Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hidden Agenda within Star Wars

Q. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading on the hidden messages embedded within the latest Star Wars movie The Last Jedi by the PTW (Powers That Were)? What kind of programming does this movie contain?
A. (I must admit, my family and I being "old school" Star Wars fans went to see this movie shortly after it was out.. This question jumped out to me, because as we left the theater, my husband and I too felt something was different about this movie..)

As I focus on the movie, and tune into this question,  I see a balancing scale and the divine feminine and masculine are very off balance.  It was as if the movie shifted roles around, to where the subconscious of the viewer became confused.  I need to break this down a little more to explain what I am seeing, understanding and feeling a little better because I feel this may inflame some people and I want to be as concise in what I'm reading as possible.

Historically in the 1950s, 1960s, etc women stayed home, raised children and took pride in caring for their home.  Men got up, went to work and provided.  There were societal roles and things (when I tune into it) felt simpler, and happy.  Most women (not all) didn't feel oppressed until many years later when media and marketing made them think they were.  I do realize this life is not for everyone, and choices and changes should be made based on what resonates with you and your family- we are all different.  I am just trying to paint a picture to contrast where we are now to better explain what I am getting.  Many people feel unhappy because they are being forced to work because that is what they think is a measure of success (maybe they want to stay home), or buy the second car because society says you need it to be happy, and the list goes on.  Many times what people are told will make them happy does the opposite (and why so many people are depressed- they have lost themselves and what REALLY brings them joy and satisfaction).  This was truly a brilliant design by the PTW because now most people are in debt buying things to fulfill a need while the PTW get rich.

Then I see feminism, which started as a good thing, giving women equal rights and fair pay, has become (what feels) very hostile.  Rather than loving men, AND also loving and respecting yourself, it has turned into (what looks like) an US (women) versus THEM (men).  Women are being influenced to feel like in order to feel powerful and strong you need to hold very specific, high power positions, and that "vibe" or influence crept into this movie.  Women were put into leadership roles such as Generals.  This isn't to say that women shouldn't be leaders (if that resonates with you, go for it), but they previously were viewed as Queens and Princesses (still VERY powerful and influential, but a different vibration attached to the position).  There is a beauty and softness (I'm not referring to just the physical, but the energetic vibration) to women that this movie lacked.   

Many of the powerful men, like Luke, a Jedi, felt weak and confused.  A Jedi, who is one with the Force and the Universe, should feel the strength, be strong and pass the Force on.  The Force (very symbolically of how I see Psychic connectedness with Source) is amazing and beautiful.  It should heal and help a Jedi (and an iconic one at that who has studied the Force) to find courage even in moments of doubt.  Luke felt like he just gave up (which really is what the PTW want society to do as well when faced with the Dark Side).  

Overall, it looks like there is an intentional blurring of lines between the feminine and masculine energy, and the divine masculine feels like it was portrayed as weak and the divine feminine doesn't feel to be fully embraced.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Watchand Knock said...

Sorry I mistyped!
Hi Lynn, thank you for this post!
The following is somehow topic related!

1)From yeseterday to today in the night-skies above Austria a weird phenomenon was visible. (https://translate.google.com.br/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.krone.at%2F1600582&edit-text=)

2)Almost at the same time in China left and right from our central star two smaller suns could be divised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obedA8ADoLo

3)The Russians launched an intercontinental missile in this time-frame,

Could topics 1 and 2 be eventually related with each other?

Do you believe the Russian missile has anything to do with it?
Thank You, once more!

Ninneveh said...

Thank you for doing this reading Lynn. Do you see that the PTW succeeded in their programming within this movie? There has been quite a lot of backlash and other people pointing out their feminist agenda within this movie which I'm sure they can't be happy about.

Serene said...

Thank you Lynn! We found the last two SW movies to be rather a bore. They seem to have gotten away from its original message. Clearly George Lucas didn't have a hand in the last two. Someone else has taken the idea and changed it into something entirely different. The first SW was my favorite, as was the first Harry Potter.

Bee E-lightened said...

Do you ever stay on topic?! She has a tab for you to post your questions.

Watchand Knock said...
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They Live said...

Bad is good,up is down, male is female and female is male... The PTW are continuing carrying out their plan of switching around Source's natural order of things, since they have no creative ability they simply take what's there and flip it. There has been a long agenda of switching the sexes, a noticeable recent on set of this was the 'metrosexual" a man who gets manicures, etc. but isn't gay per se. Now they have men wearing dresses and purses, though it hasn't caught on for the general population to engage in as of yet,they'll keep pushing it until it does.
They've also have had an extremely long run at changing the natural sexes/genders of celebrities. Hollywood is full of transgendered actors, actresses, singers, and other entertainers. They love for people to lust for the same sex as themselves but under the guise that it is the opposite sex. Forexample a man sees an attractive actress and will buy a magazine with said actress in a bikini or lingerie without realizing that person was born a boy but raised to be a woman. Thankfully their time is up and their deceptions are being uncovered.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Thanks for the reading. I felt this way with Beauty and the beast. Its like they arent trying to hide being subversive anymore. It is just out there in the open and no one dares to criticize it.

Can you see if the reviewers were paid off or influenced in some other nefarious way? No way the movie can score so high with all the critics when many of the users can so easily discern its patent flaws.

Buddhist Lady said...

Beware...I read on net that movie reviewers are either in the pocket of the studios or bought off.

Funny. I just re-read very thoroughly B. Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn." As people who have read it will remember, the Pleiadians say that, when the DNA was blocked and mangled in the human, the only avenue taking them back to All There Is (Source) was their sexuality, which was immediately made "dirty" and restricted in scope by the PTW. The Pleiadians stressed that humans can be enormously powerful if they would just use sex for their benefit (to attain frequency and remember their identity) and balance the Universal male and female principle within us.

Ninneveh said...

Mark Hamill recently came out on twitter retracting his criticism of the movie, and actually praising the movie when everything he had done before was the opposite. Do you see Disney threatening him and forcing him to do this?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. It does look like the PTW has infiltrated this franchise. If you do see it (I know there are a lot of Star Wars fans, myself included), just keep an open mind and see things for what they really are and recognize any strange intuition you have. The actors know it too, but I get they are very discouraged from speaking out (if they want to continue their career).

Thanks again for the comments. Hugs-

E.J. said...

Hi Lynn-

I have been an avid reader of your blog for several years. Thanks so much for what you do. I find your readings to be very honest, and I think your candor with what you feel and see with your abilities is critical to your success.

I wanted to comment on this post, because I see the criticism that this film has received as being linked more to people being averse to the spirituality of the Force (and being focused on just wanting their classic Hollywood blockbuster with a relatively predictable hero's story) as opposed to people being repulsed by the PTW's agenda.

I agree that the masculine and feminine roles were portrayed quite differently in this film than in most films. However, I thought that the feminine leaders were the classic examples of leaders in historical matriarchal societies on Earth. There was a sensitivity to Leia, especially, that I found to be a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy.

As for Luke, his story was a spiritual one, learning about how his guilt regarding Kylo Ren's destruction of the Jedi training temple (and his role in it) blocked him from growth. At the end of the film, he released his guilt karma and finally graduated to the next level of consciousness, having completed his path and purpose. Isn't this a fantastic message that doesn't usually come from Hollywood and needs to be shared more often with the public?

In sum, I get that the PTW would have been happy with the treatment of masculinity in the film, but didn't the overall story succeed in relating feelings and understandings in feminine leadership and spiritual growth that we need to hear as people who are suppressed by the PTW?

I greatly look forward to your thoughts and thank you again for what you do.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - A similar scenario played out in this year's release of Thor: Ragnorak where they showed the new female character, Hela, as stronger than armies of soldiers. She repeatedly told Thor he was "Nothing" and was depicted as being stronger than Thor, Loki and all the other Gods while Thor, who was made to look uncharacteristically weak, was beaten to a pulp by her and others throughout the movie. I left feeling this movie reeked of forced feminism to the detriment of the male characters.

Watchand Knock said...
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Buddhist Lady said...

E.J.--I'm not a "Star Wars" fan (I believe I saw the first one which I enjoyed), but I would only ask the following (because I truly don't know). Do the women characters incorporate true female-feminine energy as opposed to male-masculine energy? Women are uniquely powerful within their femininity. Most often, looking at the current crop of movies and TV from the outside (merely as an observer), I see a plethora of "superhero" characters, but the female characters all act and look as "tough" as the male characters. The Pleiadians say that the female-feminine energy has been nullified and eradicated from Earth at this time. We must bring back true feminine strength--not power masquarding as feminine but which, in actuality, is male. BTW, for our male readers, nothing in the world is "wrong" with male energy; humans evidently need to reacquire the balance of feminine and male within their bodies.

E.J. said...

Hi Buddhist Lady,

I've seen all of the Star Wars films, and the female characters who are leaders are usually strong in feminine energy. There are some female pilots who play a masculine role, but they aren't leaders.

What you're suggesting is that each person should be able to balance their energies, correct?

My question would be whether we should allow ourselves to naturally polarize at certain times and then balance when appropriate. It seems that we are designed to do that to effect certain roles in our society.

Ninneveh said...

Buddhist Lady,

In the original trilogy and even prequels female characters were strong but yet still had archetypal feminine energy to them. They were not better, nor worse, than the male characters in strength or importance. Sadly, this has become distorted in The Last Jedi where all male characters are useless buffoons and all the roles of military leadership are occupied by females, except in the case of the bad guys, who are as I said before, weak idiots.