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Why do Asian people have more narrow eyes than the rest of the world?

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As soon as I read the first few words of this question in my list of drafts I immediately started to get stuff, so for some reason I was compelled to pull this one out...   The first thing I saw was an Indian that tribe that lived in the Alaskan area... by northern Canada, or rather in northern Canada.. They look like they have in that area for a long time, meaning a  small city was developed and looked worn, like it had some age to it.. I also felt like they were hungry, because watching a woman cooking some kind of soup, gave me a desperate feeling and people flocking to her and they were holding tin cups and begging for this soup.. I then felt they [Indian tribe] was forced out of necessity to leave this Alaskan area.  I then saw them travel on a "land bridge," but the bridge was at some points made of chunks (huge chucks) of ice.  So I felt this trip across this land bridge was definitely planned, because I sense this ice wasn't always there, like it melted in the warmer months...

Q.  Now I ask myself where they were going..

A.  I see hot and spicy food.  My impression is that they are heading for warmer weather in addition to foods and spices.  It felt like literal image to me.

Q.  Going back to the eyes, as in the original question, I am wanting to know why they are narrow.

A.  This Indian tribe that lived up near Alaska / Canada lived in very snowy conditions. They also lived near the water (I think the Bering Strait is there..)  The sun was very reflective, and people squinted or it caused headaches and decreased visibility.  I see people actually squinting so much that they look through their eyelashes.   I really feel that over the hundreds years this group existed some kind of evolutionary process occurred and made this physical change.  I feel this tribe that once lived here in Northern North America fled to eastern Asia for survival and that is why asians have this physical trait.  

Q.  On this last question, I'm trying to mentally think if I have any other images concerning this.

A.  I can say I see this tribe wearing many feathers that are gray, brown and have black stripes on them.  I also see a lot of furs.. Actually a tons furs.  I see them traveling and they move in the huge, long, line.. And as they move to warmer weather they trade the furs they are wearing and also slabs of animal fat to help buy goods and get established.  I'm also getting an image of fish, as if they hunt it and eat it too. I see them trying to stay the near the coast line wherever they go..   And that is all I see for now.  
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I'm filipino/chinese/chilean living in BC Canada

my cousin from the Philippines came to visit me, her firs time in Canada and she was like are those people also Filipino (she was refering to the native americans here). I get confused often with Native Americans/Canadians...

Native people here get a bad rep with alcohol but looking back on history it seems like people who have substance abuse are kept in getto like living quarters which makes it difficult for them to change also the stereotypes of television I think make people behave based on how they see themselves represented, they think that really is who they are.

I would have no problem with this idea of Asians actually being descendants from North American Indians, its very interesting and environment/food over time can change appearance slightly.

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Well don't ask me why I wonder after they prefer fish and spices to season food. This blog post really precise and accurate explain why we squint too much. About alcohol is a luxurious commodity where my ancestor they drink it for health purpose not cause by addiction.