Monday, April 17, 2017

Priority Blog Request: Fireball In The Sky

Hi Lynn, The night this was happening (see link below) I was returning home from work. I live in Washington State and was heading south towards the Hood Canal Bridge.

During any other night when there are bright, slow moving points of light that seem to patrol the sky, I assume they are drones because of the military bases close by.

This particular night the sky was way more active with the drones as well as other flying aircraft.

Did I guess correct that they are drones? The uptick in activity, was that a coincidence? Last question. Any insight into what was going on with the fireball and patrols off California coast.

Thank you!

Fireball Spotted Off California Coast During Unusual Navy Anti-Sub Patrol
A “bright, pulsing orb” streaking across the sky was spotted off the California coast after US and Canadian anti-submarine aircraft conducted an unusual patrol of the area.

Fireball Spotted Off California Coast During Unusual Navy Anti-Sub Patrol
A.  When I tune into this, I do see a lot of activity around this area of the country.  It looks like military bases are constantly doing training exercises and testing.  I also see and feel an element of patrolling (protecting) because of the vulnerable feeling of being close to the coast (I hear that the US has North Korea on their radar right now).  This area also has activity due to an underground ET base that looks to be located in a rather deep crevasse in Washington state.  

With regard to the fireball...  I see this as being a weapons test.  I get that some kind of "fuel" is being tested tied to missile launching, and the off gas or exhaust created this green color.  They didn't expect the intense green flash (or I hear they would have done it during the day).  The military doesn't want to disclose what they are doing (they don't want their technology leaked), so they are trying to start several different stories, all with a different theory.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


A Man Called Da-da said...

That was swamp gas coming off Venus during a temperature inversion layer incursion of geese in the stratosphere. Ahem.

Alex said...


Do you see Trump dropping a bomb on North Korea the way he did to Afghanistan and Syria? What was the real target of North Korea failed missile launch this month?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Alex: I cannot see that right now. I see the big focus being Syria. N Korea is on the radar, but it looks to stay that way (at least for the short term). It looks like there was a ship in the water that was a little too close to N Korea, and this was more of a "warning launch."

Unknown said...

I wonder where the crevasse is... I live in WA state too and see a lot of activity in the early morning hours in the south sound

Juliana Miles said...

Since we are on the topic of sky :)..on Monday when I was driving home I looked up(it was 6:40 pm) and I swear I saw a planet to the right of the sun (the sun was behind the clouds). This planet looked similar to the moon but it was full and bit bigger, it was only there for less than 2 minutes and I didn't get home in time to get a picture. Could that of been Nibiru? or his my husband right in saying it was a reflection.

Thanks Lynn :)

wendy tascione said...

I think it is

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I feel it is too. :-)

Juliana Miles said...

Thank you Lynn :)