Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Kings, Queens and Princesses

Q. Hello Lynn, thank you for this very interesting website. My question concerns the Belgian royal family. We all know by now (also thanks to you) that there is something rotten in Buckingham Palace, and I have also read and heard about terrible things being committed by the Dutch royal family (mostly Beatrix I believe, her son the King seems different). Now, here in Belgium we have a royal family as well, and they have ties to the British royals and the German nobility. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde do seem to have a different vibe though, but I would like for you to tune into them to see whether they have good and pure intentions or not. Could you also look into their eldest daughter, the Crown Princess Elizabeth? I would like to know how they are preparing her, again, whether it is all pure or not. Are our King and Queen heavily controlled or do they have a voice? I know there are a lot of less well-known aristocratic families pulling strings behind the scenes, but I am more interested in the ones that we see in the media. Is it all a puppet show or are not all of the royal houses of Europe a cesspit? Thank you so much Lynn!

A.  When I tune into this I get many things that start good with good intentions get corrupted with greed taking them down a different path.  Monarchy in general emerged as a way to organize people and lead a society, but greed crept in quickly, and egos began to grow.  With every generation there was a hope of change, and those that did try to change things for the greater good were either eliminated or some how removed from control. 

Very early on (hundreds of years ago) the PTW (Powers That Were) became entangled with the monarchy leaders as an indirect way of controlling the masses.  They even guided who and what family lines were to become part of the monarchy rule to ensure the Reptilians saturated the highest leadership positions.  I appears that once the PTW got key Reptilian people and family's in the path of becoming an heir, these Reptilians held strong and continued on.

The King and Queen you speak of do have a small voice, but they carefully plan their actions around the acceptance of other members of royalty.  It appears the approval of their "peers" is the main influence on what it is they do.  There feels to be a lack of confidence and they seek the guidance and validation from these aristocrats.  

Princess Elizabeth has a very naive energy.  I get there is a pureness to her, but she is starting a shift as she is beginning her "training" to be sculpted.  I get that the darker sides of ruling are somewhat hidden, and only revealed on a need to know status.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond said...

I wonder how much influence the old families of Europe actually have on banking and international affairs? They are all related to each other and they have all the presidents and prime ministers in their address book. It would be interesting to be able to see how they live from the inside.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Catharina said...

Thank you for your quick answer Lynn!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@raymond: I see them connected like a big spider web. Some interactions are more blatant and others are under the radar.

Thanks for the comments!

@Watch said...

Thanks for this post! Makes much sense, specially if one flash's back and observes how the British royal family dealt with Diana princess of Wales who obviously did not fit into the scheme!

tara said...

I see them as something bad to the core. Defiantly believe that that had Diana killed. I think also that something else around that is sinister scares even them. David Icke talked about that and said the name Pindar strikes fear into the Royals. *Dark forces operate in the UK* a comment by the Queen to Paul Burrel , Diana's Butler and confidante.

All Royals are connected throughout the world, some quieter than others but still involved in very creepy stuff. lots of bodies have been found on Royal land in mysterious circumstances and yet a law was passed that none of the royals can be questioned or even think about questioning them. effectively they can do anything they like with impunity. Just disgust me the lot of them. I will never be their subject. I came across and read Kitty kelly's Banned book on the UK Royals recently. A real eye opener.