personal requests / favors from them), but has too much ego to allow it to happen (because he cannot be bought and enjoys the power struggle).

I get Trump will make an unexpected ally.  Something is in the works now, but I cannot see how this will unfold.  It does look to be in the middle east, but I can say it doesn't look to be China or Russia, but he is brokering a deal with another country that is ready to fight and expose the PTW as well.  I hear "this is best played as the long game, so it will require a certain element of patience."

Some type of peace is also being worked on with China and Russia (even though it doesn't appear to come full circle in 2018).  Trump realizes that part of the issue these countries have with us is they feel the US hasn't played fairly in many world affairs, and they are also bitter at the US control of the dollar.  Trump has to level the playing field, and create a sense of fairness, but this is a long process (so long I cannot see the finality of it, or if it is even possible).  There is also an ulterior motive for Trump to make peace as Russia and China are aggressively working to squash the dollar, implement a gold backed currency, and establish new guidelines in which to purchase goods (including influence of oil trade).  The demise of the dollar would hurt the US in a major way, and Trump also doesn't want this type of event tied to his presidency.

False Flags / Events / Changes- US Based 

I see something that has a similar appearance to small pox looks to come forward during the first quarter of 2018.  This promotes fear and allows an opportunity for big pharma to make money off immunizations.  Just be cautious and listen to your gut as I don't see this as the epidemic that they portray..

I hear the phrase "Atlanta burning" and get there will be something in that area (fire, explosion, ??).  It feels politically driven, both locally and federal.  There may even be a "drill" there to see how people will react.  2018 looks full of "how will people react" events while the PTW see what people really are willing to put up with.

As we approach the middle of 2018, it looks like the central part of the country suffers periods of droughts.  The Mississippi River feels very low and concerning, and I don't see that changing.  It looks like larger trade and travel ships will start to reroute or find alternative means of travel.  Consequently, the cost of goods will start to rise (especially in this area).  At first this situation is downplayed, and doesn't receive much media, but the problem looks to get worse and worse and will start to become a news story..

To the east of the Mississippi River I see a rather large sink hole emerge (Tennessee area??).  There is an illusion that this baffles scientists, but the reality is that the earth is expanding, plates are shifting, and a gap is being created (only a few inches, but makes a huge difference because the water of the Mississippi is entering the crack and eroding the earth from the inside out in this specific area).

Yellowstone looks to encounter several small earthquakes, but not "the big one."  There really is some guiding intervention working overtime to dissipate the energy stored there.  I get there will be several UFO sightings in the area, even more than before, while "they" help to balance this area of the world.

International Affairs
When I zoom out on a map, I see the northern region of Australia light up, and also England and Germany.  These look like targets for "ISIS" attacks, with an agenda to get them to join the PTW to fight against Saudi Arabia to gain controlling interest of their (the Saudi's) oil (there is fear by the PTW that trade will be gold based, which they do not want so if they control the oil they won't have to worry about how to pay for it).

With the world changing, the PTW needs a physical presence in Afghanistan to control the poppies (i.e. opium) and Saudi Arabia for the oil.  That region of the world feels very active during 2018.  Oddly, this won't be the top stories in the news though, as propaganda surrounding North Korea and China seem to serve as the smoke screen for the dirty dealings in both Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Russia feels somewhat quiet, but still holds a presence.  Toward the end of the year they emerge again, but for the short term they feel to be watching to see what happens with the rest of the world (while they ramp up their own defenses).

North Korea feels to get very agitated with the constant monitoring of how they are governing their country.  It does escalate, and some kind of confrontation occurs toward the middle of the year (looks like a balloon bursting).  I cannot see it being nuclear, even though the threat and fear of it will be out there, but there is weaponry involved.  It looks like there will be a man made weather event used to weaken them (NK), followed by a smaller battle.

PTW (Powers That Were!)
They feel more vulnerable than they have in decades.  They see that people are waking up and demand truth.  Slowly things are being exposed in undeniable ways (such as the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination).  Most of their agendas require people to beLIEve their lies, and there is an inner subconscious that is restless.

Their goal will be to continue to conquer through division.  People are emotional beings, and the PTW prey upon that.  There will continue to be social unrest, BUT far more people are going to disengage and realize this state of living in constant anger, being offended or feeling oppressed because you are told to feel this way isn't healthy.  When the PTW loses the power to make us "feel" a certain way, they will truly lose control.  We are headed in that positive direction as we get further and further into 2018.

I also get that the PTW are slowly being dismantled as they get weaker and things are falling apart.  I hear they are SLOWLY being brought to justice, but it will be handled quietly.  Part of their plea deals is that things need to be taken care of out of the public eye (when you see an over the top new story, most likely a new PTW member has been taken down and the media is providing a cover as this isn't "illegal").  If you feel something strike your "spidey sense" as off, that is because it is.  For example, I don't get that Hillary or McCain have been arrested,  but some kind of negotiation is happening (note the picture to the right) and they have been told not to leave the country (queue the body doubles, they will be working overtime in 2018). 


There will be some subtle disclosure happen in 2018.  What I mean by this is it looks like someone reputable (ex-military out of Florida???) will come forward as a whistle-blower. ???  I get this man is retired, and feels as though he spent his whole life keeping secrets, and he doesn't want his life to end still holding onto them.  He will reveal different things he witnessed and confirm what many people know to be true.  The PTW will work overtime to discredit him, but he doesn't look to scare easily.  I see this man's statement as being what many people want.

Economy / Cryptos / Gold / Silver
When I focus on the economy, I see a house made of cards.  This feels like symbolism as to how fragile the system really is.  One slight move, one misstep, and the whole thing will come crumbling down.  We are at a point where things have to be strategically handled to keep the false inflation going, and prevent a collapse.  

The dollar is fighting to stay alive, but is growing more and more devalued through inflation.  Quantitative easing will still periodically be done to offset this and prolong the life of the dollar (I'm not a finance major, but it comes through to me as a way to print more money while shifting debt elsewhere.  I hear the phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul.").  

Meanwhile, other countries can see what is happening, and are concerned and want to get trade established in terms of gold or gold backed currency.  They (other competing countries) are worried that if / when the dollar collapses, they will be left holding worthless currency, so they want to unload as many "dollars" as possible in exchange for something tangible.  If this newer currency (not solely crypto or block chain based) hasn't been released yet, it is very close and looks to emerge in 2018.  This currency will be the competition for the dollar, and its' creation feels to be intentionally kept out of mainstream media during it's infancy until it takes hold and gains momentum. The PTW look to feverishly convert assets over to diversify their wealth, and also plot how to get control of it, and manipulate events to try to do so (and look to fail).   

When this newer currency gains popularity, the US will want to fight it because it competes with the dollar AND because the controlling country (I want to say China) is not the US, the US doesn't have a system in place to trace the purchases and selling (many tax dollars will be avoided).  I see this being a huge issue for 2018, and look at this topic to finally make the media around August ???

Many people are worried about cryptos and Bitcoin.  During the beginning part of 2018 they look to hold their value until the newer, backed block chain "type" of currency takes hold.  Once the newer one is in place, people look to sell their Bitcoins, dropping the value (the supply vs demand shifts).  Just be mindful of the news and watch for trends as you monitor your portfolio.

Around this time, gold and silver markets try to begin resetting to the "true" value, but it takes some time because of the extended periods of being suppressed.  The stock market looks to peak abnormally high in the final moments, the PTW sell off stocks, and then the market will dip as the precious metal starts to peak (sort of like a teeter totter).  Listen to your intuition, and pay attention to trends during the middle part of the year..

The Event / Spiritual / Collective Consciousness
We are in the middle of it!  I see the Event as the birth of a 4D Earth in conjunction with upgrading those that are ready to ascend so they can inhabit this newer realm.  The upgrade involves a synchronicity between the physical self and elevated spiritual self (our 3D self cannot handle sustained vibrations of a 4D reality, so we have to advance slowly as to not fry our systems).  The Event doesn't look to fully complete by the end of 2018 or early 2019, but we are in the final stages. 

You will continue to experience symptoms of this "upgrade."  You may have moments of fatigue for no reason, or even restless sleep when you are tired.  You may also develop sensitivities to food, sounds or even light as your clairs enhance (but please also listen to your intuition and if you need medical attention, seek it out as these symptoms could be something else).  Pay attention to yourself, and now is a great time to start to meditate, even if for only a few moments a day.  2018 also looks to be the year of purging emotional traumas and negativity.     

The collective consciousness is elevating.  We are living an amazing time where shifts are occurring.  You may feel alone during the process, but there are many feeling the same way.  Everyone has to awaken on their own time frame, and we will all meet together at the destination.  As I close, I am reminded of the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Cardin, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience."  You are much stronger than you realize, especially when we work in the collective.

And that is all I have for this reading.  I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year!  I will have limited internet access for the next few days (and will try to check in from time to time), but will be back in 2018!  Love and light, Lynn
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Neeraj Chadha said...

Congratulation to you Lynn for your 1000 post. Want to Thank You from bottom of my heart for the work which you really do. All your reading are mind blowing. Thanks once again. Have a wonderful 2018. May all your wishes come true. Blessings.

The enlightened one said...

The 1000:nd post??? Almost on New years eve? What an amazing coincidence.
I also liked the part about purging personal traumas and negativity.
This will be a very interesting year indeed.

Sounds very reassuring that their power (that of the powers that were) is waning.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn and we wish you an excellent 2018 (extensive to this great blog community!) <3

Robert Schoen said...

Many thanks Lynn for all that you do and congratulations for the thousandth post and 5,000,000 mark soon to come! I can't help but feel that you played a big part in awakening a lot of people out there and teaching them to trust their own instincts instead of just going with the flow. I feel very optimistic about the next year but also realize change will come incrementally and slower than what we'd like to maintain a balance.

I suspect the freezing weather going on and the many airport power outages are tied to Q Anon "The Storm" of arrests and indictments issued by Trump to prevent criminals from flying overseas or staged riots or false flag atrocities. I hope these arrests and cleaning out of corrupt politicians, human traffickers, the FBI and CIA will provoke many to wake up.
While the stock market looks rosy the dollar is already falling against other currencies which is an indication of the bubble we've been living under. We are all living through a critical moment in history and it's going to be amazing to watch it all unfold. Stay fearless and optimistic.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Glad I am not the only one who thinks McCain is a scumbag.

Thanks you Lynn for all the interesting readings this year.

EA RW said...

While we are in the middle now, do you see 2020 is still a very important year?

Thanks for the many readings and insights you provide.

Serene said...

Huge waves of Gratitude to you helped me at some very pivotal times in my life, I will be ever grateful for that. The insight you have provided over the years to us all has fundamentally changed the way I look at life and how I see things. Saying Thank You really isn't is a huge Hawaiian wave of Gratitude...WHHHOOOOSSSSHHHHHH. XOXOXOX :)

chinny said...

Congrats on the 1000th post Lynn!

Happy Holidays.

Beloved Shiningstar said...

I tried to type different ways of saying thank you and none of them seem sufficient. I wish there was a way for me to describe how much you have helped me through the last few years. I agree with the comment above-- you have helped so many people wake up! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything you do! I still read your posts weekly and they help me so much! Hopefully, one day we will meet in the 4D realm and I can give you a big hug!

King of Pentacles said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year with peace and magic moments..

Michael W said...

Lynn's a keeper! 1000 posts and she's only just begun. Congratulations and thank you!

Nessie said...

Congratulations on the 1000th post!
I would also like to say thank you Lynn, for your wonderful readings this year.
You've also helped me tremendously with finding answers for questions and feelings, that apparently cannot be discussed with friends or family, without being somewhat frowned upon.......

Again thank you so much for making this information public to all of us who want to learn and understand the world we live in.
Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and an inspiring 2018 with more positive revelations and developments!

Blessings to all,

Caroline said...

Congrats Lynn on your 1000th post! Thank you for all that you do and happy holidays!

Michele Di Giovanni said...

Thank you Lynn for all that you freely share. There is nothing about a devestating earthquake coming soon for California or PNW, like the 9.0 intensity?

Bill Ramirez said...

Merry Christmas Lynn & Happy New Year!!

wendy tascione said...

Congrats Lynn you are a gift to us!!!! So greatful!!!!


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Thank You once again Lynn for your services. Happy 2018. Blessings.

Bee E-lightened said...

Yay & cheers‼️ I remember reading that your husband encouraged you so much to take a bold step and create this blog. Look at you now. I pray you continue to grow. Love and light & truth & success for the incoming years.

Serene said...

Hey Everyone - Talking about the PTW being blatantly open about their existence....Just saw a Taco Bell commercial and at the end of it was a large pyramid against a dark background and the word ILLUMINATI right under it. On a Taco Bell commercial!!!

Bill Ramirez said...

whats 4D life like? how does a person in 4D experience life? do they like longer then here in this life?

Patrick said...

Thankyou very much Lynn for all your work.
It has been greatly and really beneficial in helping us manoeuvre, understand and make sense of things during these stressing times for so many.

@ RANNVIJAY MALHOTRA....thanks for the links

@ Bill Ramirez... You've touched on something that I'm also very curious to understand. How is life and how are events in a 4D reality?

If Lynn should have the inclination to, and time and circumstances permitting and favouring her, it could be an interesting read..

Otherwise Lynn, wishing you and your family all the best as we close this very eventful year, and may the New Year fulfill all you wishes and hopes.


Bee E-lightened said...

Link plz

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2018 to Lynn and the tuned in gang here. Much love!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes! I was really excited to put this #1000 post out there. Love you all! XOXO, Lynn

Watchand Knock said...

May we humbly ask what you get for Latin America in 2018, (it's almost 3 times the size of Australia... (comprising Mexico, Central America and South America it occupies an area of 7,850,000 square miles frequently referred to as US's huge backyard))? Thanks!

Buddhist Lady said...

What an accomplishment!! Congratulations, Lynn!!! I wish you thousands more blogs and millions more readers! Your blog, over the last two years, has helped me put meaning and context to events happening in this world which very people acknowledge. Thank you again!!

Denise Christensen said...

Thank you, Lynn, for your wonderful blog. You have been nearly a daily source of inspiration and learning for me in recent years and I wish you continued success and good health.

Also thanks and happy new year to the many contributors to this comment section. I have learned much from you as well and appreciate your ideas and sharing of knowledge!

Alex said...

Thanks to Lynn for her wonderful works. Let's not forget Dada for his financial support of past and future lives series. Please bring back the future life series.

tara said...

tyvm and happy new year Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for all the great comments! Hugs-


I would like to add my thanks to everyone else's. We appreciate Lynn's insight and good nature. We would also like to hope that 2018 will bring less snarky comments all round. (Was that a snarky comment?)

Raymond said...

Thanks for the predictions for 2018. I am especially interested in the ones related to the economy and political affairs. But they are all good.

Many thanks for the time you and Da-Da give to this blog.

Happy New Year !

Watchand Knock said...

it's "her" world expect no merci from her

anne s said...

Congrats Lynn on this amazing blog !! So wonderful you create time to share your gift here , to so many ! ❤️Blessings to you !!

Hope said...

Thanks Lynn for another great year of readings, to A Man Called Da-da for his contributions and to the amazingly community here. It's good to feel belong here even though we have never met in person.

Lynn, looking forward to your coming book. Just curious if you don't mind me asking, has you reached your target yet to fund your book as I have understood in an earlier posting that others can contribute to it through other ways. If not, I will be more than happy to contribute again through the "gofundme" link here.

Love you, Lynn

SMG said...

Congrats Lynn on your 5 million views. I love reading your blog posts and readers comments. I hope PsychicFocus never get too big for you to handle. Thank you for sharing and caring!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I just popped on for a few moments today, and want to thank all of you for the support and kind words! Happy New Year! xoxo-Lynn

Juliana Miles said...

Congrats Lynn!!! I have been addicted to this site since MH370.
I am so glad that I found this has changed my life in so many ways. I appreciate everyone that comes on here and takes the time to comment.
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Watchand Knock said...

no 2018 forecasts for Africa and America where Latinos live?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: I didn't see anything big jump out, but if you have a specific area or question, I'm happy to do a group posting. Just let me know. If you could put it under the Request tab, it is easier to keep it organized, or feel free to email me. Hugs-

Watchand Knock said...

Somebody asked (and didn't get censored for asking) the following question: "(...) There is nothing about a devestating earthquake coming soon for California or PNW, like the 9.0 intensity?" Am I being censored for doing sth. others regularly do? (BTW,my question was on-topic, sorry!) Are you sure that in the conflict striken area I asked about, and which represents almost 40% of the global landmass, nothing relevant will happen? Sorry, imho it looks more like you decided not even to check!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: I just did a scan over everything to see what came forward, and reported on that information. If there is something specific you want me to look at, please just leave a comment under the request tab. I'm not censoring anything. I take all my questions seriously with an open mind :-)

Sharannn said...

Hi Lynn, I do wish to ask something specific related on what Watchand Knock is asking.

In Venezuela, the PTW have a really strong grasp of the country. Controlling everything. The government is keeping people in very poor conditions. There is much hunger and lack of medicine. Many people are dying. Emigration is strong because people are desperate. Hiperinflation is really strong.Venezuela is a very rich country in natural resources. It seems its petroleum reserves are the biggest in the world. It is the 4th biggest gold mine, and many other minerals, that as you say, the PTW need to continue having control.

What do you see about the PTW actions in Venezuela in the next few months?