Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hitler, Powers-That-Be and War...(What REALLY happened)

Q. So, Lynn, you say that Hitler was also (like all these innocent patsies) a VICTIM of the negative forces NOT a PART of negative forces? But why, then, did these "powers-that-be" go against their own people (Jews) in holocaust made by the means of Hitler? That is a new discovery for many, I think! It deserves a separate reading / viewing from you!

Can you please tell us, in this case, what Hitler and Napoleon - leaders of the two greatest wars of the two latest centuries - were in fact doing? Who did they serve to or use, what were the true reasons and purposes of these mass killings, and how were these leaders responsible for their crimes to the humanity and to the Universe? 

Thanks again for bringing the light into the history and human consciousness!
A. [I first want to say as I approach this reading, I REALLY have to focus on quieting my rational mind and all the programming I have had regarding Hitler.  I know this is also a sensitive subject, so I apologize in advance for anyone who may be offended for what comes out.  My intention is to be unbiased, and not go into this with the mindset that he is evil- regardless of what my rational/programmed mind thinks...]

When I first tune in to Hitler I see him as a younger man who is really "jumpy."  I see anxiety and restlessness in him. I also see him watching politicians and feeling very angry- he wanted them to do something to help the country and make it better.  His perception was that they were making poor decisions, and not tactically thinking through to find the best way to do things  He supported the leadership (was very dedicated to his country), but also wanted things to be run differently... [This is similar to how I see many countries even now- people love and support their country, but have a lot to be desired regarding their leadership.]

I also get emerging as a leader himself was a slow (but kind of natural) process.  I hear a phrase that "he had to serve his time" and only then did the opportunity present himself.  I also get that it was his life path to be a leader- I see images of times where he could (and should) have been killed, but he escaped death.  I see an image of an outside force protecting him (looks like a bubble or dome of energy??).

Fast forwarding to the war...Once Hitler took control he started to implement the things that others didn't to turn the economy around.  I see his vision was one of a "barter" type system.  Rather than traditional banks I see transactions being made (and the term I hear is "tit for tat")- direct exchanges with little to no tax or interest.  I see the Jewish run financial institutions livid with this practice as they were making A LOT of money off the old system, but the old system was resulting in a slow collapse of Germany.  I hear the phrase that "Germany was dying a slow death the way it was going."

I also get that Hitler was very proud of his heritage and did feel that Germans were the best group of people, and he encouraged the Germans to share in that belief.  He didn't dislike people of other beliefs or cultures, but wanted them kept at arms length.  He did carry a certain amount of prejudice.  He did want a purity to remain with the German people and was against interracial or intercultural marriages- I get that was very well known by him.  

I also get that he had a strong belief in God and family.  He wanted Germans to marry Germans, have children, respect themselves and God.  Anything that deterred from that he repelled.  I see when the Jewish backed financial institutions were feeling the effects of this new "tit for tat" system, they resorted to making money in other ways- more materialistic ways. (Basically if they couldn't make money in a usury fashion, the resorted to other methods) Hitler saw this, and revolted against it.  I don't see him rounding up people and killing them, but rather telling them he wasn't tolerating it and they need to leave (and he was direct and forceful about it).  He was determined to keep his people with what he felt were good morals and pure to their culture.  

Flashes like a PowerPoint start to show... I see: Who runs the media?  Who controls the money?  Who is involved with the Powers-That-Be?  The answers aren't flashing, just the questions, but when you pose the question your subconscious knows who...

Q.  What was the vision to stop Hitler?
 A. I see a circle painted on the pavement, and Hitler is standing in the middle.  Representatives from other countries are standing on the circle, and they start pushing Hitler and taking steps forward (as if to take a piece of the circle that Hitler had claimed for himself.)  They didn't want him to grow, and wanted to take what he had.  They wanted it impossible to implement what he was trying to do, and ultimately wanted to show that it failed.... It has the feel of an "I told you so" mentality.  They wanted the current financial / debt system to continue because "nothing else works.".  

Q.  What really happened during the holocaust?

A.  I get that every country that came to the table had their fair share of wrong-doings, but the real TRUE evil occurred under Stalin's lead.  Many of the things that were later pinned on Hitler were things committed by Stalin and the communist regime.  The starvation, death camps and work camps were really led by the Russians, and not Germany.

Q.  I ask, what about the pictures and what is taught? 

A.  I first get that if you don't believe everything that you are told by the media, why would you believe everything that you are taught.  (Then I hear to pick up a school book and read about 9/11.)  I am told to think objectively about why most kids are required to read The Diary of Anne Frank, and not forced to read Mein Kampf.  I am also told that "It is true that a picture are worth a thousand words, but if you add some misguided captions it can worth a million." Not to mention how many things are taught as facts, which are not true (the world being flat, Pluto is a planet..)

I see a picture of a concentration camp- then I get "Who said this was in Germany and not Russia?"  Was the source reliable?  Then I see a snapshot of a train car packed full of people.This picture comes alive and I then realize this is a car packed to get people OUT of the communist Russia- I see people running toward the car trying to escape (I then see a similar car full of Mexicans trying to flee the Mexican government- I am told that desperate times call for desperate measures and people will do what they need to do to survive.)  I then see a photos of dead bodies- typhus was killing people in drones, and the bodies needed to be disposed of in mass graves out of necessity.  

Then I see a billboard, and it keeps blinking... Every time it blinks there is another question..." Who came out on top after the war?  Who controls the majority of the media?  How did a country the size of Germany yield such a powerful and loyal army?  Why was it illegal in Germany to speak of Hitler after the war (if the events told are true there is nothing hide)?"  Then I hear that "The questions themselves are also your answer.."

Q. If this is true, why did the US join the war against Germany and not stop Russia?

A.  During this time the system Germany was using to get people out of debt along with the structure of the government that was working for the people needed to be stopped.  No country (or "power-that-be" that influenced the countries) wanted to see this spread.  People at the top were making a lot of money, and wanted to retain it.  

The US didn't want involved in the war, but were constantly being nudged into it.  I get a vision of the "powers-that-be" talking about the wealth and boost to the economy that would seen by being involved in the war..  There was definitely a vision planted in the minds of US government officials. The media's spread of the "concentration camps" helped to seal the deal and Americans became emotionally invested in this.  There was fear and panic of Hitler taking over and having camps on their own soil.  True or not, that is what people were scared of. This propaganda was what the American people needed to see and hear to want (and insist) they get involved.

Then I hear "an enemy of your enemy is your friend" and even though the US didn't like Russia or what they stood for, they had to tolerate the country in order to stop Germany.  

Q.  If this is true about Germany,  how has the documentation or facts been lost? 
A.  I see that after the war was over a "cleansing" of Germany occurred.  I zoom out to a map, and then I visualize a big rake going across it.  Caught in the rake are books, literature, etc.. discussing politics, history, current events, etc.. That pile of books is destroyed and replaced by new books donated by the powers-that-be [that omitted the rapes, beatings and murders of thousands of innocent German men, women and children].  I then hear it really only takes one generation to detach from a piece of knowledge- with every generational lapse, more is lost and distorted (like playing the childhood game of telephone).  I then hear that "the winners in war are the ones that write the history books" and it appears that is exactly what was done here.

In closing, this is a dark (and emotional topic).  I am told to remember that there is good and bad in everything (part of the universal balance).  Learn truths and focus on the good.  Look at your fellow man as an individual and not lumped into a category or stereotype. Allow the higher energy to flow and send the lower vibrations somewhere else where it can be better served.  

Note: The following is a YouTube that was sent to me a while ago.  I shared it on Facebook, but mentally saw much of it again during this reading to better make sense of my images.  It is a long movie, however, very enlightening (you can pause and play it at your leisure).  A lot of truth resonated within me while viewing it. 

Update here is another youtube video about the often quoted 6 million.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
(As I just re-read the question, I realize my mind took me on a tangent... Feel free to ask me about things I didn't address in the comment section.)


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi lynn! Interesting!!

I read that Hitler had frequent contacts with Tibetan monk cult called " Green Dragon" . Why did he do this? and who are those ztibetan monks?

Me too said...

I think Nostradamus was right on when he referred to him as the anti-christ. What is your take on Nostradamus?

Blimpy Peach said...

Hi Lynn
I'm actually really glad how your reading turned out as I have also felt this to be true for over a year now when I woke up. I am very sensitive to energies but when I was at one of those concerntration camps 10 years ago I didn't feel anything. I remember trying to force myself to feel the sadness at the sight, especially after seeing the photos of all the dead bodies in a pile but it just didn't come. Nor did I feel anything when I was at ann franks house. I was disturbed for the longest time that I couldn't feel compassion but it all makes sense now. I've always felt before I woke up too that there just wasn't something right with the stories told about hitler

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - Fascinating as always. Given what this reading reveals and your past readings about ETs, do you see the Jews as being guided by ETs to organize the world under a global dominion? If so, is this related to the biblical prophesy of a world controlled by the Anti-Christ or Satan after a new temple in Israel has been built?

What will happen to non-Jews if this does occur?

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn! Did Hitler lit atomic artifacts for research purpose? If yes, where did this occur? Is the Japanese Atomic Bomb project related to the German or is it a completely distinct and independent project? Thank you for this very elucidating post!

Compassion Spread said...

Great reading as usual! The question remailns that how come psychics usually say that Hitler got into the haven's "prison" after his death, and he is fully responsible for his massive killings.

Can you please view in this case how Stalin got into his crimes, and what that russian revolution and socialism was all about?

Hannon said...

Congratulations Lynn, you just stepped into Nazi Never-Never-Land and it takes a truck load of courage to do so. I used to think Hitler and his followers were the most evil of all evils for most of my life, now I see Hitler as a personal hero of mine. I used to think I was a Libertarian and then I found out I was more of a Nazi, I never saw that one coming :)

If anyone is interested, here is a page that contains most the best Nazi Truther documentaries in one place:

Ryno said...

To paraphrase "The Terra Papers," Orion ET's contacted and guided Hitler against the current lizard empire the runs the planet? What do you think about this?

loralei5551 said...

OK, to clarify, are you saying that "6 million Jews" were not killed by the regime? Secondly, are all the concentration camps that one can visit today in Germany fake? Thirdly, was the "WWII attack on the Jews" in order to justify grabbing land mass from Palestine? Fourthly,was Anne Frank's diary a fake? And lastly, did Hitler escape to South America? His so-called death was pretty questionable.

Camryn Villarruel said...

I have the same questions as loralei5551. In addition there are some thst claim the Holocaust never happened. Can you claryfy. And thank you Lynn

Me too said...

I visited one of the camps (now a museum) in Germany and it was a very strong overwhelming feeling of sadness and me too I am sensitive to energies. I mean it really goes around, very sad place. Lynn since you are open to criticism perhaps you need to rest to calibrate your readings? (No ofense), maybe too much negativity coming from the blog could be affecting your readings?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I see that Hitler very much believed in God/ETs/Higher Powers He also felt like there was something from above inspiring and giving him insight on how to protect his people. I also get that he would worry about battles, and the right tactical approach, but something always intervened to guide him in what way to take (physically in the field). These monks helped him feel closer to this “source”.

@Me Too: I looked up the technical term and found this in Wikipedia. It said “the antichrist who will be the greatest false messiah in Christianity.” . I don’t visualize Hitler as a false messiah or claiming to be. I also know that Nostradamus referred to Hister (which is very close to Hitler) in his work. Nostradamus was an amazing man, and possibly it was Hitler, or maybe he felt the energy that was assigned falsely by the population and not the man himself… We may even see someone in the future emerge with a very similar name… I really can’t confirm this.

@Blimpy Peach: What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing!

@RFK: I first want to say that something when we talk about Jewish people is comes across as stereotyping, so in this reading I am referred to the highly influential wealthy Jewish powers-that-be and not the entire culture. I think those powers-that-be “think” they are being guided, but in reality it is their own self-interest driving their actions. I also sense they are of lower vibrations- and the fear of Satan is just that- fear. Focus on positivity and light, and it will shield you from the dark… Eventually there will be a spiritual split, and those that have ascended with go one way, and those who haven’t won’t regardless of Jewish or non-Jewish (that is really just a label we have made up, souls and spirit are all the same amongst people- they just vibrate differently).

@WatchandKnock: I see this as independent from Germany.. I get a different country did this instigating this country to be a part of the war.

@CompassionSpread: I can’t speak for what other physics have seen, BUT I will say that we have had SO MUCH programming that it effects your rational and subconscious thoughts (like brainwashing for lack of a better term). That influence can effect what you see. I had a hard time quieting it down and it was even strange for me to write down my thoughts- after I was done with the reading and I read over it I couldn’t believe that those words came from me because it contradicts what I have been taught my whole life in school, movies, etc… HOWEVER, I stand by it and thinking it over, it resonates much more truthful than anything I have ever been told.

I think I will save Stalin for a different reading.. He was a very dark, low vibration, man. I see him as a reptilian descendant with a lack of ability for empathy or emotion.

mariemccahery said...

Very interesting that you should do this reading now, as I've been doing more research as false flags become more obvious and desperate. Researching monetary history is very illuminating on this.
It's always worth remembering that money is created out of thin air by private banks whenever someone signs a loan agreement, be that an individual, a corporation or a government. Cash is a very small part of the money supply, the rest is created by banks from nothing.
This is a fantastic scam and has to be defended at all costs.
There is nothing to stop governments from issuing their own money and spending it into the economy. It is ridiculous that they borrow money from private banks at interest, remembering that banks create this money from thin air.
Lincoln did this with greenbacks to finance the civil war and wanted to continue afterwards, so he had to be dealt with.
Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler's finance minister also did this. He got a government-owned conglomerate MEFO, to issue bills which were accepted for tax (this is what makes a currency acceptable to the masses) and this was used as money throughout Germany.(MEFObills) This money was used for infrastructure spending and investment. Firms got contracts by promising maximum employment. Employee rights were very strong and even holidays were paid for. The Volkswagen Beetle was planned as an affordable car for everybody. People felt secure and spent more, causing more growth in the economy which prospered massively from 1933 onwards. The Austrian economy was turned around in only 2 years after the Anschluss. No wonder Hitler was popular! This was in direct contrast to the rest of the west at this time as the depression was caused by money supply (loan) restriction of the banks, helping them pick up companies and property with pennies on the dollar. The labour was there, the demand for goods was there, but with no money available, nothing could be done.Germany showed what happens if the control of money creation is taken away from the privately-owned banks. Germany had to be completely vilified and destroyed, all trace of the economic miracle forgotten. Interesting that there is no study in universities of economic history, and certainly not of monetary history. Only now are books coming out.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: Thank you for the comment. This reading (amongst other things) has really opened my eyes. Now when I see something about Hitler in a negative context it really makes me wonder what agenda is driving it…

@Ryno: I see so much truth in this!! I do see something from “above” guided and protected him. He really wanted to help his people.

@loralei and Camryn: I see Jewish, German and other innocent people were killed, but the number was not 6 million Jewish people.. This also didn’t all happen at the hands of Germany- Russia, France and Great Britain were all involved. Russia was the one committing the most horrific crimes, but the stories were changed to blame Germany.

Some camps are real (the ones controlled and ran by Russia) and people were essentially worked to death. Germany did have POA camps, but people were not tortured, gassed or murdered- The gassing you do see was to try to prevent the spread of typhus (from fleas)- the pictures are distorted. After the was Germany released their prisoners, however, Russia could not because most were killed due to horrible conditions.
You are also correct about Palestine.. If Anne Frank’s diary is true, Russia is the one that took and tortured her- not Germany.

Yes, Hitler did escape. In a previous reading I got Antarctica (I may have misinterpreted it for Argentina??), but yes he did survive and a double was put in his place.
The “holocaust” as described did not happen that way… I see the talk of it as propaganda. As the war closed Germany was forced to pay the “survivors” and their family money, and they still get it today!! Again, ask yourself WHO really won this war?

@MeToo: I do appreciate your advice. I actually meditating and thought for a long time before I started to let things flow. I know outside things can most definitely influence things, but even today I feel pretty good about it.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mariem: Thank you so much for the posting! I really felt your energy! You are very correct, and everything you described is WHY this war REALLY happened. Hitler was not the villain he was made out to be, he just didn't subscribe to the usury that was going on and the Powers-That-Be were infuriated!

I would just ask that people take a minute, clear your mind and really ask for truth (it is hard to quiet the programmed, but if you can you will see so much). I also HIGHLY encourage you to watch the movie I provided a link for on the front of this posting.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you! But the first part of my question was: "Did Hitler lit (=detonate)atomic artifacts (=bombs small in size) for research purpose? If yes, where did this occur?"

Dante said...

If Hitler escaped to Antarctica, do you see him knowing about Hollow Eatth and him escaping to there?

Craig said...

Here's something I don't think anyone has talked about. Who was doing the weird and horrendous experimentation on prisoners? Wasn't it Germans like Mengele?

Also, do you think that Hitler may have started out with his own ideas, but sort of went somewhat insane later and lost his way, maybe even influenced by negative spiritual forces using his anger and fear, then his personality to create more havoc and destruction rather than building a new way for his people? That he sort of lost himself in the end?

RFK Pope said...

@Lynn - Thank you for your response but do you really think all souls on Earth are the same when some have reptilian DNA (which results in lack of compassion and empathy for human life?)

Also, can you elaborate on your response regarding biblical prophesy. Because a new temple in Israel is indeed being rebuilt by the Jews. Is the biblical prophesy about a world controlled by the Anti-Christ or Satan after a new temple in Israel has been built truly coming to fruition or was Revelations written in the bible to inspire unsubstantiated, false fear amongst the population?

They Live said...

Thank you for another insightful reading! I saw an article sometime back on the internet saying Hitler was MK'd/brainwashed and was controlled, any truth to that? Also George Prescott Bush and Bank of America supposedly funded the Nazis, what was the deal with that? Were the Nazis not an evil group as they are portrayed, they are heavily portrayed in the gaming and comic book industries especially as zombies. If they are being vilified and weren't bad, why did people from the Bush family support them? Unless there are some good people in that bloodline.

Raymond G said...

There is a book called After the Reich that illustrates what happened during the last days of WW2 and the 3 years or so after it ended.

It was extremely tough to be a German after the war ended, especially if you were a single woman.

The book is a good read and worth anyone's time that might be interested in WW2.

Another good book is A Woman in Berlin, by Anonymous. It's an autobiography of a woman that lived in Berlin during the war and what happened to her and other German women after the Russians arrived. It was not a nice experience.

Raymond G said...

Rudolph Hess flew a plane into Britain (but it developed engine trouble and crashed) and tried to negotiate with Britain to enter on the side of Germany against Russia/USSR.

Apparently there were some members of the Royal Family that were compassionate to Hitler and Hess flew there to meet with them and attempt to influence them. What would have been the final outcome ? What benefit would it have been to Britain? Would the members of the Royal family promised to be kings, was it money or territory ? Why would citizens of Britain have been conciliatory ? The current members of the Royal family are not one hundred percent British, their roots are German. Just a passing thought.

Rudolph Hess was imprisoned in Spandau Prison in Berlin. He died alone in prison in 1987. Some say he was murdered. He had secrets he took to his grave. Was he really murdered, what was he holding back that was so secretive ?

Me too said...

mariemccahery I have a degree in Economics and pretty much what you say makes no sense at all.

Raymond G said...

BTW, thanks for the reading. It was very interesting, as well as the movie link. least as much as I have seen so far.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Watchandknock: I get that he did test them. The Germans had very smart engineers and scientists during that time. I get that Hitler was fascinated with that.

@Dante: I see he stayed on the surface.. I get he had a lot of knowledge of ETS (on the moon, in the earth and on the surface).

@Craig: I get that what happened is people under Hitler went off on their own tangents, and some of THEM did terrible things. It wasn’t under the order of Hitler, and if they were caught (which some were), they were punished.

@RFK: I see the souls as similar BUT the vibration they hold is different. Reptilians vibrate at a very low frequency which doesn’t allow them to feel compassion and empathy as you describe.

I get the temple is being built BECAUSE of the prophecy. It feels like a self-fulfilling loop. One is dependent on the other (and I hear this is a classic chicken and the egg???).

@They Live: I need to think on that… Very interesting, and I did not know that.

@Raymond: Thank you for sharing this. That does sound like an interesting book!

mariemccahery said...

Me too.
I wouldn't expect anyone with an economics degree to understand the importance of how money is created as economics avoids it at all costs. This is because the academic discipline of economics, since the early 1980's, has been completely co-opted by the finance sector.
The academic journals of economics were taken over and only papers about free-market economics were accepted. If any academic wanted to advance his career, this was the only paradigm he could work within. The history of economics and especially monetary history is avoided as this shows that this economic paradigm has a history of crashing. Governments, thinktanks and the media prefer to work with economists with published papers, so soon only this one kind of economic paradigm was being discussed. It is all about free-trade, privatisations, financial deregulation, and low taxation. Studies on human psychology were also ignored, humans were not only motivated by money as the economic models suppose. Needless to say, all these policies, backed by loads of mathematics that had no place in the study of human interactions and behaviour (which is what economics is about) provided an intellectual framework for the financial sector to make even more money than it did already.
Ignoring the creation of money is a massive deficiency in understanding of how the economy works in reality, rather than the mathematical models. I knew it though and it convinced me to sell my house in 2007 and buy gold with the profits, I was that sure there was a banking crisis in the offing.
To understand more about the creation of money as debt I would recommend looking at
Bankers have a long history of periods of lending too much money, creating a bubble and then suddenly limiting lending, making the money supply contract. This causes companies and property loans to default, which the banks then pick up very cheaply. Debts used to go down generations and cause massive problems so jubilees used to happen periodically in ancient times. The problems caused made Christianity and Islam ban usury so only Jews could charge interest on loans. Countries need to borrow more when there is war, for supplies and for re-building afterwards, so bankers have a long history of promoting conflict, it is extremely profitable for them. Making money from nothing and causing real workers misery is what made many countries banish Jews and is the real reason for anti-semitism. Jewish-American bankers extended World War 1 and were responsible for most of the miseries of Germany afterwards. Hitler had good reason to want them removed (Entfernen).
Professor Steve Keen's book "Debunking Economics" is a good read for someone who has an economic background. Japan and Germany both prospered after the war as they rent their homes and loans are directed into productive businesses, South East Asia and China also follow this model and have done very well from it. The UK and USA suffer from too much money being lent into housing and speculation, both unproductive. (part 2 follows - sorry for length!)

mariemccahery said...

(part 2) The 2008 crisis was caused by too much money being lent into housing and being sold onto fraudulently rated derivatives. Since regulations separating speculation from retail banking had been abolished, and retail banking provided the money supply, the governments had to rescue the banks. The newly massive government debts were eased by QE, meaning that the Central Bank bought some of the government debt, so the government was effectively owing itself money (but it is still counted as debt???) Unfortunately, the Eurozone didn't do this,causing massive recessions and unemployment (though it's now just changed it's mind)
Since oil is paid for in dollars, and is used for international trade andis the reserve currency, the US can keep printing billions of dollars without causing inflation, despiteits massive trade deficit and government debt. But Saddam was selling his oil in Euros and Gaddafi for gold, so both had to be stopped. China and Russia are now moving away from the dollar for international trade and BRICS are setting up an international banking system that does not include the dollar. Very soon, the dollar will collapse as Lynn has forecast, it will not be pretty and the only way to delay it is war, hence the US provocations in the Middle East and Ukraine. It is also the reason for so many false flag operations to try and convince the population of the badness of the enemy and the need for military action.
Thinking about money creation makes a great lens to understand what is really going on in the world. I despair of people with economics degrees, who emerge, from a recent study, as less empathetic after completing their course, and sincerely think they are the worst people to run an economy. Luckily, there is a growing heterodox economic community that really gets it, but the finance sector hates them, as their policies will severely limit their activities. but I am hoping they will gain influence after this coming crash.
To understand history better, try reading "Debt: the first 5000 years" by David Graeber, Professor Michael Hudson is also a great commenter on current economics.
Sorry for the length, but if it helps a few people understand a bit better, it's worth it

Hannon said...

@ mariemccahery

Excellent post! Without understanding the monetary system that has its boot on our necks, it's impossible to understand what's going on in the world, or why things happen. I just wanted to add Bill Still's "The Money Masters" documentary, because it's an easy three hour crash coarse in film format for anyone just starting down this path:

PS, those economist you speak of, are just as much of lying dirt bags as politicians and lawyers. Sorry if anybody reading this is a honest lawyer or politician, but you're not exactly in the best of company :)

Hannon said...

Lynn, Carl Jung wrote an essay claiming Hitler was an archetype of Wotan(Odin), which I assume would have had a deep impact on the Germanic psyche if there is such a thing as genetic or cultural memory. You say there was something higher guiding and protecting him, do you think there might actually be something to the Wotan connection, possibly even an incarnation of him?

Anonymous said...

So... my gf's parents, who survived a death camp - all that was false? They are liars? All the people that came from different camps are all liars? All the American troops that were over there are all liars as well? One this is right... it does just take one generation to "change" the facts.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hannon: That could be... I didn't get that connection or get the name, but it is something to think about.

@Nappinglady: I see many people were treated horrifically. People taken from their homes, families separated- It was horrible for all the people during this time. It was ugly and dark. I just saw that the real death camps were led by Stalin (Stalin had camps there were not all in Russia- troops were everywhere), and if Germany really housed any they were not being controlled under Hitler's directive.

mariemccahery said...

I think the economists I mentioned are very admirable. It takes a lot of courage and humility to admit and broadcast that most of what you have been studying and teaching does not work in real life and needs to totally reevaluated.
Mainstream economists in general though really need to examine themselves. There is something wrong in this discipline that couldn't even forecast 2008 when I, a non-economist, saw it as plain as the nose on my face.

They don't look at the real world and can't see that US economic indicators are fraudulent (see or that the whole financial sector is now a malign parasite on the real economy, having minimal connection with reality or even the market as it's all manipulated with fines just another cost as our pension funds get completely scammed. There needs to be a complete economic reset. Luckily, the BRICS are setting it in place and they are getting very worried.

Me too said...


I am not the best economist, but I remember the basic rules. There is a limit of printing money, you can't print money forever and you can't own a lot of money or issue bonds indefinetly. What you are thinking about is choice, you can't blame Economics for the choices that government makes. You can't blame Economics for the banks forging signatures for sub-primes. Not everything in Economics is set in stone, things change but so does in Medicine as our knowledge gets better. Blaming mathematical models doesn't make sense, math is a language and allows to express ideas. Studies on human behaviour (as economic agents) are not ignored at all, see for example the book freaknomics *no equation there btw* and there are more studies being done but I have been out of the academic world, but I know people working on it. At last the jew and creation of interest, well Oppenheimer created the atomic bomb and I think this was more harm than anything else, since there is no good use of a bomb but people can do a good use of money and financial instruments. Again the economics and finance instruments are here, but the use with the wrong intention (free-will) is that damages everything. There is good and bad on evertyhing but our choices dictate the outcome, but blaming Economics, math models and jews is an easy scapegoat.

Charlotte Bailey said...

Thank you for your in debth explanation. I'm wondering what is your recommendation for navigating the economic chaos were about to go through? With the upcoming dollar collapse, we've got some serious challenges ahead. I'm seriously thinking of selling my home right now.

Raymond G said...

I wonder what other world leaders thought of Hitler when they saw his economic revival programs and charisma ?

At the same time he was dropping unemployment by 50 percent in one year, creating jobs and rebuilding his military and national pride the reset of the western nations were stuck in the Depression.

I wonder if they were envious of his success ?

That is, prior to the beginning of WW2.

Hello_Kitty said...

I have always been obsessed with Hitler and the Nazi regime, read loads of historical books written mostly by American historians and also autobiographies by Jews like Anne Frank. I am surprised about your reading because you sound like one of those Americans who deny the Holocaust really happened, sorry but it all sounds unbelievable without any real proof...I have been to a few death camps in Germany, and visited many WWII museums, it all seems very real to me as many things were documented. The Russians had their own death camps I know, but why could they open camps in German territory? Germany and Russia were not allies, they were enemies, and there were also many Russian POW in German camps.Also the Germans controlled the German camps with full power, and many were executed in trails after the war. Lynn, I think you should do some historial research on the topic before you express your radical beliefs just based on your psychic

Watchand Knock said...

@Hello Kitty! While there may be one or another imprecision in PF's report, it is widely known that Anne Franks diary was not written by her, once the type of ink used in vol.4 was available only in 1951 while she reportedly died in 1944!!! "The research performed in the laboratory BKA showed that
"Significant" part of the work, especially the fourth volume, were written by
ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available until 1951, BKA
concluded that these sections are likely to have been added later.
Finally, BKA clearly determined that none of diary writing is not
corresponds to known handwriting samples Anne."

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Charlotte: Just be aware and pay attention- diversify yourself. There really is no easy solution. Trust your gut and listen to what it tells you to do. Even if our conscious mind doesn’t give us the answers, our subconscious knows..

@Raymond: I feel they were very envious, and intimidated by him.. All the more reason to stop him.

@Hello_Kitty: I make it a personal rule not to do a bunch of research on a topic before I read it- it clouds my impressions. I also did have a hard time clearing my mind in the beginning and letting thoughts out- I have been programmed on Hitler since I was in elementary school.

I have actually thought about this reading a lot (thank you everyone for the objective comments, it really has kept my mind going). I still stand behind this- I may not have every fact correct, but the impression overall feels very accurate and truthful inside me. As I thought about this even more yesterday, I realized I may have misspoke (when I visualized the “gas” chamber I stated that it was to eliminate the typhus)- I see them spraying something on people in the camp (it WAS NOT gas), but like a chemical to get rid of the fleas and reduce the spread of typhus. Then I visualized a picture of shaved heads- they were getting rid of the lice that was causing typhus- I even had the question, why would you go to this trouble if you were just going to kill these people? Why spare the cost? Also, why shave their heads- to save the hair? None of that really supported Hitler killing these people and would not be cost effective during a time of war.

There were camps in Germany, but they were POW camps and refugees from Russia (and were treated civilly- I even see a schoolroom??). I also stand behind Stalin being the real evil one who ran the work and death camps. The cruelty in Germany was the result of Stalin (and if some went rogue against Hitler).

Blimpy Peach said...

I'm not sure if it's true but I've heard that some Jewish people currently shave their hair (and wear wigs) and keep nails short as they are places where demons can hide. Not sure of the validity of that though and I'm purely speculating but could the shaving of hair also been a religious thing?

Hello_Kitty said...

@Lynn: Thanks for your feedback. I have always admired Hitler and my interest in Nazi history motivated me to learn the German language and I have now been living in Germany for 4.5 years ( I come from Asia).Most people get disgusted when they know my obsession about the Nazis as they believes Hitler was pure evil. If what you are saying is true, then I am happy to know that Hitler was really a nice political leader. I dislike Stalin, my impression about him is negative and he deserves to be blamed for everything brutal happened. Nevertheless, I am still doubtful about your psychic visions because of the many contraditions against historical facts I have learned. Maybe you could eloborate more on this topic to make me understand better?

Hannon said...

@ Watchand Knock and Hello Kitty, also Anne Frank's father was sued back in the 1960's in New York state courts and lost because he never paid the ghost writer he contracted to write the "novel" :)

@Lynn: Whether folks love or hate the Nazis, there is an energy there that draws people to the topic with magnetic fascination. We know they used a lot of pre-Christian symbols and Runes, plus Himmler and his SS men were busy trying to uncover and reconstruct Northern Europe's pre-Empire/Church culture, do you think there is a part of us(indo-Europeans) that yearns for our organic culture as apposed to the forced cultural over write we have and that's what subconsciously draws many's attention to them? I know it's kind of like my Wotan/Odin question. Plus they looked really freaking cool in those snappy uniforms, I don't think there's every been a military that's been dressed so awesomely before or since.

I love this thread by the way, it keeps drawing me back like a magnet :)

Watchand Knock said...

@Hello Kitty: check "Anne Frank's Diary - Some Honest Questions" (includes scientific evidence of the impossibility of gas Chambers, at least the way they where described) .
@Hannon ;)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hello Kitty: I would encouge you to watch the video I posted at the conclusion of my blog... I will say we have been SO PROGRAMMED as a society that it may feel uncomfortable or difficult, but if you objectively just open up and watch it, you will see things in a different light. I am not saying I am 100% right, or the the video is 100% right, but what they are teaching us isn't 100% right either... Think about things that have been taught as fact to be proven wrong later (the big one i get is the earth being flat).

@WatchandKnock: Thank you for all the info. I was not aware of Anne Frank's Diary, and found that very interesting!

@Hannon: I feel many people crave their true culture and wonder what it would be like without the meddling of the "higher powers." What would or could it be like is on the forefront of many minds. Hitler's ideals were shared amongst his men, and he had a dedicated following. He educated his people, got them out of debt is was implementing a thriving system- we could have a different economic system if his proven ways could have been spread (at least from an economic standpoint).

mariemccahery said...

@Me too
People who have studied economics have a longer road to travel than the average Joe who has an inkling that what mainstream economists are saying doesn't seem to chime with real life and something is just not right. It's difficult to realise what you have spent time studying such a manipulated discipline.
Mathematics is useless if the assumptions are wrong and if very important human factors that can't be measured, are totally ignored. Economics is a social/human construct and mathematics has a minimal place.
Cash is no more than 3% of the money supply, the rest is digital and created by a few strokes of a keyboard when a loan is agreed. Think about how can it be possible that derivatives contracts are worth multiple times the global GDP?

You might have studied World War 2 very widely,but it seems not very deeply.
The victors get to tell the story and they obviously prefer to paint themselves as the goodies and the enemy as the baddies. But it is never so clear cut. The way the Russians and Americans treated the Germans just before and after the war ended is beyond appalling. Many, many war crimes committed that must be hidden, many millions of unnecessary and very cruel deaths, and I'm not just talking about the fire-bombings. Eisenhower was a war criminal of the first order. Revisionist historians are now looking more critically at original sources, particularly at Enigma and recently released documentation. Investigate deeper and think with an open mind.

@charlotte bailey
There are many prepper/survivalist websites on the web
One day you will wake up and the cards won't work. Keep a supply of small denomination money in hand (there will be no change in the shops) When the machines work again, everything imported will be much more expensive.
Gain useful skills and gather things that can be traded. If you go down the gold and silver route, make sure its physically in your possession, all paper receipts will be useless.
Learn from what happened in Argentina and Russia in the 90's. Dmitry Orlov (cluborlov) is particularly good on Russia.

Last of all, try and convince your friends not to believe the anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, and anti-muslim propaganda and "events". It is the western powers that are pushing for conflict to save the horrendous western financial system and to divert attention. We are the ones who have allowed the baddies to take us over. Thankfully Putin and Xi seem very sensible, sane men who are refusing to be provoked and so likely to save us from nuclear war. Hopefully the west will not provoke too far. Paul Craig Roberts, ex-treasury secretary of Reagan, seems to think Washington is beyond hope, and he knows these people!

Me too said...


Bt calling Putin sane and sensible you lost all your credibility. Someone who kills another person using a radiation (see that case in London) can't be nice.

Hello_Kitty said...

@ Lynn: Unfortunately I can't play the video you have linked because of where I live (Germany).

@ Watchand Knock: Thanks for providing the link, it seems interesting. I have never really doubted about using toxic chemical in the gas chambers to mass kill the Jews and I learned that the disguise as shower heads was simply a trick so that the victims belived as just having a shower. As for the shaved heads, I only thought it was a psychological torture for women. But you have a point about the control of hair fleas.

But if such things were all illusions and the truth were misinterpreted, why nobody ever published anything about the real truth? Why only underground internet sources? Must be illegal?

Besides Anne Frank's diary, I have also read some autobiographies of other Jewish survivors. True or not, their experiences sound very coherent...e.g. the weaker people grouped into as victims entering the gas chambers for mass murders.

And there were even mobile gas wagons to kill German patients who were disabled/retarded/too old from care facilities.

I totally thought using toxic gas was economic and fast to mass kill. Do you think they only abused them to death in the camps (from starvation, illnesses, overwork etc)??

@ Hannon: I am really fascinated about the Nazi history too since high school. Sometimes I wonder if I was a Nazi in my life before LOL.

Hello_Kitty said...

Hey people I found this interesting source that explains how the Holocaust was a hoax:

Indeed, there exist publications of Holocaust denyers to defend the truth, but it is illegal because the Jews ban it, and some were sentenced to jails.

I have also seen a lot of anti-semetic Nazi propaganda, very interesting too. Is there any good reason to discriminate against them just because of their religon? It seems to me Jews are just normal people, and many are smart and rich. One thing I dislike about them is the way they kill animals brutally for their kosher meat.

Hannon said...

@ Lynn, thanks for the response. I can't help but think we could have a bountiful, clean world with unpoisoned food and water, proper medical treatments, and with star ships by now, without whatever is at the center of this thing on top of us. I feel like the twisted Zionist are just the tip of the spear but something even worse is holding the shaft. I wish I could see a time line of how Earth would be like without them. I'd love to be able to know how culture and spiritual practices would've evolved if it was allowed to just develop naturally. I wish I knew how to leave my kids(daughter and step daughter) a world without them, if this is the world our offspring inherit, we're kind of losers collectively. All that being said, I know some pressure is needed for things to grow, but this is squishing us.

@ Watchand, Knock Thanks for the link, I book marked it :)

@ Me too, Putin is a gangster but I think sometimes it takes one kind of evil or dark hero to bring the fight to an even worse evil. From my prospective, he's the only leader taking the fight strait to the NWO or whatever you want to call it, and while I don't fully trust him, I admire and respect him. He's also slick enough to shake off the propaganda that's thrown at him without a teleprompter and turn it into a joke with a smile on his face. I also like that he's filling a much needed strong masculine roll model position, instead of these weirdos in suits or Homer Simpson archetypes they give us to emulate, the guy is like King Author, James Bond and Thor all rolled into one. Just my opinion, but given the situation he inherited in Russia, he seems to be doing a far better job than any of our leaders.

Watchand Knock said...

On Jan. 18 1940 (at least according to this article (in german) from yesterday) the Nazi started killing almost 11,000 disabled children in a room of the Grafeneck Castle (picture of the castle in the link) in SW Germay, next to the town of Gomadingen. The article says that disabled children where labelled as " a food waste", or "persons without souls". 8000 names of victims apparently killed in this site are known through a book.
This site (in english) refers to the history of the castle
this one calls it Euhanasia Centre
Could you possibly verify this? Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Hello_Kitty: After this reading I have taken some time to really think (and even read) about some of these events. They have tried to publish the truth, and those “truthers” were prosecuted- many of them imprisoned or killed. There are a lot of people who side with Hitler. Many of the “gas chambers” have been tested, and there are no chemical residues on the walls- much of it was made up.. Since the war some of the “camps” have been modified to provide a good “show” for those that tour it now..

@Hannon: You do raise some good points. I see a world with a TOTALLY different financial system if Hitler would have won or been able to share his economic ideas with the world. Usury would be a thing of the past.

We also have to keep in mind that many of our opinions are formed based on what we are told, what we have access to and what the media shows us- we just to an assumption without ever having been somewhere or knowing what a person is truly like. The influences around us are good at painting a picture of what they want us to think/feel/react.

Watchand Knock said...

still about the Grafeneck castle the last reffered site tells: "in 1928 the Samaritan Foundation acquired it, setting up a handicapped home. In 1929, the charitable non-profit organisation Samariterstiftung established an asylum for disabled people. At the beginning of World War II in 1939, the building was confiscated by the Nazis. The killings with gas were performed between January and December 1940. Afterwards, it was used to house children and mothers with babies who had fled from the bombing of the cities." After the war it was handed back to the Samaritan Foundation. Thank You!

mariemccahery said...

First of all, I have only recently been looking at revisionist historians of the second world war. I found that they are giving answers to a lot of misgivings I had about the official narrative. I find that following who is creating the money is a very useful lens to view world events.
But the conclusions I was coming to were disturbing...
I was then astonished how close Lynn's readings were to them and how brave she was to be so open. Her "tit for tat" money system is one way of describing how the a vast chunk of the German money supply was not created out of debt. I am still awestruck by the sheer brilliance of Mefobills (using the bills of a government-owned shell company as money) as a strategy of getting around the Versailles Treaty and other Central Bank agreements. I don't see why a similar strategy could not be used by Greece, which is suffering a severe money supply shortfall causing mass misery. (The labour is there, there is work to be done, there are demands to be met, the only thing missing is the means of exchange – money). But Mefobills were a very difficult thing to find out about – a very good job has been done to demonise everything about Germany in the 30's. I'd be interested what Hannon thought of them.

Lynn says that she sees the German camps being Russian. What I think is that, having lost over 20 million soldiers, it was imperative for Stalin to paint the Nazis as totally evil, and many of the revisionists think that some of the photos of the supposed Nazi death camps and certainly of the trains, were actually photos from Russia. I think this explains the confusion of what she is seeing. The Zionists needed a narrative to help form a Jewish state so there were a lot of people pushing the holocaust story, not least Eisenhower, a war criminal responsible for the cruel deaths of many, many Germans after the war ended. The allies were by no means all good as the Nazi weren't all bad. Read "War is a Racket" by a US general in 1935 for background of what is still going on..

@Me too
You need to get your head around the fact that the mainstream media lies. There is constant propaganda against Putin as he is the leader in organising the undermining of the western financial system. How he's dealt with Russian oligarchs and turned Russia around requires a lot of toughness. But if you actually read his speeches then you discover a very patriotic, very astute man who, unlike the pitiful leaders in the west, thinks of the long term and thinks of what is best for his people. (Really interesting analysis– puts western leaders to shame). Western leaders only seem to think about what is best for the real power, the financial system, who famously only think in the short-term. They are quite happy to rescue it with billions and let innocent people suffer the consequences. Putin, with the BRICS, is putting everything in place to undermine the power of the western financial system, and is refusing to be provoked into conflicts which are the west's strategy to delay the inevitable crash. Read Russian and Chinese history, they are big enough and want to be left alone.

Whatever you think of Putin, he is doing his utmost to avoid war, whereas the west provokes and promotes conflict everywhere. But to promote conflict, you must demonise the enemy. Do not be taken in by the warlike propaganda. Evaluate what the western politicians are saying to the rest of the world, do as we say or you will suffer....... No statesmanship or compromise at all, all lies and broken promises. Putin has decided he's not listening any more, only deeds will convince him of good intent. Vineyard of the Saker is an excellent blog on this area of the world.

Hannon, I agree this is a fascinating thread. Lynn's reading was so close to what I am discovering. I'd never been into the ET stuff but will have to pay closer attention. We need saving from ourselves!

mariemccahery said...

"psychic focus"
I just saw this posting to Hannon
 "I see a world with a TOTALLY different financial system if Hitler would have won or been able to share his economic ideas with the world. Usury would be a thing of the past."
This is EXACTLY what I am beginning to think but not yet articulated, that so many allied and Russian soldiers died for the wrong side!! But it is such an appalling thought. But the more you look at the financial mess at the moment, the more it seems obvious.
If we go into hospital for an operation, we are often more incapacitated before we get better. I'm hoping the coming financial crash will, after the incapacity and discomfort, prompt a reset that will benefit us ultimately, like having an operation. But so many people don't understand the problem, so how can we effect a good reset? I'm feeling an urge to try and explain to people, but I'm not very good at it... I suppose practice should make me better...

mariemccahery said...

@psychic focus
Arghh - just discovered this anti-usury blog which is very against money being created as debt and in this post
argues that Nazi anti-usury was a myth!!
But I've always thought Mefobills just added to the money supply - a hidden way to create extra debt-free money away from the treaties etc.
There was large scale knowledge and agitation against debt-created money in the 1930's everywhere - a dangerous time for bankers! But so much of this is (deliberately) not easy to find.
Lynn, I thought I'd finally got somewhere near the truth with your reading being so close. So difficult to find the truth through the propaganda. But you've given me confidence. Need to do some more research...

Me too said...

I haven't seen TV in a while, and I am definetly open to other things otherwise I wouldn't read this blog. Some of my sources about Russia is just people who left the country and came to the US, but hey what do they know. When you talk about research I hope it's not just internet research, but something else more credible. I can do "research"online and find phony websites proving pretty much anything. Financial instruments are created just as other things in life, cars are better because things were created (example rear-end cameras), you can't stop the creation of things, but we do and should question the ethical use of the financial instruments. Many of them are helpful for example agriculture where is very hard to predict how a crop will do or not. Finally the world is not like a Disney book where there is one good and one bad. People have different degrees of good and bad, some more than others, maybe Putin has something good on him, but maybe his bad may overshadow his good. Evntually the truth will come, many believed that the earth was flat and went around the sun, and now we know it is not true, people can force , but things can't be hidden forever. It may not be in our lifetime, but eventually teh truth will come and I am open to the fact that I may be wrong, but for now I can't see Hitler as having a good plan or Putin being a nice dude

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you again for the feedback and info- it really does make people think outside the boundaries we are used to.

Hannon said...

@ mariemccahery Hitler never fully disabled the "fifth column" in Germany, just like Putin hasn't fully been able to shake them out of Russia, though he gets closer every year. The usury stayed in Germany under Hitler, but he had debt free Marks issued parallel to the bankster system, which effectively neutralizes it anyways. JFK and Lincoln made similar moves here in America.

Rusty Bojador said...

Did Hitler had helped from the Tall White or Nordic Blonde aliens rumor has it that's how he was able to gain access to technological weaponry during WW1 and WW2?

Icq girl said...


Here is an alternative link of the mentioned video.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rusty: I do get that Hitler had some kind of spiritual intervention that guided him (either through a subconscious or physical connection). I get his life path was to be a leader (and make change) and in some ways his life was guided and protected to fulfill a mission (to help the German people and set up a new financial system). I would describe these ETs (or this guiding force) as "tall white greys."

Me too said...

Story from survivors

Dante said...

There is a source that claims that Hitler lived to age 95 and had a Brazilian lover. There is even a picture of the couple here:

Can you see if this the real deal?
If this is not Hitler, then what year do you see Hitler lived until? How long did he live after he escaped to Antarctica?

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Charles Smith said...

So in big picture, was Hitler doing the right thing. It was long post I couldn't read it. But I kinda support whatever Hitler was doing. Just wanna make sure if I'm right about him.