Monday, December 11, 2017

Argentine Submarine

Q.  Thank you, Lynn, for all your insights! You're the BEST!  My love with you started with a missing Malaysian plane, now we have a missing Argentine submarine. I suppose, it is a similar event. Could you, please, describe if a crew has transformed to other dimension safely, or all have died? Is that area another multidimensional portal? Do satellites and military radars provide true answers to scientists about such 'missing' events, or it still remains 'unexplained' to modern science? And in a memory of Malaysian plane, can you still see anything about remaining servitors in that timeline?
A.  When I tune into this I snap to an image of this submarine being deep underwater and the GPS started to glitch.  It appears there was a magnetic disruption that interfered with the GPS signal.  When their GPS lost reliability, they tried to surface (that can improve the signal??), but they weren't able to reach the surface.  

It doesn't look like one big explosion, but rather a chain reaction of events.  It first started with the electronic glitches (which has a vibe of being man made by a HAARP type device, but doesn't look to be driven by the US???).  Within moments they realized all their electronic, communication and navigation systems were down.  Then, the oxygen exchange appeared to quit working properly, and the crew eventually lost consciousness and passed way due to the lack of O2 .  

Following the above events, the submarine sank.  It diverted off course by up to 75-100 miles before it met it's final resting place. I cannot see them being able to "ping" anything as the electrical system fully shut down at the time it went down...

I don't see a portal being located in this area.  It really looks like an energetic "beam" was directed at this submarine remotely.  Radars and satellites are helpful tools in the first round of searching, but in the event there was a time slip or transference into another reality, radars and satellites provide little assistance as the other dimension vibrates at a different frequency that isn't seen on our 3D earthly devices. 

The Malaysian plane... I haven't tuned into this situation for many months, but in quickly looking I cannot see any of the survivors in the holding space, but I do feel the residual emotions of fear and chaos.  I get most of what was forecasted to happen didn't, and plans constantly had to be revised.  Eventually, when the survivors were no longer needed, they were slowly put to rest.  (I'm so sorry to report this, and my heart goes out to the families.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Please take a moment and send love and light to these families during this difficult time. -Lynn 

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Watchand Knock said...

Once the sub was on a north north east course did it deviate to the east or west? ( Thanks!

Portis said...

Yikes. That must have been scary for those sailors. I feel for them. Is there a non-state actor out there with access to covert weapons, do they have their own weapons to can they hijack existing "state"-owned covert weapons? If there are non-state actors, who are they, though I suppose the fact that the submarine was Argentinian suggests the identity.


Beloved Shiningstar said...

No longer needed by whom? Can anyone explain it to me or post a link related to the plane and holding space situation?

The enlightened one said...

That makes me wonder.. Was this beam intentionally fired at the submarine, to test the effect of the beam, or was it just an accident? Can you get anything on who was responsible for the haarp-like beam? Surely the military would know of these kind of weapons, why haven't they built their vessels to withstand these type of attacks?

The Sharing Bridge said...

Lots of love & benevolent prayers to everyone touched by this event. Thank you Lynn, I've been waiting for your reading on this topic. It got me thinking about a reading Tom T Moore did on October 14, 2017 about the "SONIC SOUND ATTACKS IN CUBA." He mentions that another country was testing a weapon out. I am wondering if this was perpetrated by the same country or happened in the same way - as a test? Again, sending lots of love to everyone involved - nefarious or otherwise!

Tom's reading:

Me too said...


There was a report that a corrupt company sold fautly bateries that ended up in the submarine, could this cause the glicht in the electronics?

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn just in time: When you refer to miles do you mean terrestrial or nautical? For example 100 terrestrial miles convert to just 87 nautical miles! Thanks again and again!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watch and knock: I see it went east, and in a very direct way...

@Portis and Beloved Shingstar: Thanks for bringing this up. I will need to look at it a little more.

@enlightened one: This was a test done from a remote location. It feels like it came from a hybrid military team (not solely US). The ships are in the process of learning how to jam these signals, but they aren't there yet. This is fairly new technology.

@The Sharing Bridge: This is very similar and works the same way.

@Me too: The faulty batteries could be why they could not recover or use their backup systems, but the original glitch looks to come from the "beam."

@Watchand Knock: I see things in terms of terrestrial miles.


Bill Ramirez said...

heres a story online that might relate to what Lynn was saying :?

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn! They where probably in serious trouble because intuitively one would surmise that the captain would change the course landwards not eastwards!