Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gold, Silver, Cryptos and the Seven Year Cycle

Q. Hello Lynn, Here are the links to two articles that I thought were very good when written. I thought they would also be accurate as far as timing the gold market, and the dollar collapse. Could you please look at them, and see what caused them to fail. I use the 7 year cycle, and it didn't work as it should have in 2015 either. I would like your insights on the 7 year cycle as well.  Thank You

A.  The phrase I hear when we tune into this is "we are on borrowed time."  The seven year cycle is fairly accurate, but there is a lot of free will intervention skewing what would naturally play out.  

Two forms of inflation look to be at play.  We not only have an overproduction of currency diluting the dollar via multiple quantitative easing cycles, we have an increased cost of goods.  At one point Roman soldiers were paid a wage of once of silver for 10 days work (and that was a good life).  An ounce of silver is roughly $17 currently, which shows how grossly suppressed silver (and all precious metals) are.  

This "suppression" looks like an agenda being forced by the PTW (Powers That Were) and Central Banks.  The plan is to give the illusion of silver flooding the market (creating a surplus that doesn't exisit).  They schemed the idea to issue silver certificates "paper silver" to help perpetuate the illusion.  The PTW know that precious metals are where the wealth will be when paper currencies fail.  By flooding the market, they can drive the price down so they can buy up huge quantities of tangible gold and silver.  I can see visuals of enormous safes filled with gold and silver, riding this out as long as possible, until the dollar bubble pops.  

Other countries (I always see China) are also taking advantage of the suppressed valuation.  They are stockpiling precious metals and also working to get foreign trade in alternate forms aside from the dollar.  It is a matter of time before they can no longer keep it inflated, and Trump (because he is vested as a business man and also his ego) feels like he is trying to find a way to make the crash "gentler" (is the word I hear, if there is such a thing).  I see a valuation being accurate, or much more accurate, by the end of Trump's presidency. 

Q. Hello Lynn, Please look into this and tell us if it will be accurate. The 1988 economist magazine predicted crypto currencies would be on fire in 2018.

A.  Cryptos are popular and doing well in 2018.  I see them being out there getting people used to them, and also developing trust in the block chain technology.  By the end of 2018 I get there were be a more widely accepted crypto currency (one of the PTWs tactics of  control because it will be traceable and taxable), and the others will be difficult to use or exchange .  It is true their will be one dominant crypto emerge, and it looks to happen this year.  It will be backed by silver/gold, and structured in a way that each transaction can be viewed and taxes allocated per transaction.  Watch for this world currency to emerge.  It will be strong and encouraged. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Neeraj Chadha said...


Thanks for another great reading. What role "THE EVENT" will play in all of this?

Big things are about to go down as far as draining the swarm or dark forces are concern according to Qanon. How will this effect the currency reset or financial reset?

siketa said...

Hi! Do you see GCR/RV happening anytime soon?

Craig said...

Since Bitcoin is the most mainstream of the alt coins, how will the rollout of the new metal backed currency affect it? Will this new currency have the effect of stopping any major investing in the other alt coins? Or just cripple them to the point where there is little or no interest in them? I hear Bitcoin is being infiltrated and influenced to keep a lid on it.

Raymond said...

Do you have any idea who will be issuing the gold backed crypto coin?
China and Russia have been stockpiling gold and silver for several years.
Will it be someone else such as Switzerland?
Someone that will inspire confidence in the investment?

If this new currency emerges dominant over the others, does it mean that others will drop from circulation?

Thanks for your blog Lynn!

Asteria Do said...

Dear Lynn,
Now the "IMMO" gold-back crypto (probably the one you were predicting about), created by the Rothchilds, has been slowly coming out.
Can you please have a look into this (perhaps in the comment session or in a future post? Should we follow the trend and move with our portfolio or should we stop "feeding the beast" and stay away from this "gold-backed" crypto?

Robert Schoen said...

Obviously some people dig these readings on currencies and the specualtive manipulations but to me it seems like a dark topic. Traders posing these questions are somewhat akin to those asking Lynn for the winning powerball numbers. Ugh!!

Asteria Do said...

@Robert Schoen: Why is it a "dark topic"? Because it is related to money and how people make their own money in trading? Money is in fact also energy. It is neutral as all is. It is how you use the money you earn that make it "good" or "bad" to you, or others. Thanks for voicing out your opinion, but other people not following the same path as yours, does not mean that they get lost.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Neeraj: Some kind of barter, trade or currency is always necessary, but in the 4D I don't see it being such a focus. I don't see us having these types of worries or concerns.

@siketa: I get by the end of Trump's term..

@Craig: I just see it being so difficult to use other currencies (has some level of limitations, as is convoluted), people will see this new currency as the way to go.

@Raymond: I see this being a world currency (IMF or something like that), and China will be the backer and administrator for it. China has been planning for this for a while now.

@Asteria: Thanks for sharing this. I will look into it.

Thank you for all the comments!

Hope said...
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Hope said...


If Rothchilds (PWT) wants to have control over the new world currency, why would it allow China to be the administrator for it? Ain't they not afraid that China will become too powerful to be threatened by sanctions. Not only is China rich in solid gold, it has put claim to many natural resources across continents.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Hope: Who they partner with doesn't really matter as long as they can control them and evoke fear..

Neeraj Chadha said...


what is the future of ptw, will they be around at the time of issue of new currency?
They are been exposed more & more of who they really are. Thanks.

Robert Schoen said...

@Asteria Do, I wrote a long response yesterday then deleted it, but if you choose to make a living dealing in currency exchange, your winnings are directly links to the devalued currencies in other countries that make the "earning" of a living harder for millions. Look at poor Venezuela or Italy for that matter. The market is enough of a casino game without getting a leg up from psychic help, a gift better used to seek answers to things that really matter in the bigger scheme of things.

Asteria Do said...

@Robert Schoen: Thank you for writing responses to me, twice. I hadn't read the first one before you deleted it though.
How I look at all things including trading is we All come here with choices and freewill to experience things at different times. I am currently living and a citizen of one of the two countries - with one of these being a poor developing country. How I and the people of these poor countries choose to experience life are up to each of us. Being 'rich' or 'poor', 'loosing' or 'winning' in life truly comes from within. What you see in the physical plane or should I say, the "surface" are just there to enhance the fact that is already there inside each of us. So whether I'm 'rich' or 'poor', 'loosing' or 'winning', for the matter of all those labels, it comes from within me and has nothing to do with anybody else.
Whether some form of 'gift' could be used in certain areas or activities in life depends, again, on how you look at things and label them. Perhaps you would like to look at certain things at 'higher' or 'deeper' and consider them worth our intuition and psychic power. Perhaps at times you would look at All things as equal and as they bringing meaning and experience to us on this planet equal ways.
Of course, our true guidance comes from within each of us. That does not mean that we should not seek another perspective for consultation purpose from another source or person (Lynn, for example).

I appreciate your caring perspective. Thank you for sharing it with me and us all.

serious one said...

@Robert Schoen: Everyone doesn't view this issue the same as you do. I had my own ideas, and wondered if what Lynn saw was the same. As far as timing goes Lynn may or may not be correct, but I haven't seen anyone with the ability to time the markets yet. Again I agreed with her however that free will is what is ruling the markets at this time, and not the natural forces. This isn't about using Lynn for a winning lottery ticket, but as confirmation of my own research only. If her response would have been different it would give me another way to view what is happening in this market, and the reasons for doing so.