Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Q. You will probably want to look at this.  Very mysterious indeed!
A.  When I tune into this, I instantly get these are a tool used for defense against terrorism.  Specifically, they feel to be some type of EMP / EMF deflector / blaster (I hear it works like a gigantic piece of organite).  With the global unpredictability of Russia, China and  now North Korea, certain measures are being taken to protect the US assets.  Current weather warfare and HAARP attacks can leave the most defended areas weak, and these towers are being used to mitigate that risk.  This isn't being shared broadly over media because they don't want to create chaos, answer questions or let the enemy know the level of preparedness that is occurring.

Q. What is the true purpose of the emergency alert test broadcast?

A.  The purpose of this looks to be two-fold.  First, I see this as a way to communicate to the masses in the event of a disaster, HOWEVER, (I hear) to take heed and really listen to what you are being told.  Some information is valuable to people, and some feels very fear based and prays on emotions. 

I also see this as a subtle way to notify the PTW (Powers That Were) of their next tactical moves.  I get in a serious disaster or event there are key words and phrases used to advise the "appropriate people" of the status , current plan or agenda in play.  

Q. How does universal consciousness become manifest? At what point does an atom become a physical manifestation of universal God energy?  Thank you. 

A.  When you project a thought there is a frequency or vibration tied to it.  Just like a magnetic attraction (The Law of Attraction), the frequency draws in other objects, thoughts, people, experiences, events, etc with a similar frequency (ie, like attracts like).  The moment a thought turns to a physical manifestation depends on the thought and all the circumstances around the thought. Factors such as the greater good, life lessons, intent, etc all play a role in what and how a tangible manifestation will occur.  There is no specific time frame for this event to occur as they are all very unique.

Q. Why do people fall in love? Does falling in love in any way mean you are meant to be with that person, or is it merely a chemical phenomenon? Is there such thing as "soul mates"? Is there only one person for everyone?
A.  I get when people fall in love (real love) they have compatible vibrations and their pheromones mix in such a way it creates a trigger in their brain that you have met a good genetic match (should you chose to procreate).   It feels spiritual (through vibration) and biological (through pheromones).  

Falling in love means you have met a compatible mate.  You can fall in love several times, and love can take different intensities.  The most intense feelings of love are with a "soul mate."  Being in love with a soul mate is a very deep, physical and spiritual love with past life connections that provide a sense of familiarity in this current life.  This type of love usually comes around once, but for some lucky people they experience it a few times in their current life.

Q. Hi Lynn, thanks for all your answers! This question came to me while watching an interview with a Russian scientist dealing about regular matter.  While the existence of dark matter has been inferred largely through astronomical observations and confirmed by simulations, it still remains a riddle in terms of identifiable particle in physics. Could you elaborate on how many elements do make up the dark matter and where it is more present on earth? Regular matter is composed out of 118 elements according to the periodic table of element.  Thank You 
A.  I hear dark matter (as referred to in space) consists of very few elements (I hear around 50) when compared to regular matter.  The challenge in studying it is many of the elements that create it do not exist here on earth.  As I try to hear some of the key components, I hear something that phonetically ends in "sho-PEE" and "to-NEE-lee." (???).  

[I feel there is more to this, but I would need to sit and sketch / map out these elements while i focused on the make up. I may be able to hear more complete elemental names as well.]

Q.  Hi Lynn, So the Trump & NFL anthem protests have taken over the lead story in the media and on the internet. The PTW (Powers That Were) have often used this sort of smokescreen to do their evil deeds behind the scenes while we're all intentionally being distracted elsewhere. Do you see anything like this going on right now? If so, I'd appreciate hearing what we're missing. Thanks.

A. I get this is just another ploy to keep us divided while making Trump (who the PTW do not like) look foolish to other countries.  It is a disrespect and discrediting campaign that keeps emotions between people inflamed.  The democratic party is trying to do what they can to destroy him so when the next election comes up they have better odds of getting into office (which I get their efforts would be better realized by finding a good candidate).  

I also see a bigger agenda in play, and that is a modification to our constitutional amendments.  Freedom of speech was a vital part of our freedom, so important it was number one.  With the current level of offended people (induced by our media and society), many things that are said are being taken out of proportion and ridiculed (the amount of silent majorities of various views are rising).  

Regardless of your belief system, people do have a right to speak (not slanderous), and I see changes legally and in behaviorally in the future (for fear of be persecuted for their beliefs or opinions).  The media makes argumentative issues out of things that are non-issues (I see Melania's shoes).  The PTW want us silenced, bickering and divided, so this is in line with their goal (see George Washington's quote to the right and really think about his words).  Slowly but surely, I see our freedom of speech passively being attacked to where people have an illusion of free speech, but when exercised will be "punished" for using it.  In many ways I hear "we are allowing our own right to be taken away."

It may be easier said than done because words evoke emotions, but I get it is better to objectively disagree with a point of view rather than silence or shame someone because they have a different thought.  Living in a modality of being offended or putting a label on someone feels very low vibrationally.  Opposing thoughts can lead to growth and expand the mind.  They may be uncomfortable, but challenge (even though mental contemplation) is what makes us stronger.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Chatty Cathy said...

What a great set of readings. But wow, I hope those EMP deflectors work. I hope there are plans to protect all the other states because I know the carnage they can cause. One of the best and most disturbing books I've read recently was, One Second After, by William R. Forstchen about an EMP attack that brings America to its knees.

747 said...

I just looked up 'one second later', wow. Will have to read. It almost deserves a reading of its own!Thanks chatty cathy

Kalamota Kook said...

A very interesting reading again, Lynn. I have a couple of points.

The statement that falling in love means you've found a compatible partner concerns me. Isn't there a connection with imprinting in infancy, so your 'type' of lover on a subtle level reminds you of a parent, or your parents' relationship pattern? It's something people fall into without even realising. If you're from a healthy family it's fine, but this is one of the dangers of trying to survive abuse and dysfunction - history repeats itself, and so does the abusive cycle, and your feelings tell you it's right.

As someone who grew up in a very abusive home, with undiagnosed ASD, I spent most of my life being targeted by pathologicals who I thought I was in love with and ended up being re-traumatised. It happened with those I thought were best friends too. While I understand that these may be life lessons, and I have had to try break the cycle (by not being involved with anybody at all, probably for ever), I am very uncomfortable with the idea that feeling like you've fallen in love means it's right. I would appreciate further clarity on that point, for the sake of anyone who might be reading as much as for myself. Also, what about unrequited love? How is that the right partner? Thank you. :-)

As for the final section, Europe is far down the road and I think it has reached the stage where the only way out for the sheep will be something very ugly, in a visceral rebound. The waking up has been going strongly, the only question is what happens next? I've spent decades knowingly watching all this happen and trying to speak out wherever I could, but the darkness has all the privilege now.

I wrote a whole bunch more about this, but I'm so tired of it all I just deleted it. Which feels rather ironic.

Chatty Cathy said...

@747 - Yes, it's such a good book. I couldn't put it down, just had to know what happened next. I definitely recommend it!

Unknown said...

The PTW doesn't have to try hard to make Trump look foolish. Since you brought up his name, do you care to address the trump body double/clone? He is the guy with the blue tie and his hair color is slightly brown.

Make America Racist Again

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

@747 and ChattyCathy: That book is on my reading list! How synchronistic that it ended up being mentioned!

Thanks for the comments. One thing I wanted to mention is that it is easy to find offensive comments in about everything when you are tuned in to see them. The challenge is to be objective or even let things go. I see that getting upset or angry just hurts yourself, not the person / organization you are angry with. You may or may not like Trump, but our reality is that he is our president. Allowing comments from or about him to get to you only hurts you and lowers your own vibration, and really does nothing to him. The PTW love this, so don't give them the power.

Robert Schoen said...

I find the Manhattan "orgone" towers fascinating if in fact they are based on Reich's principals and shows this technology is finally being used for good. It makes me wonder if the group of hurricanes that hit the US recently was a foreign government's revenge for Fukishima, although the previous reading they were in response to the abandonment of the Paris Climate Accord also makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of Trump and the media agenda to make people angry on both sides, can you do a reading on those near Trump that may be trying to sabotage him? Son-in-law Jared Kuschner put in a lot of Goldman Sachs people, parties with George Soros, and his flagship property that he paid overmarket for has the street address "666." The generals McMaster is also close to Soros and Kelly is said to be trying to "manage" Trump screening calls, banning old friends and even getting rid of his trusted bodyguard of 20 years. What's going on?

My Picks said...

i was feeding into the low vibration as well. it is making me feel ill and sick to my stomach. my own friends were putting horrible labels on me and i just felt myself shaking in frustration. im going to disconnect myself from politics and focus on things that make me feel good before i go crazy. just feel stuck

Denise Christensen said...

Lynn, thanks for the interesting readings.

On the topic of the NFL, I agree with you. Personally, I'm getting fatigued with all the race baiting going on in the media and perpetrated by the globalists (aka PTW) which is at the root of the civil divide. I'm glad Trump is stirring the pot by challenging those who have fallen under the trance of the PTW and who believe that disowning/hating their country and its symbols (because it's supposedly racist [sorry ain't buying it!]) will somehow bring about a new, improved society. If we allow the PTW to continue to divide us, we will have no nation left. The globalists will continue down their path of destruction, dismantling every symbol, statue, history book, bible, cultural identity of the nation and replacing it with their New World Order. Lynn is correct to point out that hating or blaming Trump (or anyone else for that matter) will only keep you down. Don't give away your power!

Here's a link to an inspiring video by Brandon Tatum on his view of the NFL protest, if you haven't seen it yet:

Buddhist Lady said...

Lynn--your analysis of the NFL debacle is exceptional. Absolutely excellent!!! I wish everyone in the U.S. would be required to read your answer. You have nailed the intent and the incoming destruction (within a society) resulting from demonizing anyone who opposes or contests another's assertion, thought, or belief. You are exactly correct. Challenging another's ideas or belief, in a respectful albeit forceful manner, simply leads to stronger ideas and cleared misjudgements. Discussion of ideas and differences strengthens a people and nation. I might conclude with the fact that discussion involves one party talking while the other listens and then the other party responds. Free speech carries the consequent responsibility that the parties listen to each other. Free speech is not screaming and yelling with the loudest, crudest mouth, which, unfortunately, appears to be the current definition.

Raymond said...

I wonder if someone can change an atom that possesses hate into an that that possesses love and what happens when that occurs. It would be interesting to see an atom change from hate, to envy to love to a Krispy Kreme Donut. Do thoughts have mass or have consciousness that allows it to know about its goals, like the thought is used to teach, inform or love?

So far they have discovered 118 elements. How many more are there on Earth and surrounding us in space? A thousand, perhaps a million? Will we ever be able to generate free energy in our homes from the dark energy of space?

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing the reading. It is very insightful and clear. If I may ask some clarity about why more spiritually connected people get faster manifestations than others. Is the physical a vibrational medium ?
Thank you

Dorothy Zbornak said...

Did you happen to see the photos of Prince Harry meeting First Lady Melania Trump at the Invictus Games he's hosting in Toronto? Prince Harry's demeanor seems less than warm, and while Mrs. Trump stood arms to her sides, Harry's hand was partially tucked into his jacket. But while his middle and ring finger were tucked inside his coat along with his thumb, his other fingers held outside.

Here is a link to the standalone image:

What do you make of this photo? Is the hand gesture benign, or is there meaning and/or symbolism behind it? What message is being conveyed?

Thank you for everything, from an ongoing visitor and fan.

@Watch said...

Thank you so much for this post Lynn!
Never thought that Dark Matter could possibly comprise so many elements!
Once you said that they do not exist here, when the dark matter atoms come next to earth do they disrupt and become regular matter atoms, or what prevents them from aproximating our planet? Thanks!

Legend said...

If falling in love means compatible vibrations, then why is there such a thing as unrequited love? Why do people fall in love at all? Love isn't needed to have sex, if procreation is the only end goal.

Alex said...


Soulmates would have compatible vibrations but we don't always get married to soulmates.

Most people get married because they wanted to balance their karma from past lives. That's why there are divorce, cheating and even killing between husband and wives.

Lynn White, Focus Sessions said...

Lots of comments!! Thank you. Lot's of good points, and some topics for further readings. I also enjoy seeing how you answer each other.

Thanks again!

Amelia said...

Raymond, your comment reminded me of the experiments by Masuru Emoto. If you are not yet familiar with his work, I highly recommend checking it out.. It is absolutely fascinating, and uplifting!

If ever there were simple, visual proof provided of conscious intent changing the energy of atoms, and that different thoughts and words carry with them different frequencies, Emoto's pictures of water crystals under a microscope with various labels intended to each are that proof! Enjoy :)