Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gold, Silver, Cryptos and the Seven Year Cycle

Q. Hello Lynn, Here are the links to two articles that I thought were very good when written. I thought they would also be accurate as far as timing the gold market, and the dollar collapse. Could you please look at them, and see what caused them to fail. I use the 7 year cycle, and it didn't work as it should have in 2015 either. I would like your insights on the 7 year cycle as well.  Thank You

A.  The phrase I hear when we tune into this is "we are on borrowed time."  The seven year cycle is fairly accurate, but there is a lot of free will intervention skewing what would naturally play out.  

Two forms of inflation look to be at play.  We not only have an overproduction of currency diluting the dollar via multiple quantitative easing cycles, we have an increased cost of goods.  At one point Roman soldiers were paid a wage of once of silver for 10 days work (and that was a good life).  An ounce of silver is roughly $17 currently, which shows how grossly suppressed silver (and all precious metals) are.  

This "suppression" looks like an agenda being forced by the PTW (Powers That Were) and Central Banks.  The plan is to give the illusion of silver flooding the market (creating a surplus that doesn't exisit).  They schemed the idea to issue silver certificates "paper silver" to help perpetuate the illusion.  The PTW know that precious metals are where the wealth will be when paper currencies fail.  By flooding the market, they can drive the price down so they can buy up huge quantities of tangible gold and silver.  I can see visuals of enormous safes filled with gold and silver, riding this out as long as possible, until the dollar bubble pops.  

Other countries (I always see China) are also taking advantage of the suppressed valuation.  They are stockpiling precious metals and also working to get foreign trade in alternate forms aside from the dollar.  It is a matter of time before they can no longer keep it inflated, and Trump (because he is vested as a business man and also his ego) feels like he is trying to find a way to make the crash "gentler" (is the word I hear, if there is such a thing).  I see a valuation being accurate, or much more accurate, by the end of Trump's presidency. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Royal Wedding...

Q. I would love to know how the Reptilians weren't jumping out of their human skins during Bishop Michael Curry's Royal Wedding Address. It was about all they detest. I would love you to take a look of how that was even allowed to happen. I noticed Camilla hiding her laughter under her hat. I hope that couple will help change the world.
A.  When I tune into this, I get this was all scripted, and like it or not, it had to happen the way it did.  The Reptilians, in conjunction with the PTW (Powers That Were) set this union in motion (due to PR, political and familial reasons).  All details, all words, prayers and parts of the ceremony were planned to the detail.  Even the color of flowers she carried was a subtle acknowledgement to sacrifice (I get it was supposed to be white roses, which sends a stronger message, but they resisted). I see that Prince Harry has "some" say and freedom as his chance of getting to the throne is very slim (they don't take him as serious), but he does get influenced and his lineage does matter.  

Camilla realizes the "show" that had to occur, and that was the expression you witnessed.  I get several people in the audience had similar reactions, but they have little to no power over it, and to be secure in their place / position, they had to allow it to play out. 

I can't see that they will change the world in a huge way, but the monarchy does look to be shifting.  When the Queen steps down, the upcoming leaders of the monarchy feel to be much softer.  The Queen feels very connected to the Reptilians and PTW through interactions, mental telepathy and mind control activities.  I don't see the future of the royalty being as intense due to the PTW growing weaker and their inability to control.  The future monarchy also has a dilution to it (this feels like a recent surge), which makes the future generations stronger and less open to mental control.    

Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Detective: NEXT #5

by Lynn and Dada

Welcome to Life Detective NEXT #5, where Lynn looks primarily at the dominant *future* life (or existing life if they’re alive now) of various people. As usual, Lynn’s words appear “in quotes,” and my questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

1. The Dalai Lama: “It came to me that he will lead some kind of peace/green-energy community. Specifically, I see him in Arizona (Grand Canyon area…?), and he forms this community where the streets and buildings are based around a sacred geometry shape (imagine an intricate crop circle, but instead of crops it is roads, homes and a wind turbine in the middle). The aerial view is very intricate and beautiful.”

[Is this 3d (3rd density) or 4d earth? And does he have any repercussions for pretending to be the Dalai Lama this lifetime? (Psst, he’s not really the DL. Lynn and I discovered this some time ago.)]

"Great question and I guess I didn't consider that I need to focus on what density these people will be in. I want to say he will be 4D and I don't see any repercussions in that life. He feels pretty genuine and does look to work in the greater good (maybe that in itself is the lesson). He has a really humble vibe to him."

2. Edison: "This is kinda cool. In Edison’s last life, there was a rivalry with Nikola Tesla, but Edison was still ahead of his time [Tesla was a scientist and inventor, Edison was an inventor]. When he comes back, he’s still going to be an inventor. I get he’s going to be an instrumental part in a perpetual motion machine that will really work, and be completely void of friction. He won’t be back till around 2100.”

[3d or 4d?]


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Longyou Caves, Ergaki Nature Reserve, Erdstall Tunnels, Jonathan Adampants and Project Horizon

Q. Longyou Caves, China
One of the most mysterious cave systems ever found in recent times (1992) whose origin and construction is a complete and utter mystery.
Who built them, when, how and for what purpose?
A.  I get this cave system was built by an ancient Chinese civilization a few thousand years ago.  It looks as though there were leaders fighting and battling over land and power.  The Dynasty (Haun/Han/Hand??) had dominant control, but many underdogs were emerging planning a takeover.  

The threats were real, and many people would set their sights on China, so maintaining control was just as difficult as taking control.  As tensions would rise, and smaller battles occurred on the outlying edges, the current leader decided he needed to have a place for him, other Dynasty leaders and some key military members to retreat.  He wanted a place to ensure his legacy would be passed on, and his lineage would survive.  

He laid out a plan, and began to work on this day and night.  It was very important to him, and this was built to honor the Dynasty he created.  I see earth being carried out by the bucket fulls (feels like there are mounds or an embankment nearby??) and dumped.  I see some people did live there, and it became a fully functioning location.  People lived there for decades until it flooded, at which time people fled the area.

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Age Spirituality and Paul Simon / John of God

Q. Hi Lynn,

There are so many testimonial videos on YouTube (in the link above) of people "converting" from New Age Spirituality to Christianity, and many of those people claim things such as Yoga is demonic, Spirit Guides are demons, and New Age movement in general is demonic. Also, some people claim that the New Age movement is a NWO / Illuminati deception. What do you see is going on with the New Age movement and is there is any deception involved in it? 

Thank you. I will really appreciate it. Seeing a bunch of those videos got me kind of confused about the New Age movement now.
A.  When I tune into this, the first thing I hear (really clear and loud) is that this is complete propaganda because spirituality threatens some forms of religion, specifically the church.  It is possible to have a beautiful balance and harmony between religion and spirituality, but a religion or church that wants to have complete control doesn't want to compete.  

Some religions use fear as a way to control.  There are people that are scared of the after life, and one of the best ways the get control is to evoke fear, especially fear of the unknown.  We are to have an all forgiving God (or Source, Universe, Consciousness, etc) which is true, but some churches make you fear Him if you do something he doesn't approve of.  They want you to think all you need is faith, and you are helpless to the results.  

Spirituality puts the control and empowerment back onto you.  You have the power to create and manifest your destiny.  Not all things will make sense, but the Universe knows what needs to happen for you to learn, grow and expand.  

Yoga is NOT demonic.  It is relaxing, balancing and helps you to connect to your higher self.  Your Guides are beautiful spiritual beings sent here to help you on your path, and have nothing but love for you..  

Friday, May 18, 2018

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Curious Questions about Atlantis

Q. I thought we could try and do a nice post about Atlantis. Many people know the basic story, especially the end part where the island goes bye bye, but the origins of its civilization remains a mystery. There’s still so much we don’t know about that place and it's people. Maybe the other readers would like to learn more about it. 

According to Plato, Atlantis had been a powerful empire located to the west of the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ (what we now call the Straight of Gibraltar) on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The nation there had been established by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Poseidon fathered five sets of twins on the island. The firstborn, Atlas, had the continent and the surrounding ocean named for him. Poseidon divided the land into ten sections, each to be ruled by a son, or his heirs. 

The capital city of Atlantis was a marvel of architecture and engineering. The city was composed of a series of concentric walls and canals. At the very center was a hill, and on top of the hill a temple to Poseidon. Inside was a gold statue of the god of the Sea showing him driving six winged horses. 

About 9000 years before the time of Plato, after the people of Atlantis became corrupt and greedy, the gods decided to destroy them. As we all know, the Greek gods were probably ETs. So, where did the Atlanteans originally come from? 

For example, what race were they? Nordic, Pleiades? Or better yet—are they connected to the ancient builder race? (I don’t know the proper name for that one- Elohim?) 

When the flood happened did they go underground and become what we know as Agartheans / Terra Nordic’s (or did they go somewhere else?)

Some theories say they are us from the future.. like a time loop. What a trip! 
A. When I tune into Atlantis, the people, and the place,  I am shown that these people were a hybrid form of Pleiadian and human.  I see that this island was first inhabited by humans, and when the Pleiadians came to earth, the humans welcomed, honored and worshiped the "Gods from the Heavens."  As time went on, some Pleiadians stayed (because they loved the oasis and opportunity that earth provided), and others left.  The ETs that stayed started to breed with the humans, and there were emotions of genuine love forming.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

All About Earth 3D and 4D

Rock Formation Compared to Tree Stumps
Q. There is a mind expanding video “There are no forests on Flat Earth” that I don’t really know how I came across or what made me watch it, but there are no coincidences, right? It is haunting in many ways and I knew I had to send it to you. It is long but well worth the time as I think it unlocks some mysteries that many may have never contemplated. Maybe it will resonate, but at a minimum will probably stay with you as it is hard to “unsee.”. The second link has a person’s cliff notes which is good too - but watching the original video is really amazing. I am hoping that you will comment on it if you have the chance to watch it. All the best and thank you for your service to share your intuition.
A.  This is very interesting and mind expanding.  I do see a time in which Giants lived on earth.  As I watched and read through this, it does resonate with me that these giant rock formations found all over the world could be petrified tree stumps (and lots of other things were covered as well, but that stood out to me the most). 

It does feel like lots of propaganda is out there trying to keep us from knowing the truth behind our history.  I get that teaching us only the version of truth (which in itself isn't the whole truth) is how we have been controlled for so long.  Within our subconscious there is a truth that wants to be discovered, and that is why so many are opening up and questioning this.  The PTW (Powers That Were) realize this, and try to flood the media and internet with opposing information to keep us confused (and their secrets hidden).  Trust your gut, and when you want to find truth it really will flood you. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Special Delivery - Zen and the Art of Little House Travelling

[The following was shared with me and I was told I could share it with you.  Thank you Ann for sharing this beautiful story.  I hope you also enjoy.]

by:  Ann

This post is a bit of departure from my travel and Egg stories so I hope you will bear with me.

Yesterday, I went to our tiny local post office and there being a que, I waited outside in the little vestibule. The woman ahead of me, motioned me in, saying we’d move the line into the opposite corner. I thanked her and made small talk about window of sun we were enjoying in a day of rain. I mentioned I was there to pick up vacation mail, that we were just returning from camping in Minnesota. She told me her Grandkids lived up there and I smiled and told her I hoped they were enjoying the beautiful Fall colors and were ready for that night’s freeze warning.

She nodded, politely, and that was the end of our conversation as she went to fill out paperwork and I up to claim my mail. Here, you have to know a little back story on the postal clerk. She is a small woman, she has the air of forlorn attractiveness and is small in stature–probably in her mid fifties. For all the years I have gone to that Branch I have known her to be a little surly but good at her job. Each time I meet her, I work to try and make her smile but I have rarely been successful.

Enter yesterday. Remember the lady who had been ahead of me in line? Well, I am facing forward at the desk and I sense an energy shift in the room. The woman from line now seems to be lit from within and she crosses the room to whisper the words: “She needs to be told she is loved.” I laughed with the words; “I think we should all say that to each other every day.” She nodded as she turned away and the light faded. It was as if she had never said a thing to me. A doorway had closed. She had no idea that she had even spoken to me.

Today, after speaking with a friend about this angel encounter, I went to the local bakery and told the owners of my unusual experience and asked for help picking out some cookies (they laughed, knowing just which clerk I was speaking about). I picked up some lemon cookies but the bakers thought gooey butter cookies were a better choice.

So, after buying the cookies, I said a little prayer that the Post Office would be empty and the clerk at work (because, let’s face it, it’s a little kooky to walk up to a clerk and tell them you love them so I needed a little space to get the words out).

Well, There were no other customers. I walked up to the counter and said; “I was told you needed to hear the words “I love you.” And in the inimitable way a middle aged black woman can, she said; “Unnnnmmm hun”. (Clearly thinking I was some kind of lunatic). Persevering, I lifted my sunglasses to look her in the eyes and continued with; “I am here to say the words “I love You” and I am not the only one. There are angels right behind me waiting to help you. All you need to do is ask. So, if you were asking for a sign, this is it.” I smiled at her and I was turning to leave as she looked in the bakery bag and gasped. In a long excellation, she whispered; ” Gooey Butter cookies.” And I could see tears as the doors closed behind me. I will probably never know why the gooey butter cookies were important but it just goes to show many hands work in every miracle.

So, I am left hearing the words of Shakespeare in my head:

The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

And this my friends, is a true and unvarnished encounter with an angel. God truly does work in mysterious ways. Let’s just all try to shine a little brighter for our neighbors whether angels intervene or not. Peace out.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

US Trade War with China

Q. Hi Lynn,  Recently Mr. Trump declared commercial war on China! As Mr. Wolf (an economist who writes for the Financial Times) puts it: the USA is trying to impose to China a type of disadvantage agreement of the same type the far east country had to sign with the UK during the 19th century. Will Mr. Trump succeed?  And, will this measure bring back jobs to his country? Thanks!! 

(link to the whole article

A.  When I tune into this, I do see he will succeed.  There looks to be a much larger plan in play.  Up until now there has been unfair trade between the US and China, and he is working to make it more equal.  I see the media as trying to vilify anything Trump does, whether it be good or bad, and even though the ultimate result will be good for the US, the media (who is backed by the PTW / Powers That Were) are trying to impress upon the people this is bad.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Suicide, Death and Mind Control

Q. There are so many suicides in the world. I'm wondering if a lot of people plan to leave this place via suicide before they're born. (Boadica, Cleopatra, and all the obscure entities we don't know.) Sometimes they work, sometimes the suicide attempt fails; so I assume you aren't going anywhere until your contract is up.
A. As I tune into this, yes, that is true.  I get that when you decide to incarnate, you have agreed that part of your life path is to live a shorter (or abbreviated in some way) life.  Though lessons, experience, opportunity and to an extent free will, their path left them feeling that suicide was the only way out, fulfilling their pre-incarnation contract. 

Q. If there is no time, now is eternal, and eternity is now (since on the other side you can access any nanosecond in history); is every step we take predestined, with different states of consciousness always inhabiting the 'same' body, so the only thing that changes is the attitude of what ever state of consciousness is inhabiting that body?

A.  That is true that in the spirit plane the past, present and future all coincide.  It is important to know that several time lines run in parallel, so as choices, influence and free will lead you in different directions, you are still walking on one of the many predestined paths.  All paths are correct, and will provide opportunities to learn and grow through experience.  We have been and will be all things, so the lives we live are limitless.   

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Event.. 3D, 4D, 5D. What Does It All Mean?

Q.  Trying to conceptualize comparing our 3D existence to a 4D or 5D reality can be overwhelming and confusing.  I'm often asked about The Event, ascension and the different dimensions that are around us.  I thought I would try to break this down to the best of my ability based on what I am able to intuitively "see."

A.  Our 3D reality is what you see and feel around you every day.  This reality runs on a linear timeline consisting of births and deaths, and repeating the process in cycles.  Even throughout a person's life they experience mini births and deaths (could be children moving out to the birth of grand-parenthood).    Every chapter of life is a death of something, and a birth of something else.  Some lessons and expansions of experience can only occur in this linear scale, and we are put here time and time again until those lessons are mastered.  

This 3D plane looks and feels like a balance of being very primal (surviving) to being spiritually awakened. There is a huge range of vibrations in this density, from very low vibe 3D to very high vibrational 3D beings that are within the ascension process.  I see this wide range of vibrations providing an opportunity for many beings to incarnate here to re-balance karma, learn, heal, teach and heal.  There are a wide range of lessons to learn in this reality.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Random Questions for Friday

Q.  People in Lemuria were known for telepathic powers and high spirituality. Did the Lemurians really have the "purest" DNA with 12 strands?

A.  When I focus on this, I get that they were able to access areas of the brain that opened them up to telepathic abilities.  This was capable because they did have access to the full strands of their DNA.  Our spiritual systems look to run in parallel to our nervous system, so closely parallel that sensations and messages can cross over to allow us to sense things through our own physical being (heightening our own five senses).  An increased ability to use parts of the brain (the center of the nervous system) heightened their spiritual gift of telepathy experience within the 3D body. 

Q. Humans have 2 (with 10 "junk" DNA strands). What are we actually missing? Can we do something to activate / awaken our other strands (meditation or ET intervention, for example), or at least the DNA of our future kids? Is our DNA changing? If yes, how and what are the effects?
A. I see these "junk" strands are activated in the higher densities.  They do serve a purpose, but not in our 3D reality.  When vibrations raise, and we are able to ascend to the 4D earth, these strands will be functional.  In 4D we are still human, and have a physical presence, but our sensitivities increase and are psychically advanced.  The additional DNA resource allows the physical self to exist in the higher vibration without frying our neurological system with enhanced activity and gifts of sensitivity.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Peace in the Future: North and South Korea AND The Current Shift

Q. I might've sorta been late with the news, but are we really shifting to a better timeline? North and South Korea are officially declaring an end to their war. When I heard the news, I was really exhilarated to think it happened so soon! It felt like "finally we're heading to a better direction!" Also QAnon mentioned this a month before it happened.
A. We are shifting to a better timeline.  The collective conscious is rising, and that will bring about positive change.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are being defeated, and and unexpected partnerships and alliances are being made. Many countries are realizing that war doesn't make things better, and smaller (stronger) countries are banding together to pull their resources.  

QAnon does feel like a legitimate source.  I do hear that the PTW feel somewhat threatened by him, and are working at putting out impostor posts to obfuscate the truth while they work at some kind of MK Ultra mind control attacks on him.  For now his information looks to be most accurate (but always listen to your gut and run it through your intuitive filter).