Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spiritual Questions (Group Post)

Q. Why do so many spirits seem to be stuck somewhere and looking for the light, it seems unfair and cruel that souls would be left in limbo or feeling lost. Why wouldn't help be provided and don't they ask for help or all have family, spirit guides, etc..? When you hear them talk on people spirit boxes they don't all sound like it's their choice. I thought when souls pass right away they're greeted, see the light etc... or do they believe going into the light would auto-reincarnate them?
A. I get that when a person passes and their spirit is released from their human, 3D body, they are greeted and do see a light.  I see that if someone does pass, and they go to the light, they are reincarnated with a fresh slate to create memories (unless they learn how to pass through and keep portions of their memories in more easily accessible DNA).  A spirit has a choice to go to the light, and for various reasons (not ready to reincarnate, want to wait on other members of their soul pact to pass, unresolved earth issues, want to stay and guide) they may choose to to stay.  Sometimes when they stay they become sort of "attached" to the earthly plane, losing their vision of the light.  When that happens, they feel lost, and when they are ready to move on, they feel disconnected as to how.  These spirits need coached, guided or directed to move on (and in an upward direction) to the light (which feels like a sun??), and from there they can start the incarnation process..

Q. Why does smudging with sage or cedar cause spirits to leave? How did that start, and is it just that humans need something to make them believe they're strong enough to do it on their own (and they wouldn't really need the sage) or does the sage in fact do something physically to the spirit?

A.  The most powerful element to smudging is your intent, and many times that is all you need.  Using cedar and sage help strengthen the intent in more intense situations, or when emotions are high.  Sage and cedar offer a balance of masculine and feminine vibrations, which in turn aids in creating a peaceful space.

Q. Why is it that only a few people can remember their past lives? 

A.  I see that everyone has the capability of recalling past lives, but for some it is easier.  Past lives influence current lives, and are often insightful in order to understand more of who you are (like fears, personality, phobias, interests, passions).  People can have great success recalling past lives through meditations and hypnosis.

Q. Do a few animals remember their past lives too?
A.  I get that animals carry memories in their DNA, but they don't recall it the way humans do.  In order to recall a past life you have to be in a specific brain wave sequence (I hear Theta waves that occur during deep meditation), and animals typically do not achieve that type of frame of mind.

Q. Hi Lynn, does the "spirit" world (the great consciousness) change and progress over time (just like how earth changes over time)?  Is that the main reason why the ancient people describe this world somewhat differently from the more contemporary people.  Or it differs due to the culture of the people and their different experiences.

A.  I see several factors to this.  The universal consciousness is constantly evolving.  There is free will, fate, and constant shifting of timelines (due to free will intervention).  As one thing changes, many things change, just like the "butterfly effect."  Culture and people also change and evolve as they are propelled down these ever evolving paths.  Perceptions and understandings also expand as society grows through experiences.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

May I ask about smudging with incense sticks: "Perfume packaging may have flowers, fruit or butterflies on it, but what's inside is a long way from mother nature. Perfume and the thousands of other scented products created for us to use on our bodies and in our homes get their scent from the more than 3100 chemicals in the arsenal of the fragrance industry. These chemicals are capable of creating tremendous havoc in the human body."
Thank You Lynn!

A Man Called Da-da said...

Is this the same process used on other planets, or just this one? This light-and-forget system seems rather dumb.

A Man Called Da-da said...

And where do our spirit guides reside in this hierarchy? Where do "ascended masters" go?

Unknown said...

I agree with Da-da. And are we able to incarnate on to other planets if we choose not to go into the light?. I've heard earth was under quarantine by a veil covering the earth but there are holes in it that we can exit through to escape the reincarnation cycle here on earth and travel the real universe.

Alex said...


Thanks for the answer.

There are many cases of children who are able to recall their past lives spontaneously and they don't know anything about meditation. Why is it easier for these people to remember their past lives? Did they do intense meditation in their past lives? Example of this girl.


Wendy said...

On that note I heard its run by the annunaki often referred to annunaki recycling center where you are enticed by a fake white light and fake guide to go back into a reincarnation like say a tortured animal or tortured life in a third world country...nothing planned with life lessons. I hear it was based on the moon and its stopped now. Was this process true and i still dont get how spirits get stuck and y arent they helped?

Christina Gould said...

I was in my 50's before I had visions of previous lifetimes.

Weeze said...

Maybe at one time the annunaki had a "recycle center" waiting for us on the other side, but would it make sense now, when they're keen on eliminating a great number of us (a more "manageable" number, now that there's a great awakening)? How depressing to think that all that talk about "go to the light" was a ruse!

Buddhist Lady said...

I'm dumb as a post in accessing psychic info. I have no clue about any past lives. Honestly, they don't interest me very much. I am curious about my QHHT reading last year around this time. I was from and lived on another planet or solar system. I won't go into detail, but I have been curious about the reason Higher Self chose this life to reveal.

Sometimes I do feel that I know someone from another time. Here's an odd one. I retired at the end of last year, but prior to that time I was still working. One night, after finishing and walking out to my car, I passed a car with a wife waiting for her husband (not unusual at all) with their family pet inside, a German Shepard. I love German Shepards and wouldn't be here today without having had a German Shepard as a family pet in Italy when I was 4-5 years old. At that time in the early 1950's, Communists would scale the compound walls where American families lived for violence and mayhem (I suppose). My dad had trained the shepard to round up people and attack if necessary...so, the dog was truly used for protection.

One day, I was in our walled compound which shut us off from the streets and people but which was open to a field-like area in back. No one ever came from that direction. I was playing outside, and a very big stray dog entered the compound from the back. The other mothers and children started to retreat. My mom was inside the flat. I was clueless. Then, the dog started running toward me snarling and growling. Even that young, I knew I was in trouble. I let out huge howls of horror. My German Shepard was not out on the compound grounds...so where or how she got to the compound, I don't know. I only know that she came like a streak of lightening and took the stray dog down by the throat. A huge dog fight ensued, and my dog chased the other dog away. Viola!! I was saved.

Upon walking out of work, I saw this German Shepard in the car and asked the lady if I could say "hello." She said, "Of course." So, I started talking and petting the dog, who went crazy (good), barked and talked to me, and essentially went nuts in a good way. The lady was astounded. She kept saying, "He never acts like this. I can't believe this." I knew that was my dog from Italy. I don't know how I knew, but I knew. Wierd...same life time.

Hope said...


If those spirits that decided not to go to the Light and stay on, they may feel lost and when they are ready to move on, these spirits need to be guided to move on to the Light to start the incarnation process.

So, at the end of the “day”, spirits will move on - back to the Light - to start the incarnation for another Life’s lesson, so why avoid the Light in the first place?

Can’t they move on to another realm/planet etc to explore and never back to the Light?

From this article below, it seems that if we, spirits, move away from the Light, another World/Universe will open up - to offer us a more interesting life - to learn and progress without the human 3D body constraints. That we should never go back to the Light, that we should break free from this trapped “matrix” world.

Lynn, what is your take on this “Escape their trap and set your soul free”?

Thank you.


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

When picking out a smudging stick, you should go natural with this since you are filling your home up with the smoke from these herbs.

Dada: I see the guides sort of go between the earthly plane and the source (they are sort of a liaison??? if I am seeing this right). Earth does feel a little lower on the hierarchy, so I don't know that other planets work the same way (I feel like they do not).

Ralib: There is a veil, and the only way to totally be free and incarnate elsewhere is the light (but you may lose some of your memories).

Alex: It is easier for kids b/c their rational minds aren't working overdrive to make sense of it all.

Wendy: I can't say that wasn't true, but I cannot seem to connect to that type of action..?

Buddhist Lady: Thanks for sharing!

Hope: They avoid it to finish something that feels unresolved, or to stay and assist in the lives of those left behind... Eventually, once they have closure, and it feels right, they too want to start a new chapter.

Thanks for all the great comments!! Hugs, Lynn

joy said...

DISCLAIMER: This is information only, based on my meditations and experiences.
. ..not being presented as TRUTH WITH A CAP T.
hehhh..........there is NO animal called ASCENDED MASTER. the title is all made up .
THE RAINBOW MASTERS,.my...They are not what they claim to be. They are NOT your benefactors. please be careful.

OK, preposterous claim. ......One day, many years ago..I asked my Spirit to bring me SAINT GERMAIN . I wanted to discuss something about one of his discourses., and thank him. In my short meditation, I saw this TAROT card of a JOKER....in glitzy garb cackling continuously. the background of this joker was a black-white glitzy frame.
I did not know what that was. It took me three weeks of continued asking to get the answer. The black/white backdrop means we are inside duality, and GERMAIN, the joker is NOT who he claims to be. I now know more about these guys,...but that is for another time. just don't get all impressed and forget that YOU are the I AM PRESENCE WALKING ON EARTH. YOU ARE THE MASTER.if you forget, deep breathe, relax,remember........!

Unknown said...

Lynn what is going on with Trump? In one of your readings, you claimed, he was bringing a positive change. Even though it seemed, Trump only cared for himself and was definately racist, you red that he was actually a good individual, anti-powers that were. Even some of your followers turned against some of your other followers who were questioning his behavior. Is he the same Trump? Clone? Why doesn't Melania want to move to the WH.? I feel a romantic connection between Trump and his daughter Ivanka. Im not saying incest, but I think its not healthy. Lynn is not the same Trump, what happened to the real Trump?