Wednesday, May 28, 2014

South Africa

Q. Hi there. Love your blog. I live in South Africa. Very worried about the current administration. White farmers are being murdered everyday for no reason. We have no food security and poverty is at a new high. Could you please give me a reading on what is going to happen to my country. I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness and death.
A. I first get the overwhelming sense that aside from the area in Africa enduring this, people really don't know the extent of what is happening.  The stories of what is going on aren't being shared (much).  There is a huge disconnect from what is happening there versus what is being shared in the news.  People only know what they seek out, and the news isn't just "given" to them.

When I ask why they aren't being helped by other countries I get that the geographic location of south Africa isn't part of anyones master plan.  There isn't a wealth of resources or oil.  It looks like other countries tend to give huge amounts of protection and aid to the countries that can benefit them later.

When I think about the food and the farmers I get that the poverty is bringing out the worst in people and starving people will do desperate things.  I get that the government has a huge control over the food and getting it distributed, and the starving people feel that it isn't being handled correctly.  I get some phrase that "if they are going to let us starve, then we will kill the food source and the elite can starve too."

It does feel very dark and sad.. It see this getting worse before it gets better.  Eventually people are going to rise up and stop waiting on help (I get some sense that people are waiting to be rescued??).  It looks like a group forms against the current government and will try to overrule the current system (which feels very unbalanced or corrupt).  I see the strong people looking for other options and other food sources.  I see trade and barter picking up.  Some people will leave and go elsewhere looking for a better chance and opportunity.These bad times will make people realize the strength and resourcefulness they have within themselves.


Trudi Dahms said...

thank you Lynn. so grateful. everyone thinks of us as a rainbow nation. This is so far from the truth. Racism against whites is overwhelming. Govt refuses to give them aid. Govt is so corrupt. there is a crazy new kid on the block who wants to annihilate all the whites in this country and wants to nationalize everything. He is talking genocide. he is Julius Malema. he reminds me of Hitler and Idi Amin. people think he is a joke but he is rallying the masses. what do you see about him?

Trudi Dahms said...

The Chinese have been taking over other African countries, bankrupting them due to not paying taxes. Then move on to their next conquest. Do you see them taking a foothold in South Africa?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Trudi: I do get a lot of negative energy surrounding Julius Malema. He feels very angry. He does look to be someone to be cautious about and watch because he has a ruthless feel about him. I would not take him lightly.

Regarding China.. I feel people underestimate China and their capabilities. They want to be the next superpower. I see that many countries may realize China is there, but don't view them as a threat. China likes this because they can do a lot of planning and plotting under the radar. I do see China eventually taking over in a lot of areas.

Zee Malan said...

Hi Lynn, thank you so much for your blog. I would like to ask you to look into the Griekwastad Murders, regarding the boy who committed these crimes. He has been found guilty and sent to 20 years in prison (he was tried as a minor) here in South Africa. There are still so many unanswered questions around this very sad small town story.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Zee: I added this to my rough drafts. I think this will be a great read.

Zee Malan said...

Looking forward to it. Thank you!!!