Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pox by Deborah Hayden

Q. Hello Lynn,  I recommend a book called "Pox," by Deborah Hayden.  Europeans regard it as a definitive book.  Pox refers to syphilis, which apparently Columbus brought back from the Dominican republic, and it rapidly spread through Europe.  Natives seemed to be immune to it.  Many famous people had it - Lincoln among others.  Hitler thought he got it from a Jewish German prostitute - this prostitute being a rite of passage for young men at that time.  The Pox truly ravaged Europe.  Mercury and arsenic were some of the "treatments."  Would just like you to look at the book!  Good read.  Best regards,

A.  (I didn't get an opportunity to read the full book, but I did review a synopsis before tuning in to the subject.  The topic was so interesting, I wanted to share it along with what I was able to see.)

The "pox" outbreak feels like it was rampant throughout early history.  It looks like it didn't just "happen" to the above mentioned high profile people in history, it spread intensely through elite "Illuminati" and secret societies.  

Seeking medical treatment was also a challenge due to the shame tied to this sexually transmitted disease, and it was know that prostitution was one of the biggest spreaders of this illness.  Many people were in denial during the infancy of the infection, and finding a very discrete doctor was also a fear because these high profile people cared about their image (they wanted to remain powerful).  It was also tough to realize that there was no cure, just management of the symptoms.  

I get at one time a purging of prostitutes occurred (this was even before the Holocaust).  The "elites" didn't want to forgo the "use" of prostitution, and this was their solution to "clean things up."  Pox wasn't selective about attacking the rich or poor, as prostitution had few boundaries for clients with money (regardless if it was their last dollar, of if they had a million).  I keep getting references to DaVinci, and my impression is that this murder / purging spree occurred during the later part of his life (and he may have incorporated this event into his art).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn! Is that a picture of you on your YouTube Channel? I enjoyed hearing your voice and the different inflections you gave the reading. Thanks!

Robert Schoen said...

Besides sexually transmitted pox, there were many plagues that occurred during the Italian renaissance which caused many people who could to move away from city centers like Venice and Florence. When you said Da Vinci as a time frame, there is evidence of plague in Florence around 1475 and then later around 1530. The Venetians suffered from both plagues and malaria, and some have theorized these plagues may have been deliberately started much as Anthrax laced blankets were given to American Indians.

Interestingly, some thieves began looting these plagues when they discovered that wearing masks filled with a combination of cloves, cinamon and Rosemary kept them from getting sick. It's not surprising that inconvenient politicians would be targeted using the pox, even back then

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Buddhist Lady: Yes, but I need an updated on. My hair is much longer now :-)

@Robert: Thanks for the comments! Good points you brought up and I hadn't heard about the masks with the herbs.

Robert Schoen said...

Thinking about it, the counterreformation of the 1550's provoked by Martin Luther's protest against the Catholic church also set up the Inquisition and a draconian crackdown where people were put on trial and executed for being heretics. Protestants were persecuted and put to death. It would be the kind of fanatical climate in which the deliberate spreading of sexual disease through prostitutes to punish the sinful would be a way to maintain fear and control. In fact if the pox was deliberately cultivated and spread it anticipated the sexual spreading of AIDS by almost 500 years. Leonardo was a genius at creating weapons, could his name coming up mean he also thought up the first bioweapon?

Watchand Knock said...

@ Bhuddist Lady! These younger interpreted video recordings are great too! But experience this one from 3 years ago, where she actually reproduces the live session:, these are amazing!