Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year, Predictions and a Push for Positive Energy

With 2014 coming to an end, I wanted to address some different perspectives- good, bad and how we can make it better... I thought I would put my intent to focus on the troublesome items first, so I could end on a positive high (which is where I want to see us be [and stay] as we start a fresh year).

Q.  What events do you see unfolding in 2015?  

A.  I see the earth continuing to wobble in a less and less controlled manor as the "red comet" (past reading referenced below) system continues to approach and mesh with our current solar system.  Along with its' approach we will see more violent weather (due to the dipping down of the north pole as the wobble is out of sink- imagine a top slowing down its' spin and losing more control- it (the weather)  will be uncharacteristic for the season and many "records" regarding weather/temperature will broken in 2015.  In many situations it will be hard to determine if the weather is man made, natural, or man made in order to mitigate the effective the "wobble" is having.  This relates to the earth in general, and not localized to one specific area. 

I get that Monsanto will be huge in 2015!  The people "in the know" knew that we would be having some devastating weather (I get scientists and NASA have seen and known about the "red comet" and "sister sun" for a while), and it will get better we just have to wait it out, but as a result Monsanto was born.  It will thrive this year because it will be viewed as a necessary evil as many farmers struggle with their crops.

As I zoom out and really try to look at things, I see the Pacific Ocean (near the area of Taiwan and Japan being hit with several large storms.  I see swirls after swirls in my mind and it looks to be a chain reaction of storms.  

I also get images of a group of islands to the north east of Australia having a volcano erupt.  It feels sudden and unexpected and creates several mini earthquakes felt in the north eastern part of Australia.  New Zealand feels far enough away that it doesn't get hit with anything (other than some large destructive waves on the coast), however, there are many warnings and alerts (trust your gut with this and listen to the advice if/when these warnings present themselves) of tsunami type activity.

I see California being plagued with a drought.  Washington state seems rainy (to the point of flooding and mudslides), but south of Washington state is dry and forest fires are an issue.  I see that the California drought is man made due to the Fukushima pollution that is floating over California- They don't want rain filtering radiation into the ground.  The thought is that they are working to neutralize the soil, but until they can they don't want food growing in it.  A man-made drought was their solution. They hope to have this "pollution problem" figured out by the end of 2015 in order to resume normal weather for the 2016 planting season.  I get the vineyards are really hurting. People in California can expect unusual amounts of chem-trails appearing as these experimental chemicals are used to attempt to figure out what works, and what can be used to level out the radiation.

Europe also looks to deal with a large amount of rainfall and flooding during the spring.  I see this as a huge issue, and some land will be regained, but some of the lowest elevations will be lost to the water rising.  

I see another (or reinvented version) of a man-made virus coming forward in the fall of 2015 (September / October). I want to call it the "zombie virus." There will be a huge push and much propaganda to immunize against it- don't do it, it hasn't been tested.  This looks somehow tied to Ebola (or be the same thing as Ebola).  I get it will be used in designated geographic areas to "test" the reactions.

Marijuana will make huge strides toward becoming more accepted and legal.  I get that as soon as Philip Morris gets it organized and is ready to manufacture it, we will be seeing a new version of "cigarette" in the US.  I hear something about "the lobbying has already begun to make this happen." I also look for this topic to come up several times with upcoming presidential candidates.

The news will continue (and do so in over-amplification) to focus on differences amongst people such as: black / white, male / female, homo / heterosexual and democrat / republican, (which are ALL non-issues because our physical shell is just temporary for this life, and karma/energetic force is tied to your "soul") in order to distract us from the real issues.  There is power and strength in the unification of mind, bodies and souls- the people that "really know" this will do anything to prevent that from happening. The reptilian mind is working overdrive in 2015 as people see and awaken to what is really going on.

Financial systems will be very weak.  In the beginning of 2015 a restructuring of the dollar will be happening, and while this goes on there will be a huge push for people to use and carry credit.  I don't see the new currency in 2015, but I do see a transition happening to a credit or electronic based system that bridges the gap between the dollar and new system.  

China will start to emerge as a powerful country that many people fear. They carry a dominant presence (and I get some impression of them being a bully). Russia will ally with China, not because they like China, but because they don't want to oppose them.

The Russia / Ukraine will continue to go on... This looks like a long and slow battle and I see no defining end.  The media will broadcast it ONLY when a sprinkle of fear is needed, but the topic doesn't "feel" popular (at least toward the beginning of 2015).

The main focus on worldly turmoil will be Saudi Arabia and surrounding "oil producing" countries. With the dollar losing value to inflation, the next battle will be for oil.  

Q.  Dear Psychic Focus, with all the negative things happening now in our world/time, what positive event/s do you see us gaining in the near future? Thank you so much!

A.  I see a lot of positive things happening in 2015.  I first see that more and more people are waking up and seeking truth- they aren't being satisfied with what they see on tv, and seek out alternative sources, and also are connecting more and more with like-minded people.  People are learning the art and liberation of being free-thinkers.

I also see many people experiencing those "ah- ha-" moments.  They understand how certain truths resonate deep within them, and the empowerment that results.  As people become more empowered they realize they have control of their lives and accountability goes from external sources (luck, religion, someone else) to themselves.  

2015 will be a huge year for homeopathic and natural healing.  I see with the implementation of Obamacare (which for some has been a blessing, while others are left wanting something else), the latter of these people can't afford or aren't able to travel to where they would need to go for appropriate care.  The result is the need for homeopathic and natural medicine- and I see it working.  Herbs, oils, massage and energy work will really increase this next year.  I get that many countries have been doing this already, and the US is slow to catch up because of the ease of health care, but that will change in 2015, and more Americans will be seeking this out. As more and more Americans look and feel better, the trend in this area looks to grow. 

More and more people over the next year will be looking for way to increase vibrations and seek ways to become more enlightened.  Talking, reading and hearing about meditation will be everywhere. Meditation truly is the way to connect with your higher self. For some it is easier than others, but everyone is capable of doing it. It requires a skill, patience and repetition (repetition being the most critical ingredient).  The goal is to connect with your subconscious and quite your rational/conscious mind in order to get a deeper understanding of yourself. [I will do a more detailed reading on "Suggestions on Meditating or How to Get Started" because for some it can feel difficult, confusing or even overwhelming). I see the honest attempts and seeking this form of connection with ones self being more and more sought out.

Q. We can we do to make our world or even personal "world" a better place?

A.  Over the holiday time I have been reminded several times of the Law of Attraction and how we manifest our destiny. Regardless of the situation, if we can react with positivity, we can manifest more positive interactions in our life.  When we have feelings of disgust or know we have been lied to, our human reaction is to be angry or retaliate.  If you can train yourself to be empathic or even show some form of love to the person causing the anger [and I am not saying sacrifice yourself or do anything to your detriment], you will see a change in the energy around you.  For example, if you know someone who is always in a bad mood, just smile at them every time you see them.  You will find that eventually they will smile back OR they will avoid you- either way the energy changed for your betterment. Also keep in mind that small changes will add up. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  I wish all of you a safe, happy and healthy New Year full of positive energy!  Love and light- Lynn

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A Man Called Da-da said...

Hey, Lynn. Thanks for all that. Btw, the late Dolores Cannon said this back in 2009 (re: "the new earth"):

"You see the one will not be aware of the other. That is what they mean by those left behind, will not even be aware that anything has happened. The old Earth is still there, vibrating at this lower frequency with all these terrible things happening to it, but, the other Earth moves into the new dimensions vibrating so fast that it becomes invisible. So they are not aware anything has ever happened."

What do you think about this? Could some of what you see in 2015 be in one timeline, while another is less affected?


samferina said...


What do you see in deaths of 2015 on a celebrity or important/figures thar are known for other things that they have contributed to society?

Alpha X said...

Does the "Zombie virus" cause aggression or more of a sleepwalking/unaware like state? I'm imagining it would cause one of those symptoms due to the name.

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn great post! Can you tell us please which part(s) of South america will be less affected by the 2015 climate change events? Thank You!

Sunny Jauhal said...

Great post Lynn as always. What do you see in Canada for 2015, specifically regarding climate and the legalization of cannabis?

They Live said...

Thank you so much for all of your readings and for sharing with us what the new year will bring. Thank you especially for your emphasis on positivity and how to spread it around more!

leslie Lucci said...

What do you see happening to the stock markets? If "financial systems are very weak" does this mean not to invest or to decrease holdings? What is the best way to save for "big" future expenses such as college education, purchasing a first home, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for all your hard work. I believe I will be planting a huge garden again this year. Maybe even get some chickens and a pig.

At least where I live there is plenty of rain and we still can grow pretty good crops.

A couple of acres and a paid off home with a huge garden is your best defense for whatever our future brings.

Raymond G said...

Is there any way you could look into the future and 'see' the biggest news stories of 2015 this far in advance ?

For instance, this year the biggest stories of this year were the 3 flights that crashed, invasion of Ukraine and Crimea, the rise of ISIS, and the girls that were kidnapped in Nigeria.

What will be the big stories of 2015 ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dada: I do see that earth can kind of "split" in that way. I don't know that I see it as soon as 2015, but we are moving in that direction.

@Samferina: I will have to think on that. It sounds like a good reading. Nothing initially came to me on this when I did the current post.

@AlphaX: I see it more like a skin condition evolving into a lethargy.

@WatchandKnock: I see the west much less effected than the east. The central western portion look and feels to be safer.

@Sunny: Eastern Canada seems very cold, and western Canada looks to be warmer- kind of split down the middle. Canada also seems conservative, but yet open to homeopathy which then turns to cannabis- I look for it to become legal, but they are slow- maybe by the end of 2015 or 2016. I see Canada watching and seeing how it effects other countries first.

@leslie: The best investment is in real things- real property and is tangible. As far as the market- you can make money if you know what you are doing and babysit it- that is what the people in the know do.. I hear the phrase "pump and dump" They falsely inflate and sell high, watch it fall and buy low... Toward the end of 2015 the stock market will be all around low b/c you can only "pump and dump" so many times.

@Charlie: I wish you much success with this. I love the energy and drive at being self sufficient!

@Raymond: At a quick glance- stories that cause division in people (instigations of a race war), ISIS and threats of ISIS on American soil, and some kind of "Zombie Virus" are the initial ones I see.. Unfortunately I can't see any things of unity, love or promotions of positive energy... Then I hear "tell the people what they want to hear and not what they need to hear.."

Alpha X said...

There always seem to be false flags happening lately. Do you see any big false flags being planned for 2015?

In regards to your response to Raymond: I don't feel like 2015 will be a very good year either.

747 said...

Thank you for all your blog posts, have really appreciated reading them. Not all have rung true for me but many have, and even those that haven't quite played out for me have extended my thinking critically so thank you. I love your last paragraph on meditation and couldn't agree more and the empathy comment is a good reminder of the power of positivity, lovely way to move forward in the new year. Hope to have my thinking challenged more by you and those who comment too in the new year :)

Bilal said...

I have to check one thing with you Lynn. I can sens strong energy affecting us in end of Mars,and I did check this up and it was Blood Moon on 20 Mars. Somehow I feel so strong that I will leave realm of existent with many other next year. Do your think that psychical Ascension will happen in waves and that can you sens from Blood Moon energy ?

Bilal said...

Da-Da next will be opportunity for many who have prepared there body for shifting there vibration permanent. I think the planet as whole will shift permanent into vibration after ,but I don´t know when that opportunity will occur.

lilian said...

You couldn't say it better, Lynn! The world needs lots of positive energy in this turbulent times!

Have a wonderful year and thank you for sharing your gift and time!

Luis Arriola said...

Positive energy is always needed, and I think new years eve is the best time to think in our goals and how to achieve, leaving everything bad behind. Here i some more info on more Ways to attract good energy for anyone interested.