Thursday, September 14, 2017

Random Read for Friday (released one day early :-)

Q. Lynn, For the past few months there have been so many news reports of small children being trafficked for prostitution. I know this hard to look at, but I have a twist on it. My question is, what would be some unexpected solutions we could do that would help children everywhere to be safe? Thank you!
A. I get the first thing is awareness.  Many people think the problem isn't as bad as it is, or that it wouldn't happen in their area, but the truth it that it could happen anywhere.  Admitting this and working together to spot unusual behaviors (like strangers taking pictures of other people's children) is a step in the right direction.  I see it like a neighborhood watch, but on a much grander scale.

Also, teach children not to fear the world, but really trust instincts.  Most times (even with adults) we get in compromising positions because we don't want to be rude, and go against what our gut tells us.  Your gut won't steer you wrong, and even children need to pay attention to what feels off.  

Lastly, I get the the people that run these rings do it for profit and deep down would be ashamed it it was exposed.  As people are discovered, they need to be publicly announced (much like registered sex offenders have to file where they live).  I get there are huge egos tied to these rings, and as they are found out, the realistic fear of public embarrassment would deter some of this activity.

Q. Were Neanderthals bred out rather than died out? Meaning were they mated into the human species to form another species?

A. I get there was some evolution of the human species, but they didn't completely evolve from Neanderthals.  I see that Neanderthals existed, and an update was done to their DNA via ET Geneticists which created the human species.  The "new and improved" species later evolved into what it is today.  Neanderthals were important, and sort of a test, and then their DNA was enhanced to create an evolved version of humans.

Q. Hi Lynn, I read that octopus were of no DNA match to any other creature on this planet. Who made them? Where are they from? And why are they here? Are they psychic?

A.  I hear the phrase "they are the brain of the ocean" and are much more complex than what most people think.  They have existed for thousands of years, and get they came from a meteor (what it looks like).  The meteor was seeded with the DNA or life force when it landed in the water.  I get the very first octopuses had a radio active or electrical element that made them like beacons for experiments. They also had a telepathic ability, but it looks as though that ability has dulled down over the centuries (due to non use and also toxin buildup). 

Q. Are the arms of the T-Rex accurate to it's body or do they belong to another dinosaur? I vaguely remember reading something that said the arms of the T-Rex were incorrect and that they actually had longer arms. Many thanks!

A.  When I tune into the T-Rex I get the arms are incorrect. I cannot see that the shorter arms belong to another dinosaur, but I do get the T-Rex had longer arms.  I also hear that if the arms were as currently shown, they would be useless.  He could not properly use them for defense, to eat, or other simple functions.  I hear the ratio of the arms to the body size and position of the should is off. 

Q. Hello, in ancient Greece there was a succession of women who were the Oracle of Delphi. Who / what were they? Were they really prophets? They supposedly gave prophecies in a vapor induced trance. What was this vapor?

A. I get these were highly intuitively women that came forward to share their gifts.  I see that as a new one was chosen, she would have some kind of prophetic dream as a sign that she was to be the next in succession.  Once her position was held, she looks to live in a semi-sequestered location, free of distractions so she can be at one with her thoughts, and her gifts could continue to develop.  I see this "vapor" being some version of a DMT substance that was naturally occurring in the area (some kind of plant, fungus, mold, etc). The "vapor" wasn't required to be intuitive (she was chosen though this dream process), but it enhanced what was already there.

Q. Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift's new video. The references to snakes/reptilian is pretty obvious and there's lyrics talking about Swift being dead. It's very odd. Immediately, my mind went to your posts about celebrities being cloned, etc.

A. I get this is her way of saying goodbye to the innocent Taylor because the PTW (Powers That Were) have gotten a hold of her.  She is being forced to follow the agenda, and she lost her autonomy.  She has to do what she is told or suffer the consequence.  The cloning is a real threat, and she is well aware of that.  The snakes and reptiles with the words "Look what you made me do" is in direct reference to what is to come of her, her career and messages in her music.  From this point forward she will be a different Taylor.

Q. Hi Lynn, can you do a reading on Joel Olsteen and his wife Victoria from the Lakewood ministries. I saw a photo of her and something about her didn't look right and I felt a bit creepy. I really like listening to what they have to say because it is different from other religious preaching. Many people don't like him because he was appointed to his position by his mother and never attended a Bible college or seminary. Some are wondering if Joel Olsteen is the false prophet. What is your take on these people. Lynn, much thanks - always.

A.  When I tune into Joel and his wife, they have a good vibe.  They feel to be genuine people, and take a different approach to the church.  Joel feels to encourage people to look both outward AND inward (much like The Law of Attraction) versus an absolute faith where things cannot be controlled and are left to chance.  I get they are scrutinized because of their differences, but they seem to have balance and take on the criticisms.  I cannot seem to connect to a creepy emotion tied to Victoria. 

Q. On a positive note, how can each of us more dramatically improve the energies around us? I'm personally focusing some time - irregularly, of course - to "pulling" energy into myself and sending it to Mother Earth. Occasionally, I try to radiate it around me, filling up the transport (bus, train, airplane) in which I'm riding, or the building in which I'm located at the moment. And I've also occasionally put up a "protective bubble" around me and others with me. Seeking to understand here: is all this effective? And what would be more effective?

A. This is effective, and a beautiful thing that you are doing.  The most important thing you can do is have positive intent behind your actions and hold that intent through the mental process of raising vibrations.  I also get that visualizing a color, and tying the positive energy to that color can enhances the flow (imagine the room, car, bus, etc filled full of that color).

Q. Lynn, have you heard about Carbon 60 Olive Oil? It is supposed to be the fountain of youth. Does Carbon 60 Olive Oil really work? Are there any cautions to taking it? Thanks, Lynn

A.  [I do need to put a disclaimer that I have not studied medicine, and this is from an intuitive perspective.]  
The first thing I hear is "Too much of even a good thing can be a bad thing."  I get in moderation this can be an effective supplement to your food to aid in the detox process.  The one caution I do get is that it can be a little irritating to the intestines (because of the excreting of toxins), so be gentle with it to see what you are able to tolerate.
(If anyone has tried this, please share your experience in remarks.)

In closing, one thing I wanted to mention is that it was brought to my attention after the reading on Censorship that Google and YouTube are manipulating stats and deranking websites that don't support "the agenda," including mine.  Please bookmark and share this site for future reference. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


Chatty Cathy said...

These were diverse and interesting readings, Lynn. This reminds me of an article I came across last year that mentioned the Oracle of Delphi. Legend states that the Oracle of Delphi connected priests with super natural beings who passed along advanced technology and information.

Connecting "beings" and advanced technology kinda sounds like our email and the internet, which might explain how a curious depiction of a modern-day laptop ended up in a Greek sculpture from 100 BC (link below).

The electromagnetic frequency waves we use, today, for global communications are not new on the scene; they have always been here criss-crossing our globe. We used these invisible frequency waves first for telephones, radios, television and now internet. Its possible that the greek "gods" were using wireless technology to communicate.

It would be kind of arrogant for us to believe that us, living in the most recent 100 years, are the first in the history of the world -thousands and thousands of years - to tap into these electromagnetic waves for communications. Right?

Ralib Allen said...

When you talk about cloning, I'm kind of confused because if they cloned a celebrity, wouldn't the cloned DNA have to be born and grow up just like the original body. How would they replace a celebrity with a clone who is obviously not the same age?

Watchand Knock said...

Hi & thanks! "People are already buying C60 (Buckminsterfullerene) and dissolving it at home in olive oil! Store it away from sun light!

kiaralhopkins said...

Yes, your closing comment is very true. The day after that reading, I tried to come to this website through google and couldn't. I followed the link through your Facebook page and was successful, at the time I didn't think much of it, it makes sense now.

melvin michaels said...

I just started using C60 about 10 days ago. I understand that major changes can take months.
I've already noticed an increased metal focus and I am getting more done. Not that it exactly gives me energy but rather I no longer procrastinate as much. Its sort of a I might as well just get it done now feeling. Like mentally I understand that it is more efficient to do now what I can.

It tastes awful. If i try to mix it with juice the oil sticks to the sides of the glass. still trying to find the right way to ingest it without wasting it.

Enlighten Your Life said...

I have to add something to the Joel (formerly Olsteen, now Osteen) comment. He has not been the same since he visited the pope in 2014, shortly after which he changed his name from Olsteen to Osteen. You can still find references to his former name but almost everything, including his books, has been changed to the new name with no announcement. Another Mandela effect?
I find him to be much different now than he used to be and his energy feels 'phony' to me. He is also much less of a biblical scholar than he used to be, he's more of a life coach now and I wonder if that has something to do with the papal visit in 2014. I do not follow him or read his material, I can't bear his energy. And I can't abide his wife, Victoria, who I feel is just creepy, greedy, narcissistic and self important. She is an 'assistant pastor' at his church but has no credentials to be holding that position. I always believed (from my intuition) that she wanted to be important too, so she demanded a pastor position.
I know people who know her and I have seen her outside the church a few times, she is rude, entitled, and demanding.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

I experienced the same thing..

JJ said...

Thank you Lynn for answering my questions on Octopus (octupi ??) I love these creatures. Appreciate it.

Robert Schoen said...

I've been using Bing for a while to get away from Google, but just did a "Psychic Focus" search on Google and Lynn's Blogspot was the seventh site listed instead of the first, which was her twitter. A lot of interesting reads, and found the Octopus observations fascinating.

Human trafficking, not only of kids, is such a huge problem and one that is completely ignored by the media. One of the main reasons for the great influx of Africans and others into Europe is that in many of these countries, human trafficking is the number one economy! Workers from Honduras have to pay $5000 to get into the United States and that was the price seventeen years ago wen many came after Katrina.That figure can give you an idea of the profit margins involved elsewhere. The Traffickers should be the ones hunted down for slavery and exploitation.

I would like to nominate Lynn as the current reigning Oracle of Delphi!

Robert Schoen said...

PS: Forgot to mention did the same "Psychic Focus" search on Bing and your blogspot was the first listed, however four ads spots concerning psychics were placed before the listing.

dmele17 said...

Hello Lynn, could you do a reading on supposed human ET Valiant Thor, who worked inside the White House for many years. Is this a true and accurate story and if so, was he really from Venus? Where did he go and will he return?

They Live said...

Many thanks for answering my questions, I truly appreciate it :-)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments and perspectives! I really do appreciate you taking time to leave a note.


daisy said...

Thank you for your work, Lynn. Yours is the first thing I read each morning.

Jesse said...

Always a good read!

Lynn, I was wondering if you could look into these giant spider sculptures around the world & see if you pick anything up on them, Thanks ! - Jesse

Anonymous said...

Taylor had changed a few yrs ago -

I think some ppl in the entertainment industry do want to succeed at their career but they are controlled by the companies they work for. Are there any good clean singers and music record companies nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lynn, THANK YOU so much for answers to these questions! I share Robert's nomination for Oracle of Delphi. But it isn't just your talent, it is your absolute alignment with goodness and integrity that is so wonderful.

Unknown said...

I use Google now launcher in my phone and it used to send me a new pusing from this website but lately it never did so I now understand why.

T Adams said...

There's a typo, pusing should be 'posting'.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, since this is a mixed bag, here's a moon hoax photo drill down Lynn and I did a ways back, but it kept getting deleted.

As it is, Google is suppressing the site -- and Lynn's as well!

Raymond said...

Da-Da.........It's not limited to Google. On Twitter there have been a few instances where someone has made a comment that was anti Israel or pro Israel and a few seconds later they received 100 likes. And the OP was not someone with 1M followers, perhaps 500 or 1000.

And posters have made comments that were anti Saudi Arabia that never get posted.

Yep, we are being monitored. The difference between Nazi Germany/ Soviet Russia and Modern America is that we think we are free but they knew they weren't.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words and sharing!! I really appreciate it!

Kalamota Kook said...

Raymond's post synchronistically chimes with my evening, especially the last paragraph. I watched a documentary by a Swedish emigree called Pelle Neroth, called Dying To Be Multicultural, about the suicidal mass delusion of political correctness and its catastrophic hints at the future for much of Europe, or at least the rest of Sweden. I really recommend it, it's beautifully shot and the music's fab, even though the content is disheartening.

The most startling and disturbing comments in the doc come from Polish and Hungarian residents of Malmo [can't do the accent] who moved to Sweden to work. They are old enough to remember the Communist years, and they say exactly what Raymond does here: they all knew they were oppressed and well aware of how the system worked against them. Modern Swedish people - as elsewhere in the supposed free world - don't even realise that they are in a trap. The Poles say it just as Raymond does above.

The recent activities of Google / Youtube / Twitter / Facebook have become so overt it's impossible to ignore, but still there are those who think it's all about preventing Neo Nazis. It isn't. It's targeting content that is incredibly 'vanilla' and so many people just go along with the agenda not even realising it is one.

On the bright side, I live by synchronicity and I've just had my evening dose. Thank you, and thank you to Lynn, whose posts do that often!

Kalamota Kook said...

I don't know how long this will be up.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Kalamota: I do agree. I am seeing it everywhere. It is very upsetting, all we can do it keep talking and making people aware! Use the power of the collective to our benefit.