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Following financial collapse,great earth a new system planned for the worlds population? There has been many rumors of tracking people through micro chip implants, do you see anything regarding this in the future? One final thing, in last posts you mention china and Russia invading USA what happens to a place like Canada with it's abundant land, minerals and most of the worlds fresh water? IT would appear seeing that it is America's neighbor we would be very vulnerable for a complete takeover by foreign military interests if need be.

8:07 PM - Ok...I see the year 2020, it looks to be the year that implanting microchips starts to take off.  It begins with implanting chips in newborn babies.  It is sold to the people as if it is necessary to keep them safe, always know how parents can locate their children, and it is sold in such a way that they get many parents to volunteer for this "program" is the world I want to say.  Not realizing that the government has an even bigger agenda.

I also see as these children get older the government is going to use these microchips as a way to profile people,  I see as they make purchases, it almost looks like it rings up in an account.  Like the government is able to inventory just goods and services that are consumed by that individual.  In my mind I keep hearing "Mission Impossible" as if technology advances to where an individual can be very profiled, good and bad.

I see some people currently are participating in this program, but it takes a long time to sell this idea to the masses.  It will originally start as voluntary, but later evolve into a mandatory practice.  And I keep seeing Social Security numbers, and immunizations and how they relate to getting a job or enrolling a child into school.  It will be required in that same type of fashion.

Q-So they will track a person for a lifetime, so would they deny one medical treatment base on his record of consumption of XYZ food over his lifetime.
A-I do not see having anything to do with medical well being, it looks like the focus is on who is a possible threat...Illegal activities, but that more has to do with if the government is getting their fair share.  I see very specific programs designed to track the way the money flows, and where it is coming from.  And the focus is more on government preservation than anything.

Q-Will physical money still be used?  Will credit cards?
A-Physical money is going to start phasing out...most things will start to merge... I don't want to say credit cards, it is more like a card with credits on it.  It looks like people have two different things going cards to some degree for people who do not have the funds available, but also rather than cash, your will start to have a card that has credits on it, that you would use in lieu of handling cash.  And this time frame I am looking at is close to 2020.  That year keeps popping out to me as being significant.

Q-What happens if one lost the card with credits on it.  It is tied to his or her chip or biometric device?
A-When they first go to this, if you lost your card it was like you lost your cash.  I see them having a lot of issues with looks like they go through a series of trials.  I see one trying to attach a thumb print.  I see another where they try to do it with you eye.  The eye one is a complete disaster, older people with eye issues highly revolted.  I am seeing an old lady, she is standing at the checkout lane, she has arthritis in her hands, she is fumbling trying to put her card in, and she is standing looking into this camera, and she took her glasses off, but her eye had some cloudy film on it and it would not match and could not read it, and she is hysterical and angry.  And it appears this happens a lot.

Q-What do they finalize on for biometric.
A-So what they end up finally doing, and it takes them like 10-15 years to perfect it, is they do tie it to their chip, but for the people that are older than, whatever that age would be when it was required at birth, they assign them a bracelet.  And it is like a waterproof bracelet that essentially never comes off.  And it is tamper resistant, and I am getting the words like house arrest bracelet.  They are not allowed to remove this device.  And their cash card will be tied to that bracelet.

Q-Does the money / credit system still exists?  If so do banks exist?
A-Banks exist for the purposes of businesses and corporations, they still do loans, aside from loans, normal citizens really have no need for the banking system.

Q-Where exactly is this biometric device implanted in infants?
A-I see this in two locations, the primary location is right underneath the skin at the base of the skull, and the second location is on the wrist on the inside soft fleshy part right under the skin.

Q-Is this what many would refer to as the Mark of the Beast?
A-I do see that as a very controversial point, when this system or program comes about a lot of questioning people will ask that and really resist the program on that principle.  And they will refer to our government as the beast, and this is their mark.  Another note of what I am seeing is that this microchip is only required with the industrialized nations, countries that we refer to as 3rd world will have nothing to do with this.  They are off the map so to speak.

Q-Is the government larger than it is now, in regards to the US?
A-I see it as being much more trimmed down, but highly effective.  They are doing more with less, but the boost in technology makes that very feasible. 

Q-What is the punishment for removing your bracelet, or chip?
A-People that do remove these items, are treated as terrorists.  It is just as much against the law to do that, as it would be if you went out and murdered somebody.

Q-Does this chip lower crime?
A-I see it lowering crime in the lower classes, but the white collar crime is very much there and people really put their minds on how to manipulate this system.  I see people writing things down as if they do not want to speak out load, and they just do things very secretively.  White collar crime is very much there.

Q-What is the first country to use this system?
A-I see China, India is shortly after them, and the US looks like number three.

Q-Who are the superpowers at that time, order and rank?
A-It looks like China, and then Russia and the US are tied for 2nd.

Q-What year does China take over the US?
A-I am seeing a 17-18, so I want to say 2017 to 2018.

Q-Does the stock market still exist?
A-It does, but I see it evolving to make like a world market that stocks from companies in different countries all participate in.  So it is called something like a global exchange or I think that sounds right like a global exchange, and you have to meet certain criteria to be in it.  They are very strict on the real value of the company and the value of the stocks.

Q-Do people generally seem happier in 2020, or just ignorant of freedom and more accustomed to being in a nanny like state.  Example, does small businesses exist or is everything corporatized?
A-I see the country definitely divided, some people walk around blindly like robots, and other people fight an uphill battle the whole way, they hate it.  As far as small business, it is very rare, the way most little businesses work is that they are grouped under a franchise.  Most things are corporations, and most people that are entrepreneurs start up under a franchise that has a big base already.  Overall happiness...I see a lot of people with a glossed over look, like they have been so programmed that their genuine thoughts are not even their own anymore.  So those people at least thing they are happy and look happy because they do not know any different.   For people who really love their freedom, the look very angry.  And it is very hard to come to terms and accept the way the world is going.

Q-Where do you see religion in this new world?
A-The people look very divided.  The people who feel like they need to be led and need something to believe in still focus greatly on religion.  But the people who don't have those deep internal needs, really revolt against religion.  It is like a new type of religion evolves.  And I keep hearing like Peace, Love, it looks like Woodstock to me.  Like a new religion evolves on those fundamentals.  A lot of free thinkers flock to that, and even some people went to church because they felt like they needed something, but they did not necessarily identify themselves with the church, leave the organized religion for this newer more free accepting religion.  And the church is mad.

Q-What about education?  What can you see in regards to how children are educated in this new system?
A-I see public education still being very important, but kids are taught things that are not necessarily the way that they really happened.  I am seeing a picture in black and white, of Hitler standing in the front of a classroom and he has a big long stick, and he is smacking the desk.  Like he is telling them what they need to hear, but it may not necessarily be the truth.  And he is really angry when they do not get it.  It looks like education has an agenda behind it.

Q-Vaccinations, freedoms, and the constitution.  How do US freedoms hold up in this regard, and if they do not still exist, what was the event that changed that?
A-Vaccination still exist and it looks like they even increase the amount that you take as if they come up with vaccines for many ailments.  Let me get and example,...pollen keeps popping in my mind, for example there is a pollen vaccination for people who are irritated by pollen.

Freedoms and the constitution still exist, but what happens is it comes second to these like world rules.  I am getting that the UN creates a code of conduct for the nations to abide by and that is first and foremost to a countries constitution.  So the constitution exists but it can be overridden.  I keep going back to the UN, that there was an organization that was affiliated with it and many countries were in financial crisis.  So the UN agreed to kind of create a world bank, but to be able to be participant in this world bank you had to agree to certain terms or you were not able to use the world currency.  And their main term was that you had to abide by these conditions outlined in this "Code of Conduct" that they formulated.

Q-What about our right to bear arms in the US?
A-I vividly see a person with a gun....I cannot see any rules or odd regulations placed on bearing guns...ok they are taxing it, that is what it is, there is tax that you have to pay for each firearm that you have.   I am seeing 2018, and I am getting that is going to be the 2nd term of our next president, and he has to wait until his second term to do it because the US citizens are going to fight it.  And even though there is talk about it in his first term, the blows it off and essentially dupes the people because within months of his second term he gets this thing passed.  And it is like a property tax based on the type of gun, it is like there is some type of a chart.  It is like some grid that goes by length of barrel, handle....I am something like 25 to 100 dollars.  It looks like it is yearly, when you are filing your income tax, it looks like there is schedule for it.

Q-How do they enforce this?  Are current gun owners exempt and grandfathered in?  What prevents armed revolt and a civil war in the US?
A-Certain criteria of guns are grandfathered in, and it goes by a year....It is like anything pre 2000 is excluded, it is based on date, I got 2000.  I am seeing like a serial number plate, and when a gun is sold, they are going to be required to submit that serial number...anything prior to when it is made effective a person could own a gun that not registered with the government, but it would be considered a felony if you are caught with it.

I see there is a lot of revolt, I see mobs of protesters....I do not see it go as far as a civil war but there is a lot of civil unrest. I mean I see mobs of people so thick around places like the capitol building, to like where traffic is stopped in places like DC, and it stays like that for like several weeks, but this thing still gets passed.

Q-So they tax the guns to death like cigarettes in hopes it is too expensive to keep.
A-For those willing to pay it is revenue, they have a mentality that the people that have the money to pay are more likely the higher class citizens and less willing to really cause a lot of trouble I guess.  Where as the poorer people who are more willing to fight because they have less to lose, are not able to afford these taxes and it cuts back on at least obtaining new firearms.

Q-How do people defend themselves if they cannot afford to pay the taxes on firearms, what is the penalty for illegal firearm possession.
A-You can either sell your firearm, if you do not have a buyer your can take it to a gun store and by law they have to buy it from you.  If you are caught with a registered gun that does not have the taxes paid on it, the gun is confiscated and you are charged with a felony.

Q-You mentioned the next president, is it a democrat or republican.  Can you tell us more?
A-I see it being a republican, but he does not fit the mold.  There is a white guy and he has some fluffy white gray hair, and the republican people that do all the nominations, love this guy, but...they want something so different than what they have done before that they end up not putting this guy through...and they end up going with a man who looks like he is in his mid 40's...the thing I see is his skin is like shiny like he sweats a lot.  But he comes across like really sincere.  And he looks like he has dark hair and he combs it back off his face, and I get the image of John Travolta....and was it Grease that he was that in how he combs his hair back.

Q-This timeline you mention seems starkly different than others that happen after earth changes, where people become more self sufficient less reliant, and the truth is more prevalent.  How do you account for the differences?
A-I do see that we go through earth changes, and for some people it is wonderful and they live off the grid, become self reliant and easily fall into a bartering system, but for other people they really struggle, they like the conveniences of a city and they do not have the resources, know how, or desire to take care of themselves, and they feel helpless without the unity of the being a part of something much bigger.  So as the country starts to regroup, the intelligence is still there, the know how of technology is still there.

I am actually see like a huge underground cave that is full of equipment in the event that something did hurt the electronics on the surface, that with a little bit of time things could be restarted.  So there is definitely a change, but we are equipped to overcome it and a lot of people want to go back to their old lifestyle and fall right into it.

Q-One final thing, in last posts you mention China and Russia invading USA what happens to a place like Canada with it's abundant land, minerals and most of the worlds fresh water? It would appear seeing that it is America's neighbor we would be very vulnerable for a complete takeover by foreign military interests if need be.
A-Canada does remain neutral.  They make some kind of agreement with China and Russia that as long as they remain neutral and share resources for a cost to China and Russia, that China and Russia will leave Canadian land alone.  China's main concern is farmland, and I have a vision of a guy in my head and he is saying something about he does not want Canadian land, it gets too cold and their growing seasons are not long enough.  So Canada really does not get involved, in fact they make money on the deal.

Q-When does the great China invasion begin?
A-I have an image of a surveyor with their it appears they are already evaluating what areas they want.  And it is going to be a very slow process and it looks like it is beginning now.  It does not appear to get really intense here until closer to 2020.  2020 keeps standing out to me that it is going to be a very significant year and with a lot of major changes.

Q-What is your final impression and thoughts on this reading?
A-It is kind of mind blowing, like it feels like a scary and uncertain time, and I actually hope that I am wrong.  I really hope our world does not turn into that kind of world, for my family for my kids.  But I am definitely interested in the new religion.

Final Thougths
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Could you give us some insight on the explosion of auto-immune diseases occurring Lupus, Hashimotos thyroiditis, MS, etc. What is the cause, treatment, prevention, and cure. Is it environmental, viral/bacterial, chemtrails,diet,stress,genetic???

8:03 PM - I see a biology diagram from a textbook, and it shows the brain inside of a person skull, and there are little curved lines radiating from the brain outward...It appears the main cause of these autoimmune diseases are from certain wave frequencies, that the brain is exposed to...

Now my focus has changed to the sky and the sun and it appears that these rays come from our atmosphere.  It looks as though a person may have a predisposition to certain autoimmune diseases, but it is not until a certain amount of exposure from these atmospheric rays, pollutes the brain which will trigger the onset of symptoms.  As I am asking what these rays are...the word I am getting is radiation,  I am also getting that everyone receives a certain amount of radiation, but it is not until it is matched with a person with a predisposition to a disease that it creates an adverse affect on the immune system.

Q-Do you think cell phones, WiFi and other electromagnetic waves trigger this?
A-They add to it, but it is much bigger than just that.  I keep seeing the sun and it is going from yellow to hot white, it looks as though the sun is changing creating a much more intense affect.  And for people who are vulnerable, they are highly sensitive to it, and it looks like as these radiation waves get absorbed, the main focus is the brain, and your immune system starts to overreact, because this radiation acts like a toxin and at the same time as it is acting like a toxin, it is also making some sort of a mutation.  So while it mutating and causing damage, your immune system starts to fight that off, and that is the main spark of how it all starts.

Q-You yourself have been diagnosed with MS.  What do you think caused your symptoms?
A-I think I probably had a predisposition to it, being in the sun my whole life started it, but then I see the high powered power lines, then what looks like a magnifying glass, that super intensified everything.

Q-So you think moving into a home that had high power lines running through the back yard, focused radiation like a magnifying glass, and triggered your MS.
A-Yes I am hearing a phrase "That my brain was full of radiation, but the power lines altered the protein in my cells...and when my body tried to fight that actually attacked the altered protein because my body thought it was a foreign substance.

Q-What do you see as the key to treatment or prevention of these autoimmune disorders?
A-Hm..Ok...I am getting for that has iodine in it.  And then I am is a letter K, what is the letter K?  Potassium?  Is that K or P,  I am getting K.  But people need to have that in their diet.  Something about healthy amounts of of those elements, create a detoxifying effect.  And can either lessen, or inhibit the disease from starting.

A-As far as treatment, I see you still want to continue the Potassium and Iodized table salt.  But you need to incorporate something that creates a synthetic shield around your nerves.  And the pill that I see looks like yellow gel, and I keep wanting to say it is a vitamin E oil capsule, I do not feel those words are right, but that is a description of what it looks like.  It is some kind of an oil capsule that is edible.  Kind of a fatty acid....

Q-So is there anything to do other than take vitamins to prevent these diseases?
A-I do not see anything and I am getting that it is because the root cause of these diseases is naturally occurring  so the best thing you can do is make yourself less susceptible to it.

Q-What is the root causes you speak of?
A-The sun is on a cycle and I see it changing to white hot, meaning it is approaching a very intense phase, and the rays given off by the sun are so strong that it is creating a peak in these diseases.  I see our gadgets around us as a magnifier  like burning something with a magnifying glass, but the root cause is the sun.

Q-Direct exposure?  Will limiting the amount of direct sunlight help or not?
A-I am seeing that it may help a little, but radiation from the sun penetrates through like walls and clothing and everything.
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Monday, March 18, 2013

It has been suggested that the moon is not a natural satellite and is artificial. Was it built elsewhere and towed into earths orbit? There are some curious anomalies about the moon that have not been explained such as the banding that runs in straight lines across the moon to the poles. Also it has been suggested that it is too large and too round. Can you focus on this and also the ancient ruins that are on the moon who lived there and what happened to them. Thank you in advance.

7:55 PM - I am being shown that the moon floated here through outer space and when it reached Earth the gravitational pull locked on to it.  And the moon actually made like a springing motion when the Earth's gravitational pull grabbed a hold of it.  I am now seeing a man's hands and they are gigantic like the size of Earth and they are cupped and they look like they are just shoving the moon in this gentle direction towards Earth.  And the thing that I am really taking note of is the speed in which the moon approaches us, it is very slow.  Like it is equating to when someone puts a golf ball, when they are on the green.  It is gentle and very directed toward a location.

I am also getting that it is a natural moon, made from natural elements, but it was not an Earth moon first....We have a twin solar system....and it is from a solar system that looks like it crosses over top of us like scissors, and then they open back up.  

Q-What is the banding from pole to pole?
A-In the previous solar system, even though it was a moon, it still rotated and it wasn't fixed, and the banding resulted from it's rotation, and I see that it rotated very fast.  The planet that it used to be fixed too, was large, I am seeing Jupiter, so it was a huge planet and it had a huge pull on this moon, and that is why the rotations were incredibly fast.

Q-Is the moon too round for a natural object and too large?
A-Ok, the moon actually used to be much larger, it hit this large planet that it used to be attached to, and when it did, it liked bounced off the planet somehow and the inner core...ok this so so jumbled up I do not even know how to put it into words...the inner core of the moon is like iron, and it was actually in a liquid type form after it hit this planet, and the intense spinning as it rotated create it's circular shape, and I am getting an image of wet clay on a potter's wheel being spun creates it's form.  And it was not until the moon was guided to Earth that it accumulated all of it's white powdery moon dust or whatever it is.  At the old planet, I am seeing that it looked a lot like it was iron in color with a lot of red tones to to.  It is when it came here that it gathered it's white appearance.

I am getting that the moon dust has magnetic property to it, so as the moon came here, it had a slight gravitational pull because of the size, but had a magnetic force about it because of it's core.

Q-What force guided the moon to Earth and why?
A-I see what looks like ET's hands.  I am also getting that it is NOT the Greys but they are closely related.  I want to say they are like their cousins.  And the moon was brought here because this alien race was trying to make a life sustaining planet.  And they first attempted to do it without the moon, but they were unsuccessful.  And it was because they could not regulate the tides but somehow the moon has an affect on the currents in the water and also the currents in the air, that they were unable to achieve without having a balancing body in the atmosphere, they needed that gravitational force to balance the natural occurrences that happened on Earth.

I am also seeing that the planet where the moon originated had life on it, and the moon that was brought here had a sister moon that remained with that planet.  But that planet became hostile and could not sustain life and that is why we took one of the two moons and then brought it here to Earth.

Q-Was the structures seen on the moon from the past when it was linked to the other planet / solar system, or were they created while the moon was a satellite of Earth?
A-I see that they were created after the moon was brought here.  And I am trying to get a time frame because it seems fairly...I can't I cannot get a time on it.

Q-How long has the moon been with Earth?
A-I just keep seeing the word millions, like millions of years it has been here.

Q-Why is it locked in orbit with only one face towards Earth.
A-Because it's inner core is magnetic and has a north pole and a south pole like a compass, and it's magnetic north is locked on to Earth.

Q-Why does it's minimal rotation not allow for us to see all sides of it?
A-Ok...Since the inner core is magnetic, and north is always locked on earth, when we (earth) rotates, it creates a slight wobble in the moon itself, but the moons pull on us is so strong with it's magnetic north that it is never going to do a 360 degree rotation, it just looks like a slight wobbling affect, however it always points the same direction.

Q-So if the moon and earth are locked like magnets, what would cause the tilt of the moon as seen in the pictures we took with our telescope that are shown in this blog reading.
A-(Can you go to the top so that I can look at them)  Ok..the tilt that you see, is more of a drastic form of that wobbling affect, and it looks like our magnetic field around Earth does not have a consistent shield around it, it looks like there are holes or thin spots in certain layers.

And as Earth is rotating, the moon is still fixated with one side facing earth, but the inconsistency in our magnetic shield is creating more of a wobbling affect with the moon. (libration)

Q-So you are saying the Earth's magnetic field is causing increased librations of the moon.A-Yes, it looks like the energy that surrounds the Earth is directly affecting the behavior of the moon.

Q-Is this because of your aforementioned Red Comet?
A-I am getting a visual of the comet, so I would say yes.  And the reason is not necessarily the comet affecting the moon as much as the comet affects Earth which in turn affects the moon.  The moon is so attached to Earth with that magnetic pole, that the outside comet may lend a slight bit to the wobble, but overall does not have much influence to the moon.  But as the comet approaches near Earth and alters the magnetic field around Earth, that is what is highly impacting the actions of the moon.  I see the Earth Moon bond to be very strong, almost like there is an energy out there that tethers the Earth to the moon.

Q-If there are ancient ruins on the moon, who created them, why and when were they abandoned and why.
A-I see these land markers as landmarks for alien ships to land.  It looks like an airport of some sorts and other...I would call them like statues.  But it is place where many ships came and went...some of them were abandoned but some were NOT, they are still used.  

I am also getting that the ones that were abandoned were because their useful purpose no longer existed.  They were extracting something from deep within the moon, maybe the core is not iron, but may some other special or magnetic material.  But it was like they were trying to extract something from deep inside, like a strip mine effect, and when the location was no longer viable, they relocated.  In other areas, that landmarks are still used, it is almost like a landing zone for aliens that are doing business on Earth.  The word I want to say is like an airport.

Q-Who created them?
A-I am seeing those ET hands.  So they look like the cousins of the Greys.  And then the Greys took over.  And it looks like the cousins of the Greys have died out or interbred with the Greys because what I call the Greys seems like the dominate force with regard to that.

Q-Does our government know about all that your have revealed in this reading?
A-Laugh...Um...I am seeing a US flag on top of one of the ruins you asked me about.  I cannot distinguish if it is literal or a symbol but I would say YES that they absolutely know.

Q-Have any of these ruins been seen by amateur astronomers, if so can you confirm any?
A-I am getting YES, many amateur astronomers have seen these structures, but the problem is that they cannot get enough resolution or clarity in the image to distinguish what, what they are looking at in a way to get other to believe.  It is like many astronomers have gotten images, but when they confront other people, and I am getting NASA lighting up big, they get debunked.  I do think there was...rather I am seeing an area in Europe, on a map it looks like Northern Italy area, and there was gentleman there that got very wonderful photographs and he is actually enduring a lot of issues trying to release these photographs.  But he is lighting up to me as one of the closest people, and he may even still succeed in getting his work out there.  It is like he is really having a hard time to be open with this, like people are trying to to shut him down.

Q-Why not just release them on the web?
A-And you know Europe, is not even the ones with the issues...I keep seeing CIA, like the US has people there blocking him from being able to do this.  Now like it is security issue or something, like he is trying.  They may have even threatened him.  It is like some security issue.

Q-Do you have anything else for us?
A-No this reading looks complete.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is the truth behind Christopher Dorner and his manifesto and the alleged murders he committed, is there more than what we hear on the news?

7:25 PM - OK....I see Christopher Dorner as like and all American guy, I keep getting an image of like a baseball cap and a baseball, like he was just a simple down to earth person, and I sense a bit of naiveness to him also.  Like I am getting snapshots like I am watching a TV show, and it is like I see this guy going to work and stopping by a donut shop getting a coffee.  And he was pretty routinized in what he did.  Like I feel like he really believed in the betterment of people and then one day his whole world snapped.  I want to try to focus on that.

He looks like he is in some sort of a storage room or an evidence locker, and there is different aisle like how a grocery store has it.  And it is like late are night or and odd time of day where it looks dark.  Like the real lights are not on just security lights.  And he is in one row and he is kind of squatted down on a low shelf and he has a clipboard and he is writing stuff down.  And then two other guys come into this room and Christopher is really absorbed in what he is doing and he is just writing things down and minding his own business.

And then he overhears these other two officers talking and at first he does not even pay attention to them, and then he realizes that they are looking for drugs from a drug bust that they had got, and as I ask myself what it was not pot but I think it was cocaine.  And they were trying to figure out how to get it out of the evidence locker and everything had a bar code on it.  And I think with drugs everything was measure or weighed before it was put in there.

So these cops were trying to figure out how to take some of the coke out of the evidence and then replace it with baking soda or something like that to keep the weight the same.  And like Christopher just sat there and kind of witnessed this whole thing and he did not really know how to act, he really couldn't know how to believe it, and I kind of sense a feeling of remorse or regret that the did not stand up to it at that time.  He didn't say anything to anyone for a while, it is like he kind of just kept it to himself because he did not know what to do.  And I feel like it just really weighed on him.  And then he finally confided in like a high up person, chief maybe..and they kind of did not really make a big deal about it.  And it bothered him a lot.

And then as he confided in some of his coworkers, he learned of all kinds of atrocities.  And just the more he talked about it the more he realized the character of the people that he was working with.  And I feel at this point is where he became really enraged, and he just kind of snapped and just started being one of those outspoken people where he would call you out if you did something not right (morally or ethically).  

It is almost like I am getting a phrase in my head that says, I am just one person, I do not know how to change such a corrupt system but I can sure be a pain in their ass....or something like that.  And I feel like there was just a lot of confrontation going on.  And he spoke his mind to anybody that would listen, and he was absolutely labeled as a troublemaker.  I feel like they wanted to fire him, but he was either part of some union organization that made it impossible for that to happen, because the really had no grounds other than he spoke the truth and that he was very vocal about it.

And it really enraged them (the higher ups) that they were not able to fire him.  And I feeling like some they are trying to set him up or make him a scapegoat or something like that and I need to think about that.  It was something about the Mexicans bringing their drugs here and selling them and people in our government knew it was happening and they were laundering money and they were somehow trying to tie him to that, and when he realized that was what was happening he started this manifesto.  And I feel like he spent a couple of weeks writing it, it wasn't something he sat down and did in one sitting.  And he really thought very carefully and worded stuff, to the point where I feel like if we read it now, he was very blunt, but I think there is some kind of hidden meaning that most people just kind of glaze over.

And he realized when he heard of the plot to frame him that if he was going to go down, other corrupt people would go down because he was not going to end up like a scapegoat sitting in a jail cell for a crime that he had nothing to do with.  Now you can ask me questions.

Q-Is he still alive?
A-I feel like he is living in a cave and the walls are made of mud.  I also think that when they burnt that house down, he was somehow underneath the house, like in a crawlspace or like a cellar of some kind, but he was under it.

Q-So did he burn up in the fire?
A-No I think he got burns, but they were minor, I do not think he got burned up, like he was in some of a dirt crawlspace when it got burned up.  It looks like he had some kind of a makeshift mask on, like burlap rags or I do not know, but something that he like put together himself.  And he made some sort of a nighttime escape from that fire.

Q-Did he kill the people he was accused of killing?
A-Actually I do not think he did...I think the people that were trying to set him up with the money laundering, had those people killed because they wanted him feared, and did not want people to help him, and they wanted him caught.  And even as I sit here and think about it, the end result for him is that they wanted him killed.  And if he would have been arrested for the money laundering, they would have set it up so that someone in prison would have killed him.

Q-Where is now?
A-Ah is what I am going to say.  He is in a cave and that is where he builds like all of his fires and he sleeps there so that he will not be seen.  It is kind of like a desert area around him and when I think about it, the image that I am getting is his face and he is shaking his head back and forth, like he does not want me to say too much.  And I know that sounds like a complete cop-out.  But I actually feel a little compassion for him, like someone really gave him a raw deal, and I know if he is found he will be killed and he knows that too.

Ok, I do not know what this means, but he is pointing to a big gold watch on his wrist, and it has one of those stretchy bands around it.  And I feel like that means something to someone and that needed to be said.  And he is thanking me for saying that.

Q-Was body found at the cabin?
A-I do not think they really did find one, I cannot see it.

Q-So you feel they made it up?
A-Yes, um..and the reason was that the people that he wrote about were sick of the media talking about it, they felt like they were being violated in some way because of the manifesto and just the constant talk about it every time you turned on the TV.  And they just wanted it to end and they were PISSED that they did not get him at that cabin.  And when they did  not get him, they faked his death to end the media news story, but there are like secret underground teams like looking for him.

Q-Was his manifesto manipulated at all.  Why would he not record it in a video.
A-It is like he is telling me that he does not know why he did not.  And he wished he had and he is shaking his head back and forth.  And there are multiple version out there, and his original that he really did, is probably almost impossible to find.  He has a gold cross that he is wearing on a necklace, and it is like he is just hanging onto that.

Q-Did he write the anti gun parts in his manifesto
A-Laugh....He...He has like two...a gun in one hand and a gun in the other hand and they are like the long guns and are AR's and he is sitting down and the butts of the guns are on the ground.  And he is looking up and he is like, no almost laughing as he is holding his guns.

Q-Where are you receiving your messages from if he is alive?
A-I feel I am just like somehow spiritually connected to he has higher level thinking and we are just somehow communicating back and forth.   Or maybe these are just his thoughts and feelings in the universe, I do not know.

Q-Is he planning a revenge, or on coming out of hiding to prove they lied about his death?
A-If he does, this is what he will do...he is going to go to another country, I feel like it is South America, and he will come forward there where he feels a little safer.  He is NEVER going to reveal himself in the United States.  And if and when he does move around here, people will never know.

Q-Does he have help?
A-I feel like he has connections in another country that he will use.

Q-Is there anything we can do to help his cause, or give a message to anyone for him?
A-I think that gold watch meant something, I really do.  Like he thanked me for mentioning it, like I HAD to say something about this gold watch.

Q-Is safe and unharmed?
A-Yeah, he just looks lonely...He misses his mom...that is it.

Q-Did he escape the cabin before they burnt it? Did they know that he had left?
A-No they thought he was there and they were wanting to get him.  I am going to try to pinpoint it.  I can see it was dark out and he crawled on his belly.  I am seeing a ton of smoke.  It is like that think black smoke.  And it was at that time he was able to get out.

Q-Did they intentionally set the fire.
A-Oh yeah they set it, they wanted him dead.

Q-So how would they cover up not having a real body?
A-They had some kind of John Doe body that they had, like some bum or something like that.  It was like some anonymous person that they found.  It was someone that was already dead.

Q-How were the people he supposedly murdered selected?  Why were they selected?
A-It was like people that were close to certain political figures but not the figure themselves.  Let me focus a little bit more...I do not know, I do not see anything more on that.

Q-I was curious if they were allies of his?
A-I got the phrase that they weren't YES men.

Q-Does Chris or you have anything else to communicate?
A-Hmm...I am seeing a blue looks like it is on his hand (the stone is blue), the stone is in the shape of a square, and it looks like it has gold stars on it.  And he is like kissing the top of the ring, and then he is blowing a kiss outward.  And that was it.

8:22 PM - Link to Audio

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Red Comet / Pan Starrs

8:00 PM
I've had a lot of questions regarding the coment and various events related to the comet that I've seen several times, so I decided to take some questions that I have received and group them all together for a nice large reading.. 

In one request, Malcolm said...  It seems to be the year of the comet with many strange things appearing throughout the year. Some claim a small solar system is passing through   ours and will cause disruptions. Others say wormwood, nibiru etc is coming. Are we  looking at an unusual event, celestial or otherwise that will severely impact our modern life? Or something that would cause extreme flooding of our coasts and massive relocating of populations?

I definitely see a red fireball of a comet   As soon as I read this question, I see it, and I immediately understood what was meant by a small solar system.  I can see the gravity of this comment attracting other bodies floating, almost like a magnet.  It looks to me that in space there are things that aren't really moving, but rather floating, like they are floating in a body of water.   These items, whether is be debris or rock, seem to really gravitate toward this comment, which gives the "appearance" of a mini solar system in tow, but really it look like random space debris in my mind. 

I still see an impact on our electrical devices.  Even though today is March 13th, and I always felt something about that time, and nothing radical has happened yet, in my gut something is to come soon.  I still feel it is more noticed during the day versus the night.  The comet is doing some kind of pull on us that makes us very vulnerable to to sun.  When I focus on the comet and what it will do.  I first see a cell phone, and then I immediately get an image out sun.  And the image of our sun is very bright, and white hot.  The sun looks so white, that I can't even see it as yellow.  

Now as I focus on the flooding, my mind jumps to a full moon.  I have always felt that the comet would effect our weather in ways that created tides rising, but not receding to their original spot.  Now, for the first time I am getting that the weather is an issue, but the gravity pull on our moon will effect the tides as well.  I still see flooding, more so on the east and west coasts of countries.. and it looks gradual and steady..

I see some people being severely effected and having to relocate  especially on the coasts.  I also see this as some kind of people are really looking at the sky.. I don't think the news is really going to give this comet justice, but somehow people just know, and keep looking up to try to see it.. To people not on shorelines, I see life as having major inconveniences until our gravity and magnetic shield are back to normal..  As soon as I said that..I started getting more things that will change.. I'm being told to remember the length of the day is not right- it will take a long time for that to be right again.  I'm also getting that there will be a lot of storms during this time, and I keep seeing a lot of swirls over the map- so they feel pretty intense and severe at times. The majority of storms looks like it centers around the Atlantic Ocean.  

I only know of two other forecasters that have talked about this coastal flooding-rising tide event that is supposed to happen sometime between April 1st & June 1st ..Can you comment on the work at or I believe as you said the Red Comet is the harbinger/warning of this great flooding also called GCE (global coastal event )

 do believe this comet is the indicator.. Like its' presence the the spark that starts all this because of how it interacts with Earth and the moon.  Now I want to glance at your website, and see what it is you are asking me about.

Without doing a ton of reading, I first think this is interesting   They deal with remote viewing and make it more scientific.  I feel the people doing the viewing are really in touch with something higher, and get some valid interpretations.  Things come to everyone differently   I also saw that they work on different timelines, etc. which I have experienced myself during my focus session readings.  

 I've been watching the images coming in of comet Pan-stars and I can't believe the size of the tail that is trailing.  I've even heard a couple sources claim there are two tails  and that the comet is exceeding expectations as far as how bright it is.  I have a thought that keeps coming up, and I wanted to ask you if maybe it is something that has come up for you.  Does it feel that maybe this comet, because it is the first time to our solar system, represents the return of the Christ consciousness or the second coming?   

I actually think this comet has been here before.. I see this elliptical path, and it looks like a very stretched elliptical where the center is very narrow.  So my first thought is that it has been here before, but hot for thousands of years.  Having said that, I do see a level of consciousness rising, like some kind of energy is being generated here on our earth plane.  I'm seeing a person's aura  and it looks very distorted, like its extra huge or something.  The image almost makes me think that something is tugging on our subconscious, and people that are working or are open to spiritual thinking or trying to evolve on a spiritual  are getting help.  Like this tugging at our inner self is guiding us to looking at things different, move objective, or with higher thought and reason.  The more I sit here thinking about this, I really feel that people working toward their spiritual growth will get if this was the time that ascension starts to really happen.  And I don't see ascension as immediate, and not even for everyone, but rather slow and steady inner growth with an end result of some kind of overwhelming understanding.

And that is all that I am seeing and feeling right now.  Thanks.  8:45 PM  Link to Audio

Why do Asian people have more narrow eyes than the rest of the world?

7:28 PM
As soon as I read the first few words of this question in my list of drafts I immediately started to get stuff, so for some reason I was compelled to pull this one out...   The first thing I saw was an Indian that tribe that lived in the Alaskan area... by northern Canada, or rather in northern Canada.. They look like they have in that area for a long time, meaning a  small city was developed and looked worn, like it had some age to it.. I also felt like they were hungry, because watching a woman cooking some kind of soup, gave me a desperate feeling and people flocking to her and they were holding tin cups and begging for this soup.. I then felt they [Indian tribe] was forced out of necessity to leave this Alaskan area.  I then saw them travel on a "land bridge," but the bridge was at some points made of chunks (huge chucks) of ice.  So I felt this trip across this land bridge was definitely planned, because I sense this ice wasn't always there, like it melted in the warmer months...

Q.  Now I ask myself where they were going..

A.  I see hot and spicy food.  My impression is that they are heading for warmer weather in addition to foods and spices.  It felt like literal image to me.

Q.  Going back to the eyes, as in the original question, I am wanting to know why they are narrow.

A.  This Indian tribe that lived up near Alaska / Canada lived in very snowy conditions. They also lived near the water (I think the Bering Strait is there..)  The sun was very reflective, and people squinted or it caused headaches and decreased visibility.  I see people actually squinting so much that they look through their eyelashes.   I really feel that over the hundreds years this group existed some kind of evolutionary process occurred and made this physical change.  I feel this tribe that once lived here in Northern North America fled to eastern Asia for survival and that is why asians have this physical trait.  

Q.  On this last question, I'm trying to mentally think if I have any other images concerning this.

A.  I can say I see this tribe wearing many feathers that are gray, brown and have black stripes on them.  I also see a lot of furs.. Actually a tons furs.  I see them traveling and they move in the huge, long, line.. And as they move to warmer weather they trade the furs they are wearing and also slabs of animal fat to help buy goods and get established.  I'm also getting an image of fish, as if they hunt it and eat it too. I see them trying to stay the near the coast line wherever they go..   And that is all I see for now.  
7:50 PM  Link to Audio

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Earth Changes [Part II]

Q. Is it possible to look for the countries around Adriatic Sea; Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria regarding earth changes, please tell me how do you see this coming 2013 (comet, magnetic problems...?) event unfolding here.

A.I actually see Italy being pretty safe.. I'm not feeling any flooding..maybe some high tides, but nothing damaging.. I also see Austria being fairly safe.  My concern is Croatia.  I see them getting the most flooding.  I not want to focus on other issues aside from water..So let me think.. With regard to Austria, I don't feel compelled to warn of any dangers.. Croatia, I'm being told that you should save as much drinking water as you can because you may go through a short period of time (maybe 2 to 3 weeks) that you will have issues with your water.. Italy, I'm getting strange message- and it coming in the form of a smell..and it isn't toxic, but it is like garbage.. like you have issues disposing of sewage or garbage.. it's like this smell that I feel is stuck in my throat.. the air is just not pleasant..  I'm asking time frame in my mind, and I see it that you are experiencing some changes now with regard to weather, but this is going to peak around June or July of 2013.  I can't help but feel that the warning signs are already there in that area..  

Q. I was wondering about the Ozarks in Missouri. If they would be a safe location in the upcoming Earth changes. The New Madrid fault starts in SE Missouri.

A. The first thing I get with this area is a rumbling much like a dryer running.  I think even hear this noise now, and don't know what it is.. It feels consistent.. The area feels safe, but I feel like you will experiece a lot of earthquakes, but nothing severe, just constant.  I see these earthquakes starting in this month (March) and lasting until (lets see it feels hot to me) like July of 2013 before they taper off.  It doesn't feel unsafe, just scary at times, more because of the sounds and noise than other physical event.  I don't see issues with water or food, but my gut still wants you to be prepared... 

Q. Good day, Regarding future earth-changes, I'm wondering about the Map of the USA you've published - especially Florida. You show pretty much all coastal cities on the Atlantic and Gulf sides being eliminated. There are tens of millions of us who live on both sides of Florida. Thus, I'm wondering if you would please think about the timeline when this will happen? Also, will it be an "event" (such as a Tsunami) or will it be gradual erosion over the course of years with the tides growing or ??? Thank you for your help.

A.  I do feel it will be gradual.. I see it as tides coming in, but not receding all the way.  As soon as I think about this question, I see a map of the USA with swirls all up and down the Atlantic side.  My impression is that we are going to have one storm after another, and it is hard to recover from one before another hits.  In looking at the map that are referring to, in my my mind I don't see it quite as severe flooding.. There is a main highway on the Atlantic side, and I see the water coming up to the highway, and at some points crossing over the hightway, but I don't feel it will come much more inland that.  I also don't see the Gulf side of Florida getting as much as the Atlantic side..

Q. Could you give some more info on the expected earth changes in Europe between now and June 2013? I live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and specifically wonder about the amount of sea level rise we can expect. Also, do you see any form of government still in control during and after the earth changes in Europe? Lastly, do you see any social upheaval hand/or deaths in that period Here?
A. In studying the map, I feel there will be minimal sea rise that area.  But I also feel a tug with Germany.. like they dominant or very important to your country.  Like you need them much more than they need you.  I sense some kind of a struggle with Germany..  I also think that even though there is a minimal sea rise to your specific area, people (well some them) will flock to Germany, and you area feels kind of weak to me, almost vulnerable.  I think Germany may try to be a dominant force in Europe, and social problem may arise from that.. but somehow Germany convinces many people that they are "on their side" and is almost able to dominate with little resistance     I feel like the key player you need to focus on is Germany and see what they are doing..

Q What are you seeing for the New Madrid earthquake zone? Do you have a time frame  Will this be related to all the trouble in the Bayou Corne? How do you see the Mississippi River changing? How far into Illinois does it go? Will travel west be an option for survivors? Thank you.

A.  [As a side note, when I searched the map for Bayou Corne, nothing near the New Madrid popped up, so let me know if I am searching something incorrectly].  Now I want to focus on the New Madrid specific to the Mississippi and Illinois .  I feel like there is a lot of mild earthquake activity now in that area.. I think this summer, specifically July and August, will have the most activity.. I don't see it as a HUGE earthquake, but rather a lot of small to medium sized earthquakes..  I feel the more south you are the more damaging they are..  I keep thinking like Missouri and Louisiana will get most of the it [the damage].  I feel like southern Illinois will get some activity, but nothing radical, so that area feels safe..  West is definitely an option for people that are displaced.. Now I want to focus on water levels, and I want to focus while staring at a map....  After looking at a map, I see the biggest change starting at the southern part of Illinois . I see water increasing on eastern side of Missouri  Arkansas and it looks like it goes strait down Louisiana . I also see the water increasing on the western side of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.. The greatest impact will be Louisiana  because in my mind the actual "boot" is gone..

Q. Do you see earth changes, solar flares, etc affecting Chile? If so, do you see parts of the country still being safe for farming? Are there areas you would recommend that will be safe?  

A. As I think of Chile, the more north I go in my mind, the safer it feels.  Something in the southern portion, doesn't feel right to me... like you wouldn't want to live there in that area.  The northern part feels green and fertile (also humid) but I don't necessarily think that is bad thing for the crops that you are trying to grow.  I feel overall you are in a good spot, I just gravitate toward the northern portion of your country.

Q. I have been having reoccurring dreams of flooding and natural disaster type scenarios for the past few months and so have many of my other family members and friends. Many of us have Cherokee Indian heritage and psychic abilities. I know the sink hole in assumption parish/bayou corne is a ticking time bomb and I know it's connected to the BP oil spill and the leak of natural gas from the gulf of mexico reported on feb 4th. I feel LA along with other states on the Madrid fault line are in danger. Do you have any insight to share, I feel time is of the essence and time is now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

A.  Actually when I read this question, I get an image of a pile of Swiss cheese.  Almost like a hole is going to surface at any time.  I think a lot of things are happening.  There feels like a lot of empty caverns under ground in that area.. As the earth rumbles on this fault line, I feel like this unsupported "hole" that's underground comes to the surface creating a sink hole.  Almost as if there is this underground hollow spot that is very fragile, and one little shake creates a sink hole..  It looks like these underground holes start to connect and I am getting a vision of a kids dot-to-dot picture  with each connection creating a space for water to fill.  As the water fills the holes, the movement of the water erodes the ground from the bottom up creating more sink holes.. and in areas near the Mississippi, the increase in water and land erosion aids in the expansion of the Mississippi.  I keep seeing the left side of a bell-curve.. Like the sinkhole/flooding issue started small and infrequent, but it is going to increase more and more..  I can't even get a visual on the peak of when it will slow down because the image I get is of a hand waving down the road, telling me it is way down the road.. So my impression is that this is going to be going on for a while.

And that's all I see at this time... and it's 9:03 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio

You may also be interested in my previous earth change reading.  I addressed Sydney, Canada, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi RiverUnited Kingdom and Africa.  To see it view the following link: