Friday, December 22, 2017

It's Friday... Let's Mix It Up

Q. Can you do reading about the mobile phone industry? What should we be cautious of? Is one company more ethical or safe than the other? Is Apple's iOS really more secure than Google's Android operating system? What about Korean phone manufacturers (Samsung, LG) and Chinese brands (Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo/OnePlus)?
A.  I get as far as personal security and willingness to extract information, Apple is the worst (they even portray it with their symbols, "i" prefix on the products for the all seeing "eye" and the "apple" symbolic of knowledge.)

The other platforms look to be about the same as far as security (but you need to do you research regarding performance and reliability).

Q. How are rainbows formed? Is this due to the flat earth's firmament serving as a mirror? If it is the droplets that serve as a mirror, then our atmosphere should have a lot of small arches.
A. The dome shape does play a role... I see it like a terrarium in which the water droplets reach the top, condense, and then the sun filters through the firmament layer and refracts off the moisture / droplets.  The rainbow shape reflects off the dome. The end result is a visible full color spectrum (other colors are also present, but our human eyes cannot pick them up.)  

Q. Why don't we have a compass that points to the south? Is it because the "south pole" is the entire circumference of the flat earth?
A.  Yes, the compass is directed and pulled to the north pole, so by default the opposing end is south.  There doesn't look to be a southern pull.

Q. What can you say about the Cohen diet? They recommend diet based on blood tests. It is expensive!
A. I do see that this diet based on healthy eating is effective, but I get you are able to do this without paying for expensive tests (unless you want to track your metrics).  Focus on fresh versus processed, reduce sugar, sodium and high fat foods.  When you go to the store try walking the perimeter and only go down the isles for essentials (like spices or coconut oil).  

Q.  Are the holocaust cemetery and gas chambers in Germany real, or fabricated to support the narrative against Hitler?
A.  (This is a tough one that evokes a lot of emotion.  I initially was going to pass on this, but realized tackling the unpopular questions is important.)
There were terrible crimes committed on both sides of the war.  When I look at the war, Stalin was the real criminal, and many people know it.  The chambers do feel authentic, but they don't look to be used for gassing (maybe a bathhouse??).  I get that if you were to view the structure, the chimney or windows aren't airtight (something is off with those and in some cases they are absent which makes no sense because the gas would need to leave before soldiers could enter??), and modifications have been made to the structures since the war.  Also, if you tested the concrete, the presence of residual gasses would be absent.  

The cemeteries are also real.  There were cruel acts throughout the war, but more than anything as colder months approached and supply chains were cut off, and people starved.  It was a truly terrible time for many.  Again, my heart goes out to all those hurt by war. 

Q. Why is the mass media demonizing whiteness? Why do they want white genocide to happen? Will the PTW be successful in implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? In addition to George Soros' European refugee crisis, in what ways are they trying to achieve this?
A. I get that most (but not all) PTW (Powers That Were) are Caucasian males.  To them, something in their psyche views this group of people as their biggest opposition if they were to band together (it is a very confusing psychological thought process because we are all strong in our own unique way).  They know how they have operated for centuries, and worry if given the opportunity a newer, smarter, wiser group will rise and take their control (and are oblivious that it is the collective of everyone, not just a certain group, that is slowly bringing them down).  For these reasons, the PTW feel this group needs taken down... 

Q. Can you do a reading about this cult-like Christian religion from China (and expanding to other countries like US and Australia), the Church of the Almighty God Eastern Lightning? They are teaching things that are different from what we know, like the idea that God has returned as a female Chinese.
A.  I hear this is all about confusion and obfuscation... Look within, listen to your intuition and trust your instincts.  If something feels wrong, it probably is.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Robert Schoen said...

What a great mix up group this week! Personally, I always had an aversion to apple computers and keyboards, almost like a bad or weakened kinesiology muscle test reaction. I had an iphone for year but switched to an Android Note 4 and never looked back. The two questions about rainbows and the compass north pole also push me closer to reluctantly accepting the flat earth along with the "Van Allen belt" and crazy air traffic flight patterns that only make sense of the UN world map. But if the flat earth is true, maybe all those Picasso paintings is how humans really look and we are living in a Bizarro world.

Lynn's reading about the WWII gas chambers, mass graves,and Stalin also rings true. David Irving, a now villified but courageous historian, proved the socalled "gas chambers" were never used for that purpose because if they were, they walls would have been lined with "prussian blue" the residue of cyanide gas, which was used by the Germans to delouse clothes and luggage and lines the walls of the room used for delousing. A Russian friend of mine once told me Stalin made Hitler look like a little man as far as atrocities go. The distortion or exaggeration of victimhood for political advantage orchestrated by the Rothschilds is very akin to what's going on today.

As far a "white guilt" or shaming for being white, it is just a logical extension of the same extreme political correctness used to keep people in line and to discourage the expression of opposing views as being racism, where American become like the intolerant Taliban destroying art of the past they don't agree with or the robotic North Korean populace who march lockstep to eveything. I was just thinking today the group-think engendered passionate hatred against Trump, who THEY are trying to hold up as the Whitest racist on the flat earth (haha), is a lot like Beatlemania as far as being a socially induced hysteria where anger shuts out any critical thought.

Just like Black lives Matter and those evil Civil War statues, "Trump derangement syndrome" is another ploy to set people apart and detach them from common sense. It takes no courage to join the bandwagon, and those who don't become shunned or targets of hate. Isn't it wonderful those who supposedly oppose hatred are using it as the rationale for their own hatred? That's the same way banksters and lizard people have been staring wars for centuries.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!
1) Please check this 3 weeks old headline ( "Germany's 'Nazi Grandma' given jail term for Holocaust denial"

2) Two years ago the same old lady faced jail for the same reason:

Her husband, who already passed away, worked at Auschwitz Camp during WW2 and she refuses to believe that he lied to her...

Unknown said...

Omg, Lynn, I thought you would not defend a Flat Earth Theory, but it looks I got mistaken. Pity.

Numerologist said...

There is a reason the USA Supreme Commander, Dwight Eisenhower, made the citizens in the villages and towns near the concentration camps immediately view the carnage left by the Nazis AND then made them clean-up and bury the mass bodies of Jews murdered in the gas chambers because he KNEW one day there would be people just like Lynn who would deny the mass execution of the Jews -specifically by the gas chambers. I guess Lynn has never visited any of the Holocaust museums across the country - the best one in the USA is in DC. You can see an exact replica of the gas chamber and see how the Nazis gassed masses of Jews at a time. I also bet you've never heard any Jewish person who survived the concentration camps at Auschwitz speak about the horrors of the gas chambers they witnessed. And I'm also gonna bet you don't even know a single Jewish person. But that's about what I expect from someone who also denies we ever landed on the moon, who believes the earth is flat, and who somehow believes Donald Trump is gonna magically make our country 'great again'. sigh

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thanks for the comments and sharing!

@Watchand Knock: Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! I will need to check it out.

@Unknown: I am open to all ideas. I know there is much we don't understand. It was hard for me at first (really hard), but I do see it as plausible.

Thanks again! Hugs!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Numerologist: Our comments must have crossed or I would have responded in my earlier post. I'm not saying terrible things didn't happen, I'm just saying we aren't being taught the full truth and a lot of evil has been hidden. Stalin was much worse than Hitler (based on what I have been able to see). There were people on both sides of the war that endured horrific circumstances. That is something not to be taken lightly- it was truly terrible. I have relatives and friends that are Jewish, and have a lot of love for them. This is not an attack on them or their beliefs, it is about me sharing information based on what I intuitively see. I know this topic is sensitive, and I'm sorry this was upsetting. That was not my intent.

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn! A US specialist on cyanide gas executions, called Leuchter, went to Poland to check these concentration camp chambers. In this lenghthy interview he reports his impressions. It actually starts at time stamp 20:00. To make it short, he confirms what you report!

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Thanks for the reading on WW2. So much hypocrisy surrounding the western powers that is being left out in the history books. Defeating Stalin would have been preferable to defeating Hitler. Nothing was won in the end. Poland was still conquered by a foreign power and Europe later fell to cultural marxism.

The enlightened one said...


Why don't you go trolling elsewhere?
It seems your only reason for being here is to discredit Lynn's work because you don't want the truth to come out. Government funded trolls? Perhaps Lynn should do a reading on your real intentions and purpose behind your behavior?

Serene said...

Something very interesting happened the other day....we were watching The Munsters (1960s).

The TV Closed Captioning was on. So we were able to read every word as well as hear the actors speaking. I do not remember which episode, but the line, "we take up your time by jamming the airwaves with commercials..." appeared on the CC....but we did not hear it spoken. It appeared to have been intentionally cut out.

We know that line was in the script, otherwise CC would not have picked it up. Somebody must have thought that line would not be good for general public consumption. Interesting...

The enlightened one said...

Could have been Mandela effect residue as well.
Perhaps that line was in the series in a different timeline, and only the CC exist
as residue in this one?

Serene said...

Actually what I think happened is the line was cut from the script (advertisers paying $$$ for airtime during the commercials) didn't like that line and it was dropped from show. However they forgot to delete it for CC purposes.

It was an episode that I hadn't seen before. I am looking for it, I'd like to watch that scene over again and review how it was removed, because CC still picked it up. (I guess They can't cover all their bases and somewhere their little techniques are going to leak out.)

When I find it, I'll share with group. I only caught this because I happened to be looking at the TV at the right moment and read the CC. Honestly I don't know how the CC got turned on, we've been living with it for awhile.

It's interesting to find out what spoken words one misses when you listen only with your ear. The CC helps me to pick up what I missed, this time I found out TV scripts are clearly part of our "programming."

May all of our group have a Grace filled Christmas and holiday season. Much Love and Gratitude to you all...a Blessed New Year to everyone!!

T White said...

Wow that's interesting! I actually think it may have been subliminally put into the show during sound editing. Either at a quieter level, or frequency that we subconsciously would hear it, but not consciously be aware. Good catch Serene!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

That was a good catch Serene!