Thursday, September 21, 2017

Universal Consciousness, Imaging and Intent

Q. Is Universal Consciousness limited or is it infinite?  Thank you
A. I get the Universal Consciousness is infinite.   It can expand as far as need be, and it always present when called upon trough verbal or mental intent and even mental, emotional and spiritual necessity.  The Universal Consciousness is always available and accessible.

Q.  I can't find the reference now, but recently you responded to someone who was using imaging / meditating to help restore or reinvigorate the Earth physically (I think). You suggested that the poster include color in this healing process. What kinds of color do you suggest? And why? Would there necessarily be a specific color for restoration of ley lines and magnetic grid needed for Earth during Ascension? Many people have suggested that, because of the enormous disruption of chemicals in our skies coupled with the increasing electromagnetic disturbances, the Earth's electric grid has been compromised and the necessary "frequencies" humans require for guidance during Ascension have been greatly weakened. These "frequencies" keep us in contact with our Higher Self or Consciousness.
A. As I tune into this, the most important thing I hear is that there is no wrong color.  Color can be used to strengthen intent and enhance the visual to better "hold" an image.  As I place my intent, I tie the color that compliments my emotion.  For example, if I am sending love I tie green (heart chakra color).  Others may chose red or violet, but it is the intent behind the thought that really drives the focus.  If your gut tells you to use gold or white light, go with your gut, and visualize that color to aid in strengthening your intent.  When you work in the greater good, all else will come to you, and color is an enhancer (much like crystals, etc)..

You are correct that the vibrations are being weakened and frequencies have been altered due to the toxins in our environment and also all the fear that is propagated.  This is no accident, and the PTW (Powers That Were) are trying to prevent the Ascension as it creates the beginning of the end for them (which is already starting).  One thing the PTW neglect to realize is that Mother Gaia, regardless of what is happening, will cleanse and purge the damage as she sees fit. Continue to meditate and send healing to the Earth because even if you think what you are doing may be ineffective, you are connecting with the collective and creating change for the better. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 



Since the universe is going to clean up our act (no matter what) is better if we do most of the cleaning prior to the last minute horrendous cleaning we would otherwise get. Good luck to all of us.

Serene said...

Yes, I agree with Divine Love. It's kind of like starting to clean a few weeks (or more) before company comes over, rather than a mad cleaning dash an hour before everyone shows up...
Much love to everyone!!! xoxoxox


I read in a book one time a story of a man and his wife who would throw a big dinner party for friends and family in order to give themselves the motivation to clean their home--otherwise they didn't care much for housecleaning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. It is good to know and a wonder to experience.