Wednesday, May 23, 2018

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Longyou Caves, Ergaki Nature Reserve, Erdstall Tunnels, Jonathan Adampants and Project Horizon

Q. Longyou Caves, China
One of the most mysterious cave systems ever found in recent times (1992) whose origin and construction is a complete and utter mystery.
Who built them, when, how and for what purpose?
A.  I get this cave system was built by an ancient Chinese civilization a few thousand years ago.  It looks as though there were leaders fighting and battling over land and power.  The Dynasty (Haun/Han/Hand??) had dominant control, but many underdogs were emerging planning a takeover.  

The threats were real, and many people would set their sights on China, so maintaining control was just as difficult as taking control.  As tensions would rise, and smaller battles occurred on the outlying edges, the current leader decided he needed to have a place for him, other Dynasty leaders and some key military members to retreat.  He wanted a place to ensure his legacy would be passed on, and his lineage would survive.  

He laid out a plan, and began to work on this day and night.  It was very important to him, and this was built to honor the Dynasty he created.  I see earth being carried out by the bucket fulls (feels like there are mounds or an embankment nearby??) and dumped.  I see some people did live there, and it became a fully functioning location.  People lived there for decades until it flooded, at which time people fled the area.

[Additional Questions:  
How come that no scriptures or texts were found in the caves then?
A.  I get there are some kind of symbols or codes (maybe a picture).  Looks like it is on some kind of stone or marker.  I get something was put on the entrances / exits and it has to do with setting intent for protection.  

What technology or tools did they use that created the scratch pattern along the walls?
A. There was a tool that used friction and heat to create this pattern. It looks metallic (copper?) and has a handle.  I get everything about this was intentional, and it was done to create some kind of positive feng shui.]

Q. Ergaki "Nature" Reserve, Russia
What was in this place, who built it and what happened here?
A. When I tune into this location, I get this is the former home of Giants.  I see enormous beings, at least 20 feet high, roaming the countryside.  They lived life, living off the land.  

I then see a cloud of smoke and smell sulfur.  It looks as if a nearby volcano (?) erupted.  This wasn't just any eruption, this was huge, filled the sky with dark plumes of smoke and ash for weeks, and filled the Giants' lungs with toxic smoke.  It looks like most, if not all of them died during this tragic event. 

Q. Erdstall Tunnels, Germany
A network of small maze-like tunnels with no obvious purpose or configuration.
Who built them, when, how and for what purpose?
A.  I get these tunnels that have been around for centuries were constructed as some way to extract water (?) from the hill / mountainside. I hear this tunnel systems is a way to get clean (filtered) water to the people.  Water used to run through this man made cave system like a stream, and would pool up in areas.  It was as if they created some kind of low-flow trickling aquifer. 

Q. Jonathan Adampants

A guy who suddenly appeared on Youtube over 10 years ago, published some of the most amazing videos about the spirit, love, the universe, mind control, religion, communicating with animals, etc. and then disappeared completely.

Can you see if he is still around, safe and doing well?

A.  He does look to be around, and safe, but also wants to just remain quiet.  I get he has some personal things (health related) going on in his life, and needed to take time off to regroup.  (Please take a second and pause to send him love healing and positivity). 

He did (and does) want to help people, and feels very genuine in his messages.  He just needs time to recenter and re-balance, and I do see him eventually coming back to continue to work in the greater good.

Q. Project Horizon
A study and secret project to establish a military base on the Moon by 1966 which was officially cancelled.
Was this project actually realized as part of the secret space program?  
A.  I get this was cancelled because a base could not be made.  Not only could we not make it to the moon, the ETs that inhabit the moon made it clear that they would not allow it.

The moon has territories and ETs have already claimed areas.  Some ETs are more aggressive than others (especially on the dark side), but none of them look to welcome humans there (even if we could get past the Van Allen Belt).  I hear the "real" secret is that moon landing itself did not happen the way it has been shown to happen in the media.  I'm then left with the verse, "Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement."

[Additional Question:  
If this is true it would mean that all whistleblowers (such as Corey Goode) who claim we have military bases on the moon would be lying/spreading disinfo about this topic, correct?
A.  Yes, that is correct.  There are ET bases all over (and even in) the moon, but not human bases.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Alex said...

Interesting reading! It's amazing that the caves were not recorded in Chinese history books because it's supposed to be a secret hideout for the emperors? It's the Han dynasty more than 2000 years ago.

Watchand Knock said...

Great reading Thanks! Sorry, but copper is so smooth you can wrap a tube around a coffee can with your hands as explained in this short videotape. Imo it wouldn't be efficient in assisting to carve tunnels. (

Karoline said...

Awesome reading. My question is, have humans passed the van Allen belt at all? If not, is it there for humans not to ever reach outer space? Also, what about the famous solar warden space program?

Beloved Shingstar said...

Curious as to why Corey would lie about the moon part?

There are other readings in here about Corey, that he’s a good person but felt pressured by the ptw to put a fear spin on his info— but why go to great depths for a lies about the moon?

Is some of his info about the moon accurate? (Other than the human base lie)

A Man Called Da-da said...

I deleted my comment, as we're all on the same team. It would just be nice if some people would realize that lies do not become us.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: Thanks for the info. If it wasn't copper, it was the color of copper. Looked like something used that would generate heat through some kind of friction move, and that heat with the friction allowed them to carve into the stone.

@Karoline: This is tricky. In the traditional, "travel in ships" way the answer (I get) is no. There are portals that allow us to "jump" to different areas, but I cannot see that straight travel through the Van Allen Belt has occurred.

@Beloved Shingstar: I don't like to say people are lying (we all see things and understand things differently). I get that humans have not been allowed to colonize or have bases on the moon. There are several ET bases, but they won't allow us to be there. I can't be certain why he would say we have one.

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :-)

Mark Howland said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for the great readings.

Can you please confirm if the greys have infrastructure on the moon like highways but slightly submerged, with kind of street lamps on the apex of large A-Frames regularly placed along it. Also the vehicles looked to be of single use, and open, not enclosed like a car?

When I was seen, they began firing some kind of laser weapon at me, although I am unsure what damage it could have done? LOL



Beloved Shingstar said...

Thank you! I kind of had a lightbulb moment, I remembered your post about words having powers. I do realize I needed to change my wording— lying or lie had a more negative impact than I had wanted. I think it’s another teaching we have gotten used to as we grew up— that people lie, and that turns us against each other. It causes us to distrust others too— I admit I fell victim to this. Thanks to you, I will look at it from a different perspective. I do hope “they” will allow us to explore the moon one day. It sounds like a real diverse place to be!

Beloved Shingstar said...

I’m interested in this too— I’ve heard of many different types of greys, it’s almost hard to keep track of which ones lives where, lol.

Watchand Knock said...

Lynn and @ M. Howland, makes much sense what you both said: recently Ecety ranch owner Gilliband commented on that: "remote viewers have to pay attention not to get caught by the greys while on the moon. They might come after you here on earth..." he concluded.

Erin Cheslock said...

I feel strongly that Cory Goode and Emery Smith are telling the truth in their experiences. However, I believe they were using ET technology to travel, rather than our "old fashioned" rocket system. This would allow them to break barriers and travel in a very different way that our conventional science is clueless about.