Friday, May 4, 2018

Random Questions for Friday

Q.  People in Lemuria were known for telepathic powers and high spirituality. Did the Lemurians really have the "purest" DNA with 12 strands?

A.  When I focus on this, I get that they were able to access areas of the brain that opened them up to telepathic abilities.  This was capable because they did have access to the full strands of their DNA.  Our spiritual systems look to run in parallel to our nervous system, so closely parallel that sensations and messages can cross over to allow us to sense things through our own physical being (heightening our own five senses).  An increased ability to use parts of the brain (the center of the nervous system) heightened their spiritual gift of telepathy experience within the 3D body. 

Q. Humans have 2 (with 10 "junk" DNA strands). What are we actually missing? Can we do something to activate / awaken our other strands (meditation or ET intervention, for example), or at least the DNA of our future kids? Is our DNA changing? If yes, how and what are the effects?
A. I see these "junk" strands are activated in the higher densities.  They do serve a purpose, but not in our 3D reality.  When vibrations raise, and we are able to ascend to the 4D earth, these strands will be functional.  In 4D we are still human, and have a physical presence, but our sensitivities increase and are psychically advanced.  The additional DNA resource allows the physical self to exist in the higher vibration without frying our neurological system with enhanced activity and gifts of sensitivity.  

Q. What can you say about those companies conducting DNA tests to determine your ancestry? Are they accurate? I was wondering because with all the migration, intercultural marriages, and rewriting of history, we don't even know where a certain ethnic group really came from.
A.  I get they are accurate because they go back to the root of history (ie when Germans are from Germany or Swedes are from Sweden).  IF your family was from Africa and migrated to England and then to America, the result would show African decent rather than England.  These tests go back to the origin, and not to where people shifted to over time.   I hear it "goes to the root and not the branches."

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Various Locations:
Q. What is inside the NORAD Combat Operations Center, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, and U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) in Colorado?
A.  I get these are MAJOR military bases designed to withstand various catastrophic events (earthquake, flooding, solar flares, EMP and other attacks).  In the event of an apocalyptic event, this is where many world leaders (that have paid their dues) would be taken and used to jump start things again.  IF you were allowed to tour the whole facility you would see tunnel systems in and out that have the ability to be shut and locked (looks like huge concrete doors are able to close).  You would also see housing (some luxury).  It is truly set up to withstand tragic events while allowing people to live in comfort while the dust settles. 

Q. Why does the Vatican have very big doors and a big throne, as though they are not meant for humans?
A.  This was interesting.  As soon as I posed that question, I heard an immediate "The throne was designed to house the ego of what it represents and not the person."  It looks as though it was designed large to impress upon the people this grand feeling of what it stood for.  It evokes an illusion of grandness.

Q. What's with the series of earthquakes last January 2018?

A.  I get the earth has been blasted with CME after CME, and the earth needed to expel some energy.  In this area, I see there was a tectonic plate that shifted when a burst of energy was released.  It took time for things to settle, so the shifting and subsequent movements created further disturbances.  

And that is all I have.  Happy Friday!  Love and light- Lynn

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Robert Schoen said...

The few thousand years of "Western Civilization" plus the Sumerians and other races and cultures that existed before are just a drop in the bucket in the large scheme of things. Just look how divided and stupid we are still acting. You wouldn't WANT a lot of these idiots to have their full faculties or they'd really blow the place up. Things happen when the time is right and we are living proof that we're just a few steps up on the evolution chain from the cavemen. (not that I believe in Darwin's evolution, please, I'm more a DEVO man)

Beloved Shingstar said...

will we have a different look in the 4d earth? I know we’ve worn many different faces throughout our past lives..... I just wonder what it will be in the 4d ��

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Beloved: I plan on doing a reading explaining the 3D and 4D split. :-) Give me a few days.

Happy Friday everyone (it finally feels like summer where I live)!

Karoline said...

Hi Lynn. Lovely reading! Perhaps you can give an insight to this Live DNA activation. I once had it done, and she used a crystal quartz wand. It took up two hours, plus some emotional cord cutting. I wonder if this is even real? Does it work? Did it do any good on me? Here is the site of the services she offers. Indeed she was very nice and calming. I just wonder if some of those services are beneficial since they are costly. Do you feel the center is legit? Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gift.

A Man Called Da-da said...

We'll also be able to eat ten pounds of fudge and not get fat.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Or in Lynn's case... CINNABONS!

Patrick said...

Thanks as always for your accurate insights and predictions.
Really looking forward to your reading on 3D and 4D split.
This 4D concept is so ambiguous......

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@karoline: You do have to be cautious of costly services. There most definitely is a value in using someones time or wisdom, so I understand the cost, BUT be cautious if it is TOO much (and you have to determine what is too much for you, should not be thousands of dollars, and definitely not a payment plan). There are people that will prey on fears, and I've seen people get caught up in it (and it really breaks my heart). Most times, whether is is clearing negativity, entities or enhancing your own gifts, the real work is what YOU do. Others may help give advice or strengthen the intent, but it is your effort and belief that makes it happen. YOU create your reality and YOUR experience.

@Dada: You know me! Cinnamon rolls all the way. In the 3D I need to refrain though (darn it). LOL

Thanks for the comments!

Bee E-lightened said...

Lolololol....or shouldbe purer there

Buddhist Lady said...

I, too, am looking forward to your reading on the 3D/4D split. The more info we can get, the better! Thank you!!

Raymond said...

When people have accidents and suddenly re-waken with psychic abilities, why does that happen?
Is it a change in their DNA, is it a shock to their body that changes something in the amygdala or their pineal gland ? Or is something awakened between their Mind and the astral plane?

Will there ever be a time when we go to the hospital and get 'zapped' with an electrode to awaken us to higher levels, it would be more interesting than Botox.

Thanks Lynn and Da-da.

wendy tascione said...

Lynn did u notice tge reptillian side to tgat vatican thrown statue?