Sunday, April 30, 2017

More Random Q and A

Q. Can you perform a reading on soaps, shampoos, perfumes, and deodorants/antiperspirants? There are some people who say that masking your natural scent (pheromones?) is a part of a depopulation agenda, and the metals in deodorants stay in your body and can cause cancer. I used to apply strong Rexona products regularly and it darkened my skin.
A.  I cannot associate this to a depopulation agenda, but I do see these products as harmful to a person's health.  Our skin is our largest organ, and the armpit is a sensitive area holding many lymph nodes.  Toxins and metals in deodorant look to cause illnesses and cancer (especially breast cancer!!). People with lots of money (and connected to the Powers That Were) created this product that does work, but the long term effects can be very adverse.  They aren't trying to reduce the population.  They are simply trying to increase and protect the size of their stock prices. 

Your body is suppose to sweat to cool you off, and also purge toxins.  Antiperspirants prevent the natural purging (holding toxins in).  I see deodorant, in an organic form, are very safe.  The odor comes from bacteria, and natural deodorants (made from coconut and essential oils) alleviate the unwanted pathogens.  I get that it does take time to transition from toxic deodorants (you may be damper than normal).  Eventually, you will balance out where you will perspire from time to time, but you won't experience extreme odor unless you have something in you that needs to get out...

Q. In your 2014 reading on 2015 events ( you mentioned about a "zombie virus ». Is this the fabricated zika virus scare?
A. Many times when I do a reading things come to and through me, but I don't consciously remember the details of the reading.  I will say as I reflect on the outbreaks of 2015, I would have to say that the term "zika virus" does "feel" like the right match when focusing on a "zombie virus."  It still feels like a virus created from an immunization that went wrong (i.e man made) and caused physical challenges in children.

Q. There are some groups of people promoting eating a certain food exclusively for a long period of time. What can you say about these?:

Bacon: The Bacon Experiment

A. Life and wellness is a lifestyle choice. A fad that is not sustainable is not the path to health. I get when you eliminate certain food groups, you need to replace the nutrients lost with something else. I also get that eating only one food or food group, you alter your metabolism and it is difficult on your thyroid (among other things such as your immune system). Before trying any diet, do research and see what resonates with you.

Q. In my country, there is a certain superstition that one must be more careful when going outdoors before/during/after your birthday or any special event in your life (e.g., graduation). Does this make sense?
A.  It only makes sense if you believe it.  I see this superstition works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.  If you feel it is back luck, something bad will happen.  If you go outside with confidence and feel safe, you will be protected.  

Q. More flat earth questions: If you see the earth as flat (or contact lens) and assuming that this is true, why is the mainstream science and PTW promoting the idea that the world is round?

A. Part of the flat earth is that there is a firmament that prevents us from truly leaving. Admitting that to be true. creates a certain amount of chaos, challenges elements of religion, and proves they did not make it to the moon. Many more questions  also arise, and people that had a sense of freedom will feel "trapped" on earth.

Q. Now with a different view of earth, can you revisit some of your old readings about the Earth expanding around the equator and the true north pole moving?
A.  I get a couple things with this.  First, depending on the density we are experiencing and viewing, the earth could look differently.  I get in some realities it may be round, and in others it is a flattened disk. 

I do see earth expanding regardless of what version of earth we are viewing.  In the flattened earth, the circumference is growing.  True north is also shifting due to the magnetosphere shifting, and looks tied more toward the influences in space.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Suspicious Shallow Graves

Q. Lynn,  I keep trying to type my question, and keep feeling caution about it. When it feels safe to you, could you shed light on the recent murder of two federal investigators found buried in shallow graves (USA)? These investigators allegedly were about to serve search warrants on high level targets (aka Clinton's). Due to the nature of who is involved, and the nature of this case, it may not be safe to provide any information, so if you cannot, I understand.

Also, since the bodies were buried quite shallow, was that done intentionally so that the bodies would be found, or was the discovery of the bodies unintentional, and not something the perpetrators wanted? The perpetrator(s) was a professional and left absolutely no trace or evidence behind, so I cannot understand why he/she/they would do a sloppy job at burying the bodies, unless they wanted them to be found.

Anyway, will justice ultimately be done? Can you comment on the search warrant?

Anyway, thank you. I didn't include names or other info here because I felt a bit blocked about it, but it is something that is buzzing heavily on the Internet and alternative news sites. RIP to the investigators and peace to their families. 
A.  I would agree that we should all take a deep breath, and surround ourselves with white light before moving forward.  

Everything about this crime and investigation feels very dark.  I get the PTW (Powers That Were) are paying very close attention to Clinton, because the recent attention to her personal affairs and affiliations create a situation that is dangerously close to drawing attention to actions and people that don't want to be found.  She has been very privy to the happenings of the PTW when she was on the inner circle and being molded for president, but now she is on the outskirts..

I don't think it is in the greater good to go into too much detail, but I see that there was reason to believe she knew or had access to a human trafficking ring that extended internationally.  I get an image of a small group of people, all with their faces covered in black hoods (hiding their identity because I don't feel it is in my best interest to know), and I have this overwhelming feeling that if they took off their hoods I would recognize them.  I feel myself dodging them because I don't even want to accidentally know who they are (feel powerful, well connected and of great wealth).  

The warrant had to do with electronic data collection.  I get she has created "insurance" so they don't come after her.  I see that she really let them down in the election, so they would think nothing of giving her up for the cause, but she positioned herself in a way that it won't happen.  In fact, it is in the PTWs interest to protect her (hence the murders) until what she is holding can be mitigated.  

The graves were intentionally shallow.  I get they wanted them to be found as a warning.  They were mindful in the execution and also disposing of the bodies.  I get there was nothing sloppy about this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light to these families.  -Lynn  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mysterious Questions..

Q. If multiple people are praying for the same thing, the lottery for instance, who does the universal spirit choose to give to? Thank you. Lynn
A. The Universe gives this to the person or people that need it in order to grow and develop.  For some it can afford an opportunity to do great things, and others it could end up feeling like a curse (or negative experience).  The Universe has a way of knowing these things, and what people need to keep them on their path.  If this sudden wealth changes you in a way that is not in your greater good (not all challenges are easy), I can't see you being matched with this good fortune.

Q. Why does it happen that two people who might not think each other's particularly physically attractive, AND who have never met, can walk by each other and have an instant amazing chemistry and be super attracted to each other, sometimes without hardly speaking a word? Is there some kind of science behind this like nature knows what two people would make strong babies or is it something totally different?

A.  Different things can trigger this.  You may have a past life connection that creates a feeling of comfort and knowing.  Your vibrations might mix in just the right harmony and compliment each other.  I also see that chemistry (not based on anything except another person's presence) is an indicator of a good genetic match.

Q.  I have seen articles online claiming that intelligence is (mostly) passed from mothers instead of fathers/both. How true is this?
A.  I cannot see this as true.  Intelligence comes from the mother and father, with most times being a mesh of the two.  Sometimes one parent contributes an aptitude and ability in one aspect, but the other balances in another way.  The (sometimes) challenging thing is to nurture and develop that intellect and not favor one aspect other another (The dad may be a great mathematician, and the mom do and understand acupuncture.  Both important and uniquely different knowledge/skillsets.  Through residual DNA knowledge passes to the kids.  One skill may be more pronounced, but both knowledge bases are very present)..

Q. Why does inbreeding increase the chances of disabled children?

A.  I get that when unrelated people have children, there is a good balance of DNA.  Physical and mental challenges (I get for the most part) reside in the recessive genes.  When related people have children, you have a much greater chance of the recessive genes holding the challenge pairing up (instead of being overruled by a dominant gene), increasing the odds of the physical or mental challenge being presented.

Q. How does being mind-controlled feel like?
A.  I get that it is like sleepwalking, but having an awareness of your physical body.  You hear yourself say and do things, and in the moment it feels like a good idea, but upon reflecting it feels like it was someone else.  There is a lot of regret and confusion while this is going on.  Once you are mentally attacked you have to consciously regain control, set protection and hold your space (daily).

Q. If I deliberately use the law of attraction to get what I want, how will I know if it is not aligned with my destined life path?

A.  The Universe will not give you something if it is not in your greater good, but rather redirect you to what you should consider pursuing.  For example, if you ask for wealth you may be given money, lots of friends, big family, health- depends on what kind of wealth you need.  I get to some extent there is a lot of interpretation to our languages.

Q. How does the insectoid beings with crunchy brown skin (living inside the hollow earth) fit in the flat earth theory?
A.  I have actually taken time to meditate to make sense of this.  I get that just because the earth may be flat, doesn't mean it has to be thin.  The thickness of earth can have enough depth to house inner beings (and I see the earth like the shape of a contact lens). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Baby's Perspective

Q. Thank you for all you do!  I really enjoy your readings on Death, the Soul and the white light tunnel etc..  Your readings fit with many other info I have found about that subject..  Anyway,  to my question, let's flip the coin..  A 1 month old human baby seems to have good functional eye sight, yet of course can not talk..  What are they thinking?  It seems they may have a foot in both worlds at that time, and wonder where they are now?  Tell us what you see? Thank you.
A. I do see a baby is at a very special point in their life where they can see not just the 3D reality, but they can experience other realities too.  They haven't formed their rational, conscious mind that tells them they cannot do something.  They have not yet developed a belief that what they experience makes no sense or the experience isn't logical.  Babies accept things for what they are.  They are innocent and have a wide open pineal gland.  When we get older, outside influences shape our thinking (activates the rational mind) and the exposure to toxins start to block us biologically.  

I get that at this age their experience of their environment is very primal and very pure.  They can experience more than one reality at a time, but I don't see it in a deep philosophical way.  It is more feeling and emotion based.  They can see with their physical eyes, but even more so in their mind's eye, and from there they have a gut, emotional response.  

It looks like their root, sacral chakra and solar plexus are incredibly active.   As they get older, the rest of the chakras start to light up, and by the age of three (everyone is unique so this is just a generalization) everything is opened.  I see this time frame being the peak time to encourage intuitive gifts because from there environment starts to infiltrate the mind (and weaken their ability to easily tap into their intuitions).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, April 21, 2017

Five for Friday #44

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to another eye-opening and mystical Friday Five (#44). As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: When is a Magic Blacked-Out Gorilla NOT a Magic Blacked-Out Gorilla?
Google has blacked this… whatever it is (in the bottom right hand corner)... in Google Sky. What is that thing? A magic gorilla? Some people are calling it the “red dragon” from “Revelations,” but somehow I doubt it. 

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there’s a comet there, just trying to figure out why they’re blocking it. Ah… they’re hiding it because they don’t want any rumors or hysteria around it. It’s not this item exactly, but exploring around this will allow people to see or discover something more. There’s something else in that direction. The sister sun or something else is nearby and by seeing this region it might enlighten people.” 

[And we certainly can’t have that.]

Image #2: When is a Pretty Twinkling Orb Really Just a Bug?
These are apparently fairies in Wales... or are they just bugs?

What Lynn Saw
"This is gonna sound crazy, but I think they ARE fairies. I get that, most times, when a fairy is photographed, it’ll look like an orb. That area of the world I’ve always felt that they were there, or perhaps originated there. That’s a legit fairy pic!” 

[Note: I actually have pics of our “Good Friends” (aka, fairies) having seen and even filmed them myself. Like Lynn said, they usually look like pretty, twinkling orbs, even in daylight. I was going to share but they asked for privacy.]

Image #3: When is a Comet Just a Comet?
This is comet Panstarrs, which is swinging by right now. Anything to it, or just your basic comet?

What Lynn Saw
“This is a little weird, but… I hear this phrase, “You would never want to touch it.” I see someone touch it and they start vomiting profusely. Anyone who touches this thing would die instantly. It’s best that it stays where it’s at."

[I then suggested that we might not want to include this image, as the PTW might try to use this info to potentially make life difficult on Planet Earth.]

"I say keep it. When I focused on it I got that it was too far away for them to touch it. If it was to make it to earth, it would not be by their force. I also get that "we aren't ready for it" and I couldn't get clarity on what that means, but we feel safe and insulated from it. The PTW can't touch it (and I get they wouldn't know how to handle it without killing themselves in the process, anyway).”

Image #4: When is a Cobra Just a Cobra? (And is that a fake beard or are you just glad to see me?)
Did the Ancient Egyptians decorate with cobras on foreheads to represent the energy coming from the pineal gland? We know that the “Eye of Horus” is really just the pineal gland in cross section.

What Lynn Saw
“To some extent YES, however it's more than that. It's also represents wisdom. There is some element of wisdom and observation and this feeling of being all-knowing at a certain level of spiritual achievement. We have two MORE eyes (when you see with your pineal gland AND your human eyes) that allow you to see and know so much more. This was the Ancient Egyptians' goal, to have this all-knowing understanding of things, seeing with your eyes and pineal gland. it represents VISION and different perspectives of knowing."

Image #5: When is an Extra Galilean Moon Just an Extra Galilean Moon?
Here’s a pic from 2016 of Jupiter and its Galilean moons… and something else. There are only four Galilean moons, so... what’s that extra object? Sphere Being ship?

What Lynn Saw
“Yup. Sphere Being ship. I’ve always seen something special about Jupiter. It is like it is a pit stop for beings (more the moons than the planet). There is some kind of gas there that they can use (like a fuel??). Oddly, the beings in this ship pictured look like humans, but distorted (like you would see in a caricature). To be honest though... I think they are masking what they really look like because it feels very "mask like." They feel neutral to us, like they do not care and have their own agendas."

Bonus: First Crop Circle of 2017
And here we have our first crop circle of 2017 carved into some (thrilled) farmer’s safflower seed field. What are the ETs trying to say here? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this has something to do with The Event.

What Lynn Saw
"I see this as a story. When the moon aligns with the earth, and another object (looks like a comet) comes into play and looks to slingshot around the moon, there is going to be a huge (positive) shift. We all will seem to feel the vibration, and I see and feel the whole earth rumble (like a mini earthquake). I don't want to spread fear, and honestly, it doesn't feel fearful because before people even realized what happened, its over. It only lasts a short time, but energetically it's a huge shift (like a consciousness awakens). I'm trying to get a date... I want to say around December of this year... Wow!! That was intense (but not bad, or scary). More curious and exciting."

Fakes and Duds
And by popular request...

A. Just an Antarctic iceberg... we think.

B. Just an energetic leyline-y whorl off the South African coast.

C. Just some fake Antarctic UFOs.

D. Just a map of Colorado. (NO, there is no mystical alignment in CO that mimics the Constellation Orion. Damn.)

E. Just a floating plate of pancakes. Little blue man? What little blue man?

And that is so very very it. Join us next time for Episode #45.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Questions and Clarification..

Q. First of all thanks Lynn for this blog and the opportunity to ask questions. 

Since I have learned that humans have ET DNA I became more confused by the day.....(Like the British connection with reptilian ET'S). So, if all humans have ET DNA, how did this happen, or can I presume that ET'S have some involvement with HUMAN CREATION? I do not know what to believe anymore so I might ask anyway....WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN SOURCE / HUMANS / ET'S? What I am thinking is that we are here in ...FISH BOWL EARTH...CREATED BY SOME ET'S perhaps....and we are used as LAB-RATS for EXPERIMENTAL purposes???? and now CONTROLLED BY ET'S? 

A.  I see that there are pockets of life (ETs) all over the Universe.  As I "look" around, I tend to go back to Orion's belt and get that the source of most of the ET life that has an effect on Earth roots back to those star systems.  Those ETs view Earth as an oasis, rich with resources and most importantly rich with the ability to house life (perfect atmospheric conditions, etc).  The ETs that lived there (in Orion's belt) wanted to create an Earth base, and also wanted to start life on Earth.  The ET geneticists took a portion of their DNA and modified it to get the perfect combination to create humans.  I see several variations that did not survive (centaurs, minotaurs, etc), until the perfect human variety was created.

It looks like three groups of ETs were in battle trying to inhabit and populate Earth.  There were Canine, Feline and Reptilian ETs.  There looks to have been a huge battle that forced the Canines and Felines off Earth, and the Reptilians went underground.  When things cleared, the Reptilians came out of hiding, and tried to protect and guide the humans.

Following the battle, there was some kind of treaty that prevented the Canines and Felines from coming back and resuming control.  The Reptilians, that started as protectors (there was a feeling that humans couldn't survive without their influence), got controlling, greedy, and very power hungry.  That emotion has escalated every since as evident in our current times. 

Two amazing gifts were bestowed on humans and they are the ability of emotion and the power of mental control.  (There are many other gifts, but those look to stand out as some of the strongest).  These gifts are the main reason for abductions (to study the human emotions and ability for empathy).  

The human mental strength is a powerful threat to the PTW (Powers That Were), which are dominated by the Reptilians.  In attempts to retain power, the PTW has to suppress that ability with lies, spell casting and mental manipulation.  What humans believe will become the reality, so the PTW have to create the belief for the world they want to live in. IF humans raise their collective conscious to believe in a better world, that is what will be (but can be easier said than done with the CONSTANT Reptilian interference).  I do see it can and will be eventually done as the Earth moves to the next dimension. 

Q. For the RECYCLING PROCESS....after dying.....(I followed all your teaching about lessons learned to perfect our soul to let us evolve to higher realms....and I believe that)....but you also suggested that we must avoid the light not to be recycled to earth again? Where do we go if we do not go to the light?....What are we suppose to do????

A.  When we pass we have a choice to go to the light or stay in spirit.  Some people chose to go to the light and begin the reincarnation process right away.  Others stay in spirit to watch over the Earthly plane. Some people ascend through learning lessons after incarnating, and others ascend through lessons learned while in spirit form.  I get the higher the vibration, the easier it is to recall your memories after the reincarnation process, therefore, some spirits chose to stay in spirit until they ascend enough to retain and access some of their memories (or lessons).  What to do is truly a personal choice based on where you are, where you want to go, and how you want to get there.

Q. I also remember you sometimes say that there sometimes blockages and you are not suppose to know stuff at certain times of life.. can you clarify??

A.  Sometimes during a reading I do get blocked, or feel I need to stop.  That can occur for different reasons.  It is usually due to one of two things.  If information would change a life path, and it is not beneficial or in the greater good for the information to be known, I typically get blocked from seeing it.  During more public interest readings, it is usually due to safety or security reasons (person, group, etc..). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, April 17, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Fireball In The Sky

Hi Lynn, The night this was happening (see link below) I was returning home from work. I live in Washington State and was heading south towards the Hood Canal Bridge.

During any other night when there are bright, slow moving points of light that seem to patrol the sky, I assume they are drones because of the military bases close by.

This particular night the sky was way more active with the drones as well as other flying aircraft.

Did I guess correct that they are drones? The uptick in activity, was that a coincidence? Last question. Any insight into what was going on with the fireball and patrols off California coast.

Thank you!

Fireball Spotted Off California Coast During Unusual Navy Anti-Sub Patrol
A “bright, pulsing orb” streaking across the sky was spotted off the California coast after US and Canadian anti-submarine aircraft conducted an unusual patrol of the area.

Fireball Spotted Off California Coast During Unusual Navy Anti-Sub Patrol
A.  When I tune into this, I do see a lot of activity around this area of the country.  It looks like military bases are constantly doing training exercises and testing.  I also see and feel an element of patrolling (protecting) because of the vulnerable feeling of being close to the coast (I hear that the US has North Korea on their radar right now).  This area also has activity due to an underground ET base that looks to be located in a rather deep crevasse in Washington state.  

With regard to the fireball...  I see this as being a weapons test.  I get that some kind of "fuel" is being tested tied to missile launching, and the off gas or exhaust created this green color.  They didn't expect the intense green flash (or I hear they would have done it during the day).  The military doesn't want to disclose what they are doing (they don't want their technology leaked), so they are trying to start several different stories, all with a different theory.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump Concerns and Meditation 4/19/17 12 PM EST

Q.  Can you look at Trump and see what is going on?  He is seemingly a different person and his behavior contradicts much of what he said during his campaign (especially the overseas involvement).  Did something happen?  Is he being manipulated?  Feels very odd.
A.  When I tune into him, I do feel he is off.  It is like he is going through the motions, but there is a conflicting driving force behind his actions (he is battling his own thought versus a constant misdirection).  I get at times he even looks in the mirror and says to himself "What just happened?" in response to his actions.  He knows better, had a clear vision during the campaign, but now something feels to be making the decision process muddy.

As I focus to see what is going on, it looks like the PTW (Powers That Were) were defeated by his election, and rather than accept the outcome, they are looking for vengeance.  To counteract their loss of control they look to have implemented a version of MK Ultra to influence him to make decisions that he normally would not make.  

Trump, in his "clear" mind, does not want to be at war or be that involved in overseas issues.  He wants other nations to keep and honor promises.  He also strives for a  balance between countries (for the purpose of trade, negotiations, etc), but he didn't want to get the US into another battle (which he realizes the US may be headed).

I further see and feel (through Clairsentience) that the resent attacks on Syria were false flags or false reportings, and the US response was perhaps unjustified.  Through some kind of mental control, Trump reacted (even against his own intuition), making this tense situation even worse.  This played right into the PTW because they want a war, want a presence close to the oil, and more than anything want to expose the truth at the right time to make Trump look foolish.  Basically, it looks like the PTW have adjusted their agenda in a new direction, and are using their available resources as tools to get what they want.

And that is all I have for this reading.... 

I do propose this:  I do see that Trump is battling some PTW interference.  I cannot see this interference being a positive thing for anyone (regardless of your political position).  I would to organize a group meditation on Wednesday, April 19th at 12 PM EST for anyone that would like to join.  The intent could be to either send Trump protection, help Trump get clarity in his decisions or block the PTW from being able to negatively influence any leader (depending on your political beliefs, one form of intent may be more appealing than another).  These three focuses may be different, but all work toward the greater good of peace and calm.  Depending on obligations and time zones, the time may be challenging, but even a quiet minute sending positive thoughts can make a big difference.  

Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, April 13, 2017

What is going on with the planes??

Q. Hi Lynn. What is going on in the skies? I remember years ago always seeing airplanes flying horizontally in the sky, with their jet streams shooting out behind them in a horizontal line, but these days it seems, in the past year, when I look up to the sky I see planes shooting up vertically. One day I pointed out one of the planes to my 8 year old nephew and he responded very seriously, "That's not a plane that's a rocket ship". Perhaps the kids can see what we adults are not noticing. What is going on that so many planes throughout the day appear to be flying straight up instead of horizontally? Also, is it just me or are the Moon and Sun both prominently displayed at the same time in a way that they never were before in past years?

I just happen to find a video on Youtube while randomly watching videos and came across this video.

There's a lot of rambling but they indicated that either Earth or Jupiter has tilted based on the way in which the "lines" are now showing. The lines that normally run east/west are now running north and south. I think this request would be a great reading :)

A. I see a couple things happening with the earth.  Earth is constantly expanding at the equator.  As the earth gets energy from the sun, what is not used or consumed by plants, animals and people, is absorbed by the earth.  Mother Gaia is a great grounder of solar and other energies, but since energy is not created or destroyed, she must release this energy after so much is built up.  This is the cause of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  These natural eruptions allow the earth to grow and expand with time (i.e. Mother Earth is growing).

Earth is also shifting as she traverses through the Universe.  Her vibration fluctuates, the magnetic and gravitational tugs alter the natural slant, and true north is being readjusted constantly.  It looks like planes and flight paths have to compensate for the altered directional shifts.  I cannot see that Jupiter is changing, but rather the change looks to be occurring from an Earthly perspective.

I also see some slight shifts in how the planes must climb in order to properly fight against the consistency of the air (due to increased pollution and electromagnet interference from space and man-made sources).  I hear that there are pockets of thin air at lower altitudes, and planes need to "cut" through that air to get to the more consistent higher "air."  This "cutting" has a more drastic "straight up" appearance, and that is what is being witnessed.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spiritual Questions (Group Post)

Q. Why do so many spirits seem to be stuck somewhere and looking for the light, it seems unfair and cruel that souls would be left in limbo or feeling lost. Why wouldn't help be provided and don't they ask for help or all have family, spirit guides, etc..? When you hear them talk on people spirit boxes they don't all sound like it's their choice. I thought when souls pass right away they're greeted, see the light etc... or do they believe going into the light would auto-reincarnate them?
A. I get that when a person passes and their spirit is released from their human, 3D body, they are greeted and do see a light.  I see that if someone does pass, and they go to the light, they are reincarnated with a fresh slate to create memories (unless they learn how to pass through and keep portions of their memories in more easily accessible DNA).  A spirit has a choice to go to the light, and for various reasons (not ready to reincarnate, want to wait on other members of their soul pact to pass, unresolved earth issues, want to stay and guide) they may choose to to stay.  Sometimes when they stay they become sort of "attached" to the earthly plane, losing their vision of the light.  When that happens, they feel lost, and when they are ready to move on, they feel disconnected as to how.  These spirits need coached, guided or directed to move on (and in an upward direction) to the light (which feels like a sun??), and from there they can start the incarnation process..

Q. Why does smudging with sage or cedar cause spirits to leave? How did that start, and is it just that humans need something to make them believe they're strong enough to do it on their own (and they wouldn't really need the sage) or does the sage in fact do something physically to the spirit?

A.  The most powerful element to smudging is your intent, and many times that is all you need.  Using cedar and sage help strengthen the intent in more intense situations, or when emotions are high.  Sage and cedar offer a balance of masculine and feminine vibrations, which in turn aids in creating a peaceful space.

Q. Why is it that only a few people can remember their past lives? 

A.  I see that everyone has the capability of recalling past lives, but for some it is easier.  Past lives influence current lives, and are often insightful in order to understand more of who you are (like fears, personality, phobias, interests, passions).  People can have great success recalling past lives through meditations and hypnosis.

Q. Do a few animals remember their past lives too?
A.  I get that animals carry memories in their DNA, but they don't recall it the way humans do.  In order to recall a past life you have to be in a specific brain wave sequence (I hear Theta waves that occur during deep meditation), and animals typically do not achieve that type of frame of mind.

Q. Hi Lynn, does the "spirit" world (the great consciousness) change and progress over time (just like how earth changes over time)?  Is that the main reason why the ancient people describe this world somewhat differently from the more contemporary people.  Or it differs due to the culture of the people and their different experiences.

A.  I see several factors to this.  The universal consciousness is constantly evolving.  There is free will, fate, and constant shifting of timelines (due to free will intervention).  As one thing changes, many things change, just like the "butterfly effect."  Culture and people also change and evolve as they are propelled down these ever evolving paths.  Perceptions and understandings also expand as society grows through experiences.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

French Elections

Q. I'm thinking, is it possible to give a comment  or what you see about the upcoming french election, who will win and be next president?  How will everything going on in the world impact this election?
The candidates names are the following:

  • Marine Le Pen
  • Emmanuelle Macron
  • Francois Fillon

Marine Le Pen
A.  I wanted to take a moment to focus on this since I have had a few requests.  I will break down each candidate and see what impression I get... 

Marine Le Pen:  Has a very determined and calculated feel to her (not in a negative way).  She does feel like she knows what to do to win (with regards to positioning on issues and concerns).  I see her looking at the world, seeing what France needs to do to strengthen their position, and address those concerns.  She looks to have a very tactical mind, realizes the importance of certain allies (and has advisers to support her).  She also feels to have some kind of experience, confidence and need to prove herself.  

Emmanuelle Macron
Emmanuelle Macron:  He feels as though he has won over the lower class (promise of jobs or economy improvements that don't make complete sense??).  He looks like he was even more popular in the beginning, but I see that people are starting to recalculate their thoughts. He has a "too good to be true" feel or some kind of lack of trust... (not sure what that is about??).  I hear something about people wanting to believe in his promises, but are afraid he won't be able to follow through on what he 

Francois Fillon
Francois Fillon: When I tune into him, I hear that he is lost of lot of trust with the people.  i get that France wants fresh ideas and not excuses (did he blame people for something that failed??).  I don't see too much with him, and I hear that it is because "there isn't much to see." (?????)

In the end, after looking at these three candidates, Le Pen looks to win.  I will say I get a lot of Trump references when I focus on this election (influence, alliance??).  It feels as if there is some kind of surprise going to happen that will shock people, and I also see some kind of silent population emerge. 

(I am very limited in my knowledge of French politics, so please feel free to fill in the blanks in the comment section.  Some symbolic images didn't feel clear, so if you are more familiar and you understand, please share.). 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, April 10, 2017

Difficult Times Ahead? Please Advise..

Q. If you can pick up on any details of the difficult times ahead, using your intuitive powers, please let us know what you see.  I fear that we are one tipping point away from having all of these problems explode in our faces as each one topples the other like dominoes. Thanks.

Demographics.  Women are no longer having babies at the replacement rate necessary to sustain the population.  When today's Millenials reach their old age, there will be few people left to care for them and the financial burden on the youth coming behind them will be overwhelming.  Intergenerational conflict will grow intense.
A. I do see this trend on the rise.  Rather than families caring for the elderly there feels (almost in a hasty way) like a shift of putting them in elder care facilities.  It doesn't look like future generations put less emphasis on the older intentionally, but society in general is merging to a very "me-centric" form of ideals.  When the older become too much the accepted thing is to put them in a situation where they can keep as much independence as possible while posing the least inconvenience.  As generations age, this puts a huge strain on the government, and it looks like more money gets allocated to the medical portion of funding (for medicare and medicaid) to cover these facilities.  I also see the life expectancy starting a slow decline (due to unaffordable meds and doctors look to be less ambitious of prolonging a life that isn't showing promise or quality).  In some way the government looks to support the decreased life span (like some sort of newer emerging agenda) in order to balance funding... (??)

Alienation brought on by technology.  Looking back over my long life, I see an ever increasing alienation of the individual from others in society brought on by technology.  It has gotten worse in the last decade.  We no longer are required to deal with one another face to face in daily business or other affairs.  We interact with computers instead of people. Social skills are therefore eroding quickly, which will lead to ever increasing interpersonal conflict.
A.  There is a huge increase of social alienation and I see this trend rising.  The lack of human to human interaction also prevents needed, healthy, energetic connections and the ability to be less effective in the workplace (good leaders understand people, know how to talk and motivate through interactions).  I see people losing verbal communication abilities (not knowing how to talk, maintain eye contact, have "in person" confidence and etiquette) in addition to basic skills of writing (penmanship) and spelling (due to spell check).  I see this trend getting much worse before it gets better, and people will realize that some of the best therapy can be a face to face talk with another person.

Loss of integrity as a society.  As a society, we seem to be more and more wiling to tolerate unethical and even illegal behavior in others.  This was not true in my youth, but it is today.  
A. I see the "loss of integrity" is more about making society more complacent and testing the people to see just how much they will tolerate.  I heard a couple great quotes, and they are coming to me now.  The first describes how we used to feel when the emotion of integrity was high: 

     "I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It" -Voltaire

and now...

     "We are an all accepting society unless you have a difference of opinion" - Unknown

This current agenda of preying on emotions to justify the actions of those breaking the law makes people "feel bad" for the person.  The value of the person is more important than the action they committed.  This entire process weakens societies and makes them vulnerable.  I hear that part of belonging to an organized society is abiding the fundamental laws, and if they are breached with consequence, then chaos ensues and people are less safe.

Political division.  I see our society today as more divided than at any time in living memory (and I have seen 13 presidents come and go).  I suspect that this is at least as bad as the time just before the Civil War, and maybe it is worse.  The possibility of some type of civil war seems more likely now than at any time in my life.  Secession now seems to be possible at some level.
A. I see a lot of social struggle and chaos, and it looks to get more tense.  Most alternative views look to get attacked and a larger (more quiet) part of the population starts to come forward.  Additionally, as some states (as a whole) begin to oppose the current administration (sanctuary cities, Hollywood agendas), they put themselves in a situation where federal funding looks to get limited.  Therefore, they (the states) have a choice to submit or succeed, and the choice appears to be the later.

Massive debt than can never be repaid.  The government has more debt relative to GDP than at any time in modern history and possibly at any time ever.  Government debt skyrocketed during the two world wars, but it was brought back down when the wars ended.  Now it is skyrocketing and there is no sign of it ever coming down.  Not only government debt, but personal debt (auto loans, student loans, credit cards and mortgages) also seem to be increasing to unsustainable levels.  At some point the public is going to see the light bulb go on and realize it can never be repaid, and that is when everyone will start running for the exits.
A. The dollar is struggling, and Trump looks to have slightly slowed down it's demise (by keeping the stock market a little more stable).  Trump knows that the country has to get control of the budget, and looks to make some tough and unpopular cuts to attempt to get control.   Part of the illusion of strength of the US depends on the dollar, so it is in the best interest of the US to sustain it as long as possible. Eventually a new currency will bloom, but the dollar needs to hold on long enough for that new currency to take off.

Individual credit does look to grow as well.  I see the mass amount of credit allowing a new electron based currency to take off (It doesn't look like bitcoin either).  This new credit appears to run in tandem with the dollar until the dollar loses popularity (less accepted and even discouraged) and sort of fades out.  Some how the amount owed gets readjusted as well (like the debt gets bought by a third party for pennies on the dollar?? not sure i fully understand how that works based on what I see).  

Unstable regimes.  North Korea and Iran are good examples, and I doubt that they are the only ones.  We are closer now, in my opinion, to nuclear war than we have been since the Cuban missile crisis.  
A. Tensions are high.  I see that countries (more than ever) need to take pause and see what they are being pulled into.  There are puppets pulling the strings to a show most of us cannot see.  We need to look at root causes of why things are happening.  For example (to help me explain in a symbolic way) if Syria obtained chemical weapons though an underground US group, and then the US finds out and bombs them, the PTW (Powers That Were) win.  I see plots out there working that really are not what they seem, but I hear the world is like a chess game, and the PTW are in it for the long game.  It looks like if we do not take pause, there will be an escalation.

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-