Tuesday, December 12, 2017

California Fires

Q. Hi Lynn,  Remember you did a reading on the fires from a few months ago and there have been more recent fires in Santa Monica. This YouTube shows the use of laser directed energy with videos from Portugal showing the same technology. This is being done to implement an Agenda 21, to depopulate huge areas, while at the same time directing the people that return to this area to live with a smaller footprint with condos or tiny homes. Really scary stuff that hopefully can be stopped if people's attentions can be directed away from the sex.  What is your take?



A. When I focus on this, these fires do look intentional.  It was caused by flammable chemicals that were chemtrailed down to the earth and then HAARPed, which caused a chemical reaction that resulted in fires.  There are several motives at play, and this looks like an experiment.  

I see this was a military tactic backed by the PTW (Powers That Were) to see if it could be done.  They were testing the chemtrails, and the HAARP effect with the chemicals.  They were also testing the timing (how long for the flammable chemicals to reach earth, and how quickly do they lose their potency.  It isn't only for domestic purposes, but as an international defense (creates some feeling of power and control).  

The real question, is Why, Why test California?  

This does look slightly tied to Agenda 21, and there is truth to the smaller footprint, but it is even more about a restructuring of California and using California as a test for other areas (to purge and restructure).  California was first chosen because the property values in this areas are high, and with a more modern "rebuild" more people can fit in the current space.  I hear there is a vertical advantage that hasn't fully been explored.  More people and an area with higher costs of living, means more money to developers, taxes, economy and business.   Financial institutions also stand to make a lot of money from many different outlets, therefore, helped to "fund" and work with the PTW to complete this project. 

If it is traced far enough back, there are people at the top that will profit from this horrible event.  The PTW most often are the ones that create the problem, and appear to be the solution, while their bank accounts overflow in the process.

Many small companies and people lost money, possessions and even health (and injuries). Please send love, light and healing to these people and their families. 

Much love, Lynn
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haydeeally said...

WOW! Your explanation seems on target. I wonder if the recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and especially Maria were also from a plan by the PTW. Some years ago there were experiments on how to diminish hurricanes or redirect them. Wonder what the results have been.

My Picks said...

"using California as a test for other areas (to purge and restructure)". So this is the first phase of agenda 21? Destroy what the people built (property, business, life savings), have them dependent on government support, and in one area....very sad to see this going on. In order to follow the money it seems like it would have to be someone from the inside.

Buddhist Lady said...

Thank you to whomever asked about the California fires and to Lynn for taking a look at the situation. The topic is very hot on web, and the evidence is not just compelling but overwhelming that laser or particle-type beams were used to start these fires...if people will truly investigate, read, digest info, think, read again, and think again. Cell phone pixs and videos are allowing a new vista of information to open for the average person, and we are lucky to have someone like Lynn who will use her abilities to help us understand what is happening in our world.

By the same token, I had assumed that Harvey, which I know for a fact was manufactured (I grew up part of my life in Florida and have seen many hurricanes form and tracked through the years--Harvey approached land as a nonfactor until "something" whipped up the velocity and began forming the eye of hurricane) was produced by another country because the destruction was so widespread and overwhelming for Houston. Now, we are left wondering if the same reasoning and experimentation were used for similiar reasons in Houston.

Watchand Knock said...

Thank you Lynn! Very concerning!

wendy tascione said...

So u are saying a highrise moght go up there?

Robert Schoen said...

The many youtube videos showing the strange pattern of cars with the engines, glass, and tires melted next to trees completely intact in neighborhoods where only the foundations of houses remain, plus the videos of blue beams from the sky during the fires leave no doubt of this technology. They have been doing this with Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and earthquakes. This deep state activity is also done in Portugal and Germany, which makes you wonder if there is a UN connection to this type of activity. Aplaintruth.info on youtube is a great source of info on this.

What Lynn says about the high value of CA real estate as an incentive for big profits makes sense as far as the politicians going along with this, but there's also those who think the depopulation agenda spelt out in the Georgia Guidestones where much of this land is returned to nature is the long term goal.

Luckily it looks like a lot of people are waking up and not buying the "Santa Anna Diablo" winds. Maybe Trump's audit of the Pentagon (please do the CIA while you're at it) will uncover these bad actors.

Serene said...

More real estate means more home loan interest for the banks. The FR decides how much interest we will pay. The banks in turn make a fortune.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Note that Santa Ana winds occur every Xmas in SoCal. The cabal merely took advantage of a natural climate feature; they make things ideal for fire propagation.

Less than two months away from The Event. Once it hits (it's atually hitting now, in a way), whoever was responsible for creating all this suffering -- along with those who were complicit -- won't be able to find a place on this planet where SOURCE won't find them and remind them who they really are. (We are all ONE, an extension of SOURCE.) And once this knowledge hits, their own guilt and fear will crush them and cause them to hide in flesh yet again, and again, and again, on unfortunate lower-vibe timelines of their own creation, for a very long time. It doesn't have to be this way. But for some, it appears to be unavoidable.

The enlightened one said...

I think we all would appreciate very much if you answered the follow-up questions made to the submarine reading. Don't keep us in suspense!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@haydeeally: I do see these as man made storms. They have been trying to learn how to perfect weather manipulation for a while, and are getting much better at steering it.

@My picks: I do see it as a co-op of inside and outside people.

@Buddhist Lady and Watchand Knock: Thank you for the kind words and comments.

@Wendy: Yes, I see this being used as a developers dream...

@Robert: Thanks for the comments. I too remember the Georgia Guidestones outlining the depopulation need for sustainability.

@Serene: Very true!

@Dada: Thanks for the comments and reminding us to be mindful of what is coming. :-)

@Enlightened one: I just took some time, and touched on it all. :-)

Cheryl said...

Da-da, less than 2 months away from The Event? Really? Can you explain--how do you know this, what exactly do you think is going to happen, etc.?

wendy tascione said...

Thanks Lynn...your amazing and Dada please elaborate

Beloved Shiningstar said...

Thank you Lynn for another wonderful reading!! Yes please dada clarify how it's 2 months away 😊

Kalamota Kook said...

I can't speak for Dada and his sources for the two month thing, but when I read that comment I immediately thought of the next eclipse season. Remember all the hoo-hah about the total eclipse in August and what it meant for America in particular? (I think you'll agree things have been a bit lively since then...) Well, the next round of eclipses reignite and respond to all that, with special focus on the one occurring around Valentine's Day. I am in a hurry and don't have further details to impress you with right now, all I know is that it's going to be a biggie. It's all very exciting.

The enlightened one said...

can you answer this question for me please?
If you would build a computer with the capability of interfacing with the God consciousness and through this interface create instant changes in the physical world, how would you go about constructing such a computer, and is it at all possible?


an enlightened being

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

i can't see that is possible. If you want to create a physical change, the best way it to project the intent. The best machine is our own minds, we just have to learn to use them to our full ability.

The enlightened one said...

I see, but consider this:
If this reality is viewed as a simulation run from a higher level of reality - and let's face it, since nothing really is physical, it's all vibration, our world is much similar to a simulation - if you could tap into the level from which physical reality is "run", you could effect instant changes.

An ordinary computer probably wouldn't be able to do this, but perhaps a computer which has components to it manufactured from etherical fabrics, extending into dimensions beyond the physical realm. Once mankind has advanced far enough technologically, we will be able to create machines which are composites, composed of matter of different vibration and extending into higher realms.

NM Wade said...

What does "HARRP'd" mean? I have heard of HAARP but I don't understand your reference

The enlightened one said...

@NM Wade
I normally don't help lazy people with googling, but I'll do an exception in your case, you can thank me later.

HAARP Is an acronym for
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
That's a fancy name for a program, isn't it?
Sounds like it would cost a lot of tax payer money.

It is alleged among conspiracy nutters to send high frequency em-radiation to distant parts of the world, causing heating (like micro waves in a micro wave oven) which may result in extreme weather or even Earth quakes. Skeptics argue though that these extreme weather conditions are not at all caused by haarp, no, it's actually God's punishment on mankind for being so conspiracy "nuttyish".

wendy tascione said...

On point..we r sims

Mark Howland said...

@Enlightened One.

You are playing a part, I understand that now, I truly do.

If we cannot forgive each other, we cannot forgive ourselves. We will remain divided from ourselves and each other.

Divided we are weak and not WHOLE.

I forgive you.