Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Royal Family / Monarchy

5:36 AM

I had several questions on the following topic, so I combined them all into one reading:

Q. The royal family is still popular in Britain and the commonwealth right now, but how long will the monarchy last in modern times?
A. I see it having a lot of longevity.  I do not see or feel weakness (currently or in the short-term). My mind is trying to see images in fast forward on a time line, and it looks to still be together for at least 15 years.

Q. I hear said that Britain is tied to the hip of the USA, and when America sneezes we catch a cold, so when the dollar collapses what effects would it have on Britain, and what would be the best way to prepare for the event?
A. This will have an effect on Britain. As I focus this it plays out like a cartoon.  I see that Britain is like America’s parent.  As America grows up it rebels against its parent, but there is still a fundamental relationship.  Now that America has grown up it looks after Britain how an older parents needs looking after.  Britain still helps America where it can, and in exchange America protects Britain and stands behind Britain as a united front to other countries.

When the dollar starts to fail Britain will do what it can to help, but will really have to evaluate their own financial situation and also form and nurture other relationships with other countries with regard to trade. Even though the United States will have a limited capacity to extend their military, Britain still feels safe.  It will be a rough couple years while things reset and a new world currency is introduced, but they will survive.

When I focus on this I get that people have to diversity their investments and look to items that aren't directly tied to the dollar.  It can be things that can be converted to the dollar (like precious metals, gold, silver) but not dependent on the dollar to calculate worth.  It can also be other countries money that is backed by something that isn't the dollar (I get an image of Iraqi Dinar Coins – not paper currency – could be symbolic of foreign currency or further supporting precious metals ??).

Q.  Is the monarchy going to end after Prince William's rein?
A. I do see a definite weakness.  I see when William takes the rein, it is a huge event with a huge shift in energy.  The current Queen has been on the throne for so long that it is just accepted as the way it is.  But, when William takes the throne the system is looked at differently, because it doesn't have the same “accepted” feeling.  There is a sense of newness and freshness, and it really makes people think and questions start to arise.

Q. Are there currently any terror threat on the royal family?
I don’t see any, BUT for a moment I saw that Price William will be in a military “accident” that leaves him injured but not killed.  I also get that will lead to a HUGE investigation.

Q. Will Kate and William last?
A. I do see them lasting.  Their energy feels genuine.

Q. Will Harry ever get married?
A.  The immediate image I get is of the movie 40 Year Old Virgin which translates in my mind to Harry being a little immature, wants to do what he wants, and is a little rebellious at times.  He does what is necessary, but doesn’t really like it.  Family is important, and I see a genuine love for his family, but he isn't ready for that responsibility.  I see him getting married, but he will be in his late 30s or possibly 40 before that happens.  He is getting pressure to find a “suitable mate” to keep the bloodline going, but Harry a really pushing against that.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 6:14 AM. 


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,Much has been rumored about Royal family of Great Britain,that the family especially Queen follows some occult(illuminati or others).They practice bloody dark rituals.Did you find anything like this during readings?

Chatty Cathy said...

Were the efforts of the anti-royalists that have destroyed monarchies all across the world actually the mechanisms of the British royal family and their desire to be the sole monarchy of a one world government?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I get that in her younger days she did have some associates (family) that were connected, but not actually herself. She has maintained those bonds, but doesn't take part in the practices.

I also get that the times of the bloody rituals are somewhat gone. These groups have rituals (some still are bloody) but for the most part they do things in a symbolic rather than authentic way (with regard to the rituals). ??

@Chatty Cathy: I do not see a connection to that, but the current Royal family likes that things have ended that way, but also makes them leary and wonder how much time they have left. I get that they really make an effort to try to be liked or have they perception to the masses that they are liked and lives of the people beneath them are good and happy. They want to maintain that power and control.

jolly jacktar said...

Thank you. A very interesting session, the only other thing I would ask is, would House prices in Britain crash soon??