Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bigfoot / Yeti / Sasquatch

9:37 AM 

Q. Hi Lynn, I would like to know what do you see and what can you tell us about those creatures called 'Bigfoot' or 'Sasquatch'. Are they real?
A. The first thing I get is that they are real.  I see the image of one in my mind and it is cocking head sideways like a dog.  Almost showing that it has feelings and emotion.  I get that they are misunderstood.  I get the impression that when they see or focus on humans they feel sad.  It seems like they have some kind of a barrier that prevents a relationship with humans.  I also get this lonely feel, as if the population is so small, that they are kind of lonely and they crave an interaction that they can't have.   

Q. What are they? 

A. I get they are an ancient creature.  The Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch are all the same, but geographically their name is associated to where they live.  For example, where it freezing you have the Yeti, but the Yeti is still related to Bigfoot and Sasquatch.  

I also see this image, and the one in my mind is one of Bigfoot.  He is walking, and then I see that he physically disappears, and then my eyes take me to the ground.  Even though Bigfoot is invisible, I still see him leaving tracks or footprints.  it is like he is able to walk in and out of this physical of layer on earth [the layer in which humans live].  

I visualize earth much like an onion.  You have the base of earth like the core of an onion.  There many layers of earth overlapped on the basic core.  Spirits live in a layer, humans live in a layer, and it appears that Bigfoot creatures are able to visit the human layer, and then hide somewhere else.  It looks like a self defense way of hiding themselves.  

I get they are very intelligent and use high level thinking.  Then I see an image of Bigfoot as I am interpreting that message, and it like he is waiting on a shocked expression after telling me that they are indeed intelligent.  Then I get message "that is why one has not been caught or had a good photo because their strong intuition gives them foresight to hide themselves".  

I get they watch humans as they "hide" in their "layer" of earth, and they just don't understand us... Why we would want to capture them?  This Bigfoot actually wonders and is posing to me what we would do if we caught one?  Torture it? Try to talk to it?  He says in a way they are scared us because we [humans] are so unpredictable... I feel like I don't have a good answer for him and mentally "tell him" maybe it is good that you are able to hide....

Q. Is it true they have a relationship with ET? 
A. He wouldn't call it a "relationship" but they do communicate.  He confirms they exist.  They used to visit earth much more,  but somehow that stopped.  He is telling me that it was like they were banished, but hot by humans.  They were forced to leave by some higher powered ET... 

They still (referring the ETs) come to earth, interact with us, but on a MUCH smaller scale.  

And that was all I got during this session.  Thank you.  9:55 AM.  Live Reading on YouTube

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Boston Bombing Photo and Journal Entry

The following is a photo and journal entry that someone submitted to me.  I was requested to do a reading on what I got when I tuned in...

A. The first thing I got when I read this is the person that wrote this knew some real truths, but the disguised themselves as "security commission" to add a layer of anonymity. I also get that the person that wrote this was briefed of how to handle situations and went through many practice "drills."  They feel higher up that just security- they feel connected as if they are security that works for the government (but the title "security commission" feels off).  This person had their feet on the ground and didn't just sit in an office.

Right before the bombing (within hours) they were put on alert of a possible terrorist attack, but the location and mode was slightly off (I get an image of the parking meters being scanned).. When the "event" happened information was leaked to them and this person above was able to put it all together.  I don't get that anything was fully outlined to them, but enough was given and between what they were told and the questions that were asked it painted a clear picture. 

The guilt this person had carrying their privileged knowledge was too much.  I see this image of them writing that journal entry to try to shed some truth, but they walked around carrying themselves in a way that they blended in.  The emotions on the inside did not match how they conducted themselves, and there was a true amount of fear going on in their head.

I do see this event as being planned very meticulously and was part of a much bigger agenda.  I always saw it as a way to "test" the American people on the receptiveness and reaction to martial law.  This horrible thing happened evoked fear and a feeling of terror, with all of those emotions at play, how receptive would people be? How submissive are or would the American people?   I see was like a dress rehearsal for something later.

I do agree that this was orchestrated as a way to test and possibly take away rights. In reference to the gun powder, I didn't get that was the reason, but that does resonate as truth within me.  I saw it more focused on testing martial law, but see the banning or taxing more on gun powder as a bonus for the government.

Other readings I have done regarding the Boston Bombings:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

South Africa

Q. Hi there. Love your blog. I live in South Africa. Very worried about the current administration. White farmers are being murdered everyday for no reason. We have no food security and poverty is at a new high. Could you please give me a reading on what is going to happen to my country. I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness and death.
A. I first get the overwhelming sense that aside from the area in Africa enduring this, people really don't know the extent of what is happening.  The stories of what is going on aren't being shared (much).  There is a huge disconnect from what is happening there versus what is being shared in the news.  People only know what they seek out, and the news isn't just "given" to them.

When I ask why they aren't being helped by other countries I get that the geographic location of south Africa isn't part of anyones master plan.  There isn't a wealth of resources or oil.  It looks like other countries tend to give huge amounts of protection and aid to the countries that can benefit them later.

When I think about the food and the farmers I get that the poverty is bringing out the worst in people and starving people will do desperate things.  I get that the government has a huge control over the food and getting it distributed, and the starving people feel that it isn't being handled correctly.  I get some phrase that "if they are going to let us starve, then we will kill the food source and the elite can starve too."

It does feel very dark and sad.. It see this getting worse before it gets better.  Eventually people are going to rise up and stop waiting on help (I get some sense that people are waiting to be rescued??).  It looks like a group forms against the current government and will try to overrule the current system (which feels very unbalanced or corrupt).  I see the strong people looking for other options and other food sources.  I see trade and barter picking up.  Some people will leave and go elsewhere looking for a better chance and opportunity.These bad times will make people realize the strength and resourcefulness they have within themselves.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Q & A: XXIII Alien Influence on Religion, Pharaohs, Ancient Structures and Ascension [Group Posting]

Q. I have made research about so called Kalki Avatar, which many well known saints and sadhus of India has been talking about for decades and centuries. Did he already come as some claim? Is he at present in India? Is he coming, when? I have made a list of Indian and Western people making those claims. You might want to see my web page about it after making your focus session.
A. As I focus on this I see that something (someone?) really did come to earth, and when it was shown to these people it was given the name "Kalki." I am also told that many religions believe that a god  (or angel) will come back to earth to save, take or guide them in the right direction, but in reality it is the same "source" from which these gods come from.? We put the individual name titles based on what our ancestors in ancient civilizations experienced and how they made sense of their lives at that time... 

I am then shown a painted mural, but it comes to life.  It is a picture of a god in the middle and angles and alien space ships are flying around the god.  It is hard to distinguish between this being literal or symbolic, or if this is trying to give me clarity that these beings are all one in the same-  my impression of the mural is there is one god (or greater consciousness / universal knowledge) in the middle, and everything else radiates from it.  The angles and aliens appear to be one in the same. 

I then get that he is not present in India now, and he will come, I just don't have a date.  I am left with the message that when he does come "he will be like nothing you will expect." ?

Q. Akhenaten the Egyptian pharaoh is depicted as having an elongated head and odd facial features. Did he suffer from a medical disorder or does he have alien origins? Why did he change the religion to monotheism during his brief rein?
A. I see that many Egyptian pharaohs had alien and human genetics which created the elongated heads.  Akhenaten was not alone with this physical trait.  I also get that many people wrapped their baby's heads at birth to shape them in order to mimic this "god like" trait.  The shape of someones head was a symbol of their ancestors, and those who had elongated heads were thought to have godly DNA since they were created in part from the the "gods / angles / aliens in the sky" 

With regard to monotheism... I get that people have always been in search of their higher self and a more connected feeling to each other and the universe.  In the time of ancient civilizations they still had that feeling, but they also had the advantage to communicate with beings outside of earth and gained a different perspective of life and the universe.  Akhenaten also had that advantage, and realized that we are all connected by a universal source (I always see a white ball of energy) and that single source was the god that he worshiped. 

Why was the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten obliterated from history? 

A. It was obliterated because his knowledge and teachings threatened the ideals of the current and emerging religious views.  I see that there was a huge story to be told involving the truth behind angels, gods and aliens, and to admit that aliens had an influence on society by sharing knowledge and breeding was a huge conflict to religion.  Not only did Akhenaten have the "true story" but his physical appearance was proof in many peoples eyes. 

Q. I think that we ignore the fact that advanced technology and engineering are not new concepts as evidenced by the Cathedrals, Basilicas and Castles around the world which could not have been constructed without knowledge of engineering and mathematical calculations. This means they kept this knowledge from the masses and restricted their designs to buildings of worship and for royalty. What happened to compel them to mainstream engineering? And is the knowledge of engineering of human origin?
A. When I focus on this I hear a strange phrase like "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.  Unlike the horse, humans will drink the water.." I interpret that as humans have a tremendous capability to learn, want more and compete, but we sometimes need a gentle to nudge in the right direction.  We don't need much, but a small spark will enable us to create a huge fire.  

I do see that thousands of years ago we were visited by aliens and knowledge was exchanged.  I also see that when we were visited by these beings they didn't just "tell or give" us knowledge, we had vision and asked them how to do it.  I get that humans wanted to build these structures and asked the aliens to share their wisdom, and only then did they share it... It had to do with us wanting more for ourselves and having vision to earn learning these skills..

Q What is your impression of the Urantia Book? I've read it, it does come across with a religious feel but some of the information is intriguing, especially the info on the life of Jesus. Can you give me your thoughts?

A. I see this book is the result of someones search for truth and understanding.  The author was compelled to write what they felt was the explanation behind religion and how society viewed it. They wanted to know are the stories in the bible true, and had some deep meditation and solitude to seek that out.  I also get this book was very controversial for its time, but there was a huge amount of compulsion to get it released. 

Q. I've read a lot about ascension and one's choice of time. Some say you can come and go which mystifies me within dimensions. Why would one leave family, including pets, if they weren't ready, leaving them to questionable earth's care when it's your love, commitment and responsibility. Isn't that selfish looking for the ultimate love. Can you go together and is it limited to humans or will all that not matter. Thank you.
A. I see ascension as more of a mental ability to relocate versus a physical relocation.  When I view earth, I see many layers (much like an onion).  Some are physical (you can touch) and others appear to be more spiritual (where paranormal, etc takes place).  With the right mindset and focus, you can peek into these layers, but your physical body remains on your current layer.  As people ascend during their physical existence here, I see a new layer (that is still physical) existing here on earth.  People will be able to travel between the physical layers.  You won't have the appearance of leaving anyone (even those that haven't ascended can see you, you just won't have the "higher self" experiences) until your physical body dies- at that time your ascended spiritual body can go to whatever layer it wants or leave earth altogether.

Friday, May 23, 2014


(This question had multiple parts, so I broke them down to answer each part.)

Q. I would like to know how "Gangstalking" is orchestrated and what group or groups are behind this? 
A. When I focus on this I see a large group doing this rather than a whole community (I realise the dictionary defines this as a whole community but I didn't get that in my images)  I see this is done all the time by different groups for different reasons.  Some situations I see sparking this are government special interest groups intimidating someone that knows too much or they think may speak out, special interest groups associated with "big oil" trying to get their way on policies that benefit them and privately hired groups that are "pro-rich" for the big corporations using these tactics to get further tax breaks or create "loop holes" that benefit them.

The final image I got was of a documentary called Economic Hitman where entire CIA groups would go into other countries to destabilize and cause chaos so the US could go in and pretty much control them. [This situation is not limited to these situations only.  They were just the ones that popped in the forefront of my mind while I focused on this.] There isn't just one group behind this, I see that basically anyone with power or money can formulate one of these types of "gangstalking" situations.

The orchestration part... I see that some parts of the government have a permanent group that they can dedicate to such activities.  They are always dealing with some issue that needs resolved, so these people work solely to push or influence key people into what they want. 

Other people (such as an individual or someone at the head of a large corporation)  hire these groups as independent contractors on a "per job" basis. Once the agenda / bill / policy is passed, their services are no longer needed and they move onto the next "job."

Q. How do they pick their targets and why?
A. In everyday life (for example unfaithful spouse, rape, gang violence, problems with the law)  victims of this are chosen very specifically to try to correct a past wrong.  This could go on either side.  The "victim" may want justice, of the person causing the harm may do this as a way to intimidate the "victim" to get them to back down. (Again, not a whole community involved, but can be a large group within the community.) 

When you look at government and big corporations, people that are roadblocks to a certain goals are targeted .  It has a ruthless feel to it, and I see these people doing what it takes to bring goals to fruition

Q. Is there a paranormal aspect to it? Are targeted individuals just delusional or paranoid and if so, how can they all believe they are experiencing the same kind of stalking program?
A.  There are some people that falsely experience this, and they are paranoid.  But, for others it is very real and can be documented (I see more with time and experience, but these "stalkers" are many times smart enough to do this in a non traceable way or a way that doesn't leave evidence).  It really varies with the situation. 

Q. Will this crime ever be exposed or recognized by the general public or will the media continue to avoid it?
A. I do see it coming out.  It is very real, and people live it.  It will hit alternate media first, but eventually be talked about freely. 

Thank you. That is all I have for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

China Conflict

Q. Hello. What are your thoughts on China's claiming of areas in south China sea? Is this a part of a bigger plan? I may be wrong but why does the UN seem to not want to mediate? In the end, who will the involved islands (Spratlys & Paracel) belong to? When do you see this conflict end? Thank you
A. I see China positioning themselves to become the next super power.  I see these islands as a wealth of resources and I also hear the term "shipping depot." I see that China really is trying to become independent and not need the rest of the world as much, and actually wants to make the rest of the world need them.  This not only gives them strength, but protection as well because if the world needs China, they (the world) is more willing to give them leniency in the event they do things that would not otherwise be accepted. 

I see in theory the Spratly Islands should go half to Malaysia and half to the Philippines. I also get that China does have a valid claim to some of  Paracel (when I view the map in my mind.)  The other portion of of Paracel belongs to Vietnam. China won't be satisfied with that as I see them really accumulating as much wealth and resources as possible.  I get the image of China being like a hoarder, not really knowing what they need but taking it all in to sort our later. China has long term goals of power in mind, and they are working at it slow and steady (and to some extent under the radar when you consider their ultimate goal).

I also get the UN isn't mediating this yet.  They are hoping this resolves itself (in a sense).  The UN is also looking at China seriously because when the next currency is issued, they know China wants to facilitate it, and they need a good stable country with a large gold reserve to do it.  In a sense I see the UN sitting back and watching how China handles things as if China is on a job interview.

This conflict looks to be drawn out for a long time, and I don't see resolution for 3 or 4 years. Everyone involved wants to hold onto their piece.

Q. Thank you very much for you great work and devotion. I would like to ask you question regarding the Vietnam-China conflict at the moment on the South China sea. Do you see that the fact that China refuses to take back the oil rig planted on the part of the sea that belongs to Vietnam will lead to a war between the two countries? In the end, will Vietnamese government and people give up their whole South China sea and the Spratley & Paracel Islands to the Chinese government, since Vietnamese military is weaker, compared to this of China? Would this create anger and violence among the Vietnamese people in Vietnam if it happened? 
A. I see China standing their ground.  China wants and needs these natural resources.  The Chinese military is strong, and I see them using that strength to intimidate.  I don't see the Vietnamese government giving this up easily and it looks to be a stalemate for a long time.  I see both sides wanting something, and neither is willing to budge.  

I don't see war, but I do see conflict.  Ultimately the Vietnamese will surrender these islands, and to say the Vietnamese people are angry is an understatement.  I see some kind of agreement being done (Vietnam get a percentage of resources from the islands) to soothe this transaction, but there are many hard feelings over this. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Motives of War

5:54 AM
 Q. My question is about why we have wars. Most normal people (like us readers) have absolutely no desire to cause murder and mayhem in other countries. Given that the average human lifespan is less than 70 years, what compels 50 and 60 year old Army Generals to go to war in foreign countries when they themselves only have another few decades left on Earth? Why is the effort worth it to them? I know the Angels/Watchers/ETs of the bible lived hundreds of years...and the Book of Enoch discusses God causing endless wars among the offspring of human women and I'm wondering, what is the motivating spirit behind war? And are the world's warmongers of human origin?
A. When I focus on this there are different reasons for having that need for war. There is something primal about being in war that makes a 50 or 60 year old General go to war. (I'm not referring to all, but most of the Generals that chose to go.). Being in their later part of life also is a contributing factor rather than a deterrent- this is when these men are focused on leaving this world as a hero and making an impact that feels like a legacy is behind them.  I also get that some men set themselves apart from the others early, and prove their leadership, whereas others take a while to mature into it. Either path can leave you ambitious to want to have a "finale" event to you life (I see the finale of fireworks going off.)

I also get a message about "when these men enter war they feel justified, and you have to remember there is good and bad on both sides- it is your perspective and who writes the books that truly decides the winner." ? I get that when these Generals chose to go to war, they really believe they will win- they don't ever go to war and say "we are starting a 100 year war, let's fight." It is also this "feeling" that they are right, justified, and it will be over quick because they are in the right. The consequence of it being drug out is never the initial intention.

When I ask about them being of "human origin," I do get the answer of "yes."  I get that by design we always look for more, which is why we have propelled (being competitive), but it can go to extremes.  Then I hear that anything in large enough quantities isn't good for you... I see that we first look to satisfy our basic needs, when those are met we look for more.  We may want money, then materialistic things, and the chain reaction continues as each previous need is met.  Once people get to the top they want control and power. For some they can't be content, and they are wired to need, want and expect more- and go to war at all costs because they "need, want and expect more."

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 6:20 AM. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Royal Family / Monarchy

5:36 AM

I had several questions on the following topic, so I combined them all into one reading:

Q. The royal family is still popular in Britain and the commonwealth right now, but how long will the monarchy last in modern times?
A. I see it having a lot of longevity.  I do not see or feel weakness (currently or in the short-term). My mind is trying to see images in fast forward on a time line, and it looks to still be together for at least 15 years.

Q. I hear said that Britain is tied to the hip of the USA, and when America sneezes we catch a cold, so when the dollar collapses what effects would it have on Britain, and what would be the best way to prepare for the event?
A. This will have an effect on Britain. As I focus this it plays out like a cartoon.  I see that Britain is like America’s parent.  As America grows up it rebels against its parent, but there is still a fundamental relationship.  Now that America has grown up it looks after Britain how an older parents needs looking after.  Britain still helps America where it can, and in exchange America protects Britain and stands behind Britain as a united front to other countries.

When the dollar starts to fail Britain will do what it can to help, but will really have to evaluate their own financial situation and also form and nurture other relationships with other countries with regard to trade. Even though the United States will have a limited capacity to extend their military, Britain still feels safe.  It will be a rough couple years while things reset and a new world currency is introduced, but they will survive.

When I focus on this I get that people have to diversity their investments and look to items that aren't directly tied to the dollar.  It can be things that can be converted to the dollar (like precious metals, gold, silver) but not dependent on the dollar to calculate worth.  It can also be other countries money that is backed by something that isn't the dollar (I get an image of Iraqi Dinar Coins – not paper currency – could be symbolic of foreign currency or further supporting precious metals ??).

Q.  Is the monarchy going to end after Prince William's rein?
A. I do see a definite weakness.  I see when William takes the rein, it is a huge event with a huge shift in energy.  The current Queen has been on the throne for so long that it is just accepted as the way it is.  But, when William takes the throne the system is looked at differently, because it doesn't have the same “accepted” feeling.  There is a sense of newness and freshness, and it really makes people think and questions start to arise.

Q. Are there currently any terror threat on the royal family?
I don’t see any, BUT for a moment I saw that Price William will be in a military “accident” that leaves him injured but not killed.  I also get that will lead to a HUGE investigation.

Q. Will Kate and William last?
A. I do see them lasting.  Their energy feels genuine.

Q. Will Harry ever get married?
A.  The immediate image I get is of the movie 40 Year Old Virgin which translates in my mind to Harry being a little immature, wants to do what he wants, and is a little rebellious at times.  He does what is necessary, but doesn’t really like it.  Family is important, and I see a genuine love for his family, but he isn't ready for that responsibility.  I see him getting married, but he will be in his late 30s or possibly 40 before that happens.  He is getting pressure to find a “suitable mate” to keep the bloodline going, but Harry a really pushing against that.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 6:14 AM. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Q & A: XXII: People or Stories in the Media [Group Posting]

Q. Murder of Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa. She was a model and translator working for the Malaysian Government and was found murdered in Kuala Lumpur, blown up by C4 in 2006. The case went to court but no one was sentenced . The matter is still in the courts as her parents are still fighting to know the truth .. Any comments on it?
A. When I first focus on her I hear something about her case being like Marilyn Monroe.  ??  Then I go a little deeper and I see she was having an affair or intimate relationship with something high up in the government and she happened upon some private information that she wasn't suppose to know.  This information had to do with some corruption in government and it bothered her deeply when she found out.  She was so disturbed that she considered going public to rid herself of some of the guilt (and also reveal the corruption). When it got back to the government that she was considering going public they tried to quiet her, but she wouldn't take the money.  The result was her being killed in this explosion. 

Q. Anyway, I'd like to know if you can shed any light on the west Memphis three case? Several documentaries and written pieces have tried to dissect and examine this case but there seems to be no solid resolution nor substantial evidence pointing to the culprit(s). Can you tell us who the guilty party is, the events surrounding the day those three children were murdered and why these other three accused young adults have essentially had to pay with significant portions of heir lives despite overwhelming evidence they are innocent.
A. The first thing I see associated to this is a lot of darkness and shadows.  I get the impression that if you go to the place of the attack there is still much darkness there and in spirit those boys still linger and I get that other people have felt it too.  They want some kind of resolution to this.  I also get this was associated to a dark act or practice.  I realize three boys were killed, and three young men were arrested, but there is a conflict in my mind because I see a fourth "dark looking man" lurking in the shadows as if he was controlling this event but not directly doing it.  He feels like a director of sorts. He would tell the young men what acts to preform or what to do, and they followed him.  It was like a mini brainwashing that I would associate with a cult.  This man in the shadows was very dark, intimidating and very intelligent.  He knew how to manipulate and get into peoples psyche.  I also get that the men arrested might not remember the details because reflecting in  back it was like they were in a dream.  The real truth lies with the "dark man."

Q. Is Chris Porco responsible for the murder of his father and the attempted murder of his mother?
A. I cannot connect Chris Porco to this.  He feels removed from the situation.  When I focus on the event, I see him as being "beside" the event, but not interactive or related to it.  When I do focus on him I see a huge amount of frustration because the focus is so much on him, and not finding the true killer.  I am also left with the impression that the real killer is a current or ex business associate that is also a friend of the family and has visited their home.  I also sense this person was just involved with an insurance scam. ??
Q. Could you do a reading on Fred Valentich? He disappeared years ago in a plane accident but no evidence of a crash was found and neither was Fred. Could he have gone into another dimension or was he abducted by aliens?
A.  What I see is  a huge canyon in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  The canyon serves as a portal in and out of the inner earth. (I realize this can be a unusual concept / theory so I have included a link to another reading I did that helps to explain this somewhat I see what looks like a UFO come out of that canyon at the same time Fred Valentich was in the air.  The UFO was drawn to Fred in almost a magnetic fashion, and came upon Fred. I see them abduct him. I also get that Fred knew what was happening, and in a brief moment had such clarity and foresight that it was an alien craft.  His rational mind dismissed it almost as quick as he thought it, but for a few seconds he understood the reality of what was happening.  It looks as though he was taken to the inner part of the earth. 

Q. Julian Assange..Can you tell us what the outcome will be for him? Hoping for a positive outcome! Thank you for your wonderful gift and thank you for your website.
A. I see he will be fine, but he will always feel he is running.  I get that he will never be comfortable being in just one spot, and feels he is always changing it up.  He would like to settle down, but I see of an image of him not being about to sit still (a symbolic image for constantly moving around).  He will have to lead a very cautious life.

Q. What really happened to Madeleine McCann, the 3 year old girl went missing from her hotel room while on holiday with her parents in Portugal and will she be found alive. Thank you. I'm so addicted to your blog... love it.

A.  When I focus on this I get the immediate image of a movie called Murder of Adam Walsh I saw as a teen.  The movie depicted a child that was taken and later murdered and left in a field. I feel that a similar thing has happened to this little girl.  I also get that they have a strong suspect, but there is a technicality or reason that person is let go, mainly because they can't find a body.  

Then I get an image of this rolling countryside that isn't too far from where she was taken.  It looks like a patchwork of farmland and random grassy fence lines between property.  There are also some larger trees and running creeks  in these grassy spots.  I feel like she is there or wants to draw people to this area.. ? (I would need to do a separate reading to get really involved in this...)

Q. Paul McCartney is (rightly in my opinion) considered a living musical genius. Indeed many people say that the Beatles changed their lives and gave them hope, including millions who lived behind the iron curtain. Paul said that it was a greater force that wrote his songs – it was not him.  Lynn, were the Beatles “the chosen ones” by perhaps the forces of good or were they plain talented?
A. They were very naturally talented.  Music was a natural part of them.  I also get they had a strong connectedness with inner selves. Paul McCartney took chances based on his intuition which led him to success.  I get this natural path was their life path.

I recently did a reading that covered: Steve Fossett, Hitler, Autumn Radtke, Karen Hudes, Wilhelm Reight, Dynamo, JFK, Michael Jackson, Princess Dianna, Marilyn Monroe, Amelia Earhart, Elisa Lam and Michael Schumacher. I am attaching a link to that reading here:

Thank you. And that is all I have for now.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

TWA 800 Flight - 9/11 Shanksville United Flight 93

10:55 am

Q.  Could you do a read on the TWA 800 flight? I was reading the case again and several people said it was a missile while the original investigation said it was a spark on the fuel tank. Thank you for sharing your gift, sending good vibrations for you and your family!!

A. When I focus on this, it does look like either a missile or a rocket, what I see is a plane flying...and I hear this noise, like what a bottle rocket would make, and I even see the bottle rocket make this swirl in the air, as if it is heading towards the plane.  Like it was intelligent and seeking out the plane. It looks like it hits the plane underneath.  Then I get an image of where the bathrooms are in the plane, in the tail.  It looks like the point of impact was directly under tail end bathroom.

Then I see what looks like a cartoon, and all the people are drawn like caricatures, and they are army guys, and they are all standing around a podium, and in the center of the podium is this huge red button.  And the guys start joking and slapping each other playing, and one guy falls on top of the red button, and they say "What was that" and then the looks up, the one that fell on top of the button, and he says "oops" and then they all run and scatter.  Then after they run and hide, keep in mind the army guys in this cartoon are portrayed like 12 year old boys, this General comes in who feels like a father and he is questioning everybody like a group of thirty guys / 12 year old boys, wanting to know what happened, who was told to hit the red button, and everybody just stares dumbfounded.  It is like they knew they were in trouble, and no one wanted to admit it.  And then the General left and he made a comment, like I'll be back, like he was not done with them yet.  And he was irate.  And in this cartoon, his face turned beet read, and steam was coming out of both ears when he walked away.

Q.  Which nations military hit the button.A.  It looks American to me...people are speaking English, the men portrayed in the cartoon are American.  Everyone I see looks Caucasian.

Q.  Did anyone ever confess to actually hitting the button.
A.  What I see is out of the six boys that were playing around, none of them came forward.  They all stuck together, like a pact.  The General knew that either someone, or a group of people beneath him did it, but he never signaled that person out, and I get the sense of shame and like almost embarrassment for the incompetence for what happened...kind of on his watch.  And I see that the General took the brunt of it, and he kind of punished everybody in the group beneath him.  It was like the boys knew, that if they came forward, like they would be killed....I kind of get that they wanted to confess to release the guilt, but it was like they knew they would be murdered if they came forward.

Q.  Murdered by who?
A.  The word that I taxidermist, like that code word for kind of quietly taking someone out.  Like someone would call someone on the phone and say I need to have a taxidermist, and they would meet and plans would be made from there.  It was like some inside military assassins of sort.

Q.  What type of vehicle / transport was this "missile" launched from.
A.  I see it came out of the ground...It was in the ground and there was like a metal grate that goes over top of it, and the grate was already opened, like some maintenance or something was going on with it, and it looks to have been launched from a fixed site.

Q.  Why did they choose to cover up, vs reveal the mistake.  There has to be a record of the launch.
A.  I get because for the government to say that they did that, so much trust would be lost, other theories on other things that have happened, would be scrutinized, there would be a costly investigation, it would just implicate so many people.  And then I hear a phrase about, our government is not one to confess to their own mistakes.

Q.  Has any other accidents like this occurred, if so what were they?
A.  I get that missiles or rockets have been detonated on accident before?  But they have always been able to counteract them, and the thing that I see with people being injured, is a bomb testing that went off in a desert in Nevada, maybe Arizona, but it looks like Nevada.  This was pretty huge because they failed to quarantine the area properly, and I get that there were people inside the perimeter that were actually killed.  They way the government hid that was they paid the families a lot of money, like millions of dollars.  This was probably like 12 people that were killed.  These accidents do not happen all the time, but they have happened.

Q.  Will the truth ever come out and be revealed?
A.  The image that I see is a manila folder, and one it is stamped confidential in black, and top secret in red.  It looks like the government will never reveal the truth on this, and the only truth the people will get is putting it together themselves.  But you will never get a true confirmation.

Q.  Was the 9/11 flight over Shanksville shot down, or brought down by passengers?
A.  I see and hear, a huge explosion.  Like a bomb went off in the sky, and then my mind does a rewind, and I see the passengers sitting in their chairs like they were scared to death.  They look so scared of the uncertainty that they feel like they don't want to fight, they don't know what to do.   I do not see that that plane crashed to the ground, it looks like it "rained" to the ground in little pieces.  As if it had been run through a paper shredder.  The final image I get is seeing confetti fall from the ceiling during the finale of a circus showing me how the debris and ash fell to the ground.

Q.  Was the plane hijacked or being remotely flown, and did it have an intended target.
A.  This is strange....what I see is, the pilots that were driving the plane, where the hijackers themselves.  I cannot see where someone came in, forced their way around and took over the plane.  It was like the hijackers got on and were the pilots.  The reason the flight as flagged was because it was off it's intended path, and the passengers knew that something was wrong, but were not fully comprehending what, it was like they were scared, yet clueless at the same time, so I do not see this threatening hijacking feel going on.  The pilots boarded the plane and it was very natural how they got control.

It DID have an intended target, but I cannot tell exactly mind wants to say Washington DC, and I am toggling between the White House, and the Pentagon...but then my rational mind wants to say that the Pentagon got hit, but my intuition kicks in and says but not with a real plane, because the real plane went down.  So it is like my mind is in limbo, but it feels intended for DC.

Q.  Was it shot out of the sky, if so by whom and why?
A.  I get that it was our military and it was a higher up that gave the order to the pilot of the fighter plane.  And I get that the higher up got into a lot of trouble...because he was commanded by the government to stand down, the government was giving the excuse that they should try to redirect the plane by surrounding it, and also by surrounding it, it could evoke fear and make the pilot listen, but the higher up went against that because he was afraid that if it had to be shot down, they had to do it in a rural area because the casualties would be too great if they waited until it got to DC, so he kind of overrode what the government was saying and he took it out where it was not as populated.

Q.  Will the truth ever come out and be revealed?
A.  I get no because the US is not one to air their dirty laundry.  They will make people live in speculation and doubt but they will never confirm it.  11:40 AM.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Q & A: XXI Alien, ET, UFO continued... [Group Posting]

Q. 70-80 years ago, the powers that be, became aware of two deep space objects heading toward earth. They built many telescopes to watch these objects including the Vatican's "Lucifer" observatory. These objects should have arrived a few years ago, and then in late 2012, but they keep reducing speed and delaying their arrival. Can you tell if these are meteors, planets, or space ships? Why is their arrival rattling our leaders and why are they coming here?
A.  The first thing I see is that there is another star system separate from our own solar system. Within that star system is a planet much like earth that supports life. I then hear talks about balance and the yin and yang as if that planet is the counter balance of earth. It is shown to me that this planet exhibits positivity when compared to the parts of earth that feel dark and difficult, and vice versa. There is a connection between earth and this planet, like a magnet of sorts.  I get that there is a group of ETs living there that are on their way here to see what we have done or have evolved on their sister planet. 

I also get that telepathy and mental communication flow easily in this place (their planet).  They astral project themselves here and have a good knowledge of what it is like, but they lack the experience of interaction with the humans.  Even when they spiritually present themselves they can't get the interaction, or level of interaction they want because many of us are limited in what we see or how we communicate. They want to have the physical experience to avoid misinterpretation on our part. 

I see they come in peace, and just want to communicate and feel as though they have a lot of compassion towards living things.  Their appearance is similar to humans, but they have lavender skin (If it isn't lavender it has a lavender glow about it).  It is as if when human were created on earth, they were created on their planet.. Very similar but were given different "gift" during creation.  They seem to be of a much higher vibration, and they use many psychic "gifts" on their planet, and those gifts (mind reading, telepathy, empathy, etc) flow natural, where here on earth this feels forced at times.

The "Powers at Be" don't want this species here!  It poses a huge threat to power when people realize there is much more out there than what they see.  The "Powers" don't want people to be that educated or enlightened, because I hear something about "educated and empowered people are much more difficult to control." It threatens and puts holes in many religious ideas, and it really opens people's minds. The "Powers" want to maintain their power because the wealth they have is great, but they want more. 

Q. NASA recently revealed that asteroids carry life-building DNA. If this is the case I am curious if asteroids and meteors are not just rocks shooting randomly through space, but instead are intelligently designed propelled packages delivering "something" to Earth. What is the generating force that propels asteroids and meteors? Are they sent to Earth by intelligent Beings and for what purpose?
A.  I too see that certain living things are attached to asteroids.  I hear something about viruses, bacteria and life.  Once life was established on earth and our ecosystem was stable earth would occasionally receive one of these "packets." They were sent by design from the aliens experimenting with earth to introduce new life.  It may be the onset of a new species, or a species similar to one that existed that needed an "upgrade" introduced for breeding. 

 I also see occasionally a virus or bacteria would be introduced. Like a diseases that was unheard of randomly started or plagues that never existed come to be.  I see this was done to try to correct a "mistake" or reset a small piece of earth that was going wrong.  They were interfering without physically being on the ground to interfere.

Q Can a wormhole be built to other dimensions?
A.  I get that it can be built, but we don't have the technology or understanding to do so yet.  I see that we will learn (and on a small scale practice) teleporting before we learn how to create a man-made wormhole.  I also see we know of places where wormholes exist naturally, but we don't know how to control those locations because certain (and exact) environmental conditions have to be present (it involves gravity, static electricity and a specific magnetism) for it to function.

Q. You have done readings on the aliens previously, and this is a crucial issue about their motives. A series of warnings have been released, The Allies of Humanity claim to be a group of physical ETs who are not interfering with human affairs & gave severe warnings about the greys activities here. They are master deceivers. Also Veteran's Today editor Gordon Duff has provided extensive information on his website regarding the greys providing technology to our governments & deceiving/befriending sensitive people's for nefarious reasons. Please can you do a reading regarding the shadow governments agreement with greys & reptilians & connect with the Allies group. What they said is very logical & contradicts totally what the greys previously told you.
A. I know that what I have seen very much contradicts what many say in regard to the Greys.  When I focus on the Greys I try to shut down my rational and influential part of my mind, and open up to what I get even if it is contradicting. I have never seen them as hostile, or wanting to harm us.  My view of the Greys is that of a very firm and authoritative parent. They care about us, but are very stern. They want the best for us, but are not what I call nurturing.  

I approach all of my readings with the "greatest good" in mind.  It is in my (and our greatest good from the information I am given) to relay the images in this way. What I was told are the aliens we have to be cautious of are the Lyrans. I just had a thought that the Lyrans are branch of the Greys that went off and did their own thing. I will say that much of what I hear or what media associates to Greys, I visualize and tie directly to the group called Lyrans.

I also see that our government does work with ETs. We are desperate to know and understand their technology. 

Q. Could you do a reading on area 51, Nevada, US?  It is surrounded by mysteries.  I have read that area 51 used to be an underground base for various alien species and their spaceships.  They were here as per a secret deal between US and Aliens to carry out some negative agenda.  Now I hear this area has been evacuated by good higher-dimensional beings named the Galactics and in future will serve as a base for Galactic Federation of Light.  This will be opened to public upon disclosure.
A. I do see ET activity associated with this area.  I get it still is active.  I see an underground cave there. I also see some energy surrounding this specific area that acts like a beacon for flying their ships in (it looks like a whirlwind when I mentally zoom out on a map). It feels as though it is surrounded by positive energy now.I do see it as a base of sorts, even right now because of the energies that surround it.  I do not see it being opened to the public though because somehow the energy that exists there needs to remain pure.. ??

Q. Thank you so much for your valuable information and insight! You are an amazing person. I have a question based on an experience I had. Can inter dimensional beings/aliens watch us at a close range from another dimension? Several years ago my husband and I were driving down a busy main road in a large suburb when all of a sudden we see a huge spacecraft hovering over houses and storefronts to the right of the main road we were traveling down. It was sooo close. At first I was confused as to what I was actually seeing. The lights were in a horizontal row, bright white, like football stadium bright. Then suddenly it was moving away so effortlessly without a sound. That's when I knew what I was seeing was a spacecraft. We were sure others had to have seen it. I checked the news, radio, internet, etc and nothing was reported. It just now hit me as I follow your missing plane blog that we might have been viewing this spacecraft hovering in plain sight and in the middle of the day - in another dimension.??? I mean, you couldn't miss it!!! Is this possible and if so do they do this often and what would they be doing? Observing? Abducting? What species does this? I'm grateful for any insight you can provide. Love and Light
A. When I think about this, I see you did experience another "layer" of earth.  You were in the right place at the right time with the right "mental" filter on.  Many aliens are of a much higher vibration than humans, and their technology is so advanced that they are able to move about in a very stealthy manner. It is as if they know how to "cloak" themselves so they cannot be seen. Many species of ETs do this, but I feel a strong connection to what we call the Greys.  They are both observing and transporting themselves to earth bases.