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What is the truth behind Christopher Dorner and his manifesto and the alleged murders he committed, is there more than what we hear on the news?

7:25 PM - OK....I see Christopher Dorner as like and all American guy, I keep getting an image of like a baseball cap and a baseball, like he was just a simple down to earth person, and I sense a bit of naiveness to him also.  Like I am getting snapshots like I am watching a TV show, and it is like I see this guy going to work and stopping by a donut shop getting a coffee.  And he was pretty routinized in what he did.  Like I feel like he really believed in the betterment of people and then one day his whole world snapped.  I want to try to focus on that.

He looks like he is in some sort of a storage room or an evidence locker, and there is different aisle like how a grocery store has it.  And it is like late are night or and odd time of day where it looks dark.  Like the real lights are not on just security lights.  And he is in one row and he is kind of squatted down on a low shelf and he has a clipboard and he is writing stuff down.  And then two other guys come into this room and Christopher is really absorbed in what he is doing and he is just writing things down and minding his own business.

And then he overhears these other two officers talking and at first he does not even pay attention to them, and then he realizes that they are looking for drugs from a drug bust that they had got, and as I ask myself what it was not pot but I think it was cocaine.  And they were trying to figure out how to get it out of the evidence locker and everything had a bar code on it.  And I think with drugs everything was measure or weighed before it was put in there.

So these cops were trying to figure out how to take some of the coke out of the evidence and then replace it with baking soda or something like that to keep the weight the same.  And like Christopher just sat there and kind of witnessed this whole thing and he did not really know how to act, he really couldn't know how to believe it, and I kind of sense a feeling of remorse or regret that the did not stand up to it at that time.  He didn't say anything to anyone for a while, it is like he kind of just kept it to himself because he did not know what to do.  And I feel like it just really weighed on him.  And then he finally confided in like a high up person, chief maybe..and they kind of did not really make a big deal about it.  And it bothered him a lot.

And then as he confided in some of his coworkers, he learned of all kinds of atrocities.  And just the more he talked about it the more he realized the character of the people that he was working with.  And I feel at this point is where he became really enraged, and he just kind of snapped and just started being one of those outspoken people where he would call you out if you did something not right (morally or ethically).  

It is almost like I am getting a phrase in my head that says, I am just one person, I do not know how to change such a corrupt system but I can sure be a pain in their ass....or something like that.  And I feel like there was just a lot of confrontation going on.  And he spoke his mind to anybody that would listen, and he was absolutely labeled as a troublemaker.  I feel like they wanted to fire him, but he was either part of some union organization that made it impossible for that to happen, because the really had no grounds other than he spoke the truth and that he was very vocal about it.

And it really enraged them (the higher ups) that they were not able to fire him.  And I feeling like some they are trying to set him up or make him a scapegoat or something like that and I need to think about that.  It was something about the Mexicans bringing their drugs here and selling them and people in our government knew it was happening and they were laundering money and they were somehow trying to tie him to that, and when he realized that was what was happening he started this manifesto.  And I feel like he spent a couple of weeks writing it, it wasn't something he sat down and did in one sitting.  And he really thought very carefully and worded stuff, to the point where I feel like if we read it now, he was very blunt, but I think there is some kind of hidden meaning that most people just kind of glaze over.

And he realized when he heard of the plot to frame him that if he was going to go down, other corrupt people would go down because he was not going to end up like a scapegoat sitting in a jail cell for a crime that he had nothing to do with.  Now you can ask me questions.

Q-Is he still alive?
A-I feel like he is living in a cave and the walls are made of mud.  I also think that when they burnt that house down, he was somehow underneath the house, like in a crawlspace or like a cellar of some kind, but he was under it.

Q-So did he burn up in the fire?
A-No I think he got burns, but they were minor, I do not think he got burned up, like he was in some of a dirt crawlspace when it got burned up.  It looks like he had some kind of a makeshift mask on, like burlap rags or I do not know, but something that he like put together himself.  And he made some sort of a nighttime escape from that fire.

Q-Did he kill the people he was accused of killing?
A-Actually I do not think he did...I think the people that were trying to set him up with the money laundering, had those people killed because they wanted him feared, and did not want people to help him, and they wanted him caught.  And even as I sit here and think about it, the end result for him is that they wanted him killed.  And if he would have been arrested for the money laundering, they would have set it up so that someone in prison would have killed him.

Q-Where is now?
A-Ah is what I am going to say.  He is in a cave and that is where he builds like all of his fires and he sleeps there so that he will not be seen.  It is kind of like a desert area around him and when I think about it, the image that I am getting is his face and he is shaking his head back and forth, like he does not want me to say too much.  And I know that sounds like a complete cop-out.  But I actually feel a little compassion for him, like someone really gave him a raw deal, and I know if he is found he will be killed and he knows that too.

Ok, I do not know what this means, but he is pointing to a big gold watch on his wrist, and it has one of those stretchy bands around it.  And I feel like that means something to someone and that needed to be said.  And he is thanking me for saying that.

Q-Was body found at the cabin?
A-I do not think they really did find one, I cannot see it.

Q-So you feel they made it up?
A-Yes, um..and the reason was that the people that he wrote about were sick of the media talking about it, they felt like they were being violated in some way because of the manifesto and just the constant talk about it every time you turned on the TV.  And they just wanted it to end and they were PISSED that they did not get him at that cabin.  And when they did  not get him, they faked his death to end the media news story, but there are like secret underground teams like looking for him.

Q-Was his manifesto manipulated at all.  Why would he not record it in a video.
A-It is like he is telling me that he does not know why he did not.  And he wished he had and he is shaking his head back and forth.  And there are multiple version out there, and his original that he really did, is probably almost impossible to find.  He has a gold cross that he is wearing on a necklace, and it is like he is just hanging onto that.

Q-Did he write the anti gun parts in his manifesto
A-Laugh....He...He has like two...a gun in one hand and a gun in the other hand and they are like the long guns and are AR's and he is sitting down and the butts of the guns are on the ground.  And he is looking up and he is like, no almost laughing as he is holding his guns.

Q-Where are you receiving your messages from if he is alive?
A-I feel I am just like somehow spiritually connected to he has higher level thinking and we are just somehow communicating back and forth.   Or maybe these are just his thoughts and feelings in the universe, I do not know.

Q-Is he planning a revenge, or on coming out of hiding to prove they lied about his death?
A-If he does, this is what he will do...he is going to go to another country, I feel like it is South America, and he will come forward there where he feels a little safer.  He is NEVER going to reveal himself in the United States.  And if and when he does move around here, people will never know.

Q-Does he have help?
A-I feel like he has connections in another country that he will use.

Q-Is there anything we can do to help his cause, or give a message to anyone for him?
A-I think that gold watch meant something, I really do.  Like he thanked me for mentioning it, like I HAD to say something about this gold watch.

Q-Is safe and unharmed?
A-Yeah, he just looks lonely...He misses his mom...that is it.

Q-Did he escape the cabin before they burnt it? Did they know that he had left?
A-No they thought he was there and they were wanting to get him.  I am going to try to pinpoint it.  I can see it was dark out and he crawled on his belly.  I am seeing a ton of smoke.  It is like that think black smoke.  And it was at that time he was able to get out.

Q-Did they intentionally set the fire.
A-Oh yeah they set it, they wanted him dead.

Q-So how would they cover up not having a real body?
A-They had some kind of John Doe body that they had, like some bum or something like that.  It was like some anonymous person that they found.  It was someone that was already dead.

Q-How were the people he supposedly murdered selected?  Why were they selected?
A-It was like people that were close to certain political figures but not the figure themselves.  Let me focus a little bit more...I do not know, I do not see anything more on that.

Q-I was curious if they were allies of his?
A-I got the phrase that they weren't YES men.

Q-Does Chris or you have anything else to communicate?
A-Hmm...I am seeing a blue looks like it is on his hand (the stone is blue), the stone is in the shape of a square, and it looks like it has gold stars on it.  And he is like kissing the top of the ring, and then he is blowing a kiss outward.  And that was it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its sad the people we have in "power" are so corrupt. I hope Chris is safe and leave this God forsaken country safely. Nowadays what is right is wrong; and what is wrong is right. We need a flush!

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that this particular clairvoyant has the courage to come out with statements like this, and yet others keep their mouths sealed. Douglas Cottrell, another clairvoyant of sorts, never fails to either praise the government, or remain silent on such matters, which proves he is either an agent of such forces, or at least bending to their will. I do not know what to think about the Dorner Event, but I hail this woman for her boldness and honesty. May Truth, and Truth alone, be our quest. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Truth is treason in an empire full of lies!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great reading!! I have been coming to your site since the Fall. Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, could you also shed some light and what happened on
"The Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident".
Much thank you.

Anonymous said...

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power.

Anonymous said...

I love the readings, very interesting and I am skeptical but the readings are exciting and better than most tv shows and movies

Anonymous said...

I too have felt the same about this case. I had a vision the first night of the manhunt that he would enter the home of a couple and almost win them over, but he is a bit like a porcupine.. he puts people on the defense with his unassuming almost jovial nature that people in todays world are too scared to entertain that the "bad guy" might actually be the good guy. People nowadays think there is something wrong with you if you are honest, innovative and willing to stand up for yourself and what is right. If you and I are right, I hope he finds peace. And justice.

Anonymous said...

Hope he would be safe and sound. GOD forbid others to hurt him since he uphold justice done toward the poor person.