Monday, September 11, 2017

Priority Blog Request: 3D, 4D and The Law of One

Q. Hi Lynn,

I have a priority blog request. Here is my question:

You’ve previously said that the introduction of a 4D Earth to our 3D Earth is a gradual process, and that when we are in spirit we can incarnate into 4D if our vibration supports this higher dimension. This is very similar to what the channeled being Ra has said in The Law of One books. 

Ra said there would be a 3-way split to our “mixed harvest” or mixed ascension. Those souls graduating as Service-to-Others would stay with the positive 4D Earth, Those souls graduating as Service-to-Self would incarnate on a negative 4D planet, and those who have not polarized to a higher vibration would start a new ascension cycle on another 3D planet. Do you see this process as being accurate?

What do you see happening as the 4D Earth fully forms? Does the 3D Earth's viibration eventually become inactive? Can you describe the process from a 3D Earth perspective? Is there a future point when there is a final separation of these two realities?

LINKS for reference

Ra's Descriptions of a Harvest:
A. I think it is easiest if I break the questions down starting with the 3-way split.  I do resonate with portions of this, and do see that there will be a 3D Earth for those that have not ascended to a higher vibration.  There will also be a coinciding 4D Earth for those that have ascended, evolved and graduated from lessons requiring a 3D experience.

I wouldn't label the 4D Earth as positive or negative.  It just "is."  4D feels like a 3D version that has been broadened to incorporate intuitive gifts and a spiritual side while eradicating some of the lower vibrational emotions and actions tied to ego.  Even while residing in this 4D Earth, beings will want and need to continue growing to ascend even beyond that reality.  To successfully accomplish this growth, there still needs to be contrast, therefore, what is called "positive" and "negative" need to coincide as one 4D Earth to foster growth through experience.  The Universal Laws of balance are always in play, regardless of what reality you are focused on.

From the 3D perspective I get that as this new layer of Earth forms, sensitive and intuitive people (which are on the higher vibrational end) will physically (fatigue, aches, mental fog) and even psychically (random images, feelings of connectedness) react.  This is due to a new, higher vibrational "veil" being formed over all us.  The energy surges "over load" our systems (in some ways good, and others with discomfort).  For sensitive people it can be helpful to meditate and be mindful of what you eat / drink to help mitigate the fluctuations and maintain balance.

For the less sensitive people, I get they may not feel much.  They may witness other people experiencing the above symptoms, but not fully understand it.  They feel very distracted and absorbed in the 3D.

After the 4D is established, I do see two separate Earth's, each with their own vibration.  The 3D will continue, and will be necessary for the development of beings that will thrive in that vibrational range, and this Earth will serve their needs.  I see the 3D Earth as the place to work on lessons dealing with judgment, abandonment, power, self discovery, control, greed, and tangible lessons such as money, materialism and vanity.

The 4D looks to be focused on embracing acceptance, spiritual gifts, eliminating fears, finding balance, homeopathy and more advanced ways to nourish the mind, body and soul.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Follow Up: 
Q.  My follow up question would probably be this, if a 4D Earth is of a higher vibration, yet there are still positive/negative aspects available for spiritual learning and achieving balance, how would this differ in experience from 3D Earth. Would the darkness be less intense? Is there a spiritual split from the more extreme aspects/entities of darkness?
A.  The main difference is the type of lessons learned, and the ability to learn easier (from a more intuitive, and Universal consciousness perspective).  I would say there is a more spiritual split, and the concepts within daily life are of an overall higher vibration.  The dark is less dark, and the lower vibrational emotions, and lessons tied to those emotions would reside on the 3D Earch.


A Man Called Da-da said...

AND note that while the 4D earth will require new 4D glasses, your breath will be mintier.

Ok, actual question for Lynn: will there also be a 5D earth??

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!
Intresting report on a QHHT session also points to 2 earths!

Conrado said...

Thank you Lynn. It's a very interesting post!

I would like to understand something. Since this development of our spirit is a many-lives experience, do we really need to forget our past lives? A 4D experience would require this "forget was" as well?

Ryno said...

"Law of One" by Ra is a mix of disinfo and some truths like every other piece of ancient and modern "enlightend" or "spiritual" works (i.e. Bible, Quaran, Emerald tablets, Sumerian text like Enûma Eliš, Zecharia Sitchin writings, New Age teachings, channelings etc.). THEY give you a glimpse of your power but in the end just keep people waiting until a certain time, a 4D ascension harvest mumbo jumbo or to be "saved" by some being(s)(THEM).

Hey,it could be worse though. Some beings created by them are treated a lot more "negatively" throughout the universe.

I do admit there is one ancient text I
I really like which is The Art of War.

Alex said...

I am confused here. I thought there are many physical Earths in other galaxies in the universe that we can reincarnate on, what is so special about this 4D Earth?

If this is a spiritual Earth, then shouldn't there be at least 49 levels of spiritual realms?

Chatty Cathy said...

I also found 24:6 through 24:16 of the Law of One seems to answer so many questions I've had about different aspects of the Bible, including the Anak giants (Numbers 13:33), Ezekiel's wheel (Ezekiel 1), the burning bush (Exodus 3:2), as well as the Jewish people's historical predisposition towards enslavement (financial). According to Ra, it was encoded into their DNA to enslave.

wendy tascione said...

Art of war is lower vibrating very 3d

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: Eventually... Not in our lifetime though..

@Watchand Knock: Thanks for sharing!

@Corrado: We never totally forget. Our past experiences are imprinted within our subconscious.

@Ryno: Most things have bits of truth and fiction. The challenge is to determine what resonates as truth and what is filler. :-)

@Alex: It is a higher vibrational earth. There are many layers to our earth, and we are existing in the 3D layer.

@Chatty Cathy: Interesting! Thank you!

Kiranasa said...

@Dada: After one hundred years of 4D "TIME", Earth will ascend and become 5D Earth.
(One year of 4D time equals one hundred years of 3D time)

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Kiranasa ~ Does that mean that 4D time is more... intense than 3D time? Is it longer for 3D because the time stream is "unwound" more (and hence longer)?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Oh, never mind. SOURCE showed me a wheel turning: the outside of the wheel moves faster than the inside. Of course. Wheels within wheels.

Watchand Knock said...

Back to 3D world: Refering to the sad 9/11 aniversary here a pilot speaking about remote flying devices built into planes ans that could possibly have been used to fly the planes into the twin-towers! (but, it could also have been used with the GermanWings Airbus that crashed into the French Alps more recently (2years ago))
"Field McConnell was a Norhthwest Airlines pilot who filed a Federal lawsuit in 2006 about the illegal secret installation of the "Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot" (actually a General Electric device) in all modern airliners, and which was used to remotely commandeer the doomed airliners on Sept. 11, 2001.

wendy tascione said...

It was halogram plane

Ryno said...

@Lynn: Excately, so much filler has been all tangled together that people will spend to much time trying to untangle it instead of doing more beneficial personal things like shadow work.

I like your site and your impressions because it seems like you are truly using your "gut" and have a really good connection to your "oversoul" (though I may sometimes have a different opinion than you) and not passing information from "spirits" and channeling.

Ryno said...

Well, It's a good thing I embrace balance.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you again for all the comments. I truly appreciate the time spent connecting and sharing with one another. Hugs, Lynn

Lisa said...

One important question:
When the earth is (slowly) dividing into a 3D and 4D split what will happen with the populations?
Suddendly, will some people just disappear before our eyes?

Or will we only find our way to the 4D earth via death?