Thursday, May 22, 2014

China Conflict

Q. Hello. What are your thoughts on China's claiming of areas in south China sea? Is this a part of a bigger plan? I may be wrong but why does the UN seem to not want to mediate? In the end, who will the involved islands (Spratlys & Paracel) belong to? When do you see this conflict end? Thank you
A. I see China positioning themselves to become the next super power.  I see these islands as a wealth of resources and I also hear the term "shipping depot." I see that China really is trying to become independent and not need the rest of the world as much, and actually wants to make the rest of the world need them.  This not only gives them strength, but protection as well because if the world needs China, they (the world) is more willing to give them leniency in the event they do things that would not otherwise be accepted. 

I see in theory the Spratly Islands should go half to Malaysia and half to the Philippines. I also get that China does have a valid claim to some of  Paracel (when I view the map in my mind.)  The other portion of of Paracel belongs to Vietnam. China won't be satisfied with that as I see them really accumulating as much wealth and resources as possible.  I get the image of China being like a hoarder, not really knowing what they need but taking it all in to sort our later. China has long term goals of power in mind, and they are working at it slow and steady (and to some extent under the radar when you consider their ultimate goal).

I also get the UN isn't mediating this yet.  They are hoping this resolves itself (in a sense).  The UN is also looking at China seriously because when the next currency is issued, they know China wants to facilitate it, and they need a good stable country with a large gold reserve to do it.  In a sense I see the UN sitting back and watching how China handles things as if China is on a job interview.

This conflict looks to be drawn out for a long time, and I don't see resolution for 3 or 4 years. Everyone involved wants to hold onto their piece.

Q. Thank you very much for you great work and devotion. I would like to ask you question regarding the Vietnam-China conflict at the moment on the South China sea. Do you see that the fact that China refuses to take back the oil rig planted on the part of the sea that belongs to Vietnam will lead to a war between the two countries? In the end, will Vietnamese government and people give up their whole South China sea and the Spratley & Paracel Islands to the Chinese government, since Vietnamese military is weaker, compared to this of China? Would this create anger and violence among the Vietnamese people in Vietnam if it happened? 
A. I see China standing their ground.  China wants and needs these natural resources.  The Chinese military is strong, and I see them using that strength to intimidate.  I don't see the Vietnamese government giving this up easily and it looks to be a stalemate for a long time.  I see both sides wanting something, and neither is willing to budge.  

I don't see war, but I do see conflict.  Ultimately the Vietnamese will surrender these islands, and to say the Vietnamese people are angry is an understatement.  I see some kind of agreement being done (Vietnam get a percentage of resources from the islands) to soothe this transaction, but there are many hard feelings over this. 


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,From all your past readings,It is evident to us that,UN is acting as a good check & balance factors in global politics.But since our childhood we have grown into thinking that World organizations like UN,IMF,World bank,etc. are tools for US govt. to use them in their favor.How come this shift be explained?Is there a higher power working in disguise(some representatives cloaked as at UN? humans???)

KnockandWatch said...

thank you again! wonderfull reading!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see it as people used to look at the big picture. Things were viewed on a large scale. There were (and always will be )selfish people, but for the most part people focused on the whole because we needed each other. There has been a shift in this (mainly due to technology) and people are becoming more and more "me-centric" because money can buy what they need and lives for the people in power are fairly comfortable. I don't see them in disguise, they just lack a true full perspective because they are living within their own paradigm and it is hard to "see the forest for the trees.

susan said...

Thanks Lynn for all your readings....wish the future seemed rosier! Are all the hard times meant to lead to a better world? When do you see better times for the average people and what can we do to help.........please guide us to the light here on earth. How can the 1 percent make such trouble...can't all the good average people move mountains, even mentally to empower equally for all? You would think the souls of many would have more influence on our planet than a few 1 percenters!!! Thanks!

myoscha said...

@Susan: I very much agree with you. The majority of us must be able to form the requisite critical mass to effect change.

@psychicfocus: thank you very much for your generous contribution. I would love to add to the list of questions fans hv for you but am happy to just read whatever yr time can offer.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ susan: Some aspects of the future are wonderful. The situation with the dollar teaches people to work on bartering goods and services. People start to be more health conscious and alternative medicines are highly explored (even though I get the FDA hates it). People become far focused on family during hard times and the shift for many (not all though) goes away from material things.

We can't change the life path of the planet, but we can accept it and through acceptance you become stronger. The beautiful thing with the 99% is they will embrace a change. Many agree something needs done, but sometimes you have to rebuild something completely because it is too broken to fix. That is the huge advantage that 99% have is putting positive energy into the rebuilding. The 1% will resist and fail... It has to happen.

susan said...

THanks you see any time frame for this, like 20 years a hugh improvement and change for the 99 present.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@susan: I don't see a time frame, but it feels within the next 20 years. I don't see a definite number or date...just a sense of it being long term.