Friday, May 23, 2014


(This question had multiple parts, so I broke them down to answer each part.)

Q. I would like to know how "Gangstalking" is orchestrated and what group or groups are behind this? 
A. When I focus on this I see a large group doing this rather than a whole community (I realise the dictionary defines this as a whole community but I didn't get that in my images)  I see this is done all the time by different groups for different reasons.  Some situations I see sparking this are government special interest groups intimidating someone that knows too much or they think may speak out, special interest groups associated with "big oil" trying to get their way on policies that benefit them and privately hired groups that are "pro-rich" for the big corporations using these tactics to get further tax breaks or create "loop holes" that benefit them.

The final image I got was of a documentary called Economic Hitman where entire CIA groups would go into other countries to destabilize and cause chaos so the US could go in and pretty much control them. [This situation is not limited to these situations only.  They were just the ones that popped in the forefront of my mind while I focused on this.] There isn't just one group behind this, I see that basically anyone with power or money can formulate one of these types of "gangstalking" situations.

The orchestration part... I see that some parts of the government have a permanent group that they can dedicate to such activities.  They are always dealing with some issue that needs resolved, so these people work solely to push or influence key people into what they want. 

Other people (such as an individual or someone at the head of a large corporation)  hire these groups as independent contractors on a "per job" basis. Once the agenda / bill / policy is passed, their services are no longer needed and they move onto the next "job."

Q. How do they pick their targets and why?
A. In everyday life (for example unfaithful spouse, rape, gang violence, problems with the law)  victims of this are chosen very specifically to try to correct a past wrong.  This could go on either side.  The "victim" may want justice, of the person causing the harm may do this as a way to intimidate the "victim" to get them to back down. (Again, not a whole community involved, but can be a large group within the community.) 

When you look at government and big corporations, people that are roadblocks to a certain goals are targeted .  It has a ruthless feel to it, and I see these people doing what it takes to bring goals to fruition

Q. Is there a paranormal aspect to it? Are targeted individuals just delusional or paranoid and if so, how can they all believe they are experiencing the same kind of stalking program?
A.  There are some people that falsely experience this, and they are paranoid.  But, for others it is very real and can be documented (I see more with time and experience, but these "stalkers" are many times smart enough to do this in a non traceable way or a way that doesn't leave evidence).  It really varies with the situation. 

Q. Will this crime ever be exposed or recognized by the general public or will the media continue to avoid it?
A. I do see it coming out.  It is very real, and people live it.  It will hit alternate media first, but eventually be talked about freely. 

Thank you. That is all I have for now.


Baku Matsumoto said...
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Anonymous said...

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Living Target said...

This is getting out of hand now. Its seems anyone with the connections or technology can just attack innocent victims.

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