Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Red Comet / Pan Starrs

8:00 PM
I've had a lot of questions regarding the coment and various events related to the comet that I've seen several times, so I decided to take some questions that I have received and group them all together for a nice large reading.. 

In one request, Malcolm said...  It seems to be the year of the comet with many strange things appearing throughout the year. Some claim a small solar system is passing through   ours and will cause disruptions. Others say wormwood, nibiru etc is coming. Are we  looking at an unusual event, celestial or otherwise that will severely impact our modern life? Or something that would cause extreme flooding of our coasts and massive relocating of populations?

I definitely see a red fireball of a comet   As soon as I read this question, I see it, and I immediately understood what was meant by a small solar system.  I can see the gravity of this comment attracting other bodies floating, almost like a magnet.  It looks to me that in space there are things that aren't really moving, but rather floating, like they are floating in a body of water.   These items, whether is be debris or rock, seem to really gravitate toward this comment, which gives the "appearance" of a mini solar system in tow, but really it look like random space debris in my mind. 

I still see an impact on our electrical devices.  Even though today is March 13th, and I always felt something about that time, and nothing radical has happened yet, in my gut something is to come soon.  I still feel it is more noticed during the day versus the night.  The comet is doing some kind of pull on us that makes us very vulnerable to to sun.  When I focus on the comet and what it will do.  I first see a cell phone, and then I immediately get an image out sun.  And the image of our sun is very bright, and white hot.  The sun looks so white, that I can't even see it as yellow.  

Now as I focus on the flooding, my mind jumps to a full moon.  I have always felt that the comet would effect our weather in ways that created tides rising, but not receding to their original spot.  Now, for the first time I am getting that the weather is an issue, but the gravity pull on our moon will effect the tides as well.  I still see flooding, more so on the east and west coasts of countries.. and it looks gradual and steady..

I see some people being severely effected and having to relocate  especially on the coasts.  I also see this as some kind of people are really looking at the sky.. I don't think the news is really going to give this comet justice, but somehow people just know, and keep looking up to try to see it.. To people not on shorelines, I see life as having major inconveniences until our gravity and magnetic shield are back to normal..  As soon as I said that..I started getting more things that will change.. I'm being told to remember the length of the day is not right- it will take a long time for that to be right again.  I'm also getting that there will be a lot of storms during this time, and I keep seeing a lot of swirls over the map- so they feel pretty intense and severe at times. The majority of storms looks like it centers around the Atlantic Ocean.  

I only know of two other forecasters that have talked about this coastal flooding-rising tide event that is supposed to happen sometime between April 1st & June 1st ..Can you comment on the work at or I believe as you said the Red Comet is the harbinger/warning of this great flooding also called GCE (global coastal event )

 do believe this comet is the indicator.. Like its' presence the the spark that starts all this because of how it interacts with Earth and the moon.  Now I want to glance at your website, and see what it is you are asking me about.

Without doing a ton of reading, I first think this is interesting   They deal with remote viewing and make it more scientific.  I feel the people doing the viewing are really in touch with something higher, and get some valid interpretations.  Things come to everyone differently   I also saw that they work on different timelines, etc. which I have experienced myself during my focus session readings.  

 I've been watching the images coming in of comet Pan-stars and I can't believe the size of the tail that is trailing.  I've even heard a couple sources claim there are two tails  and that the comet is exceeding expectations as far as how bright it is.  I have a thought that keeps coming up, and I wanted to ask you if maybe it is something that has come up for you.  Does it feel that maybe this comet, because it is the first time to our solar system, represents the return of the Christ consciousness or the second coming?   

I actually think this comet has been here before.. I see this elliptical path, and it looks like a very stretched elliptical where the center is very narrow.  So my first thought is that it has been here before, but hot for thousands of years.  Having said that, I do see a level of consciousness rising, like some kind of energy is being generated here on our earth plane.  I'm seeing a person's aura  and it looks very distorted, like its extra huge or something.  The image almost makes me think that something is tugging on our subconscious, and people that are working or are open to spiritual thinking or trying to evolve on a spiritual  are getting help.  Like this tugging at our inner self is guiding us to looking at things different, move objective, or with higher thought and reason.  The more I sit here thinking about this, I really feel that people working toward their spiritual growth will get if this was the time that ascension starts to really happen.  And I don't see ascension as immediate, and not even for everyone, but rather slow and steady inner growth with an end result of some kind of overwhelming understanding.

And that is all that I am seeing and feeling right now.  Thanks.  8:45 PM  Link to Audio

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C/2012 S1 (Comet Ison) - larger than listed comet below close to earth in 2013

C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) - 9 miles (15 km) to 31 miles (50 km) wide. ARound 2014 near Mars