Saturday, March 23, 2013

Could you give us some insight on the explosion of auto-immune diseases occurring Lupus, Hashimotos thyroiditis, MS, etc. What is the cause, treatment, prevention, and cure. Is it environmental, viral/bacterial, chemtrails,diet,stress,genetic???

8:03 PM - I see a biology diagram from a textbook, and it shows the brain inside of a person skull, and there are little curved lines radiating from the brain outward...It appears the main cause of these autoimmune diseases are from certain wave frequencies, that the brain is exposed to...

Now my focus has changed to the sky and the sun and it appears that these rays come from our atmosphere.  It looks as though a person may have a predisposition to certain autoimmune diseases, but it is not until a certain amount of exposure from these atmospheric rays, pollutes the brain which will trigger the onset of symptoms.  As I am asking what these rays are...the word I am getting is radiation,  I am also getting that everyone receives a certain amount of radiation, but it is not until it is matched with a person with a predisposition to a disease that it creates an adverse affect on the immune system.

Q-Do you think cell phones, WiFi and other electromagnetic waves trigger this?
A-They add to it, but it is much bigger than just that.  I keep seeing the sun and it is going from yellow to hot white, it looks as though the sun is changing creating a much more intense affect.  And for people who are vulnerable, they are highly sensitive to it, and it looks like as these radiation waves get absorbed, the main focus is the brain, and your immune system starts to overreact, because this radiation acts like a toxin and at the same time as it is acting like a toxin, it is also making some sort of a mutation.  So while it mutating and causing damage, your immune system starts to fight that off, and that is the main spark of how it all starts.

Q-You yourself have been diagnosed with MS.  What do you think caused your symptoms?
A-I think I probably had a predisposition to it, being in the sun my whole life started it, but then I see the high powered power lines, then what looks like a magnifying glass, that super intensified everything.

Q-So you think moving into a home that had high power lines running through the back yard, focused radiation like a magnifying glass, and triggered your MS.
A-Yes I am hearing a phrase "That my brain was full of radiation, but the power lines altered the protein in my cells...and when my body tried to fight that actually attacked the altered protein because my body thought it was a foreign substance.

Q-What do you see as the key to treatment or prevention of these autoimmune disorders?
A-Hm..Ok...I am getting for that has iodine in it.  And then I am is a letter K, what is the letter K?  Potassium?  Is that K or P,  I am getting K.  But people need to have that in their diet.  Something about healthy amounts of of those elements, create a detoxifying effect.  And can either lessen, or inhibit the disease from starting.

A-As far as treatment, I see you still want to continue the Potassium and Iodized table salt.  But you need to incorporate something that creates a synthetic shield around your nerves.  And the pill that I see looks like yellow gel, and I keep wanting to say it is a vitamin E oil capsule, I do not feel those words are right, but that is a description of what it looks like.  It is some kind of an oil capsule that is edible.  Kind of a fatty acid....

Q-So is there anything to do other than take vitamins to prevent these diseases?
A-I do not see anything and I am getting that it is because the root cause of these diseases is naturally occurring  so the best thing you can do is make yourself less susceptible to it.

Q-What is the root causes you speak of?
A-The sun is on a cycle and I see it changing to white hot, meaning it is approaching a very intense phase, and the rays given off by the sun are so strong that it is creating a peak in these diseases.  I see our gadgets around us as a magnifier  like burning something with a magnifying glass, but the root cause is the sun.

Q-Direct exposure?  Will limiting the amount of direct sunlight help or not?
A-I am seeing that it may help a little, but radiation from the sun penetrates through like walls and clothing and everything.
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Anonymous said...

kelp has iodine

Psychic Focus said...

That is interesting... I couldn't get past the letter "K".. I was feeling frustrated about it, so maybe I blocked myself??? Thanks for the feedback.

Kristen said...

According to the CDC, Potassium Iodide (KI) is used to block radioactive iodine from being taken into the thyroid gland. It's given after radiological or nuclear events. So what you said with regard to K meaning Potassium does make sense.

Psychic Focus said...

That could be.. I saw it as 2 separate things, but you may have interpreted my visions better than me.. Thank you for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Could the yellow gel capsule be evening primrose oil, flax seed oil or a fish oil?

Also I was told by an alternative healer there's a bacteria which triggers off the immune system to overrract and if the bacteria is dealt with the immune system can return to normal. I was treated with an old fashioned antibiotic to help my overactive immune system which she said worked and I did indeed get pregnant only to miscarry later after about 8 years of infertility. Now age is against me.

I am tested periodically for lupus and sometimes show an indication I may have it and sometimes not. It's very confusing and may be one of the reasons why I can't get pregnant or hold a pregnancy.

Thank you for your readings - I'm drawn to your website for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Could it be Vitamin K2, a fat-soluble, relatively new nutrient that seems to have critically important functions in bone and heart health? It is becoming the new Vitamin D.

Anonymous said...

Excellent reading focus session. I been eating more bananas, fruit with vit. c, putting iodine (formulated) on my skin (for the radiation exposure) and eating walnuts (which also helps the brain), avocados and coconut oil.

The best solution (on top of all these) has been utilizing all the Earthing grounding products ( I even put one of their mats over my head at night so I can sleep pain free (otherwise, the smart devices give me headaches).

I sense the cme's coming in and spend my time in almost complete darkness for about two years now (surprise....not so stupid as people think I am). And still...I felt a mutation yesterday. But instead of mutating, from this latest cme burst, it just accelerated DNA upgrades (and time will tell about this. Hard to qualify it currently). Magic is the best word for it (in our current limited understanding of how our reality actually functions here and now).

So if you are full of toxins and getting over exposed to the sun and not limiting your Smart Meter type are toast (if you are susceptible to the diseases mentioned by f.s.).

Is my personal feelings about this. I think the fifth sun has begun to alter humans. Those who are staying pure will succeed in this time.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for the fascinating feedback. I definitely saw the Iodine by first seeing the salt. Then I saw a K, which led me to the path of Potassium on the periodic table. I feel this message can be interpreted differently depending on the person and what that person is dealing with (and what message the spirit is wanted them to know).. Overall, I think if someone reads this and really takes an internal look they will find what message they need to hear. Thanks again for all this feedback! I truly appreciate it!

monica said...

Thank you for answering my posted question on autoimmune diseases.

Anonymous said...

I heard from my dad that his friend who work to put up those cell tower regularly was badly affected causing him to be infertile and unable to successfully have children with his wife because being irradiated by cell tower after installing it.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the fatty substance coating the nerve sheath. That's cholesterol. It is on every single nerve... coats it beautifully. Cholesterol is needed in our bodies. The liver produces it and doctors are giving people statin drugs to stop it. Insanity! Without cholesterol... we die. You also mentioned table salt. Table salt is what cuts the inside of our arteries. And that is where cholesterol comes into play. It makes a patch to this cut/tear. So many patches and you start getting blockage. And it's in so many processed foods. Sea salt is better because it doesn't cut the arteries. So if you need iodine... go for the kelp.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and one more thing about cholesterol, which I just posted... People who are on statin drugs for a long period of time... sometimes develop Parkinson's disease. And why? Because the statin drug is stopping the production of cholesterol. And the sheath (cholesterol) is thinning out and can't be recoated because the cholesterol supply has been halted. So now the nerve itself becomes damaged.

Anonymous said...


I to lived in a house that was way to close to huge amount of powerlines when I was said that I had M.S. I had always refused the interferon they wanted me to uses . Thinking it was just more poison my body did not need . That was 2004. Nothing has progressed . Friend who did everything the doctor said to do ran out of options and has since passed away. Ofta

YourPsychicFocus said...

Very interesting comments! Thank you to all of you for sharing!

Julie Manharth said...

There's very interesting info here that I need to go through again but few things stand out for me that I wanted to share.
I had burning tongue syndrome really bad, & doc was doing a CT scan of my lungs with iodine infusion due to a diff medical issue. The burning tongue syndrome healed instantly b4 I left the hospital. I tried to tell the doc but he just couldn't believe it & said it was a fluke thing.
Another thing:I've noticed that many times as the sun is going down that I have to put myself in the dark for hrs until the sun goes down & has been down for couple hrs. I've wondered why & had some ideas.
Last for now: could the yellow colored oil that protects the sheath & nerves be avocado oil instead of bit e? I've been drawn to it & putting it n food.
Interesting read