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Following financial collapse,great earth a new system planned for the worlds population? There has been many rumors of tracking people through micro chip implants, do you see anything regarding this in the future? One final thing, in last posts you mention china and Russia invading USA what happens to a place like Canada with it's abundant land, minerals and most of the worlds fresh water? IT would appear seeing that it is America's neighbor we would be very vulnerable for a complete takeover by foreign military interests if need be.

8:07 PM - Ok...I see the year 2020, it looks to be the year that implanting microchips starts to take off.  It begins with implanting chips in newborn babies.  It is sold to the people as if it is necessary to keep them safe, always know how parents can locate their children, and it is sold in such a way that they get many parents to volunteer for this "program" is the world I want to say.  Not realizing that the government has an even bigger agenda.

I also see as these children get older the government is going to use these microchips as a way to profile people,  I see as they make purchases, it almost looks like it rings up in an account.  Like the government is able to inventory just goods and services that are consumed by that individual.  In my mind I keep hearing "Mission Impossible" as if technology advances to where an individual can be very profiled, good and bad.

I see some people currently are participating in this program, but it takes a long time to sell this idea to the masses.  It will originally start as voluntary, but later evolve into a mandatory practice.  And I keep seeing Social Security numbers, and immunizations and how they relate to getting a job or enrolling a child into school.  It will be required in that same type of fashion.

Q-So they will track a person for a lifetime, so would they deny one medical treatment base on his record of consumption of XYZ food over his lifetime.
A-I do not see having anything to do with medical well being, it looks like the focus is on who is a possible threat...Illegal activities, but that more has to do with if the government is getting their fair share.  I see very specific programs designed to track the way the money flows, and where it is coming from.  And the focus is more on government preservation than anything.

Q-Will physical money still be used?  Will credit cards?
A-Physical money is going to start phasing out...most things will start to merge... I don't want to say credit cards, it is more like a card with credits on it.  It looks like people have two different things going cards to some degree for people who do not have the funds available, but also rather than cash, your will start to have a card that has credits on it, that you would use in lieu of handling cash.  And this time frame I am looking at is close to 2020.  That year keeps popping out to me as being significant.

Q-What happens if one lost the card with credits on it.  It is tied to his or her chip or biometric device?
A-When they first go to this, if you lost your card it was like you lost your cash.  I see them having a lot of issues with looks like they go through a series of trials.  I see one trying to attach a thumb print.  I see another where they try to do it with you eye.  The eye one is a complete disaster, older people with eye issues highly revolted.  I am seeing an old lady, she is standing at the checkout lane, she has arthritis in her hands, she is fumbling trying to put her card in, and she is standing looking into this camera, and she took her glasses off, but her eye had some cloudy film on it and it would not match and could not read it, and she is hysterical and angry.  And it appears this happens a lot.

Q-What do they finalize on for biometric.
A-So what they end up finally doing, and it takes them like 10-15 years to perfect it, is they do tie it to their chip, but for the people that are older than, whatever that age would be when it was required at birth, they assign them a bracelet.  And it is like a waterproof bracelet that essentially never comes off.  And it is tamper resistant, and I am getting the words like house arrest bracelet.  They are not allowed to remove this device.  And their cash card will be tied to that bracelet.

Q-Does the money / credit system still exists?  If so do banks exist?
A-Banks exist for the purposes of businesses and corporations, they still do loans, aside from loans, normal citizens really have no need for the banking system.

Q-Where exactly is this biometric device implanted in infants?
A-I see this in two locations, the primary location is right underneath the skin at the base of the skull, and the second location is on the wrist on the inside soft fleshy part right under the skin.

Q-Is this what many would refer to as the Mark of the Beast?
A-I do see that as a very controversial point, when this system or program comes about a lot of questioning people will ask that and really resist the program on that principle.  And they will refer to our government as the beast, and this is their mark.  Another note of what I am seeing is that this microchip is only required with the industrialized nations, countries that we refer to as 3rd world will have nothing to do with this.  They are off the map so to speak.

Q-Is the government larger than it is now, in regards to the US?
A-I see it as being much more trimmed down, but highly effective.  They are doing more with less, but the boost in technology makes that very feasible. 

Q-What is the punishment for removing your bracelet, or chip?
A-People that do remove these items, are treated as terrorists.  It is just as much against the law to do that, as it would be if you went out and murdered somebody.

Q-Does this chip lower crime?
A-I see it lowering crime in the lower classes, but the white collar crime is very much there and people really put their minds on how to manipulate this system.  I see people writing things down as if they do not want to speak out load, and they just do things very secretively.  White collar crime is very much there.

Q-What is the first country to use this system?
A-I see China, India is shortly after them, and the US looks like number three.

Q-Who are the superpowers at that time, order and rank?
A-It looks like China, and then Russia and the US are tied for 2nd.

Q-What year does China take over the US?
A-I am seeing a 17-18, so I want to say 2017 to 2018.

Q-Does the stock market still exist?
A-It does, but I see it evolving to make like a world market that stocks from companies in different countries all participate in.  So it is called something like a global exchange or I think that sounds right like a global exchange, and you have to meet certain criteria to be in it.  They are very strict on the real value of the company and the value of the stocks.

Q-Do people generally seem happier in 2020, or just ignorant of freedom and more accustomed to being in a nanny like state.  Example, does small businesses exist or is everything corporatized?
A-I see the country definitely divided, some people walk around blindly like robots, and other people fight an uphill battle the whole way, they hate it.  As far as small business, it is very rare, the way most little businesses work is that they are grouped under a franchise.  Most things are corporations, and most people that are entrepreneurs start up under a franchise that has a big base already.  Overall happiness...I see a lot of people with a glossed over look, like they have been so programmed that their genuine thoughts are not even their own anymore.  So those people at least thing they are happy and look happy because they do not know any different.   For people who really love their freedom, the look very angry.  And it is very hard to come to terms and accept the way the world is going.

Q-Where do you see religion in this new world?
A-The people look very divided.  The people who feel like they need to be led and need something to believe in still focus greatly on religion.  But the people who don't have those deep internal needs, really revolt against religion.  It is like a new type of religion evolves.  And I keep hearing like Peace, Love, it looks like Woodstock to me.  Like a new religion evolves on those fundamentals.  A lot of free thinkers flock to that, and even some people went to church because they felt like they needed something, but they did not necessarily identify themselves with the church, leave the organized religion for this newer more free accepting religion.  And the church is mad.

Q-What about education?  What can you see in regards to how children are educated in this new system?
A-I see public education still being very important, but kids are taught things that are not necessarily the way that they really happened.  I am seeing a picture in black and white, of Hitler standing in the front of a classroom and he has a big long stick, and he is smacking the desk.  Like he is telling them what they need to hear, but it may not necessarily be the truth.  And he is really angry when they do not get it.  It looks like education has an agenda behind it.

Q-Vaccinations, freedoms, and the constitution.  How do US freedoms hold up in this regard, and if they do not still exist, what was the event that changed that?
A-Vaccination still exist and it looks like they even increase the amount that you take as if they come up with vaccines for many ailments.  Let me get and example,...pollen keeps popping in my mind, for example there is a pollen vaccination for people who are irritated by pollen.

Freedoms and the constitution still exist, but what happens is it comes second to these like world rules.  I am getting that the UN creates a code of conduct for the nations to abide by and that is first and foremost to a countries constitution.  So the constitution exists but it can be overridden.  I keep going back to the UN, that there was an organization that was affiliated with it and many countries were in financial crisis.  So the UN agreed to kind of create a world bank, but to be able to be participant in this world bank you had to agree to certain terms or you were not able to use the world currency.  And their main term was that you had to abide by these conditions outlined in this "Code of Conduct" that they formulated.

Q-What about our right to bear arms in the US?
A-I vividly see a person with a gun....I cannot see any rules or odd regulations placed on bearing guns...ok they are taxing it, that is what it is, there is tax that you have to pay for each firearm that you have.   I am seeing 2018, and I am getting that is going to be the 2nd term of our next president, and he has to wait until his second term to do it because the US citizens are going to fight it.  And even though there is talk about it in his first term, the blows it off and essentially dupes the people because within months of his second term he gets this thing passed.  And it is like a property tax based on the type of gun, it is like there is some type of a chart.  It is like some grid that goes by length of barrel, handle....I am something like 25 to 100 dollars.  It looks like it is yearly, when you are filing your income tax, it looks like there is schedule for it.

Q-How do they enforce this?  Are current gun owners exempt and grandfathered in?  What prevents armed revolt and a civil war in the US?
A-Certain criteria of guns are grandfathered in, and it goes by a year....It is like anything pre 2000 is excluded, it is based on date, I got 2000.  I am seeing like a serial number plate, and when a gun is sold, they are going to be required to submit that serial number...anything prior to when it is made effective a person could own a gun that not registered with the government, but it would be considered a felony if you are caught with it.

I see there is a lot of revolt, I see mobs of protesters....I do not see it go as far as a civil war but there is a lot of civil unrest. I mean I see mobs of people so thick around places like the capitol building, to like where traffic is stopped in places like DC, and it stays like that for like several weeks, but this thing still gets passed.

Q-So they tax the guns to death like cigarettes in hopes it is too expensive to keep.
A-For those willing to pay it is revenue, they have a mentality that the people that have the money to pay are more likely the higher class citizens and less willing to really cause a lot of trouble I guess.  Where as the poorer people who are more willing to fight because they have less to lose, are not able to afford these taxes and it cuts back on at least obtaining new firearms.

Q-How do people defend themselves if they cannot afford to pay the taxes on firearms, what is the penalty for illegal firearm possession.
A-You can either sell your firearm, if you do not have a buyer your can take it to a gun store and by law they have to buy it from you.  If you are caught with a registered gun that does not have the taxes paid on it, the gun is confiscated and you are charged with a felony.

Q-You mentioned the next president, is it a democrat or republican.  Can you tell us more?
A-I see it being a republican, but he does not fit the mold.  There is a white guy and he has some fluffy white gray hair, and the republican people that do all the nominations, love this guy, but...they want something so different than what they have done before that they end up not putting this guy through...and they end up going with a man who looks like he is in his mid 40's...the thing I see is his skin is like shiny like he sweats a lot.  But he comes across like really sincere.  And he looks like he has dark hair and he combs it back off his face, and I get the image of John Travolta....and was it Grease that he was that in how he combs his hair back.

Q-This timeline you mention seems starkly different than others that happen after earth changes, where people become more self sufficient less reliant, and the truth is more prevalent.  How do you account for the differences?
A-I do see that we go through earth changes, and for some people it is wonderful and they live off the grid, become self reliant and easily fall into a bartering system, but for other people they really struggle, they like the conveniences of a city and they do not have the resources, know how, or desire to take care of themselves, and they feel helpless without the unity of the being a part of something much bigger.  So as the country starts to regroup, the intelligence is still there, the know how of technology is still there.

I am actually see like a huge underground cave that is full of equipment in the event that something did hurt the electronics on the surface, that with a little bit of time things could be restarted.  So there is definitely a change, but we are equipped to overcome it and a lot of people want to go back to their old lifestyle and fall right into it.

Q-One final thing, in last posts you mention China and Russia invading USA what happens to a place like Canada with it's abundant land, minerals and most of the worlds fresh water? It would appear seeing that it is America's neighbor we would be very vulnerable for a complete takeover by foreign military interests if need be.
A-Canada does remain neutral.  They make some kind of agreement with China and Russia that as long as they remain neutral and share resources for a cost to China and Russia, that China and Russia will leave Canadian land alone.  China's main concern is farmland, and I have a vision of a guy in my head and he is saying something about he does not want Canadian land, it gets too cold and their growing seasons are not long enough.  So Canada really does not get involved, in fact they make money on the deal.

Q-When does the great China invasion begin?
A-I have an image of a surveyor with their it appears they are already evaluating what areas they want.  And it is going to be a very slow process and it looks like it is beginning now.  It does not appear to get really intense here until closer to 2020.  2020 keeps standing out to me that it is going to be a very significant year and with a lot of major changes.

Q-What is your final impression and thoughts on this reading?
A-It is kind of mind blowing, like it feels like a scary and uncertain time, and I actually hope that I am wrong.  I really hope our world does not turn into that kind of world, for my family for my kids.  But I am definitely interested in the new religion.

Final Thougths
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Anonymous said...

Is there good news?

Anonymous said...

What happens in the UK - in particular London where I live ?!

Dharia L said...

Interesting reading, makes sense.

I think the "new religion" would be Falun Dafa, as it is already spreading widely and being harshly persecuted at the moment. It would be accepted by many people because it is not a religion, does not have any of those religious ceremonies and rules and aims straight at improving moral character. it is truly saving people. Of course the founder of Falun Gong says it will happen, so it must happen.

Anonymous said...

Where is God in all this. I am fed up really. The masses are too dumb to stand up against these despots!

Anonymous said...

When does the financial collapse occur? Do you have a timeline?

Anonymous said...

FYI Hmmmm??its already started??
Biometric National ID Card could be mandated on all American workers
Lance Johnson
Natural News
Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recently, two U.S. senators [Schumer and Graham] met with President Obama, vouching for a biometric national ID card that would force workers to submit to a fingerprint, hand, or iris scan. Any worker failing to comply with this biometric tracking mandate, would be terminated from their job.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for all the feedback. I really appreciate it. And to the above poster regarding Schumer and Graham, I had not heard that yet.. I'm curious if you found it on YouTube or something.. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

So what's happened with the red comet?? Do you feel it's still coming this year in the way you said & that your timing was off? Or..?

Psychic Focus said...

I was so sure that something was going to happen on 3-13-13, and when it didn't I really focused on this.. I can't get a clear date and I don't know why I am mentally "blocked" from it, but I will say that I am certain it is close..

Anonymous said...

Thanks. My intuition tells me you are right.. There have been some strange anomalies in the Ionosphere & Magnetosphere of Earth recently that is baffling scientists. Also many people can just feel something in the air.. an anticipation of sorts. I've had a personal reading with you that was very accurate & many others are dreaming or envisioning similar world events. I know a couple psychics who are the real-deal &, like yourself, timing can sometimes be a problem. Perhaps it is as it's meant to be.

Anonymous said...

There's a May 9, 2013 solar eclipse at 19 '31 Taurus (eclipses are prone to precipitating earthquakes). Nostradamus mentions this degree in one of his famous quatrains:


The sun being in 20 degrees of Taurus, the earth shall so greatly shake,

That the great theatre, filled up, will be ruined;

The air, heavens and earth dark & troubled,

When the infidels shall call upon God and the saints.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Psychic Focus said...

This does resonate with me, and as soon as I read it I could see it happening. I feel this time frame could run as far as into June, but something is definitely going to happen... (I am a taurus and I do feel there is a strong force out there.. maybe because it was the sign I was born under..)

Dharia L said...

Oh, if the earthquake is to occur during the eclipse on May 9th, then the ascension (some call it rapture) will indeed happen on May 13, world's international Falun Dafa day and also the holiday Vesak (that Buddhists celebrate, as it is also a birthday of Buddha). Just guessing:))

To whoever was wondering where God is in all of friend, God is always present and everything is under control. Just have faith, but some great surprises will come to mankind and Heaven will truly reveal itself to humankind!

Peter said...

How do you feel about this new peer-to-peer coin out there (Bitcoin - BTC). Does it stand a chance to replace the bank-controlled currencies?

Psychic Focus said...

@ Peter.. I do see it being a big competitor, but I don't see it surviving. I see big banks as being too big to allow it to thrive (ie MasterCard and Visa will be the biggest opponents). I see the big banks buying Bitcom eventually to make sure it doesn't have a chance to make it.

Anonymous said...

The future is not scary. It is for the better and would be much better than current state. Only the US people would feel "negatively" impacted. BUT actually it would have been much worst for US if not for China. The overtaking of land is just to settle the debts US government spent into. And China is just renting the place not invading. It is so Much more civilized than 18th and 19th century Europe. I think the future is better with China leading the world.
And US people should be ashamed to put up with such silly government they voted in.
The world is not destroyed by the evil, but by people who Watch and do nothing. - Albert Einstein.

Anonymous said...

I hardly drop comments, but I looked at a few of the responses on this page
"Following financial collapse,great earth a new system planned for the worlds population? There has been many rumors of tracking people through micro chip implants, do you see anything regarding this in the future? One final thing, in last posts you mention china and Russia invading USA what happens to a place like Canada with it's abundant land, minerals and most of the worlds fresh water? IT would appear seeing that it is America's neighbor we would be very vulnerable for a complete takeover by foreign military interests if need be.".
I actually do have 2 questions for you if it's okay. Could it be just me or does it appear like some of these remarks come across like they are coming from brain dead visitors? :-P And, if you are writing at other sites, I'd like to follow everything new you have to post.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder in the future which country's going to be ahead of other country in robotics. Mark of Beast that true they want to implement 2017 but before that they got to find a reason for biometrics. I seen the future where it's hard to get away from microchips.

Rajesh Gajra said...

My biggest concern is for little children. If vaccinations are made un-avoidable, then won't autism, paralysis and all other dangerous side-effects of bad vaccines end up destroying the health of future populations?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rajesh: For people with a sensitive or compromised immune system, this is going to be a real challenge. I do not see an overall positive effect other than trying to educate yourself on what you are injecting into your body or trying to avoid it all together.

Rajesh Gajra said...

Thanks again, PsychicFocus, for your insight. I do agree completely with the need for everyone today to have a very strong immune system.