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The Event.. 3D, 4D, 5D. What Does It All Mean?

Q.  Trying to conceptualize comparing our 3D existence to a 4D or 5D reality can be overwhelming and confusing.  I'm often asked about The Event, ascension and the different dimensions that are around us.  I thought I would try to break this down to the best of my ability based on what I am able to intuitively "see."

A.  Our 3D reality is what you see and feel around you every day.  This reality runs on a linear timeline consisting of births and deaths, and repeating the process in cycles.  Even throughout a person's life they experience mini births and deaths (could be children moving out to the birth of grand-parenthood).    Every chapter of life is a death of something, and a birth of something else.  Some lessons and expansions of experience can only occur in this linear scale, and we are put here time and time again until those lessons are mastered.  

This 3D plane looks and feels like a balance of being very primal (surviving) to being spiritually awakened. There is a huge range of vibrations in this density, from very low vibe 3D to very high vibrational 3D beings that are within the ascension process.  I see this wide range of vibrations providing an opportunity for many beings to incarnate here to re-balance karma, learn, heal, teach and heal.  There are a wide range of lessons to learn in this reality.

The Event has been coming for some time now, and will continue to come.  These waves of energy are slow to come as it takes the higher vibrational 3D beings even higher.  It is a slow process because it needs to be.  Rushing it, or doing too much too fast would fry our biological and neurological systems.  The surges of energy that wash over us like waves in the ocean can be difficult to process, even at the slow rate they come.  Our human bodies are amazing things, and adjust to the environment, but it does take time, and we do feel it.  Some get energized, and have amazing moments of clarity.  Others feel exhausted, have strange sleep patterns and even feel like they have the flu.  

While The Event can take a toll on those ascending to the higher end of the 3D spectrum, it is also responsible for aiding in the development of a 4D earth.  I see the 4D earth overlaying the 3D (like a layer on photoshop).  Those incarnated onto the 4D earth may come and go (share some similar events and timelines merge or cross from time to time), but then they go back to the 4D.  Groups of 4D people may experience this crossing of events and timelines like the Mandela Effect and then go back to their respective 3D and 4D realities.  

People remaining in the 3D will need to do so until they are ready to advance to the 4D.  The 4D requires a certain amount of spiritual advancement and openness to free thought.  Things work on a collective consciousness level, and your intent needs be in line with the greater good.  The 4D is about internal reflection, understanding and being in tune with your higher self.  As I described above, those in the 4D may occasionally cross over to the 3D (like they are part of lessons, learning and even healing to the 3D trying to ascend), but ultimately the timeline will reset you back to the 4D.  

Some talk about the 5D.  I see the 4D very different than the 5D.  5D looks and feels like something more on an elevated spiritual plane.  The 4D still has a human body, but the 5D looks as though people can "float" in and out of their bodies (like astral project on command).  Just as 4D can overlay the 3D, 5D will overlay the 4D. 

As I discussed this post with Da-da, he had a few questions too that you may enjoy:  
Can someone on 4D see and interact with people on 3D, and vice versa? 
A. Yes, upon occasion, but things will eventually reset to where that interaction doesn't exist.  It cannot last any length of time because the vibrations don't feel to be in harmony with each other. 

Will someone on 3D see a 4D blog post (that is, textually)? 
A.  They may, but memory of it will feel more like a dream.  In fact, they may not see it physically, but more like a deja vu type of event or something as a thought or dream.  The blog is in the collective consciousness, so they would be accessing through that manor versus real life. 

And who is on the 5D plane now, anyone?
A. I get the impression that it exists, but it looks like blank space.  I want to say it is there, but not developed.  There may be a few beings there, but I cannot see that it is a populated reality...yet...

For those of you wanting to do what you can to make it to the 4D, Da-da wrote a great post outlining some steps you can take.  Enjoy!  Click to see it on Schrodinger's Other Cat

And that is all I have for this post.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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A Man Called Da-da said...

Ok, a nut-n-bolts question: to 3D people, will it look like 4D people... just disappeared? And how will 3D people look to 4D people? Dead? Vanished?

(Oh, and folks: note that it's not just me who writes the CAT blog! It's a team effort, Lynn included.)

Datta said...

Hi Lynn
I'm not sure I understood. Are you saying that the 4D Earth is already populated and it's just that it hasn't been separated from 3D Earth yet?

Beloved Shingstar said...

Great post! I am wondering how it will affect families. For example- if my children and I incarnate into the 4d, and my boyfriend doesn’t... will he see us?

Beloved Shingstar said...

I just realized Dada asked the same thing, lol. Thank you again for taking the time to answer questions about the event! I’m sure it will help us all tremendously!

Patrick said...

Thanks loads @Lynn.
Your narration is very original and worth some deep thought unlike alot of the mish-mash you find on the internet.��

To second, in a somehow different way, what I think @Dada and @ Beloved Shingstar have said above : If someone you know ascends to 4D, do those around him in 3D notice his absence?

I'm also in need of a clarification, just as @Datta has expressed it kinda : Are there two different populations (based on how they end up there ie in 4D),- one who are already incarnated there and the second who ascend from 3D?

Once again thanks for a lovely post.


Anna said...

I have the exact same question as Da-Da. Please, could you give us some clarity on that?
I am afraid that if it ever came to that (hypothetically; me moving to 4D) would I ever see my loved one/s again? Would we still have the same connection and life as "before"? Or would they just "disappear"?... and I would start some kid of new life. Or would it be the same reality as I have now, yet I would just be more sensitive and awakened or something? But they would still be there with me and nothing has changed except for myself.

Thank you

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: I don't see people just disappearing. This is something that occurs at incarnation. When you pass, if you vibration allow it, and you agree, you will incarnate into the 4D. Those that aren't ready remain in the 3D. This current life (especially with the wave x energy) is preparing you for that moment should you agree to take it.

@Datta: It is forming. It isn't all the way there, but close. The Event is what is propelling it. It will be a new density that overlaps our current earth.

@Beloved: I touched on this responding to Dada. When we do have moments and the time lines cross, it will be like a dream or fleeting memory. 3D people will reside in the 3D and 4D will stay in the 4D. You can only fully transition when you incarnate.

@Patrick: The only people there, are the ones incarnated there. You can increase vibration in the 3D, and prepare for this transition of realities, but you won't be able to fully commit until you incarnate there.

@Anna: I think I touched on this above, but if you are still confused, please do let me know. I realize this is a confusing subject. It took me a lot to put my thoughts and visions onto paper.

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

Unknown said...

The Bible describes a future event where people will just disappear, but many Bible interpreters say it will not happen until the Anti-Christ evil world dictator has come to power and ruled for a few years. Some other "version" of The Event? Or another type of occurrence altogether?

Lynn, do you see this timeline still on, or has it been changed since it was seen two thousand years ago?

Matthew 24:41
Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left.

Luke 17:34
I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed: One will be taken and the other left.

Kolibri said...

Thanks for all you do, Lynn! So what I think you're saying is that this 3D life that we're all living (at various vibrations) is to prepare ourselves to reincarnate in 4D the next time around? Nobody makes it to 4D in this current life and all we can do is try to raise our vibration to the point where hopefully we make it to 4D next time? That's kinda disappointing! Hopefully the continually rising vibrations will make 3D a more pleasant place to live while we all wait. How will the first people, our future parents, get to 4D?

Patrick said...

Thanks @ Lynn...
Here assuming that "Incarnate" means being born as a tinny little bundle of joy baby..?

Beloved Shingstar said...

When you say incarnate/pass that means we die... and the event is only a few years away...??

Beloved Shingstar said...

Just making sure that we get to watch our kids grow old Etc ��

Hulsie said...

I thought the PTW were forcing us to come back into 3D over and over. I didn't think we would have to come back to 3D at all if they are now being fought off. I do not want my family or I returning to 3D...

Craig said...

To make things even more complex, Allison Coe just came out with a new video with notes from a couple similar QHHT sessions. These people went forward in this life and ended up on some version of the New Earth it seemed. I don't have the link but it's the latest one on YouTube.

Really quickly, one scenario was that they were on the beach and this rainbow shimmering fog came in and they knew what it was. Things in the world but shifted rapidly after that and at some point shortly after they were presented with an opportunity to move into 4th density where things were just as you had described them. She mentions crossing the rainbow bridge, which I have heard about in regards to pets. Lynn, it seems they are saying this was simply moved into without incarnating into it. What do you think? Can this be possible?

Serene said...

I'm curious...what does the 2D world look like??

Beloved Shingstar said...

I think I understand... the event happens in a few years, where the new earth has its grand opening... and people will live out their lives here, and incarnate into 4d or 3d realms, based on their vibration when they pass. Some will be old, some will be young, etc.

And since time is not so linear in the other dimensions, it wouldn’t really matter who passes away first, we will all eventually be at the same place at some point.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Unknown: I cannot connect to a time where people just disappear... I don't see it that way.

@Kolibri: You do understand it the way I see it. People living in this life will incarnate into 4D during the next life. There is no disappearing or immediate death at the time of the Event.

@Patrick: Yes, :-)

@Beloved: Yes, but there is no death or vanishing.. We ride this life out and prepare for the next in the 4D.

@Craig: It is possible that you will be presented with an option to cross into spirit if you chose (sort of a pre-planned event in your life). Then and only then do you get to incarnate into 4D.

@Serene: I haven't really look at that, but even typing this it feels very dark. Very low vibe....

@Beloved: I just read your next comment, and yes, you describe it really well.

Thanks again for all the comments. I know this can be a confusing topic. It is for me as well. :-)

Raymond said...
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Raymond said...

@Serene........A book: (Flatland) was written about the 2D world in the 1800's.
It can be difficult to follow at times, because it becomes hard to visualize.
But the author had a creative imagination.
I heard it is popular with Engineering Students.

daisy said...

I found this useful in trying to imagine 2D and 4D - a 5 min video - 4D Toys:

I also imagined it myself at my house. When I looked down the side of the house and someone popped their head out the door, there was suddenly an object in that space, but it would disappear when they went back inside, and weren't visible at all. I felt like a 2D observer.