Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Q & A: XXIII Alien Influence on Religion, Pharaohs, Ancient Structures and Ascension [Group Posting]

Q. I have made research about so called Kalki Avatar, which many well known saints and sadhus of India has been talking about for decades and centuries. Did he already come as some claim? Is he at present in India? Is he coming, when? I have made a list of Indian and Western people making those claims. You might want to see my web page about it after making your focus session. http://proutscandinavia.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-future-super-power-india-and-its.html
A. As I focus on this I see that something (someone?) really did come to earth, and when it was shown to these people it was given the name "Kalki." I am also told that many religions believe that a god  (or angel) will come back to earth to save, take or guide them in the right direction, but in reality it is the same "source" from which these gods come from.? We put the individual name titles based on what our ancestors in ancient civilizations experienced and how they made sense of their lives at that time... 

I am then shown a painted mural, but it comes to life.  It is a picture of a god in the middle and angles and alien space ships are flying around the god.  It is hard to distinguish between this being literal or symbolic, or if this is trying to give me clarity that these beings are all one in the same-  my impression of the mural is there is one god (or greater consciousness / universal knowledge) in the middle, and everything else radiates from it.  The angles and aliens appear to be one in the same. 

I then get that he is not present in India now, and he will come, I just don't have a date.  I am left with the message that when he does come "he will be like nothing you will expect." ?

Q. Akhenaten the Egyptian pharaoh is depicted as having an elongated head and odd facial features. Did he suffer from a medical disorder or does he have alien origins? Why did he change the religion to monotheism during his brief rein?
A. I see that many Egyptian pharaohs had alien and human genetics which created the elongated heads.  Akhenaten was not alone with this physical trait.  I also get that many people wrapped their baby's heads at birth to shape them in order to mimic this "god like" trait.  The shape of someones head was a symbol of their ancestors, and those who had elongated heads were thought to have godly DNA since they were created in part from the the "gods / angles / aliens in the sky" 

With regard to monotheism... I get that people have always been in search of their higher self and a more connected feeling to each other and the universe.  In the time of ancient civilizations they still had that feeling, but they also had the advantage to communicate with beings outside of earth and gained a different perspective of life and the universe.  Akhenaten also had that advantage, and realized that we are all connected by a universal source (I always see a white ball of energy) and that single source was the god that he worshiped. 

Why was the reign of the Pharaoh Akhenaten obliterated from history? 

A. It was obliterated because his knowledge and teachings threatened the ideals of the current and emerging religious views.  I see that there was a huge story to be told involving the truth behind angels, gods and aliens, and to admit that aliens had an influence on society by sharing knowledge and breeding was a huge conflict to religion.  Not only did Akhenaten have the "true story" but his physical appearance was proof in many peoples eyes. 

Q. I think that we ignore the fact that advanced technology and engineering are not new concepts as evidenced by the Cathedrals, Basilicas and Castles around the world which could not have been constructed without knowledge of engineering and mathematical calculations. This means they kept this knowledge from the masses and restricted their designs to buildings of worship and for royalty. What happened to compel them to mainstream engineering? And is the knowledge of engineering of human origin?
A. When I focus on this I hear a strange phrase like "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.  Unlike the horse, humans will drink the water.." I interpret that as humans have a tremendous capability to learn, want more and compete, but we sometimes need a gentle to nudge in the right direction.  We don't need much, but a small spark will enable us to create a huge fire.  

I do see that thousands of years ago we were visited by aliens and knowledge was exchanged.  I also see that when we were visited by these beings they didn't just "tell or give" us knowledge, we had vision and asked them how to do it.  I get that humans wanted to build these structures and asked the aliens to share their wisdom, and only then did they share it... It had to do with us wanting more for ourselves and having vision to earn learning these skills..

Q What is your impression of the Urantia Book? I've read it, it does come across with a religious feel but some of the information is intriguing, especially the info on the life of Jesus. Can you give me your thoughts?

A. I see this book is the result of someones search for truth and understanding.  The author was compelled to write what they felt was the explanation behind religion and how society viewed it. They wanted to know are the stories in the bible true, and had some deep meditation and solitude to seek that out.  I also get this book was very controversial for its time, but there was a huge amount of compulsion to get it released. 

Q. I've read a lot about ascension and one's choice of time. Some say you can come and go which mystifies me within dimensions. Why would one leave family, including pets, if they weren't ready, leaving them to questionable earth's care when it's your love, commitment and responsibility. Isn't that selfish looking for the ultimate love. Can you go together and is it limited to humans or will all that not matter. Thank you.
A. I see ascension as more of a mental ability to relocate versus a physical relocation.  When I view earth, I see many layers (much like an onion).  Some are physical (you can touch) and others appear to be more spiritual (where paranormal, etc takes place).  With the right mindset and focus, you can peek into these layers, but your physical body remains on your current layer.  As people ascend during their physical existence here, I see a new layer (that is still physical) existing here on earth.  People will be able to travel between the physical layers.  You won't have the appearance of leaving anyone (even those that haven't ascended can see you, you just won't have the "higher self" experiences) until your physical body dies- at that time your ascended spiritual body can go to whatever layer it wants or leave earth altogether.


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Thanks a lot for this interesting session to us!Regarding your reading on Lord Kalki,could you locate him in US?I think you might need permission from him for this to do so.I have read somewhere that Lord kalki is presently serving as a head of Inteligence or militia in Pentagon.He has not revealed this to us.You could track him like this if possible-He was born in a South-India in a Brahmin family(priest like caste).He was involved during Vietnam war.He flew to US.He was right there with George Bush at a school when Bush was first informed of attack.

Now regarding your symbolic message of mural.The god in centre was Lord kalki(avatar of Higher Lord),angels-Yes there are various angels assisting us right now like Archangel Michael,Gabriell,Metatron,etc.UFOs-You see lord kalki is working alonwith Galacatic Federation of Light.He often comes/goes to other star system via their ships.
Do you resonate with this???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I can't sense him in a physical presence, but I get there is a spiritual influence as if he talks through people, but not as people?? I also feel that the central god in the mural was more powerful than even Kalki, but he was one of the ones in the orbit around the main god.. I did get a lot of good and positive energy with him, and feel like he could be a big part of the federation.

Monica Villacci said...

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your insight! So what I am getting is that angels really are a type of alien being. I'm just trying to understand where the angels, spirit guides, arch angels, etc fit in-I'm getting that this is just another interpretation from man? People with gifts such as yours and others say they speak, see, get messages and pray to Arch Angel Michael, Jesus, etc and consider them "from Holy Light" .... is this religious man made interpretation? Or is there really a holy realm? As I read your posts I have more and more questions as to what I was taught to believe. Are you able to make this more clear? Gratitude!!

PewPewPew said...

Is Lord Anu the same energy source/being as Lord Kalki?

Is the story of Jesus based on the work of Apollonius of Tyana and others similar to that of Apollonius of Tyanna whom were sent at that time to 'unite' humanity?

If so, is it true that the jesus written about in the bible only exists on paper, and there never actually was a person named "Jesus" walking around doing miracles?

Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Monica: I see that what happened is physical beings (aliens) came from the “heavens” or outer space down to earth. These being were like nothing they had ever seen, with gifts (such as flying machines, technology, intellect, wisdom). To the people living in that time, they didn't know what to call these beings, so they were viewed as gods, angels, superior, etc. These aliens shared some of their gifts with the people and helped to propel them onto the next level…

When you discuss true angels and spirits versus aliens the main difference in my mind is the physical existence. I see aliens as being real, living and touchable. I view angels and spirits and real things, but they don’t reside in a physical body. They exist in the form of energy and can manifest a shape (just like people who witness paranormal events and see ghosts manifest into shapes- some more real than others) angels and others spirits do that too. These angels and spirits are still connected to the universal consciousness, and people do talk and pray to them, and the universal consciousness is used to talk back- it can be very real to those that have experienced it.

Stories of the bible I see as somewhat true and somewhat embellished and somewhat made-up (to make it cohesive and explain things that maybe they didn't have a full understanding or scientific explanation for at the time).

@PewPewPew: I am not familiar enough with Lord Anu or Apollonius of Tyana to get a clear answer for you on that… In regards to Jesus, I do see he was a real man, was spiritual, possessed psychic abilities and was a prophet of sorts. I wouldn't say he did miracles, but rather used energy to heal people effectively (rather effectively!!) much like some seasoned and in-tune Reiki Masters do today.

Monica Villacci said...

Thank you for the clarification!!

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Regarding ascension,do you really see exponential rise of positive spiritual rays from time now onwards which will eventually have effect on consciousness of Human beings?Do you believe that this will allow us to spiritually awaken ourselves?Will this ray will enable us to open third eye more easily as compared to previous times?Thanks.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2K: I don't see it as a ray, but rather the overall energy and vibration of earth is changing. That energy is what will allow people the opportunity to open up and open up their third eye.

Amanda Chou said...

Hello there,

In "The Law of One", it says:
14.30 Questioner: The Urantia Book, which I haven’t read. Who gave that?

Ra: I am Ra. This was given by a series of discarnate entities of your own Earth planes, the so-called inner planes. This material is not passed by the Council.

What do think of that? Thank you! :)