Monday, May 21, 2018

New Age Spirituality and Paul Simon / John of God

Q. Hi Lynn,

There are so many testimonial videos on YouTube (in the link above) of people "converting" from New Age Spirituality to Christianity, and many of those people claim things such as Yoga is demonic, Spirit Guides are demons, and New Age movement in general is demonic. Also, some people claim that the New Age movement is a NWO / Illuminati deception. What do you see is going on with the New Age movement and is there is any deception involved in it? 

Thank you. I will really appreciate it. Seeing a bunch of those videos got me kind of confused about the New Age movement now.
A.  When I tune into this, the first thing I hear (really clear and loud) is that this is complete propaganda because spirituality threatens some forms of religion, specifically the church.  It is possible to have a beautiful balance and harmony between religion and spirituality, but a religion or church that wants to have complete control doesn't want to compete.  

Some religions use fear as a way to control.  There are people that are scared of the after life, and one of the best ways the get control is to evoke fear, especially fear of the unknown.  We are to have an all forgiving God (or Source, Universe, Consciousness, etc) which is true, but some churches make you fear Him if you do something he doesn't approve of.  They want you to think all you need is faith, and you are helpless to the results.  

Spirituality puts the control and empowerment back onto you.  You have the power to create and manifest your destiny.  Not all things will make sense, but the Universe knows what needs to happen for you to learn, grow and expand.  

Yoga is NOT demonic.  It is relaxing, balancing and helps you to connect to your higher self.  Your Guides are beautiful spiritual beings sent here to help you on your path, and have nothing but love for you..  

Lastly, many times the PTW (Powers That Were), speak in terms to confuse people.  The accusations they are saying are untrue and are purposely trying to to take the empowerment from people.  Spirituality is one of the best practices to create harmony within yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically (which does not fit the agenda plan of the PTW).  The PTW ultimately want to suppress our gifts from the Universe because they fear what will happen if we become too strong, or understand how to use our gifts to overcome evil.

Q. Thank you for all you do!

Back in 2014 Paul Simon went to the Casa, the house of John of God in Brazil. During his second visit, the medium asked him to sing one song to all present! Somebody handed him over a guitar and he played one tune. What happened that made people tremble and faint while he moved around in the room singing to the healthy and ill?
(here's the link to the story:

A.  I get there was an amazing alignment of events that led to this reaction.  People went to the Casa with the hope and prayer of healing (they set their intent, just like in a meditation or spiritual healing).  Being there, in the presence of everything, it feels energetically very overwhelming.  John of God (or Source) also has a large presence.  

As it came time for Paul Simon to heal, he felt as though his troubles were not as great as those around him, and in that humbling moment voices came to him  and told him that foregoing his healing doesn't take away from someones else's healing or pain (healing and health is abundant).  He was then asked to sing.  

I see he sung from his heart with such conviction and love, that those around seeking help were overwhelmed and could feel the vibration of "love" coming from him.  It was genuine and pure.  Many did physically react, it looks like it was an involuntary reaction from their subconscious.  It was truly a beautiful moment. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you  Love and light-
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Serene said...

WELL SAID. If only the rest of the world could recognize this. Imagine the change that would occur overnight.

Beloved Shingstar said...

LOVE this reading too!!!!!!! I agree with you 100% about the propaganda.. it’s getting to be a bit annoying (in a way) because I can see how it’s affecting people in a negative way and I want nothing but good things for them. We need to make billboard signs “spirituality and love is good!! Not evil!!” �� The last one is a touching story! So cool to know we have the ability to experience these things.. wow, thanks Lynn!

Watchand Knock said...

Wonderfull Reading Lynn! Thank you so much!

Bee E-lightened said...

People are so gullible to really believe what religion says when theres so much chaos because of it

Alex said...

How true! Religions which talk about karma, reincarnation, meditation, third eye are denounced as 'demonic' while those religions who blindly praise god are propagandized as "god's words".

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments. I was actually upset when I first read the question... The PTW will do anything to keep us suppressed. It took me a few minutes to really detach from this so I could go into and allow my thoughts to flow. Spirituality is SUCH a beautiful gift for all of us! So empowering and so full of love!

La Realidad said...

What is the deal with Doreen Virtue, the New Age Angel Lady, publisher of dozens of oracle and tarot decks recently denouncing her former teachings, going so far as to tell people to burn her Ascended Master oracle cards and books by alluding they are somehow demonic, now claiming she's a born again Christian?? It has upset and confused many people.

Is her shocking change of path a personal issue for her or is there something more behind it?

Alex said...
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Kiranasa said...

Any philosophy that tells you that ALL living entities are spirit souls and eternal, only their bodies are temporary and different, is a spiritual philosophy.
Spiritual philosophy also tells you that ALL living entities are ONE with Source qualitatively, and different quantitatively. Just like sparks have the same qualities of huge fire (heat and light), but very very minute. Source is an unlimited Spirit Soul, and ALL living entities are very very minute spirit souls.
A complete spiritual philosophy can be found ONLY in Vedas (spiritual knowledge).

The Sharing Bridge said...
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Bee E-lightened said...

Then its not religion - its a lifestyle

The Sharing Bridge said...

While the focus here may be the more negative aspects of religion, I want to note that Religion may be a vehicle by which a soul explores various themes. It is not an evil in itself. Raised by devout Catholics I was gifted 12 years of education around the Bible and that particular religion/paradigm. At university I studied the Bible as literature - a totally fascinating way to experience the Bible and history in which it was written. Since then I have explored the theme of religion and spirituality through the eyes of many different religions - there is a beauty there. But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everything about Religion is bad - I do recognize the negative way in which dogma and the like are used for nefarious means or to create division and I do recognize the base of fear. I think it is important to remember there is a grey area - not all can be viewed in just back and white terms. I like to put focus on the beautiful aspects that religion brings those that practice the various forms it takes. Great books: Huston Smith's The World's Religions and let's not forget the works of Joseph Campbell who made his life about this topic!! :)

Old soul said...

I'm a Catholic and very content in my faith. I recommend reading Father Gabriel Amorth book on exorcism. He was an exorcist for the Vatican for many decades. You'll be interested to find out what he says about yoga. Remember, the devils greatest trick is to make you believe he doesn't exist.

Old soul said...

Beautifully said.

The Sharing Bridge said...

@Old soul Thank you for turning me on to Gabriele Amorth. I researched him briefly and can say I do not share his paradigm of thinking or the belief system he was working from.

The only faith I follow today is the one in myself. The religion gave me a base from which to go off and explore the big beautiful world and the sense of community and responsibility to others is my best take away from my early childhood experiences growing up in the Catholic Church. Since those early days I have created a strong meditation practice, do yoga occasionally, have witnessed ufos clearly in the light of day not to mention had direct communication with a Mantis being on one of those ships and on another occasion had a run in with a reptilian entity and these experiences continue today outside of a religious context. They have done me no harm. I have no belief in the Devil but know there are those that practice this belief and I understand real evil exists in this matrix, if you will. Satin is a real energy and mind you, they are tired of the negative propaganda and want to evolve like the rest of us.

I love your example and your share here about your own experience as I know there will be those fresh on their path who may follow this blog and comments. I always strive for balance, look from the Big picture view and take into account individual paths. It is important to strive for balance and centeredness, I feel. This blog is so unusual - it is a wonderful place to learn and grow and share. Its a real treat for me.

I do like the quote found on Gabriele Amorth’s wiki page - it leaves us thinking and I like to use my little grey cells as often as possible:

“Francis Xavier Clooney of Boston College and Harvard Divinity School noted that, "First, mere recriminations against the religion of another are just about never acceptable or useful. ... Second, if one is a professional exorcist, one may indeed see everything in light of that profession, and so it is not surprising that Fr. Amorth sees the devil at work everywhere; perhaps it is his default explanation of the woes that afflict us."