Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Peace in the Future: North and South Korea AND The Current Shift

Q. I might've sorta been late with the news, but are we really shifting to a better timeline? North and South Korea are officially declaring an end to their war. When I heard the news, I was really exhilarated to think it happened so soon! It felt like "finally we're heading to a better direction!" Also QAnon mentioned this a month before it happened.
A. We are shifting to a better timeline.  The collective conscious is rising, and that will bring about positive change.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are being defeated, and and unexpected partnerships and alliances are being made. Many countries are realizing that war doesn't make things better, and smaller (stronger) countries are banding together to pull their resources.  

QAnon does feel like a legitimate source.  I do hear that the PTW feel somewhat threatened by him, and are working at putting out impostor posts to obfuscate the truth while they work at some kind of MK Ultra mind control attacks on him.  For now his information looks to be most accurate (but always listen to your gut and run it through your intuitive filter).  

Q. I really wish to know from your readings when China and Taiwan may reunite peacefully as one unified people just as North and South Korea are being unified.
A.  I see eventually one day they will reunite, but in the short term they feel as though they have too many issues and won't be able to reach a compromise.  They feel like two bull headed entities that want to each maintain a certain level of independence rather than work together.  It will take a confrontation (some kind of battle) that looks to end quickly, and then they come together.  In time this looks to eventually work out between them.  

Q. Why are so many politicians in so many countries corrupt? Seems global, and when we think we are voting in someone with good intentions, they get power and ALL seem to get corrupt? Is it going to change any day?
A.  It does look like it is changing.  It used to be that regardless of who got into a leadership role (some are sculpted by the PTW and some are poached), the PTW try to get control.  Some people with good intentions try to resist it, so the PTW use other tactics such as fear or bribery to get control through the elected leader.  

Even though the PTW are working overtime to try to keep what power they have left, more and more leaders are starting to stand up.  Typically those leaders become vilified by the media (and some don't have the best ethics), which gives the PTW a motive to go to war, take control of the country, set up central banks and create a government that the PTW want there.  More and more leaders look to see this for what it is and are standing up against this.  These leaders also look like they are starting to work together to take down these PTW and the Deep State.  

Q.  Is the world population still going up, and if so; for how much longer?

A.  I do see it is still going up, but looks to level out within the new few years (and maybe even decline).  People in more developed countries look like they are having less and less children.  This looks due to waiting until they are older to have children (less fertile years) and increased infertility problems due to increased toxin in food, water and air.  

Q. Will there be anything left of the USA as we know it by 2025?
A. I hear a definite "Yes."  I get that we are in a shift, but people are waking up, and I see some kind of revolt in a good way.  As the alt-left continues to speak out regarding their perceived social injustices, the silent majority will grow.  I see the tipping point occurring when the real threat (not just talk and social protests) of losing rights become very real.  The majority will step up and bring the country back to the vision the founding fathers had.  


Q. Lynn, I still can’t grasp if there really is no separation or death as spirits, why would us souls want to come to a 3-D world where they have separation due to death, especially after experiencing it one time. Who in their right mind would sign up for that again? I can’t help but feel tricked somehow.
A.  I get it is because some lessons need to occur on a linear time line.  There has to be a birth, growth and a definite ending.  There is a tangible wisdom and experience in the living 3D that cannot happen when you are in spirit.  In spirit you may witness, observe and learn, but it is different from the understanding you gain through living it.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Serene said...
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Serene said...
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Serene said...

When we are in Spirit drawing up our contracts for a future incarnation, everything is wonderful and great...we think, "Oh I can handle it..." but then we get down here and wonder if we weren't insane to agree to go through certain things. We can read or hear about certain experiences, but it never really matches the experience of going through it.

(This was my original comment but I didn't realize my arms was on the return button and I took up way too much space ha ha!)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Folks, pls note that you will now need to be more specific in your future questions, since Lynn is now seeing both 3D AND 4D earth. Some "realities" won't map to both. (For example, on the 3D earth, Madonna goes back to waitressing, while on the 4D earth she vanishes into a black hole.)

Beloved Shingstar said...

Wow! I love this reading! It really gave me a lot of hope for the future. I have to admit there’s been a lot of gloom on the media and Facebook, which I know is the ptws doing.. There were times when I was even starting to doubt if we were still shifting towards a good timeline. I tried my best to maintain an optimistic attitude through it all.. this reading will definitely help with that.

@dada that blew my mind. Wish I could be psychic like that. I really admire Lynn’s skills for sure.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Great reading as always Lynn, thanks for the work which you really do. It is heartening to know that power that once were are on their last leg. Liberation of Humanity is near. God Bless Q-Anon, really admire the work which he is doing. Guys kindly check the following for Q

1) This guy I am Because We Are releases all upto date Q post in downloadable PDF format. The Latest being April 25, 2018. (His Twitter Account)

2) Q Post

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Serene: So true. :-)

@Dada: LOL. You always make me smile. :-)

@Beloved Shingstar: I do feel optimistic. Even with these current times, I do see great things to come.

Neeraj: Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate it!

Christina Gould said...

Q is definitely the real deal. Trump has confirmed this a number of times. However, Q is not one person. He's a team of patriots in the Pentagon/White House. This info comes from Alex Jones and Dr. Jerome Corsi, who both say they got their intel from classified sources, separately.

MediumBrian said...

Seperation is an illusion. i would refer you to dissapearance of the universe books.

AKKL said...

Is there anyway to tell which timeline you’re headed for?

Domestic Goddess said...

I tried to access the but there a screen popup asking if i want to win an iPhone 7. Then i am redirected to Google Membership Rewards. Seems PTW and Google don't want people accessing his site.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Pleasure is all mine Lynn.

@Domestic Goddess

Try to open the link in Firefox. It is working fine for me. You me check the below mention link as well:-

Guys Bookmark the following website

You guys may subscribe Lori Colley Youtube Channel:-

Mr. Yang said...

I felt exactly the same - that we are heading towards a better world - better everything - it is amazing. Thanks Lynn for your work - YOU are such a positive force for so many of us!

Christina Gould said...

I don't hear a lot of talk specifically about this, but it is compatible with everything that "awake" people are experiencing and predicting about the ascension process we are experiencing.

We have officially moved into the age of Aquarius, after being in the age of Pisces for approximately 2,000 years. The shift occurred officially around 2012. In the age of Aquarius, according to astrologers, people will be born with more and more psychic powers as time goes on.

It takes about 500 years to transition fully to a new astrological age. The Piscean age began around the time of Jesus, reached a 1,000 year (approx) golden age, and declined for about 500 years. We are currently ascending to the golden age of Aquarius, but it will be a 500 year process, give or take a few decades.

For those of us who grew up in the Christian church, with regard to Jesus's promise to return in the "end times", do know that in esoteric astrology circles, it is believed that God sends a messiah ("Christ") at the beginning of each new age, to teach the people how to live optimally in the new age. Now that you know this, it's an interesting exercise to re-read Jesus's speeches and promises to return with an eye toward the "end times" of the Piscean age, rather than the end of the world. In fact, I know a psychic who claims that Jesus has been reborn (although that is not his current name). He is supposedly a young man/boy currently living in Lebanon. If this is true, we will probably not hear of his life or teachings until a few hundred years after he is gone, if it goes anything like the last astrological age.

Zoe Su said...

To the person that wondered about the unification of China and Taiwan, I have a few curious questions:
1. Do you think unification is the way to go for China and Taiwan?
2. What makes you think that Taiwan would want to unify with China? Is that what you think would be best for Taiwan?
Obviously China wants to claim Taiwan as their own, for purposes of ego(in my own biased opinion), but any other opinions and thoughts are welcome.

This is rather interesting to me as a Taiwanese national. A different perspective would prove interesting to me, so I'm open to hear your opinion and thoughts.


Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

I also want to know, how do you know if you are headed for a 4D earth?