Saturday, May 17, 2014

TWA 800 Flight - 9/11 Shanksville United Flight 93

10:55 am

Q.  Could you do a read on the TWA 800 flight? I was reading the case again and several people said it was a missile while the original investigation said it was a spark on the fuel tank. Thank you for sharing your gift, sending good vibrations for you and your family!!

A. When I focus on this, it does look like either a missile or a rocket, what I see is a plane flying...and I hear this noise, like what a bottle rocket would make, and I even see the bottle rocket make this swirl in the air, as if it is heading towards the plane.  Like it was intelligent and seeking out the plane. It looks like it hits the plane underneath.  Then I get an image of where the bathrooms are in the plane, in the tail.  It looks like the point of impact was directly under tail end bathroom.

Then I see what looks like a cartoon, and all the people are drawn like caricatures, and they are army guys, and they are all standing around a podium, and in the center of the podium is this huge red button.  And the guys start joking and slapping each other playing, and one guy falls on top of the red button, and they say "What was that" and then the looks up, the one that fell on top of the button, and he says "oops" and then they all run and scatter.  Then after they run and hide, keep in mind the army guys in this cartoon are portrayed like 12 year old boys, this General comes in who feels like a father and he is questioning everybody like a group of thirty guys / 12 year old boys, wanting to know what happened, who was told to hit the red button, and everybody just stares dumbfounded.  It is like they knew they were in trouble, and no one wanted to admit it.  And then the General left and he made a comment, like I'll be back, like he was not done with them yet.  And he was irate.  And in this cartoon, his face turned beet read, and steam was coming out of both ears when he walked away.

Q.  Which nations military hit the button.A.  It looks American to me...people are speaking English, the men portrayed in the cartoon are American.  Everyone I see looks Caucasian.

Q.  Did anyone ever confess to actually hitting the button.
A.  What I see is out of the six boys that were playing around, none of them came forward.  They all stuck together, like a pact.  The General knew that either someone, or a group of people beneath him did it, but he never signaled that person out, and I get the sense of shame and like almost embarrassment for the incompetence for what happened...kind of on his watch.  And I see that the General took the brunt of it, and he kind of punished everybody in the group beneath him.  It was like the boys knew, that if they came forward, like they would be killed....I kind of get that they wanted to confess to release the guilt, but it was like they knew they would be murdered if they came forward.

Q.  Murdered by who?
A.  The word that I taxidermist, like that code word for kind of quietly taking someone out.  Like someone would call someone on the phone and say I need to have a taxidermist, and they would meet and plans would be made from there.  It was like some inside military assassins of sort.

Q.  What type of vehicle / transport was this "missile" launched from.
A.  I see it came out of the ground...It was in the ground and there was like a metal grate that goes over top of it, and the grate was already opened, like some maintenance or something was going on with it, and it looks to have been launched from a fixed site.

Q.  Why did they choose to cover up, vs reveal the mistake.  There has to be a record of the launch.
A.  I get because for the government to say that they did that, so much trust would be lost, other theories on other things that have happened, would be scrutinized, there would be a costly investigation, it would just implicate so many people.  And then I hear a phrase about, our government is not one to confess to their own mistakes.

Q.  Has any other accidents like this occurred, if so what were they?
A.  I get that missiles or rockets have been detonated on accident before?  But they have always been able to counteract them, and the thing that I see with people being injured, is a bomb testing that went off in a desert in Nevada, maybe Arizona, but it looks like Nevada.  This was pretty huge because they failed to quarantine the area properly, and I get that there were people inside the perimeter that were actually killed.  They way the government hid that was they paid the families a lot of money, like millions of dollars.  This was probably like 12 people that were killed.  These accidents do not happen all the time, but they have happened.

Q.  Will the truth ever come out and be revealed?
A.  The image that I see is a manila folder, and one it is stamped confidential in black, and top secret in red.  It looks like the government will never reveal the truth on this, and the only truth the people will get is putting it together themselves.  But you will never get a true confirmation.

Q.  Was the 9/11 flight over Shanksville shot down, or brought down by passengers?
A.  I see and hear, a huge explosion.  Like a bomb went off in the sky, and then my mind does a rewind, and I see the passengers sitting in their chairs like they were scared to death.  They look so scared of the uncertainty that they feel like they don't want to fight, they don't know what to do.   I do not see that that plane crashed to the ground, it looks like it "rained" to the ground in little pieces.  As if it had been run through a paper shredder.  The final image I get is seeing confetti fall from the ceiling during the finale of a circus showing me how the debris and ash fell to the ground.

Q.  Was the plane hijacked or being remotely flown, and did it have an intended target.
A.  This is strange....what I see is, the pilots that were driving the plane, where the hijackers themselves.  I cannot see where someone came in, forced their way around and took over the plane.  It was like the hijackers got on and were the pilots.  The reason the flight as flagged was because it was off it's intended path, and the passengers knew that something was wrong, but were not fully comprehending what, it was like they were scared, yet clueless at the same time, so I do not see this threatening hijacking feel going on.  The pilots boarded the plane and it was very natural how they got control.

It DID have an intended target, but I cannot tell exactly mind wants to say Washington DC, and I am toggling between the White House, and the Pentagon...but then my rational mind wants to say that the Pentagon got hit, but my intuition kicks in and says but not with a real plane, because the real plane went down.  So it is like my mind is in limbo, but it feels intended for DC.

Q.  Was it shot out of the sky, if so by whom and why?
A.  I get that it was our military and it was a higher up that gave the order to the pilot of the fighter plane.  And I get that the higher up got into a lot of trouble...because he was commanded by the government to stand down, the government was giving the excuse that they should try to redirect the plane by surrounding it, and also by surrounding it, it could evoke fear and make the pilot listen, but the higher up went against that because he was afraid that if it had to be shot down, they had to do it in a rural area because the casualties would be too great if they waited until it got to DC, so he kind of overrode what the government was saying and he took it out where it was not as populated.

Q.  Will the truth ever come out and be revealed?
A.  I get no because the US is not one to air their dirty laundry.  They will make people live in speculation and doubt but they will never confirm it.  11:40 AM.

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Fernanda said...

Thank you for your read on the TWA, I remember several witness reporting seeing a rocket from the ground and how it was quickly dismissed... I am surprised with the United 93 read, I think they had the cockpit blackbox released? But I guess even people in the cokpit could make voices up or everything could be fabricated... Plus they did a movie on it which helps to perpetuate the story. I feel for the passengers and families...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for looking at these situations. Can you see what was going on in the minds of the pilots of the flight that was shot down over Shanksville? What was their reason for hijacking the plane? Were they mind-controlled somehow? If so, how do you see that was done?

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,I have heard that attack on America(WTC,Pentagon,others,etc.) was carried out by elements of US govt. itself in order to carry out following agenda:
(1)Certain declarations like enforcement of NESARA act,presence of ETs and their involvements,gold-back currency,etc. was shortly to be announced to public.
(2)The computers inside WTC was fully loaded with all accounting software ready to shift to new monetary-system.
(3)Pentagon computers had evidences,files corroborating the crimes by cabals.
(4)All was to be destroyed by Cabals and hijack whole of the affair,replaced by new Terror filled environment.
(5)Create a world wide atmosphere of Panic and Terror(this helps in building negative energy,flourishing darks) and further strenghten the concept of Terrorism.
(6)Develop a cause to start all new series of war in middle east.(You see wars generate so much negativity and bonanza to Darks!)

Do you see all these affairs in such a light by your psychic perceptions?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mtpeach: I see they did go in there with the intent to fly to the pentagon. I can't tell if it was mind control, but they approached the situation with a mission in their minds. The pilots knew when they got on the plane what they were going to do.

@a2k: I very much resonate with all of the things you outlined. There were a lot of motives to do what they did and follow through with this act of terror on the American people.