Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Q. You will probably want to look at this.  Very mysterious indeed!
A.  When I tune into this, I instantly get these are a tool used for defense against terrorism.  Specifically, they feel to be some type of EMP / EMF deflector / blaster (I hear it works like a gigantic piece of organite).  With the global unpredictability of Russia, China and  now North Korea, certain measures are being taken to protect the US assets.  Current weather warfare and HAARP attacks can leave the most defended areas weak, and these towers are being used to mitigate that risk.  This isn't being shared broadly over media because they don't want to create chaos, answer questions or let the enemy know the level of preparedness that is occurring.

Q. What is the true purpose of the emergency alert test broadcast?

A.  The purpose of this looks to be two-fold.  First, I see this as a way to communicate to the masses in the event of a disaster, HOWEVER, (I hear) to take heed and really listen to what you are being told.  Some information is valuable to people, and some feels very fear based and prays on emotions. 

I also see this as a subtle way to notify the PTW (Powers That Were) of their next tactical moves.  I get in a serious disaster or event there are key words and phrases used to advise the "appropriate people" of the status , current plan or agenda in play.  

Q. How does universal consciousness become manifest? At what point does an atom become a physical manifestation of universal God energy?  Thank you. 

A.  When you project a thought there is a frequency or vibration tied to it.  Just like a magnetic attraction (The Law of Attraction), the frequency draws in other objects, thoughts, people, experiences, events, etc with a similar frequency (ie, like attracts like).  The moment a thought turns to a physical manifestation depends on the thought and all the circumstances around the thought. Factors such as the greater good, life lessons, intent, etc all play a role in what and how a tangible manifestation will occur.  There is no specific time frame for this event to occur as they are all very unique.

Q. Why do people fall in love? Does falling in love in any way mean you are meant to be with that person, or is it merely a chemical phenomenon? Is there such thing as "soul mates"? Is there only one person for everyone?
A.  I get when people fall in love (real love) they have compatible vibrations and their pheromones mix in such a way it creates a trigger in their brain that you have met a good genetic match (should you chose to procreate).   It feels spiritual (through vibration) and biological (through pheromones).  

Falling in love means you have met a compatible mate.  You can fall in love several times, and love can take different intensities.  The most intense feelings of love are with a "soul mate."  Being in love with a soul mate is a very deep, physical and spiritual love with past life connections that provide a sense of familiarity in this current life.  This type of love usually comes around once, but for some lucky people they experience it a few times in their current life.

Q. Hi Lynn, thanks for all your answers! This question came to me while watching an interview with a Russian scientist dealing about regular matter.  While the existence of dark matter has been inferred largely through astronomical observations and confirmed by simulations, it still remains a riddle in terms of identifiable particle in physics. Could you elaborate on how many elements do make up the dark matter and where it is more present on earth? Regular matter is composed out of 118 elements according to the periodic table of element.  Thank You 
A.  I hear dark matter (as referred to in space) consists of very few elements (I hear around 50) when compared to regular matter.  The challenge in studying it is many of the elements that create it do not exist here on earth.  As I try to hear some of the key components, I hear something that phonetically ends in "sho-PEE" and "to-NEE-lee." (???).  

[I feel there is more to this, but I would need to sit and sketch / map out these elements while i focused on the make up. I may be able to hear more complete elemental names as well.]

Q.  Hi Lynn, So the Trump & NFL anthem protests have taken over the lead story in the media and on the internet. The PTW (Powers That Were) have often used this sort of smokescreen to do their evil deeds behind the scenes while we're all intentionally being distracted elsewhere. Do you see anything like this going on right now? If so, I'd appreciate hearing what we're missing. Thanks.

A. I get this is just another ploy to keep us divided while making Trump (who the PTW do not like) look foolish to other countries.  It is a disrespect and discrediting campaign that keeps emotions between people inflamed.  The democratic party is trying to do what they can to destroy him so when the next election comes up they have better odds of getting into office (which I get their efforts would be better realized by finding a good candidate).  

I also see a bigger agenda in play, and that is a modification to our constitutional amendments.  Freedom of speech was a vital part of our freedom, so important it was number one.  With the current level of offended people (induced by our media and society), many things that are said are being taken out of proportion and ridiculed (the amount of silent majorities of various views are rising).  

Regardless of your belief system, people do have a right to speak (not slanderous), and I see changes legally and in behaviorally in the future (for fear of be persecuted for their beliefs or opinions).  The media makes argumentative issues out of things that are non-issues (I see Melania's shoes).  The PTW want us silenced, bickering and divided, so this is in line with their goal (see George Washington's quote to the right and really think about his words).  Slowly but surely, I see our freedom of speech passively being attacked to where people have an illusion of free speech, but when exercised will be "punished" for using it.  In many ways I hear "we are allowing our own right to be taken away."

It may be easier said than done because words evoke emotions, but I get it is better to objectively disagree with a point of view rather than silence or shame someone because they have a different thought.  Living in a modality of being offended or putting a label on someone feels very low vibrationally.  Opposing thoughts can lead to growth and expand the mind.  They may be uncomfortable, but challenge (even though mental contemplation) is what makes us stronger.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Recovery from Within: When Traditional Medicine is Not an Option

[The following article was submitted to me by Constance Ray. It is a great read with some positive insight. Thank you for your submission, Constance!]

Modern medicine is primarily the practice of eliminating symptoms. While this can certainly bring comfort, it doesn’t address the core of diseases that originate from the mind. Chemotherapy can reverse cancer, insulin can stabilize blood glucose levels, but addiction recovery isn’t about treating symptoms. It’s about healing the whole person to eliminate the desire for chemical stimulation.
What is homeopathy?
Homeopathic medicine is essentially the practice of utilizing natural remedies to treat an illness. Homeopathic therapies have been around since the days of Hippocrates and was federally recognized under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, according to Sandra M. Chase, M.D. of the American Institute of Homeopathy.
The primary objective of homeopathic and holistic treatments is to safely stimulate a person’s own healing powers.
Homeopathic medicine may be used to treat many issues related to substance abuse during recovery. For example, insomnia, an unfortunate but all too common side effect of withdrawal, may be overcome by the consumption of chamomile or lavender tea. Both of these substances are derived from flowers, are not associated with negative side effects, and are widely reported to induce deep and restful slumber.
Heal the body, heal the mind
Exercise and meditation are perhaps two of the most useful tools in addiction recovery. But why? Drug use alters the way the brain works and changes how it performs specific functions. Neurotransmitters, which essentially act as the brain’s messengers, are damaged with long-term drug use. By disrupting this communication system, the brain learns to look forward to the unnaturally high levels of pleasure derived from drug use. This is one of the reasons that drugs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, are more addictive than other rewards, such as sex, food, and laughter.
Exercise releases a number of chemicals, including dopamine, which, like illicit substances, triggers the reward center of the brain. Stimulating dopamine production will help curb cravings. Your brain will, in turn, begin to look forward to the feeling it gets after a good run, jog, or swim. Serotonin is another chemical produced by the brain that has a positive effect on neurotransmitters. The National Library of Medicine explains that a positive mood can actually increase serotonin production. The most effective ways to boost serotonin are through meditation, exposure to sunshine, and exercise. Once the brain is balanced, addiction disorders are easier to manage.
Alternative treatments, such as exercise and meditation, are used every day in drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the country. You can find out more about these alternative recovery methods at
A new commitment each day
Overcoming a substance abuse disorder is a challenge that takes time. It is a process unique to each individual and therefore there is no cookie-cutter treatment that works for everyone. However, one thing is certain and that is replacing negative habits with healthy ones will go a long way toward recovery. This is achieved by evaluating ourselves each morning and making a conscious decision to get and stay healthy from the inside out. Establishing a long-term help routine begins one change at a time. An addict might, for instance, swap an after-dinner drink for an evening walk with his or her family.
Food plays a role in whole health, as well, so it’s important that diet is not neglected throughout the recovery process. The body has amazing healing powers but must be fueled properly to work efficiently and effectively. Vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates are essential. Not only will the right foods help the body detox but will also reduce systemic inflammation triggered by long-term nutrition neglect. Dr. Joshua Axe, a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and certified doctor of natural medicine, recently penned an article titled The Healing Foods Diet that offers more information about specific foods and the power of proper nutrition.

Recovery from any disease is not easy. But, by focusing on homeopathic and holistic outlets, addicts may overcome their inner demons and began anew each day with a positive outlook, healthy body, and happy mind.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jim Carrey

Q. Thanks for all that you do!  I know you did a reading on Jim Carrey back in 2014, but is he having a spiritual awakening?  It appears he may be indicted for murder ( his ex-girlfriend ).  Is this a ploy by the PTW to take down another wealthy person becoming awake and a potential problem for them ?

Thank you ... 

A.  I do see he is awakening, and been awakening.  He sees things for what they are, and he feels disgusted by it.  He is trying to open others too, and it scares the PTW (Powers That Were).  He knows too much, and bought into the agenda at first, but something in him changed and he couldn't do it anymore.  

He has been giving little clues to the public, saying "off" comments that make people think.  Those that are already awake realize what he is doing, and those questioning things are left curious.  After the Jimmy Kimmel show (pic above) in which Carrey did the all seeing eye symbol with his hands, the PTW really put him on their radar and knew he needed watched. 

To keep him in check it was decided to cause legal trouble, and paint him to be a person he is not.  The PTW needed to discredit Carrey before he says or does anything too detrimental.  I hear that the PTW is masterful in "damage control."  His ex-girlfriend felt like some kind of sacrifice (I see a white rose which means sacrifice in my mental dictionary) to emotionally and publicly hurt Carry.  This looks really tough for Carrey to overcome (lots of time, energy and money will be spent), and it looks like in the end he will be ok.  I hear that to the PTW the outcome isn't as important as the struggle he will have to endure during the process. 

Please send some love and light to her and her family.  Carrey could also use our support.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Equifax Hack

Q. Hi Lynn. Could you look at the Equifax hack which was back in May and June but they only just now admitted it? 

From "There was a reason why EFX decided to hold on to the hacking news a little longer than seems reasonable. As Bloomberg reports, "three Equifax Inc. senior executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in the days after the company discovered a security breach that may have compromised information on about 143 million U.S. consumers." 

My questions are:
1. Who hacked it? Are any of the CEOs involved?
2. Will the CEOs be charged with insider trading?
3. What was the purpose of hacking it? What will the info be used for?
4. Is it risky to follow the Equifax recommendations to check if your identity was hacked?

Thank you.

A.   As I tune into this, I get the CEOs were not involved, but they knew there was a security breech.  At the time it was breached the top executives didn't know the extent of what information was stolen, and what the hackers planned on doing with the information.  They didn't want to cause alarm or panic (which would most definitely create a major drop in stock value). 

It looks like an outside organization rooting back to China was able to get into the system.  I see four guys and one girl sitting in a room with at least ten monitors.  I hear a message that "It was actually done with very basic coding."  I then hear that "It wasn't too much of a challenge."  Then I flash to an image of the world, and see what looks like dotted line forming between red strategic points, and I'm being shown that they masked their IP by having the signal "bounce" to all these points before it landed and hacked into the Equifax database.  

The purpose of hacking looks to be two-fold.  i get that part of it was the challenge to see if they could get in.  The second part was to hold the numbers as collateral (either by getting a payout from Equifax- which failed, or by having potential to sell the numbers to illegal immigrants seeking citizenship).  

I do see something happening to the CEOs that sold their stocks prior to the announcement. They look to be charged with insider trading and I see the penalty being a rather large fine.  Many people look to get enraged over this decision (and I see some social unrest tied to this).

I hear you should not check to see if your identity is hacked because something tied to the hack still feels to be running or "vulnerable." (the word I hear???)  Something about their system feels off, like it needs "swiped"??.

Be cautious, and listen to your gut.  And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Friday, September 22, 2017

Random Friday Read

Q. Was Napoleon Bonaparte a secret clairvoyant? Are leaders of his caliber usually psychic? Basically, I want to know if he psychic.
A.  I see that all of us have intuitive abilities, the key is to tap into them and learn to trust in those abilities.  Those abilities can be clairvoyance, or manifest in other "clairs."  

I get most leaders have a strong "gut instinct" or intuition, (Clairsentience) and have the confidence to trust in that instinct.  Napoleon looks to fall into that category of using confidence and clairsentience to guide him on his path to many victories. 

Q. Hello.  Could you please look into this story:
Twitter user Adam Ellis reports an encounter with a ghostly entity called David, which appears as a wounded child.  Is this true, could he be in danger or is just to attract people to his timeline?
A.  I do get there is some truth to this, and this poor being needs help.  It looks as though Adam (in a sleep state) became vulnerable and connected to this being.  Desperate for help, "David" used this opportunity to seek help.  I get the best thing that could happen (the greater good for all involved) would be to send love and healing to this "being" and help guide him on his path elsewhere.  "David" feel stuck, and needs to move on.  I also hear that rather than make this a public event, he needs to clear this being asap.  The longer "David" is stuck and stays there, the more menacing he will become.

Q. Hi Lynn, can you please do a reading on Ayahuasca? The ancient amazonian medicinal brew. I recent had an experience with it and believe it has valuable healing qualities.
A. This looks to be a mind expanding tool and can be very intense.  It allows you to connect with your higher self, and the source consciousness.  You will see, feel and experience things that are difficult to see in our 3D world (much like hallucinations).  i do hear caution about doing this, and make sure you have a trusted source as the experience can evoke an overwhelming feeling and you do not know how you will react.  I also get that you shouldn't do this too often as it can "fry" your 3D neurological system.  

Q. There has been / is a lot of discussion on the webbot forum about drunkin raisins for help with cleansing and uric acid.  Now mind you almost everybody says not much is needed and it is not used to get drunk.  They say golden raisins and pitted cherries are best, then soaked in GIN for less than a day.  Not many are needed,  less than 10 per day or even per week to help.  Could you do a reading on this and tell us what recipe you would say is best, if at all?

A.  As I start I do need to mention that I am not a doctor, and have not studied medicine.  This is purely from an intuitive perspective. 

I get that the chemical reaction between (looks like) dark purple, seedless grapes (I didn't see raisins or cherries????) and gin create a detoxing effect.  It looks like you put these grapes in gin, and let them soak overnight in the refrigerator in a sealed container.  You only need 10 to 12 one or two times per week.  After eating these, drink a lot of water to give the acid and toxins a way to purge and prevent them from being displaced.  I hear these can be effective for gout and inflamed joints.

Q Are organic foods really organic?  What does that mean?  
A.  I get that unless you grow the food yourself, or have a trusted source, it is all contaminated to some degree.  Labeling something as "organic" doesn't mean it is 100% free from additives or toxins.  It merely means it is "mostly" pure and clean. 

Between air pollution, pollution in our waters, run off and intentional administering of chemicals, it is near impossible to have purely organic food in the way the label "organic" implies.  "Organic" is also a good marketing label as it evokes an emotion that you are doing something good for yourself and your family (which compared to many foods, it is better than the alternative, even though still deceiving).  

One way to mitigate this is to briefly thank the food, and ask it to nourish you body, purging all else.  Ask your body to please accept the food put into body as fuel for health and healing, and allow all else to pass. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

[As a side note I looked up the definition of "organic" after I did this reading out of my own curiosity.  You may find this interesting. Here is the link where I obtained the following definition, and it breaks this down much more.  I found this VERY interesting!
"USDA Organic" or "Certified Organic" seal on your food, the item must have an ingredients list and the contents should be 95% or more certified organic, meaning free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering, according to the USDA. The remaining 5% may only be foods or processed with additives on an approved list.]

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Universal Consciousness, Imaging and Intent

Q. Is Universal Consciousness limited or is it infinite?  Thank you
A. I get the Universal Consciousness is infinite.   It can expand as far as need be, and it always present when called upon trough verbal or mental intent and even mental, emotional and spiritual necessity.  The Universal Consciousness is always available and accessible.

Q.  I can't find the reference now, but recently you responded to someone who was using imaging / meditating to help restore or reinvigorate the Earth physically (I think). You suggested that the poster include color in this healing process. What kinds of color do you suggest? And why? Would there necessarily be a specific color for restoration of ley lines and magnetic grid needed for Earth during Ascension? Many people have suggested that, because of the enormous disruption of chemicals in our skies coupled with the increasing electromagnetic disturbances, the Earth's electric grid has been compromised and the necessary "frequencies" humans require for guidance during Ascension have been greatly weakened. These "frequencies" keep us in contact with our Higher Self or Consciousness.
A. As I tune into this, the most important thing I hear is that there is no wrong color.  Color can be used to strengthen intent and enhance the visual to better "hold" an image.  As I place my intent, I tie the color that compliments my emotion.  For example, if I am sending love I tie green (heart chakra color).  Others may chose red or violet, but it is the intent behind the thought that really drives the focus.  If your gut tells you to use gold or white light, go with your gut, and visualize that color to aid in strengthening your intent.  When you work in the greater good, all else will come to you, and color is an enhancer (much like crystals, etc)..

You are correct that the vibrations are being weakened and frequencies have been altered due to the toxins in our environment and also all the fear that is propagated.  This is no accident, and the PTW (Powers That Were) are trying to prevent the Ascension as it creates the beginning of the end for them (which is already starting).  One thing the PTW neglect to realize is that Mother Gaia, regardless of what is happening, will cleanse and purge the damage as she sees fit. Continue to meditate and send healing to the Earth because even if you think what you are doing may be ineffective, you are connecting with the collective and creating change for the better. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pilot Mountain

Q. Over the past few years I have been drawn to Pilot Mountain in North Carolina that is right off I-52 near Mt. Airy where Andy Griffith was born.

The Cherokee have legends and myths about Pilot Mountain and say it is so "sacred" you should take your moccasins off, out of respect, when you are within twenty miles of the mountain. In geology it is considered one of the oldest mountains in the world and makes the Andres, Himalayas and Rockies seem like teenagers to this ancient mountain. The river near it goes along a ley line and might be the oldest river in the world.

Could you speak of the mysterious things that happen above and below the mountain?

A. When I tune into this I get that this mountain is a very energetic and spiritual place.  I see a connectedness between the mountain and Mother Gaia, and hear in many ways the faces serve as her eyes and hears.  I can actually see the faces move (like they were once alive and talking to me?????) This place, that was born millions of years ago, serves as both a vortex of energy and also a portal for beings.  Because of this, there are hundreds of spirits roaming about this ancient ground (I also see one spirit that looks like a warrior keeping things in check, and even forcing the lower vibrational beings back through the portal.  I hear he is like a real live Ghost Buster.???)

When people travel to this mountain, I hear that they often attract a spirit that mimics how they are feeling or one similar to their own vibrational.  For example, if someone is fearful, they will attract one that evokes more fear.  If one is feeling confident, they may connect with one that makes them feel invincible.  I then hear the phrase, "like attracts like.."  Oddly, when that person leaves, I see the spirit cannot leave the grounds and remains behind (they are bound there)

This place is very sacred, and I hear that the spiritual, earthly and physical connection that occurs when you are there is intense and gratitude should be shown (Mother Gaia is sharing).  I see that a person can experience a beautiful mind, body and soul experience, or have quite the opposite (depending on intent, frame of mind and vibration).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 18, 2017

September 23, 2017

Q. Hi Lynn, AT&T recently put out a documentary called The Sign.

The story tells of all the biblical and scientific evidence that planet x will pass by earth, closer than it ever has on 9/23/2017 and it will begin Armageddon.

Would you mind looking into this because I find it strange they would produce and market a documentary like this. Why did they do this and what is their goal - are they not a part of the PTW? Is there anything significant that will happen on 9/23/2017? If you look up this date many predicted the same thing would happen in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Are they just all getting the year wrong or hoping someday they'll get it right?

A. When I tune into September 23rd, I get an anxious feeling as if I am on edge waiting on something to happen.  It looks like a lot of things are building energetically (planetary and moon alignments).  I don't see a full on apocalyptic event, but the Earth does look to go through a shift.  I see the Schumann resonance picking up, and it looks like the Earth wobble is off more than ever due to the push and pull action of the astrological bodies.  

The alignment feels necessary on this timeline and is tied to the birth of the 4D Earth being created, forming another reality over our current 3D realm.  On a worldly perspective, I see harsh and unusual weather starting a few days before the 23rd, and following a few days afterward.  The strange weather patterns feel tied to wind, rain and water.  The increased Schumann resonance also looks to create subtle earthquakes all over the world as the Earth expels excess energy. 

On a personal level I see many physical reactions.  It mostly looks like flu symptoms including nausea, fatigue and even loss of appetite, with some people reacting more so than other.  There can also be a lack of mental clarity, even confusion as these energies push and pull through our bodies.  

Regarding the movie, I do see the PTW (Powers That Were) involved.  It looks like this movie serves two purposes.  One is to propagate fear and feed the minds of those that are worried.  The other is to share some truths in such a way that people are skeptic and doubting.  The goal of the PTW is to keep vibrations low, and fear is a way to accomplish that.

It is hard to narrow down the date of a mass event.  I see Earthly changes occurring over periods of time, and not sudden or immediate (like a slow burning fire versus an explosion).  We all have a subconscious nudge that change is imminent, so many of us are looking for a sign.  The dates look to arise from the collective finding what appears to be a clue, and like the Law of Attraction, when something is found, you attract more and more of the same.  

Overall, I do feel some disruption on September 23rd, but together we will get past it.  Take extra care of your mind, body and spirit during this shift of energy.  And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Random Read for Friday (released one day early :-)

Q. Lynn, For the past few months there have been so many news reports of small children being trafficked for prostitution. I know this hard to look at, but I have a twist on it. My question is, what would be some unexpected solutions we could do that would help children everywhere to be safe? Thank you!
A. I get the first thing is awareness.  Many people think the problem isn't as bad as it is, or that it wouldn't happen in their area, but the truth it that it could happen anywhere.  Admitting this and working together to spot unusual behaviors (like strangers taking pictures of other people's children) is a step in the right direction.  I see it like a neighborhood watch, but on a much grander scale.

Also, teach children not to fear the world, but really trust instincts.  Most times (even with adults) we get in compromising positions because we don't want to be rude, and go against what our gut tells us.  Your gut won't steer you wrong, and even children need to pay attention to what feels off.  

Lastly, I get the the people that run these rings do it for profit and deep down would be ashamed it it was exposed.  As people are discovered, they need to be publicly announced (much like registered sex offenders have to file where they live).  I get there are huge egos tied to these rings, and as they are found out, the realistic fear of public embarrassment would deter some of this activity.

Q. Were Neanderthals bred out rather than died out? Meaning were they mated into the human species to form another species?

A. I get there was some evolution of the human species, but they didn't completely evolve from Neanderthals.  I see that Neanderthals existed, and an update was done to their DNA via ET Geneticists which created the human species.  The "new and improved" species later evolved into what it is today.  Neanderthals were important, and sort of a test, and then their DNA was enhanced to create an evolved version of humans.

Q. Hi Lynn, I read that octopus were of no DNA match to any other creature on this planet. Who made them? Where are they from? And why are they here? Are they psychic?

A.  I hear the phrase "they are the brain of the ocean" and are much more complex than what most people think.  They have existed for thousands of years, and get they came from a meteor (what it looks like).  The meteor was seeded with the DNA or life force when it landed in the water.  I get the very first octopuses had a radio active or electrical element that made them like beacons for experiments. They also had a telepathic ability, but it looks as though that ability has dulled down over the centuries (due to non use and also toxin buildup). 

Q. Are the arms of the T-Rex accurate to it's body or do they belong to another dinosaur? I vaguely remember reading something that said the arms of the T-Rex were incorrect and that they actually had longer arms. Many thanks!

A.  When I tune into the T-Rex I get the arms are incorrect. I cannot see that the shorter arms belong to another dinosaur, but I do get the T-Rex had longer arms.  I also hear that if the arms were as currently shown, they would be useless.  He could not properly use them for defense, to eat, or other simple functions.  I hear the ratio of the arms to the body size and position of the should is off. 

Q. Hello, in ancient Greece there was a succession of women who were the Oracle of Delphi. Who / what were they? Were they really prophets? They supposedly gave prophecies in a vapor induced trance. What was this vapor?

A. I get these were highly intuitively women that came forward to share their gifts.  I see that as a new one was chosen, she would have some kind of prophetic dream as a sign that she was to be the next in succession.  Once her position was held, she looks to live in a semi-sequestered location, free of distractions so she can be at one with her thoughts, and her gifts could continue to develop.  I see this "vapor" being some version of a DMT substance that was naturally occurring in the area (some kind of plant, fungus, mold, etc). The "vapor" wasn't required to be intuitive (she was chosen though this dream process), but it enhanced what was already there.

Q. Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift's new video. The references to snakes/reptilian is pretty obvious and there's lyrics talking about Swift being dead. It's very odd. Immediately, my mind went to your posts about celebrities being cloned, etc.

A. I get this is her way of saying goodbye to the innocent Taylor because the PTW (Powers That Were) have gotten a hold of her.  She is being forced to follow the agenda, and she lost her autonomy.  She has to do what she is told or suffer the consequence.  The cloning is a real threat, and she is well aware of that.  The snakes and reptiles with the words "Look what you made me do" is in direct reference to what is to come of her, her career and messages in her music.  From this point forward she will be a different Taylor.

Q. Hi Lynn, can you do a reading on Joel Olsteen and his wife Victoria from the Lakewood ministries. I saw a photo of her and something about her didn't look right and I felt a bit creepy. I really like listening to what they have to say because it is different from other religious preaching. Many people don't like him because he was appointed to his position by his mother and never attended a Bible college or seminary. Some are wondering if Joel Olsteen is the false prophet. What is your take on these people. Lynn, much thanks - always.

A.  When I tune into Joel and his wife, they have a good vibe.  They feel to be genuine people, and take a different approach to the church.  Joel feels to encourage people to look both outward AND inward (much like The Law of Attraction) versus an absolute faith where things cannot be controlled and are left to chance.  I get they are scrutinized because of their differences, but they seem to have balance and take on the criticisms.  I cannot seem to connect to a creepy emotion tied to Victoria. 

Q. On a positive note, how can each of us more dramatically improve the energies around us? I'm personally focusing some time - irregularly, of course - to "pulling" energy into myself and sending it to Mother Earth. Occasionally, I try to radiate it around me, filling up the transport (bus, train, airplane) in which I'm riding, or the building in which I'm located at the moment. And I've also occasionally put up a "protective bubble" around me and others with me. Seeking to understand here: is all this effective? And what would be more effective?

A. This is effective, and a beautiful thing that you are doing.  The most important thing you can do is have positive intent behind your actions and hold that intent through the mental process of raising vibrations.  I also get that visualizing a color, and tying the positive energy to that color can enhances the flow (imagine the room, car, bus, etc filled full of that color).

Q. Lynn, have you heard about Carbon 60 Olive Oil? It is supposed to be the fountain of youth. Does Carbon 60 Olive Oil really work? Are there any cautions to taking it? Thanks, Lynn

A.  [I do need to put a disclaimer that I have not studied medicine, and this is from an intuitive perspective.]  
The first thing I hear is "Too much of even a good thing can be a bad thing."  I get in moderation this can be an effective supplement to your food to aid in the detox process.  The one caution I do get is that it can be a little irritating to the intestines (because of the excreting of toxins), so be gentle with it to see what you are able to tolerate.
(If anyone has tried this, please share your experience in remarks.)

In closing, one thing I wanted to mention is that it was brought to my attention after the reading on Censorship that Google and YouTube are manipulating stats and deranking websites that don't support "the agenda," including mine.  Please bookmark and share this site for future reference. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kings, Queens and Princesses

Q. Hello Lynn, thank you for this very interesting website. My question concerns the Belgian royal family. We all know by now (also thanks to you) that there is something rotten in Buckingham Palace, and I have also read and heard about terrible things being committed by the Dutch royal family (mostly Beatrix I believe, her son the King seems different). Now, here in Belgium we have a royal family as well, and they have ties to the British royals and the German nobility. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde do seem to have a different vibe though, but I would like for you to tune into them to see whether they have good and pure intentions or not. Could you also look into their eldest daughter, the Crown Princess Elizabeth? I would like to know how they are preparing her, again, whether it is all pure or not. Are our King and Queen heavily controlled or do they have a voice? I know there are a lot of less well-known aristocratic families pulling strings behind the scenes, but I am more interested in the ones that we see in the media. Is it all a puppet show or are not all of the royal houses of Europe a cesspit? Thank you so much Lynn!

A.  When I tune into this I get many things that start good with good intentions get corrupted with greed taking them down a different path.  Monarchy in general emerged as a way to organize people and lead a society, but greed crept in quickly, and egos began to grow.  With every generation there was a hope of change, and those that did try to change things for the greater good were either eliminated or some how removed from control. 

Very early on (hundreds of years ago) the PTW (Powers That Were) became entangled with the monarchy leaders as an indirect way of controlling the masses.  They even guided who and what family lines were to become part of the monarchy rule to ensure the Reptilians saturated the highest leadership positions.  I appears that once the PTW got key Reptilian people and family's in the path of becoming an heir, these Reptilians held strong and continued on.

The King and Queen you speak of do have a small voice, but they carefully plan their actions around the acceptance of other members of royalty.  It appears the approval of their "peers" is the main influence on what it is they do.  There feels to be a lack of confidence and they seek the guidance and validation from these aristocrats.  

Princess Elizabeth has a very naive energy.  I get there is a pureness to her, but she is starting a shift as she is beginning her "training" to be sculpted.  I get that the darker sides of ruling are somewhat hidden, and only revealed on a need to know status.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, September 11, 2017

Priority Blog Request: 3D, 4D and The Law of One

Q. Hi Lynn,

I have a priority blog request. Here is my question:

You’ve previously said that the introduction of a 4D Earth to our 3D Earth is a gradual process, and that when we are in spirit we can incarnate into 4D if our vibration supports this higher dimension. This is very similar to what the channeled being Ra has said in The Law of One books. 

Ra said there would be a 3-way split to our “mixed harvest” or mixed ascension. Those souls graduating as Service-to-Others would stay with the positive 4D Earth, Those souls graduating as Service-to-Self would incarnate on a negative 4D planet, and those who have not polarized to a higher vibration would start a new ascension cycle on another 3D planet. Do you see this process as being accurate?

What do you see happening as the 4D Earth fully forms? Does the 3D Earth's viibration eventually become inactive? Can you describe the process from a 3D Earth perspective? Is there a future point when there is a final separation of these two realities?

LINKS for reference

Ra's Descriptions of a Harvest:
A. I think it is easiest if I break the questions down starting with the 3-way split.  I do resonate with portions of this, and do see that there will be a 3D Earth for those that have not ascended to a higher vibration.  There will also be a coinciding 4D Earth for those that have ascended, evolved and graduated from lessons requiring a 3D experience.

I wouldn't label the 4D Earth as positive or negative.  It just "is."  4D feels like a 3D version that has been broadened to incorporate intuitive gifts and a spiritual side while eradicating some of the lower vibrational emotions and actions tied to ego.  Even while residing in this 4D Earth, beings will want and need to continue growing to ascend even beyond that reality.  To successfully accomplish this growth, there still needs to be contrast, therefore, what is called "positive" and "negative" need to coincide as one 4D Earth to foster growth through experience.  The Universal Laws of balance are always in play, regardless of what reality you are focused on.

From the 3D perspective I get that as this new layer of Earth forms, sensitive and intuitive people (which are on the higher vibrational end) will physically (fatigue, aches, mental fog) and even psychically (random images, feelings of connectedness) react.  This is due to a new, higher vibrational "veil" being formed over all us.  The energy surges "over load" our systems (in some ways good, and others with discomfort).  For sensitive people it can be helpful to meditate and be mindful of what you eat / drink to help mitigate the fluctuations and maintain balance.

For the less sensitive people, I get they may not feel much.  They may witness other people experiencing the above symptoms, but not fully understand it.  They feel very distracted and absorbed in the 3D.

After the 4D is established, I do see two separate Earth's, each with their own vibration.  The 3D will continue, and will be necessary for the development of beings that will thrive in that vibrational range, and this Earth will serve their needs.  I see the 3D Earth as the place to work on lessons dealing with judgment, abandonment, power, self discovery, control, greed, and tangible lessons such as money, materialism and vanity.

The 4D looks to be focused on embracing acceptance, spiritual gifts, eliminating fears, finding balance, homeopathy and more advanced ways to nourish the mind, body and soul.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up: 
Q.  My follow up question would probably be this, if a 4D Earth is of a higher vibration, yet there are still positive/negative aspects available for spiritual learning and achieving balance, how would this differ in experience from 3D Earth. Would the darkness be less intense? Is there a spiritual split from the more extreme aspects/entities of darkness?
A.  The main difference is the type of lessons learned, and the ability to learn easier (from a more intuitive, and Universal consciousness perspective).  I would say there is a more spiritual split, and the concepts within daily life are of an overall higher vibration.  The dark is less dark, and the lower vibrational emotions, and lessons tied to those emotions would reside on the 3D Earch.