Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Suicide, Death and Mind Control

Q. There are so many suicides in the world. I'm wondering if a lot of people plan to leave this place via suicide before they're born. (Boadica, Cleopatra, and all the obscure entities we don't know.) Sometimes they work, sometimes the suicide attempt fails; so I assume you aren't going anywhere until your contract is up.
A. As I tune into this, yes, that is true.  I get that when you decide to incarnate, you have agreed that part of your life path is to live a shorter (or abbreviated in some way) life.  Though lessons, experience, opportunity and to an extent free will, their path left them feeling that suicide was the only way out, fulfilling their pre-incarnation contract. 

Q. If there is no time, now is eternal, and eternity is now (since on the other side you can access any nanosecond in history); is every step we take predestined, with different states of consciousness always inhabiting the 'same' body, so the only thing that changes is the attitude of what ever state of consciousness is inhabiting that body?

A.  That is true that in the spirit plane the past, present and future all coincide.  It is important to know that several time lines run in parallel, so as choices, influence and free will lead you in different directions, you are still walking on one of the many predestined paths.  All paths are correct, and will provide opportunities to learn and grow through experience.  We have been and will be all things, so the lives we live are limitless.   

Q. Hi Lynn! Can you do a reading on Anita Moorjani? I watched this video where she was on Dr. Oz saying she was in a coma dying from cancer (suffered for 4 years and her organs were shutting down) and passed over into the other realm - Is she being sincere? it certainly comes across that way. When Anita came back to this reality her cancer completely healed and she got better. Now she has her own channel on YouTube and has a best selling book "Dying to be me" (just found it so have not read yet). I was surprised when I searched your blog for her name that nothing came up. There is one commentor on the video above who says she is lying because she also had a NDE and only part of what she says is accurate. However so far what I've heard is everything I have been reading about so it does resonate well with me.
A.  I do see and feel she is sincere.  I do get she crossed over to the other side, and in the process of her deep mental state (coma and seeing other realms), her body was able to heal itself.  He body was shutting down and didn't have to work on things such as digestion, giving her the ability to use those resources for healing. 

I also took note of how she used her had to describe out individuals are connected.  I see too see this is how we psychically connect (only my visions always looked like a spiderweb with individual points).  She phrased the connection as our fingers being individual beings.  Many of us go through life only seeing the fingers.  As we awaken, and spiritually expand, we realize there is a palm connecting each finger.  We are individuals with a tether connecting us to each other, and to Source.

Q. Hi Lynn. I was wondering if you could do a reading on why so many politicians,actors and world leaders including the pope have bruised eyes. What is happening to them?  Is it the PTW (Powers That Were) that is doing this to them? Thank you.
A. I get this does involved the PTW.  There are those that are deeply rooted and vested with the PTW, and those that are somewhat questionable.  Those in question in order to prove their allegiance look to be participating in some kind of ritual.  I see a full moon outside, they are inside a stone building, the window are open (no glass or screens), and an alter in the middle.  They look to be staring forward, being as still as possible.  As something is chanted, the person talking reaches up and wipes a salves near their eye (like a baptism??) and some kind of snake or reptile (looks small like it fits in the palm of your hand), lurches out and bites them on the face where the salve is located.  It does look like an induction to the PTW.

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you take a look at these anomalies and explain them? It would be appreciated. Thanks!
     Cardi B suddenly "freezing" at Grammy's:

     A. I get that was just nerves and anxiety combined with something she took to calm her before the event.  

     Strange glitching eyes of a news reporter:

      A.  I get that really was a Reptilian glitch.  Occasionally they show themselves if you pay attention. 

     Woman with "rolling eyes":

     A.  I get she is just rolling her eyes and expressing her thoughts and emotions through an eye roll.  She didn't agree or support what the woman was talking about at the time.  It was a non-verbal communication. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Carlene said...

Wow! Fascinating information. Thank you for this post with these topics. I imagine going down the rabbit hole from some of these tidbits since the information seems to be out there!

Robert Schoen said...

The ritual Lynn sees to explain the black eye on so many politicians and celebrities resonates with me and you notice it's always on the left eye. This shows that in a celebrity driven culture,"actors" TV people and musicians carry almost as much weight as politicians in leading us by the nose. You can google "black eye celebrities" and its frightening the number and how they seem to wear it like a badge of honor. This also lines up with all the images of famous covering one eye in photos as a secret signal. This was an interesting site in the occult aspects of the ritual. Makes you wonder about Cleopatra...

Bee E-lightened said...

The “black eye” politicians is more telling than the “celebruties”....with actors i cant tell if its real or if its for a role

Robert Schoen said...

On a few examples like Prince Phillip or Andrew,it seems like the "Royals" they get the sting bite on their right eye, so that must have something to do with rank. The amazing thing is that when you study these black eyes they really do look more like a swelling allergic reaction from a bite than caused by a punch or bump against some hard object. Now I wonder if they did it to Bernie Sanders during the convention when the right side of his cheek was punctured and similarly bruised.

Sandy M. said...

Thanks for the info Lynn...uuugh gross. So the "worms" or vril or whatever you call them are real then. I've read that some people vouluntarily get them put into their eye during a ritual to gain power, fame and fortune as well as some people involuntarily get the procedure forced on them against their will. It then takes over the person. I don't remember agreeing to come to come live in a world where this is really happening. Uuuuh. lol. This youtube video is a great intro into the subject.

Kiranasa said...

Earth vibrational energy is increasing more and more and those who have lower vibration, their bodies can not tolerate the high vibrations and are having pain and suffering. That's the reason for the most suicides, and members of PTW are using dark rituals so their bodies can tolerate these high vibrations.

Unknown said...

@ Robert Schoen

Could be a simpler explanation too. Google shows many "black eye celebrity" photos, they seem to be predominately left-sided but not always so. They look like the result of trauma, not an inflammatory reaction.

The majority of people are right-handed, if they fight with someone and give them a black eye, it will be on the left side of the receiver's face.

Celebs make all kinds of excuses for the bruising because they do not want to be seen as the sort of tacky people who get into domestic punch-ups, LOL.

Kiranasa said...

Those who have pure Reptilian blood have the bruised eyes on their RIGHT eye, and those who have it on their LEFT eye, are their followers.

Robert Schoen said...

@Unknown, Good Point! But celebrities are also known to do 5 hour makeup sessions and a bruise would not be too hard to mask. This also has to be viewed in the context of all those one eye of Horus photo shoots,the "satanic" music and movie imagery and themes, and everything else known about the secret PTW ruling order and rituals.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for all the great comments. This really was an interesting (and somewhat eerie reading). I enjoy reading all the info. I've never heard (or seen) some of this stuff.