Saturday, March 9, 2013

Earth Changes [Part II]

Q. Is it possible to look for the countries around Adriatic Sea; Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria regarding earth changes, please tell me how do you see this coming 2013 (comet, magnetic problems...?) event unfolding here.

A.I actually see Italy being pretty safe.. I'm not feeling any flooding..maybe some high tides, but nothing damaging.. I also see Austria being fairly safe.  My concern is Croatia.  I see them getting the most flooding.  I not want to focus on other issues aside from water..So let me think.. With regard to Austria, I don't feel compelled to warn of any dangers.. Croatia, I'm being told that you should save as much drinking water as you can because you may go through a short period of time (maybe 2 to 3 weeks) that you will have issues with your water.. Italy, I'm getting strange message- and it coming in the form of a smell..and it isn't toxic, but it is like garbage.. like you have issues disposing of sewage or garbage.. it's like this smell that I feel is stuck in my throat.. the air is just not pleasant..  I'm asking time frame in my mind, and I see it that you are experiencing some changes now with regard to weather, but this is going to peak around June or July of 2013.  I can't help but feel that the warning signs are already there in that area..  

Q. I was wondering about the Ozarks in Missouri. If they would be a safe location in the upcoming Earth changes. The New Madrid fault starts in SE Missouri.

A. The first thing I get with this area is a rumbling much like a dryer running.  I think even hear this noise now, and don't know what it is.. It feels consistent.. The area feels safe, but I feel like you will experiece a lot of earthquakes, but nothing severe, just constant.  I see these earthquakes starting in this month (March) and lasting until (lets see it feels hot to me) like July of 2013 before they taper off.  It doesn't feel unsafe, just scary at times, more because of the sounds and noise than other physical event.  I don't see issues with water or food, but my gut still wants you to be prepared... 

Q. Good day, Regarding future earth-changes, I'm wondering about the Map of the USA you've published - especially Florida. You show pretty much all coastal cities on the Atlantic and Gulf sides being eliminated. There are tens of millions of us who live on both sides of Florida. Thus, I'm wondering if you would please think about the timeline when this will happen? Also, will it be an "event" (such as a Tsunami) or will it be gradual erosion over the course of years with the tides growing or ??? Thank you for your help.

A.  I do feel it will be gradual.. I see it as tides coming in, but not receding all the way.  As soon as I think about this question, I see a map of the USA with swirls all up and down the Atlantic side.  My impression is that we are going to have one storm after another, and it is hard to recover from one before another hits.  In looking at the map that are referring to, in my my mind I don't see it quite as severe flooding.. There is a main highway on the Atlantic side, and I see the water coming up to the highway, and at some points crossing over the hightway, but I don't feel it will come much more inland that.  I also don't see the Gulf side of Florida getting as much as the Atlantic side..

Q. Could you give some more info on the expected earth changes in Europe between now and June 2013? I live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and specifically wonder about the amount of sea level rise we can expect. Also, do you see any form of government still in control during and after the earth changes in Europe? Lastly, do you see any social upheaval hand/or deaths in that period Here?
A. In studying the map, I feel there will be minimal sea rise that area.  But I also feel a tug with Germany.. like they dominant or very important to your country.  Like you need them much more than they need you.  I sense some kind of a struggle with Germany..  I also think that even though there is a minimal sea rise to your specific area, people (well some them) will flock to Germany, and you area feels kind of weak to me, almost vulnerable.  I think Germany may try to be a dominant force in Europe, and social problem may arise from that.. but somehow Germany convinces many people that they are "on their side" and is almost able to dominate with little resistance     I feel like the key player you need to focus on is Germany and see what they are doing..

Q What are you seeing for the New Madrid earthquake zone? Do you have a time frame  Will this be related to all the trouble in the Bayou Corne? How do you see the Mississippi River changing? How far into Illinois does it go? Will travel west be an option for survivors? Thank you.

A.  [As a side note, when I searched the map for Bayou Corne, nothing near the New Madrid popped up, so let me know if I am searching something incorrectly].  Now I want to focus on the New Madrid specific to the Mississippi and Illinois .  I feel like there is a lot of mild earthquake activity now in that area.. I think this summer, specifically July and August, will have the most activity.. I don't see it as a HUGE earthquake, but rather a lot of small to medium sized earthquakes..  I feel the more south you are the more damaging they are..  I keep thinking like Missouri and Louisiana will get most of the it [the damage].  I feel like southern Illinois will get some activity, but nothing radical, so that area feels safe..  West is definitely an option for people that are displaced.. Now I want to focus on water levels, and I want to focus while staring at a map....  After looking at a map, I see the biggest change starting at the southern part of Illinois . I see water increasing on eastern side of Missouri  Arkansas and it looks like it goes strait down Louisiana . I also see the water increasing on the western side of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.. The greatest impact will be Louisiana  because in my mind the actual "boot" is gone..

Q. Do you see earth changes, solar flares, etc affecting Chile? If so, do you see parts of the country still being safe for farming? Are there areas you would recommend that will be safe?  

A. As I think of Chile, the more north I go in my mind, the safer it feels.  Something in the southern portion, doesn't feel right to me... like you wouldn't want to live there in that area.  The northern part feels green and fertile (also humid) but I don't necessarily think that is bad thing for the crops that you are trying to grow.  I feel overall you are in a good spot, I just gravitate toward the northern portion of your country.

Q. I have been having reoccurring dreams of flooding and natural disaster type scenarios for the past few months and so have many of my other family members and friends. Many of us have Cherokee Indian heritage and psychic abilities. I know the sink hole in assumption parish/bayou corne is a ticking time bomb and I know it's connected to the BP oil spill and the leak of natural gas from the gulf of mexico reported on feb 4th. I feel LA along with other states on the Madrid fault line are in danger. Do you have any insight to share, I feel time is of the essence and time is now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

A.  Actually when I read this question, I get an image of a pile of Swiss cheese.  Almost like a hole is going to surface at any time.  I think a lot of things are happening.  There feels like a lot of empty caverns under ground in that area.. As the earth rumbles on this fault line, I feel like this unsupported "hole" that's underground comes to the surface creating a sink hole.  Almost as if there is this underground hollow spot that is very fragile, and one little shake creates a sink hole..  It looks like these underground holes start to connect and I am getting a vision of a kids dot-to-dot picture  with each connection creating a space for water to fill.  As the water fills the holes, the movement of the water erodes the ground from the bottom up creating more sink holes.. and in areas near the Mississippi, the increase in water and land erosion aids in the expansion of the Mississippi.  I keep seeing the left side of a bell-curve.. Like the sinkhole/flooding issue started small and infrequent, but it is going to increase more and more..  I can't even get a visual on the peak of when it will slow down because the image I get is of a hand waving down the road, telling me it is way down the road.. So my impression is that this is going to be going on for a while.

And that's all I see at this time... and it's 9:03 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio

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Todd | Channelingmyself said...

Do you still see the red comet coming this month?

Psychic Focus said...

I do... I feel nervous and am just sitting back waiting to see how much influence it really has..

Anonymous said...

Will the Red Comet cause a pole shift and will the the North Pole be East of Brazil and the South Pole be in close proximity to India?


Anonymous said...

How do you see the earth changes affecting central Mexico around the city of San Miguel Allende?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What do you see for March 22? There is a video on Youtube about the endtimes called Daniel's Timeline. According to the video March 22 is the "day" when the great tribulations start. What do you think?

Psychic Focus said...

I think we are having a slow and steady pole shift right now.. I can't say for sure where it will end b/c when I focus on the question it just seems to keep moving slowly and not stopping..

The date that always stood out in my mind was 3-13-13... I've participated in other readings that 3-21-13 was significant..If something doesn't happen on one of those days, I feel lit will be close. Even though I didn't see March 22, that does not mean that some sort of impact won't happen. I personally am feeling very anxious about the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your updates! It's helpful for the preparations!

Anonymous said...

Tolec who can communicate with Andromeda people says in
"The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists should be corrected as well, and will be no longer. This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall. Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region."
Do you see this happen in this year 2013, if so, approx. when?


Psychic Focus said...

I think it is changing now.. Over the next year I see a gradual, but constant change in the axis.. It will become more and more apparent, and I feel undeniable over the June to August 2013 time frame..

Anonymous said...

Could you say what you will happen in London during these earth changes?