Tuesday, April 11, 2017

French Elections

Q. I'm thinking, is it possible to give a comment  or what you see about the upcoming french election, who will win and be next president?  How will everything going on in the world impact this election?
The candidates names are the following:

  • Marine Le Pen
  • Emmanuelle Macron
  • Francois Fillon

Marine Le Pen
A.  I wanted to take a moment to focus on this since I have had a few requests.  I will break down each candidate and see what impression I get... 

Marine Le Pen:  Has a very determined and calculated feel to her (not in a negative way).  She does feel like she knows what to do to win (with regards to positioning on issues and concerns).  I see her looking at the world, seeing what France needs to do to strengthen their position, and address those concerns.  She looks to have a very tactical mind, realizes the importance of certain allies (and has advisers to support her).  She also feels to have some kind of experience, confidence and need to prove herself.  

Emmanuelle Macron
Emmanuelle Macron:  He feels as though he has won over the lower class (promise of jobs or economy improvements that don't make complete sense??).  He looks like he was even more popular in the beginning, but I see that people are starting to recalculate their thoughts. He has a "too good to be true" feel or some kind of lack of trust... (not sure what that is about??).  I hear something about people wanting to believe in his promises, but are afraid he won't be able to follow through on what he 

Francois Fillon
Francois Fillon: When I tune into him, I hear that he is lost of lot of trust with the people.  i get that France wants fresh ideas and not excuses (did he blame people for something that failed??).  I don't see too much with him, and I hear that it is because "there isn't much to see." (?????)

In the end, after looking at these three candidates, Le Pen looks to win.  I will say I get a lot of Trump references when I focus on this election (influence, alliance??).  It feels as if there is some kind of surprise going to happen that will shock people, and I also see some kind of silent population emerge. 

(I am very limited in my knowledge of French politics, so please feel free to fill in the blanks in the comment section.  Some symbolic images didn't feel clear, so if you are more familiar and you understand, please share.). 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


PimpMyBrain said...

Hello lynn !

I just submit a personnel reading in your booking about french election ! I lost one of my question here !! haha!

Well, the feelings of people about this candidat are very...scattered.

Le Pen : Far-right wing. Put a lot of her campaign on Immigration and Islamization. Well, not all, but use it often as a "joker" answer when cornered on her interview. Her Politic Party is Front National, a family party, she succed from her father Jean-marie (very, very far-right). She is trying to round angles. Very popular with people exceeded with all troubles that could be "link" (sometime by too simple amalgam) to immigration (Arabic and Maghreb). She represents a wind of new and hope for a part of people.

Macron : former minister economy. Former rotchild employee. To put his own candidacy, he betrayed his former party , Parti Socialiste (the one in power now) after a primary vote about the genuine candidate. He was the one sold by all the mainstream media and the great fortunes, as the "only and aready winner" of this presidence (like hillary in US). But, when people start to really focus and what he said, during interview, shows, etc... it was everything and its opposite. Even i couldn't understand what he was saying. Now, MSM start to drop him aside for an other one (Le Pen or Jean-Luc Melanchon)

Fillon : Right wing candidat. Turmoil during the primary votein the party. He won even he was not the favorit. Just after that, a scandal was drop to him about his wife. He employed his wife in his own minister, it is legal, but not very ethic. The not wanted candidat, with a scandal ... hard for him at moment. But he represents the traditional candidat, which part of people have enough to see in power.

Other Candidats that will be interesting to add to this reading :

Jean-luc Mélanchon is a Dissenting Left wing candidat, strong speech, Seduces the working class and disillusioned left-wingers. He want renegotiate the treaties with the EU, even if he need to force them. The MSM start to push himm more now. A freemanson that tries not to put this title in the front.

François Asselineau and his party , UPR, is one of the "little" candidat that was totally black-out by the MSM. He managed to participate and people start to discover him. His position his "FREXIT !". The only one clear about this. Very cultivate man, he tries to educate people about the rules and treaties of the EU, to make understand why the country need to leave quick as possible. Start to gain more and more people. And MSM is very obnoxious with him, as if he was disturbing too much...

Well, that my view of them.

My Picks said...

I came across a very interesting channel on youtube called Bombards Body Language. She has videos of politicians and other topics the mainstream media don't pay much attention to. I feel like maybe body language is part of how I and other people can assess a persons integrity? The subtle signs of eye movements, hand gestures, words, and tone are suppose to be telling of whats really going on in their mind? I guess I am just looking for my own way of being more AWARE of these politicians or other people involved in their games. The body never lies?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Pimp My Brain: Thank you so much for the great info. Maybe another person will emerge and that was the silent group I felt that existed or even the "surprise." I really appreciate the time it took for you to compile this. (I also sent you an email to see if you want to replace your question for tomorrow's reading. I don't pre-read them so I didn't realize you asked this. Just need the new question early in the morning). Hugs-

My Picks: Great point, and I think we do this subconsciously too.

Beware of the Evil Xbots said...

Hi Lynn!

Another well respected medium with several big predictions under his belt (e.g Trump and Brexit) has also predicted Le Pen. So, looks like you are spot on.

Would it be possible for you to do a reading on the future of the so called visegrad countries? Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech republic. Many of us western Europeans are concerned with our countries decline.

I was wondering if any of the above countries are suitable as sanctuary countries for Christians fleeing Islam?

Ma'at said...

Thanks for addressing this, Lynn. Not knowing anything, or much, about French politics I think is good. The mass subconscious is so strong that it filters and colors everything we try to perceive and interpret in politics with out us knowing it. You got a much cleaner read that way, I think.


Serene said...

My Picks, you are so correct. The body never lies. In fact, it keeps telling us the truth especially when we don't want to hear it.

Something to try...Next time you want to know the truth of whomever is speaking on TV, turn the volume off and watch the body language. Watch how the person responds after particular questions are asked. With video you can watch over and over. You'll be amazed at what is revealed, simply because we took time to study it. Sometimes the truth stares us right in the face, it's just that things happen so quickly and imperceptible we don't see it.