Thursday, May 15, 2014

Q & A: XXI Alien, ET, UFO continued... [Group Posting]

Q. 70-80 years ago, the powers that be, became aware of two deep space objects heading toward earth. They built many telescopes to watch these objects including the Vatican's "Lucifer" observatory. These objects should have arrived a few years ago, and then in late 2012, but they keep reducing speed and delaying their arrival. Can you tell if these are meteors, planets, or space ships? Why is their arrival rattling our leaders and why are they coming here?
A.  The first thing I see is that there is another star system separate from our own solar system. Within that star system is a planet much like earth that supports life. I then hear talks about balance and the yin and yang as if that planet is the counter balance of earth. It is shown to me that this planet exhibits positivity when compared to the parts of earth that feel dark and difficult, and vice versa. There is a connection between earth and this planet, like a magnet of sorts.  I get that there is a group of ETs living there that are on their way here to see what we have done or have evolved on their sister planet. 

I also get that telepathy and mental communication flow easily in this place (their planet).  They astral project themselves here and have a good knowledge of what it is like, but they lack the experience of interaction with the humans.  Even when they spiritually present themselves they can't get the interaction, or level of interaction they want because many of us are limited in what we see or how we communicate. They want to have the physical experience to avoid misinterpretation on our part. 

I see they come in peace, and just want to communicate and feel as though they have a lot of compassion towards living things.  Their appearance is similar to humans, but they have lavender skin (If it isn't lavender it has a lavender glow about it).  It is as if when human were created on earth, they were created on their planet.. Very similar but were given different "gift" during creation.  They seem to be of a much higher vibration, and they use many psychic "gifts" on their planet, and those gifts (mind reading, telepathy, empathy, etc) flow natural, where here on earth this feels forced at times.

The "Powers at Be" don't want this species here!  It poses a huge threat to power when people realize there is much more out there than what they see.  The "Powers" don't want people to be that educated or enlightened, because I hear something about "educated and empowered people are much more difficult to control." It threatens and puts holes in many religious ideas, and it really opens people's minds. The "Powers" want to maintain their power because the wealth they have is great, but they want more. 

Q. NASA recently revealed that asteroids carry life-building DNA. If this is the case I am curious if asteroids and meteors are not just rocks shooting randomly through space, but instead are intelligently designed propelled packages delivering "something" to Earth. What is the generating force that propels asteroids and meteors? Are they sent to Earth by intelligent Beings and for what purpose?
A.  I too see that certain living things are attached to asteroids.  I hear something about viruses, bacteria and life.  Once life was established on earth and our ecosystem was stable earth would occasionally receive one of these "packets." They were sent by design from the aliens experimenting with earth to introduce new life.  It may be the onset of a new species, or a species similar to one that existed that needed an "upgrade" introduced for breeding. 

 I also see occasionally a virus or bacteria would be introduced. Like a diseases that was unheard of randomly started or plagues that never existed come to be.  I see this was done to try to correct a "mistake" or reset a small piece of earth that was going wrong.  They were interfering without physically being on the ground to interfere.

Q Can a wormhole be built to other dimensions?
A.  I get that it can be built, but we don't have the technology or understanding to do so yet.  I see that we will learn (and on a small scale practice) teleporting before we learn how to create a man-made wormhole.  I also see we know of places where wormholes exist naturally, but we don't know how to control those locations because certain (and exact) environmental conditions have to be present (it involves gravity, static electricity and a specific magnetism) for it to function.

Q. You have done readings on the aliens previously, and this is a crucial issue about their motives. A series of warnings have been released, The Allies of Humanity claim to be a group of physical ETs who are not interfering with human affairs & gave severe warnings about the greys activities here. They are master deceivers. Also Veteran's Today editor Gordon Duff has provided extensive information on his website regarding the greys providing technology to our governments & deceiving/befriending sensitive people's for nefarious reasons. Please can you do a reading regarding the shadow governments agreement with greys & reptilians & connect with the Allies group. What they said is very logical & contradicts totally what the greys previously told you.
A. I know that what I have seen very much contradicts what many say in regard to the Greys.  When I focus on the Greys I try to shut down my rational and influential part of my mind, and open up to what I get even if it is contradicting. I have never seen them as hostile, or wanting to harm us.  My view of the Greys is that of a very firm and authoritative parent. They care about us, but are very stern. They want the best for us, but are not what I call nurturing.  

I approach all of my readings with the "greatest good" in mind.  It is in my (and our greatest good from the information I am given) to relay the images in this way. What I was told are the aliens we have to be cautious of are the Lyrans. I just had a thought that the Lyrans are branch of the Greys that went off and did their own thing. I will say that much of what I hear or what media associates to Greys, I visualize and tie directly to the group called Lyrans.

I also see that our government does work with ETs. We are desperate to know and understand their technology. 

Q. Could you do a reading on area 51, Nevada, US?  It is surrounded by mysteries.  I have read that area 51 used to be an underground base for various alien species and their spaceships.  They were here as per a secret deal between US and Aliens to carry out some negative agenda.  Now I hear this area has been evacuated by good higher-dimensional beings named the Galactics and in future will serve as a base for Galactic Federation of Light.  This will be opened to public upon disclosure.
A. I do see ET activity associated with this area.  I get it still is active.  I see an underground cave there. I also see some energy surrounding this specific area that acts like a beacon for flying their ships in (it looks like a whirlwind when I mentally zoom out on a map). It feels as though it is surrounded by positive energy now.I do see it as a base of sorts, even right now because of the energies that surround it.  I do not see it being opened to the public though because somehow the energy that exists there needs to remain pure.. ??

Q. Thank you so much for your valuable information and insight! You are an amazing person. I have a question based on an experience I had. Can inter dimensional beings/aliens watch us at a close range from another dimension? Several years ago my husband and I were driving down a busy main road in a large suburb when all of a sudden we see a huge spacecraft hovering over houses and storefronts to the right of the main road we were traveling down. It was sooo close. At first I was confused as to what I was actually seeing. The lights were in a horizontal row, bright white, like football stadium bright. Then suddenly it was moving away so effortlessly without a sound. That's when I knew what I was seeing was a spacecraft. We were sure others had to have seen it. I checked the news, radio, internet, etc and nothing was reported. It just now hit me as I follow your missing plane blog that we might have been viewing this spacecraft hovering in plain sight and in the middle of the day - in another dimension.??? I mean, you couldn't miss it!!! Is this possible and if so do they do this often and what would they be doing? Observing? Abducting? What species does this? I'm grateful for any insight you can provide. Love and Light
A. When I think about this, I see you did experience another "layer" of earth.  You were in the right place at the right time with the right "mental" filter on.  Many aliens are of a much higher vibration than humans, and their technology is so advanced that they are able to move about in a very stealthy manner. It is as if they know how to "cloak" themselves so they cannot be seen. Many species of ETs do this, but I feel a strong connection to what we call the Greys.  They are both observing and transporting themselves to earth bases.


Chatty Cathy said...

Thank you for this amazing read. As you discussed the plagues and viruses I couldn't help but think of the bible where God threatens to visit Earth with plagues, viruses, and crop-destroying agents to create famine. It sounds like these comets and asteroids were delivering God's wrath on the people. God, being an ET. Two hundred million people died from the Black Death. That's nearly 2/3 the population of the United States. Sounds like a definite re-set, to me.

Chatty Cathy said...

Any thoughts on why the meteor last year in Russia was sent to Earth?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Chatty Cathy: Some meteors that come to us are intentional, and some are not. I don't get an intentional feel behind that one. It looks like space debris. The ones directed at us have a different look (I ususally see a man either throwing a rock or thowing a spear toward us when that is what is going on).

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, Thanks for the aliens update!Regarding your whole focus sessions on aliens,I mean when you were really focusing,did you find that on earth the number of positive loving ETs,have increased?I have heard that Earth is now dominated(with respect to aliens) by positive-loving ETs.This happened due to great influx of positive lights coming from the core of galaxy.Is it so?