Monday, March 18, 2013

It has been suggested that the moon is not a natural satellite and is artificial. Was it built elsewhere and towed into earths orbit? There are some curious anomalies about the moon that have not been explained such as the banding that runs in straight lines across the moon to the poles. Also it has been suggested that it is too large and too round. Can you focus on this and also the ancient ruins that are on the moon who lived there and what happened to them. Thank you in advance.

7:55 PM - I am being shown that the moon floated here through outer space and when it reached Earth the gravitational pull locked on to it.  And the moon actually made like a springing motion when the Earth's gravitational pull grabbed a hold of it.  I am now seeing a man's hands and they are gigantic like the size of Earth and they are cupped and they look like they are just shoving the moon in this gentle direction towards Earth.  And the thing that I am really taking note of is the speed in which the moon approaches us, it is very slow.  Like it is equating to when someone puts a golf ball, when they are on the green.  It is gentle and very directed toward a location.

I am also getting that it is a natural moon, made from natural elements, but it was not an Earth moon first....We have a twin solar system....and it is from a solar system that looks like it crosses over top of us like scissors, and then they open back up.  

Q-What is the banding from pole to pole?
A-In the previous solar system, even though it was a moon, it still rotated and it wasn't fixed, and the banding resulted from it's rotation, and I see that it rotated very fast.  The planet that it used to be fixed too, was large, I am seeing Jupiter, so it was a huge planet and it had a huge pull on this moon, and that is why the rotations were incredibly fast.

Q-Is the moon too round for a natural object and too large?
A-Ok, the moon actually used to be much larger, it hit this large planet that it used to be attached to, and when it did, it liked bounced off the planet somehow and the inner core...ok this so so jumbled up I do not even know how to put it into words...the inner core of the moon is like iron, and it was actually in a liquid type form after it hit this planet, and the intense spinning as it rotated create it's circular shape, and I am getting an image of wet clay on a potter's wheel being spun creates it's form.  And it was not until the moon was guided to Earth that it accumulated all of it's white powdery moon dust or whatever it is.  At the old planet, I am seeing that it looked a lot like it was iron in color with a lot of red tones to to.  It is when it came here that it gathered it's white appearance.

I am getting that the moon dust has magnetic property to it, so as the moon came here, it had a slight gravitational pull because of the size, but had a magnetic force about it because of it's core.

Q-What force guided the moon to Earth and why?
A-I see what looks like ET's hands.  I am also getting that it is NOT the Greys but they are closely related.  I want to say they are like their cousins.  And the moon was brought here because this alien race was trying to make a life sustaining planet.  And they first attempted to do it without the moon, but they were unsuccessful.  And it was because they could not regulate the tides but somehow the moon has an affect on the currents in the water and also the currents in the air, that they were unable to achieve without having a balancing body in the atmosphere, they needed that gravitational force to balance the natural occurrences that happened on Earth.

I am also seeing that the planet where the moon originated had life on it, and the moon that was brought here had a sister moon that remained with that planet.  But that planet became hostile and could not sustain life and that is why we took one of the two moons and then brought it here to Earth.

Q-Was the structures seen on the moon from the past when it was linked to the other planet / solar system, or were they created while the moon was a satellite of Earth?
A-I see that they were created after the moon was brought here.  And I am trying to get a time frame because it seems fairly...I can't I cannot get a time on it.

Q-How long has the moon been with Earth?
A-I just keep seeing the word millions, like millions of years it has been here.

Q-Why is it locked in orbit with only one face towards Earth.
A-Because it's inner core is magnetic and has a north pole and a south pole like a compass, and it's magnetic north is locked on to Earth.

Q-Why does it's minimal rotation not allow for us to see all sides of it?
A-Ok...Since the inner core is magnetic, and north is always locked on earth, when we (earth) rotates, it creates a slight wobble in the moon itself, but the moons pull on us is so strong with it's magnetic north that it is never going to do a 360 degree rotation, it just looks like a slight wobbling affect, however it always points the same direction.

Q-So if the moon and earth are locked like magnets, what would cause the tilt of the moon as seen in the pictures we took with our telescope that are shown in this blog reading.
A-(Can you go to the top so that I can look at them)  Ok..the tilt that you see, is more of a drastic form of that wobbling affect, and it looks like our magnetic field around Earth does not have a consistent shield around it, it looks like there are holes or thin spots in certain layers.

And as Earth is rotating, the moon is still fixated with one side facing earth, but the inconsistency in our magnetic shield is creating more of a wobbling affect with the moon. (libration)

Q-So you are saying the Earth's magnetic field is causing increased librations of the moon.A-Yes, it looks like the energy that surrounds the Earth is directly affecting the behavior of the moon.

Q-Is this because of your aforementioned Red Comet?
A-I am getting a visual of the comet, so I would say yes.  And the reason is not necessarily the comet affecting the moon as much as the comet affects Earth which in turn affects the moon.  The moon is so attached to Earth with that magnetic pole, that the outside comet may lend a slight bit to the wobble, but overall does not have much influence to the moon.  But as the comet approaches near Earth and alters the magnetic field around Earth, that is what is highly impacting the actions of the moon.  I see the Earth Moon bond to be very strong, almost like there is an energy out there that tethers the Earth to the moon.

Q-If there are ancient ruins on the moon, who created them, why and when were they abandoned and why.
A-I see these land markers as landmarks for alien ships to land.  It looks like an airport of some sorts and other...I would call them like statues.  But it is place where many ships came and went...some of them were abandoned but some were NOT, they are still used.  

I am also getting that the ones that were abandoned were because their useful purpose no longer existed.  They were extracting something from deep within the moon, maybe the core is not iron, but may some other special or magnetic material.  But it was like they were trying to extract something from deep inside, like a strip mine effect, and when the location was no longer viable, they relocated.  In other areas, that landmarks are still used, it is almost like a landing zone for aliens that are doing business on Earth.  The word I want to say is like an airport.

Q-Who created them?
A-I am seeing those ET hands.  So they look like the cousins of the Greys.  And then the Greys took over.  And it looks like the cousins of the Greys have died out or interbred with the Greys because what I call the Greys seems like the dominate force with regard to that.

Q-Does our government know about all that your have revealed in this reading?
A-Laugh...Um...I am seeing a US flag on top of one of the ruins you asked me about.  I cannot distinguish if it is literal or a symbol but I would say YES that they absolutely know.

Q-Have any of these ruins been seen by amateur astronomers, if so can you confirm any?
A-I am getting YES, many amateur astronomers have seen these structures, but the problem is that they cannot get enough resolution or clarity in the image to distinguish what, what they are looking at in a way to get other to believe.  It is like many astronomers have gotten images, but when they confront other people, and I am getting NASA lighting up big, they get debunked.  I do think there was...rather I am seeing an area in Europe, on a map it looks like Northern Italy area, and there was gentleman there that got very wonderful photographs and he is actually enduring a lot of issues trying to release these photographs.  But he is lighting up to me as one of the closest people, and he may even still succeed in getting his work out there.  It is like he is really having a hard time to be open with this, like people are trying to to shut him down.

Q-Why not just release them on the web?
A-And you know Europe, is not even the ones with the issues...I keep seeing CIA, like the US has people there blocking him from being able to do this.  Now like it is security issue or something, like he is trying.  They may have even threatened him.  It is like some security issue.

Q-Do you have anything else for us?
A-No this reading looks complete.

9:00 PM Link to Audio (Sorry there is NONE Microphone was not fully plugged in)


Anonymous said...

There are so many contradictory conceptions flying around about the origin of the Moon, its substance, its purpose, etc., that it can get very confusing once one explores ideas outside the mainstream scientific community. As for myself, all I know is that most of what this clairvoyant states about the Moon contradicts everything my own spiritual studies have taught me. According to the ancient esoteric wisdom, the Moon was once part of the Earth itself and later was ejected. The Moon is the dross of the Earth. And since all celestial bodies are homes to spiritual entities of various degrees of evolution, the Moon too is inhabited by countless spiritual/imperceptible beings. The Moon is also the dwelling place of the primeval Teachers of humanity who left the Earth with the Moon. The Moon will one day reunite with the Earth in distant times. The Moon is a reflector not only of the sunlight we perceive with the senses, but the mirror also of all cosmic forces streaming into our system. It is a place of solitude, and a colony of beings both of good and evil intent. I do not claim to be correct, but I am wary of statements so unlike what has been passed down for so long by the initiates of the antiquity. Blessings.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for your response. I think there are many possibilities regarding the moon. I just gave my perspective based on what I saw, but there are certainly other perspectives to look at.

Anonymous said...

All mind blogging to me but I can tell you are gifted because your readings are so clear even though you are not a scientist your readings appears that you are! Fcuk the CIA et, they hate the truth so much!!