Wednesday, May 16, 2018

All About Earth 3D and 4D

Rock Formation Compared to Tree Stumps
Q. There is a mind expanding video “There are no forests on Flat Earth” that I don’t really know how I came across or what made me watch it, but there are no coincidences, right? It is haunting in many ways and I knew I had to send it to you. It is long but well worth the time as I think it unlocks some mysteries that many may have never contemplated. Maybe it will resonate, but at a minimum will probably stay with you as it is hard to “unsee.”. The second link has a person’s cliff notes which is good too - but watching the original video is really amazing. I am hoping that you will comment on it if you have the chance to watch it. All the best and thank you for your service to share your intuition.
A.  This is very interesting and mind expanding.  I do see a time in which Giants lived on earth.  As I watched and read through this, it does resonate with me that these giant rock formations found all over the world could be petrified tree stumps (and lots of other things were covered as well, but that stood out to me the most). 

It does feel like lots of propaganda is out there trying to keep us from knowing the truth behind our history.  I get that teaching us only the version of truth (which in itself isn't the whole truth) is how we have been controlled for so long.  Within our subconscious there is a truth that wants to be discovered, and that is why so many are opening up and questioning this.  The PTW (Powers That Were) realize this, and try to flood the media and internet with opposing information to keep us confused (and their secrets hidden).  Trust your gut, and when you want to find truth it really will flood you. 

Q.  Hi Lynn, There is a website that claims that the Earth went through a significant axis shift in 2004 and that the Sun is more than 850 miles further north in the Northern Hemisphere summer. The governments are keeping quiet about this. Is this hogwash or is there any truth to these claims?

Website link:

A.  I do see the earth is shifting, but I don't see it as one single event.  It looks as though it is slowly being tugged at as astrological bodies interfere with our gravitational field and magnetosphere, and that tugging is shifting the location of true north.  I get that what was once true north, is no longer, and it will continue to change as time goes on. 

Q.  Hi Lynn, Can you please do a follow-up reading ( regarding the inner earth in 4D-Earth?  Is it still inhabited by hostile beings? Do you see interactions between them and us?  Thank you.

A.  As I tune into this, I don't connect to a hollow earth in the 4D version.  I get that one may be formed via a colonization (there is potential), but cannot see one already in the making.  The focus of the 4D will be to inhabit the exterior. Even our current 3D earth didn't initially have a colony inside, that was created via ET bases that went underground to create a colony.  

Q. Assuming we are headed for one of two new Earths.. Is the darker Earth tyrannical? Are there dragons? What kind of magic is available? How do the East and the West compare in terms of liberation?

Where can we best learn for and prepare for where we're headed?  

A. Great questions!  As I look at this, the new, 4D earth is not dark in any way.  Everything feels more light and greed doesn't feel to take over.  People have a feeling of equality on the new earth.  There is no east versus west.

I then ask, If there is no greed, what drives people to get ahead, invent and innovate (oddly, I do see a positive component to greed and competition)?  People feel driven to work toward the greater good.  That desire is what inspires growth.  I see that the new earth is more focused on spirituality and less on the tangible environment.  

I see that fairies, dragons and even big foot exists in the 4D.  They may not show themselves all the time, but look to be much more present and less afraid.   

Don't be afraid, and just accept the new earth.  I see it like a gift to us, and a place where we can grow as spiritual beings (we are spiritual beings living a human existence in this life).  Even though we still have a human form, it doesn't feel as heavy, and much easier to mentally, emotionally and spiritually expand.  The "clairs" feel to awaken, and the ability to astral project is much easier.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Dragons aren't magical beings, they're higher order beings. They're pretty exotic, as beings in the omniverse go, hence some lower-level ET ships have fired on dragons because they'd never seen them before! Dragons can move around the omniverse WITHOUT ships, so they're a lot higher vibrationally than 95% of the other ETs on, in, and around the earth. They are very very positive.

Karoline said...

Hi Lynn, as usual wonderful reading. How does one know if it's meant to be on the 4D earth? Also, does it happen after one passes this current lifetime? Do humans and animals co exist better? Will positive ET's visit us and show themselves? Thank you. Bless your kind heart.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: Completely agree!! There may be some darker ones out there (everything is about balance), but the ones I've seen are about love, healing and helping.

@Karoline: You will know when you cross into spirit (pass away and separate from the 3D into the spirit plane). Everyone and things feel to me more at harmony. ETs will visit. :-)

Watchand Knock said...

In a 4D world will we be able to ask questions to dragons? For example "could you light my cigarette?" Thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Watchand Knock: You can communicate telepathically to them. :-)

johannes said...

When you say “dragons” do you mean some sort of elemental? European imagination of a dragon is a nasty fire-breathing creature with scales & leathery bat wings & guards a hoard of mineral treasure. But in the east, even though we don’t see them, they’re believed to inhabit & control the rivers, lakes & seas, & can also manipulate the weather. They are seen as powerful beings to be revered, not just feared. Chinese culture is obsessed with them. And even in our modern vernacular they are referenced. There are also sky dragons who live in the clouds. So are European and Asian dragons just different beings — like fire, earth, water & air elementals?

Are they reptilians? Or are the reptilians different beings?

johannes said...

Which reminds me... in Hindu-Buddhist cosmology, there are 8 main species/ groupings of sentient beings.

Devas - angels (light beings) or minor gods
Asuras - demons/ fallen angels
Gandharvas - elves/ fairies (air elementals)
Yakshas - dwarves/ gnomes (earth elementals)
Nagas - “dragons” or shapeshifting serpent beings who inhabit the rivers/ lakes/ seas. They have interbred with humans in the last, & has given humanity higher civilisation, including written language (water elementals)
Garudas - half bird half men (Sirens? Harpies? Air elementals? Or just symbolising avian aliens? But in Hindu myth they are servants of the gods & sworn enemies of the Nagas)
Mahoraga - not much information is given to this “race” & there are hardly any existing myths about them. They’re known as “earth serpents” but are different from Nagas. So perhaps underground reptilians? (Nagas seem to be viewed as more ethereal)
And lastly, us silly humans.