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Animals and Souls

6:48 AM

Q. I recently lost a beautiful, and loyal pet.  My heart is broken right now and deeply sad. I know some psychics say pets (or any kind on animals) can communicate with them.  I'm wondering if Animals have souls? Will we see our beloved pets in Heaven? Thank you and best regards.
A. I first get that all living things on our physical earth  have a soul. [Then my mind went on a strange tangent that all living things have a soul, but not all living things like certain species of ETs can "feel" or experience the emotion, guilt, and empathy, both good or bad that are associated with their soul.- I will save that for a different reading, but I had to get that out so my thoughts could continue to flow...]  

Our souls are how we are tethered to the universal consciousness, and that connectedness is how we are able to psychically connect to one another.  We tap into that connectedness like a network of wires connects to a central location. Many times when pets do pass people that have practiced their intuitive abilities are able to connect just as we do with humans. I also get that many times when pets are living and have issues (medical, emotional, etc) psychics are able to connect and give some advice to improve their situation (I have done this a few times myself, and it "feels" like you are connecting to a human).  

When a pet passes, I see their soul go back to the universal consciousness (or collective consciousness), just the same as a humans.  Sometimes they return fast to the consciousness, and other times they stay on earth in a spiritual form to look over or be with the owner (just as humans do with their attachments).  When they decide to stay on earth, many times the owner will "feel" them, and if they have opened their intuitive abilities they may even be able to see, smell or hear them.  

When you meet again, (when the time comes that you are both passed) I don't see either of you having the same physical image as you did on earth as I see our bodies are more like a vehicle that drives our soul, and when we die our physical body dies too, but it is your soul that keeps on living.  Having said that, I do see some recognition and attraction with regard to the energy- you will see / feel the energy and recognize that energy as being your pet just as they will sense and feel that you were their owner.

As I was typing this I also got that occasionally a pet will incarnate into your life in the form of a new pet or a person.  (Then I got this statement and was told to pose it to you- How many of you have met a person in your life like a friend, co-worker, relative, that has reminded you of a past pet? It was like this question was relevant to explain this..??)

Q. I also ask myself "if" and "how / why" human souls interchange.  How does that work?
A. I get that when you chose to incarnate, you have certain life purposes to learn to enrich your knowledge / experiences. There are different things to learn in each life.   You can have a dog with an old soul (highly intelligent, appears to have been here on earth before, has feels "wise").  This dog could have even been human in a previous life.  There is no "rule" that you have to be a pet first, then a human.  It really depends on what lesson or experience you chose to have during this life.  

I then get a message that most pets that incarnate need an experience that is absent of self- confidence issues or judgement in a sense.  Then I hear that you won't find a dog or cat that cares if they are tall, short, fat, skinny, pretty, etc.  They don't judge themselves by society norms or standards.  They don't worry  judgments on religion or sexual preference.  It is a totally different set of lessons. (Then I get you "might" have a pet that is concerned with "image"? but that doesn't happen very often..)

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  It is 7:24 AM. 

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Planet X: Psychic Answers Questions About Planet X

I was pointed to this YouTube video that featured one of my readings.  Thanks to Back to the Constitution.

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Solving the Mysteries with Psychic Focus ~ Cat's Eye on the Future - ...

Hello Everyone!  For those of you who are interested,you can listen to Melodi Grundy interview me on the Time Monk Radio.  Love and light-Lynn                     Link to Show

Men In Black

5:51 PM
Q.Thank you for the giving of your gift. On a subject that has been around for years.. Men in Black. Are they real? 
A. When I first think of Men in Black, I see images of people both protecting alien work, and also protecting and cover aliens that walk amongst us.  When I think about their work, I get a sense of being underground, the exterior looks like a rocky mountain and you enter what looks like a cave, but then after you go so far back it takes on this medical like, sterile environment.  And what is strange is I see certain aliens being use in experiments as if they are being dissected and trying to be understood, how they work...some look to be dissected at just a normal temperature, but then others take on this frosty appearance as if they have been frozen, but when they come out of being frozen it looks like some kind of steam is released from them before the experiments can continue.  It is like their inner core remains warm, but their outer shell is frozen.

If I were to describe the aliens, in some sense I want to call them a grasshopper.  They look taller than the average human, probably 7-8 ft in height total.  Dark skinned, like dark grey or black, they have two thick antennas on their head that are almost like horns, they have two flaps on the back of their head as if that is where hair would be.  Their bodies are lean, very thin like no fat on them at all.  I get this sense from looking at their back that they could fly, it looks like a shell on their back, like a very streamlined turtle shell that knows how to split apart and that is what they use to fly.  Their arms are boney, they look to have three long fingers and a thumb, and their feet are like three toes and a thumb.  I get a sense that they can use their hands and feet for the same functions.

The ones that they are working on have no clothes.  Humans are working on them, the humans are the men in black.

Q. Who are they?
A. First I get the phrase "Men in Black" really is untrue because a lot of the men in black underground really wear a white lab coat, like I hear laughing about that like it is funny.  Then I get that the MIB above ground that work with and help to disguise aliens above ground, are highly intelligent, but most take on a very mundane appearance, and then I see like this beach bum with a knitted hat on.  

I feel like I want to go back to that underground scene....because one odd thing that I keep focusing on is not only are these MIB working on aliens to understand them better, but it like different alien species are working with the MIB as well...And then I see a Jim Henson muppet that looks like a grey walking around in a lab coat, and I just get a sense that not only do we or they try to understand the aliens, but other aliens work with us to so that we can understand each other.  I feel like the ones that are nice to humans are allowed to walk more free or at least in disguise, but the ones that have a negative outlook on humans are the ones that they stop, referring to the MIB, and I feel like these "grasshopper" for lack of a better work, aliens, have a very malicious undertone and part of the experiment is to try to figure out why they are that way.  Like something in their brain is underdeveloped or...they lack a piece of their brain that hold emotion or feelings. And it looks like other aliens are just as curious as what we are and that is why they help us, because they have the superior technology as well and they teach us about their technology as we conduct these experiments on other aliens.

Q. Where do they come from if not from Earth? 
A.  I see the MIB like a, i want to say secrete society, but for good.  Some are human, some are alien with a human shell, and some are a hybrid of both.  The thing is I do not see the alien part of the MIB being unique to only one species.  I feel like there are like 10 different species intermingled in this.  

Q. Who runs the show?
A. I want to say something like....lucar...L U C A R.  And I can describe him, he looks tall probably 7 feet tall, he is thin, I feel like his skin would be like a frog, and he gave me a weird look when I said that, not angry just strange...He has pointy ears, he almost always uses telepathy to talk, he knows how to speak but then he is like why would you do that if you did not  have to.  It is so much easier to think your thoughts.  He has like a wide flat nose, I almost feel like I could look up his nostrils by just staring straight at him, he has like brownish-green eyes, and that is really mostly what I see, I am stuck on his face.

Q. Are they aliens monitoring earth's activities?
A. I get that they do monitor earth, but more than the materialistic things, the thing that is very troubling is like how people in society treat each other, and then I get some message about...when humans were created, they were given the gift emotion and empathy and feelings, but yet we treat each other horribly and we do not use these beautiful gifts that we were given.  It is like they are saying we should be ashamed of that, because many of the aliens are envious of that, referring to the gifts, because those gifts are things that they to used to have but they sort of lost that as they spiritually evolved, and what they have are memories of how that felt, but they cannot experience those same feelings anymore.

Q. Do they appear in other countries besides our own?
A.  I get that they are all over the world, but there are just some locations that have a higher concentration, and then I get that all over the entire world there might only be 250 of these MIB.

Q. How do they know to show up in a certain place at a certain time? 
A.  I get that most, but not all of the MIB, are able to talk mentally to one another, therefore if a situation even has a certain feel about it, it is like they are so connected that they can mentally explain what is going on and if need be, be able to respond.

Q. Can you give an example of a situation in which they would need to respond?
A.  What I see happening is MIB who was walking down a street, he sees some kind of a robbery or something happening, and they walk over to where this situation was going down to see if they could help or see what was happening, I get a sense that they are not fearful, and when the police arrive they start asking a lot of question to the Man in Black, and he is trying to be polite and police want to take him to the station for a report.  And for some reason, his counterparts who were tuned into this situation did not want that to happen, and if feels like out of nowhere these guys in a black SUV show up and it almost looks like a scene from a movie, because they jump out of the SUV, they flash their badges at the cop and they say we got it from here, and they take the Man in Black and leave.  Then the cop looks completely dumbfounded, almost like some kind of a Jedi Mind trick was pulled on him.  Then I see inside the SUV and it looked like the two men that came to the rescue were scolding the guy, and just said you have to be more careful.  It is like they are so obvious about their existence, but yet discrete.  And then I hear the phrase "That they hide in plain sight"

Q.  What are their day to day duties?
A.  The image I get is of superman, and then I see it is like they are pretending to be normal people, with normal jobs, but they always choose jobs that they can seem to disappear if need be.  And then it is like they do this undercover covert stuff on the side.

Q.  Is the president aware of these MIB, and in what time were humans included in this secret society?
A.  I get that the president is aware, and he has even met some of them, and I get that he is actually a little scared of them.  They have never given him a reason to be intimidated, but they feel he is intimidated, as far a humans, I get that humans were accepted when aliens bread with us.

Q.  How long ago?
A.  I am getting a picture of a 5K sign so I would say 5000 years ago.

Q.  How are they recruited?
A.  I don't know the message I get is you don't find us, we find you, which feels vague, but I feel I am blocked from knowing how they do it.  It feels like it has something to do with your dreams.  I see a person sleeping, and they have those thought bubbles above their head, and it feels that they are tapped into those dream thoughts.

Q. Are they time travelers from the future, if so why?
A.  The said that the future, is a term that humans made up....but really the past, present, and future are happening simultaneously, and the MIB call of it time.  It is just relative to what you're viewing perspective is, so there really is no future. per se. 

6:38 PM 

Link to Audio

Strange comment I found when searching for images for this blog.

Unless you're a 4 dimensional being just like the one in MIB III and can exist in all times, past, present and future simultaneously

Quick Question on the US Financial Problem...

6:50 AM

Q. From several sources, I keep reading that there is going to be a financial problem hitting the US between April 1st and April 15th. Can you see if this is related to the stock market or seizures of bank accounts and/or retirement accounts? Is there anything a person can do to mitigate any damage? Thank you.
A. I realize that it is now beyond this time frame, but I still thought the issue was worth addressing and I wanted to tell you what I see....

When I focus on the economy, issues and the dollar, I have been seeing a Christmas tree.  This image is consistent when I look at this topic. It looks to be around either Christmas of 2014 or early 2015 that some major changes start to happen with regard to the dollar, its value, and who (or what country) is accepting it as a form of payment.  

I see that we in the US are growing a huge debt by the the day to China.  A debt that we cannot pay and barely are able to make the interest payments. As things remain uncomfortable with Russia over the Ukraine, I see China taking Russia's side and assisting them as we issue various punishments.  I see a time will come in which China (because they will be on Russia's side) will want their payment in full.  In addition to wanting their payment, they will want it in gold.  The US doesn't have the money OR the quantity of gold necessary to fulfill such a payment.  The US credit rating will take another hit, and the state of the financial situation will be under a close eye. 

In order to make it right with China, I see China demanding land rather than payment (since that is something the US cannot do).  They will demand either land, or real estate at a discount in order to resolve this debt (this may be happening now on a smaller scale??).  I see a huge turnover in land happening in the Midwest, where food can be grown.

Meanwhile, China is stockpiling huge amounts of gold (I always see dump trucks filled with gold- huge amounts) and China is positioning themselves to be the next administrator of currency.  To back up, as the financial system of the US is being analyzed a new currency is being formed.  The dollar cannot sustain at the rate the money is printing, and the inflation of the dollar devalues the true value of the dollar almost by the minute.  It is inevitable that the dollar will fall, and the "world" can see this.  I see the UN stepping in and issuing a world currency because the dollar effects so many other things that if it were to fall, there would need to be an entire reset, and issuance of new currency.  The UN (or other global organization that many countries are apart of- I always see the UN) will back the new currency with gold and other precious metals, which China will have an abundance of, therefore, be allowed to be the new "ruler" of the new money.

Q. What happens to the stock market / 401ks, etc?
I see the stock market as falsely inflated right now.  It almost looks like a magic show and what you see in front of the curtain is what everyone is made to believe, but when you look behind the curtain, it is all tricks and illusions (much like the Wizard of Oz).  The people in the know realize what is happening and are doing three things.  One, they are buying low and selling high, trying to make there last bit of cash they can. Two, manipulating the stock market with paper stock of silver the drive the price low while they buy the physical (tangible silver) and three, hiding money in overseas accounts off of US soil.

Q. Why hide money? 
A. The US will made attempts to bounce back, but I see it as too little too late.  What I see happening is them skimming money out of accounts of the top wealthy folks.  They do this as a way to "buy in" to boost the economy and make promises of tax cuts or deductions for the next ten years (or so) in an effort to replay the taken money.  The wealthy have some knowledge of this and start to hide money off shore, as money that is not on US soil cannot be touched during this "buy in."

Q. Is this overnight or phased in?
A. I see this is phased in.  What I see is an encouraged "new form" of money tries to enter the market (I see it as electronic based and formed around the idea of credits??).  Rather than use the dollar, this electronic currency will be introduced.  Once this happens, people realize the dollar is in trouble.  The thing is, I cannot see this "electronic" form of currency sustaining either as it is back by nothing- it is just credit floating around electronically.  Once the UN (and China) realize this, they step in and work on a solid backed new form of money and China will eventually print / issue it.. 

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  It is 7:21 AM. 

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Q & A: XIV: Spiritual, Souls, Supernatural [Group Post]

It is 12:00 PM
I wanted to do a group posting on some questions I pulled from my queue...

Q. What are the Resources available to humans to free ourselves from fear and our limiting belief system? Plants (iboga or maybe others?), technology (hemi-sync from Monroe, or maybe others)...? Will something be invented (like some sort of field) that will cleanse us? What is the purpose of living in pain and ignorance?
A. First, pain and ignorance lead to the ability to be controlled.  Self-sustaining societies may not want to be part of a bigger picture or relinquish freedoms.  If you need food, medicine, medical care from the government (or need their assistance in making it accessible even if you do have the funds to buy it) then you are somewhat a slave to that system and aren't free- so people in power want you to need them because that is how they maintain control.

I see one of the best ways to free yourselves is to become spiritually connected.  From that many things can follow, (including re-evaluating your belief system)  because a certain connectedness will guide you how to do so in a world that tries to control people.  

Then I say, how do you become more spiritually connected? and the first thing I get is to cleanse yourself.. Detoxing is one of the best ways to clear yourself and begin to work on centering yourself and communicating to your higher self.  There is a time and place for medicine, but medicine fogs your mind (I have an image of myself many years ago when I took Prozac to deal with a miscarriage- I lost a lot of clarity and quitting several years ago freed my mind ten-fold).  Many pharmaceuticals may help symptoms, but don't really cure the problem and harm your mind and  body in other ways (I'm not a doctor, but this is just what I see.). 

Also the food we eat blocks us.  Some people are VERY sensitive and meat will create a block because their body can feel the trauma the animal went to when it gave its life for us to consume.  Even being vegan a few days a week can make a big difference in having effective meditations or connecting with your higher self.

Processed food, fluoride in water, all of those things are toxic to our insides.  It is difficult to avoid it 100%, but any effort will make you feel more clarity in your thoughts and beliefs.

Iboga and other thought inducing herbs / plants (like marijuana) grown pure from the earth may help you see something, but I get it can be done from within, with your own effort and control.  Using herbs / plants feels like you are forcing something with a lack of patience.  It looks to work in people are very blocked, but may be more effective if you do it on your own.

Q. What are demons?
A  Demons are a name given to describe negative and very dark energy.  Then I see the word demon is used in a variety of ways, such as a person "is carrying a demon" (something dark or something causing guilt).  A demon can also be said to be in someone as in a possession (very dark energy).

Where to they come from (the ones that posses humans)? They are the lowest vibration spirits.  They haven't ascended because I see that there soul is "incomplete" and that is why they seek out vulnerable souls that are within humans.  They try to attach as a way to make themselves complete, and fill in what is missing.

Q. What happens when we die?
A. I see that when a person passes a ball of light (and occasionally it looks like an angel) comes out of their body and floats upward into the sky.  My intuition tells me that this ball of light is their inner soul that has left their physical body.  When the soul goes into the sky it reconnects with the other bodiless souls in the collective consciousness. It may reside there, or incarnate soon depending on the path of that soul..

Q. Can spirits (of a former life) be channeled if the soul is actively present in a current-day human?
A. When someone passes there is no guarantee that you will be able to connect with them regardless if they have reincarnated or not.  A person can set themselves up to channel, but it is really the spirits choice to come through. If a soul reincarnates I see that it is much more difficult to channel the soul as you may know it.  It is easier to receive a message from an already reincarnated soul through a medium as there are still residual memories alive in the collective consciousness or "Oneness." Someone very skilled may know how to tap into a true channeling of this kind (when the soul has incarnated), but I cannot see anything more than medium work to relay a left message or thought.

Q. When spirits are channeled they may speak of their past lives and / or current life. Can they see their future life/lives - beyond present day?
A.  I cannot see that they are able to see future lives.  When I ask why it is because if they had that much foresight it could change their life path and alter both their life lessons and those they were in contact with.  Then I flash to the movie Back to the Future where they jumped ahead in time and had to be careful not to change anything or it would change the life paths of others- my impression is that it is the same concept.

Q. Are spirits able to acquire more knowledge? As a simple example, say a practising musician passes, can their spirit continue to learn or improve their musical ability?
A. With each incarnation that soul will either maintain or advance in a gift (depending on their life lesson.  If someone is gifted in music, when they incarnate they may like music and be drawn to it not knowing why.  They may even realize they have some natural ability.  The previous soul may not pick up a guitar until the are 25, whereas when they reincarnate they may find at 16 they are playing and feel very connected and far surpass their past life soul.  I do see talent can evolve with each incarnation.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you. It is 12:30 PM

Friday, April 25, 2014

Q & A: XIII: Random [Group Post]


I wanted to take some time to focus on a series of random questions that I pulled from my list... 

Q.The following questions may appear unrelated to most inquiries on this forum, yet I don't believe so. I've noticed an increase in animal rescues under the guise of non-profit as business booms under a masked charitable need to financially rescue pets. Its not the big box pet stores that intrigue me, its the overnite rescues overflowing for a big price. My questions are, What is really going on? What habitual emotional thinking is mankind really trying to protect? What hidden truth is staring at us and yet we fear to look at it? What does this have to do with the agenda of our higher souls?
A. When I focus on this (and I am hoping I understand this question correctly) what I get is that some of the richest people out there are taking on these rescue projects as a charity investment.  The wealthy aren't doing the work, but they are donating large amounts of money to their cause. They also use these charities to provide jobs for people they know (and that are affiliated with companies that the wealthy own).  These charities serve to help them to spend taxable money, therefore reducing their tax obligation allowing them to chose how their money is spent. I also hear that to keep in mind since these charities employ people affiliated with the wealthy, in a sense a lot of the money will come full circle back to them- they are able to write off taxable income that in the end recycles back to them. (I hear that only a portion of money going toward charity actually makes it to the charity.)  

Q. If you could please focus on the New York City explosion on March 12. This building was only 2 yrs old. Is this an Insurance scam or a natural gas explosion? Or is there something more? Who owns those two buildings?
A.  I do get that this was related to natural gas.  I can't see anything intentional about it.  I keep seeing the sewers and feel there was some underground work being done at the time that caused this leak of gas that in turn filled a pocket with gas and then exploded. 

The owners are definitley going to turn this around and make a profit.  I don't see who owns it, but I see an image of two men shaking hands with an insurance adjuster and taking a check and then smiling. They have full intent on rebuilding on the land and making a lot of money on the real estate (I see an image of architectural drawings.).

Q. Hi, I would like to know about the wave of love that is coming to the planet in April also sometimes called the ionic wave or Tsunami of love. I've heard much about this but I still have many questions thank you very much for your input.

A.  The first thing I see is this energy that is surrounding the earth, and then the energy compresses and expands like a heartbeat.  Then I try to see what is happening.  I get there is some planetary alignment (my mind forces me to view the stars) that intensifies emotion going on- if you feel anger, it will intensify anger.  If you feel more connected to self (which I see is increasing overall) it will continue to magnify that emotion.  The wave of love is the idea that the positive emotions and energy felt will intensify during these certain planetary alignments.

Q. What is your read on the "Double Trident" 9/11 Memorial (image in link below)? The base of the structures are at a "subterranean" level at the site.
A.  I immediately see a "God" holding a trident.  I go to the God, Poseidon, also known as the "earth shaker" and associated with water.  I see this as some kind of tribute (or rather explanation / symbol) to those in the know and because of  how the towers came down.  I also see that they were strategically placed at a subterranean level because that further reinforces the "water" aspect of Poseidon.

I also see this being brought up much more (like in the Malaysian Flight) as some kind of universal symbol.  I get that the trident is some signifier of some earth event (I don't see which one yet though).  As if when people see the "sign" there is some action they need to take or is about to take place.  

Q. Where does fear of spiders come from? It is said people fear them more than death (people without that fear can't ever understand). I myself have this panic of spiders each time i see them even though I know they can't hurt me. Snakes, rats, bees, bugs, etc... can't seem to create anything close to that type of fear. It is very puzzling to me how so many people have this problem yet not much info on this topic on the internet.
A. The first thing I see is that people with this fear lived in a time and location (in a past life) that people died from spider bites.  Some species carried a disease or poision that if bitten, there was nothing that could be done.  The death was slow, agonizing, and killed many people. The spiders would get in shoes or your bedding, and it would happen so stealthy that the "bite" would happen before you knew it.  

I also get that people with this fear may consider doing a past life regression or a session of hypnosis to take you to this time in your past life.  If you were to see the situation from the outside rather than carry the past trauma of it actually happening to you, you would be able to get over some of the fear (quite possibly).  

Q. There have been more numbers added to the lottery and lesser prices.  I heard that the jackpot winner is chosen rather than a random win. What is your insight?
A.  I actually do see this as random.  I can't see (in my mind) this being a "rigged" event.

Hi PF. I really hope you would do a reading on vampires. Do they exist? Do they live amongst us? Or are they just stories?
A. I do see vampires, but not in the traditional "suck your blood" sense.  I see them as energy or positive energy vampires.  There are some people, that when you are around them, they actually make you feel worse being in their presence.  You may feel fatigue or in a negative mood.  These people will also want to be around you because they feel better (they are taking from you).   In a sense they "suck" the life out of you, but in a figurative form, not literally.  

Q. Do legendary giant squids or krakens exists or still exists.?
A.  I cannot see a tradiational "kraken" but what I do see when I focus on this are some really enormous octopus!  They are so scary that they feel very intimidating.  They look to live near the bottom of the ocean and feed on the ocean life found there.  Occasionally I see a diver finding one that has passed, or one may get caught in a fisherman's net, and it is so gigantic that it is called a "kraken" but isn't a "real" kraken. I will also say that a person would not want to confront this directly!

Q. Have you had any questions regarding Alzheimer's disease? I would be really interested to know any possible causes as well as alternative therapies you find helpful. My mother is well into the disease. Many thanks!

A. The image I get is that part of the brain starts to "short circuit" and quit working.  It is like how a fuse gets blown.  Your brain has to "rewire" the neuropathways, and in the process of the "rewiring" memories get lost or jumbled up.  It looks like a natural "shock therapy" occurring. As the disease progresses, more rewiring occurs, and more and more memories get lost.  The available neuropathways get more limited...

As far as therapy... I get this image of people putting magnets on their temples..?? It looks to discharge some of the extra electrical charges going off in the brain and promote healthier movement through the current  neuropathways.  I don't get this will cure the disease, but it can slow the progression. I also see people consuming protein in larger quantities like eggs, cheese, meat, etc.. (then I hear you have to heal "like" with "like" and your brain is mainly protein). 

And that is all I have for now.  It is 10:31 AM.  Thank you.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Boston Bombings... Further Follow-Up

7:44 AM
I have had many questions surrounding the Boston Bombings, and I wanted to do another quick follow-up.  

Q. First off can you please explain how the fake actors were approached? Like were they just handed a pay check and told there would be some drills to be participated in and not to be alarmed because it wasn't real? Or, were they convinced it was real and told Jahar & Tamerlan were the bombers?
A. I see they (the actors) were approached with this "opportunity" with a large sum of money.  I also get that some (if not all) of the "main actors" that were publicized had some sort of military affiliation and were in a sense vetted prior to being approached. They were aware that some kind of event was going to happen (I hear it being referred to as "the event") but they didn't know of the specifics until moments before it happened.  I see that they were told they were part of some kind of entrapment or sting operation to capture known terrorists (ie Jahar and Tamerlan) and this was a "top secret" sort of operation.  If they agreed to share or leak any details or their involvement or  prior knowledge, their families could be in harms way because of the known connections Jahar and Temerlan had with their home country.  

I get that after this happened, some of the actors had some moral dilemma and doubts, but fear has kept them silent.  There is some regret, and a feeling of selling out, but they are too afraid to speak out about what they suspect. They have never been given the full circle of truth, but rather bits and pieces of what they needed to know at the time.  This is how they kept initial reactions (referring to the first few minutes)  looking real, but after "the event" things started to emotionally break apart.

Q. Can you get an idea or some sort of figure of how much each actor was paid and how many people were paid?
A. I get it ranges in the millions, like $1 to $2 million a piece and down from there.  I see that there was a sliding scale of sorts and the most public people that were in the public eye got the highest payout. I can't get a specific number of how many were paid, but it feels like a small controlled group.  Maybe 5 or 6 main people..

I see the guy with no legs getting the most.  I also get that after a certain amount of time he will be given a new identity and relocated (if he hasn't been already).  I also get an image of the cowboy hat guy- I see he got some money for his involvement, but I will say there is a purity in his soul- something feels honest about him- so I feel that this situation is a real dilemma for him that he doesn't know a safe way out that he can feel good about...

Q. How come nobody from these phony actors past lives have come forward to tell the truth. These people were already missing limbs before the bombings? There's not many photos of them or any from the past until recently,were they told to get rid of them?
A. Some have, and they are always debunked as crazy, and people in power are quick to shut it down.  I see a lot of Internet traffic has been stopped to certain sites, and certain things have been removed. I also get an image of YouTube playing slow or choppy on clips dealing with this topic- which is an intentional block by people in power to dissuade people from viewing the evidence. 

I also see fear being used too.  They will first make the person out to be a "traitor" of sorts, and then I see them getting a visit from some sort of official to scare them or their family and encourage them NOT to pursue this debate.  They are told to leave it in the hands of authorities. 

Q. How do these actors feel deep down,any shame,guilt,embarrassed that they secretly "know" that they are frauds? Do they not feel bad and want to come forward,were they told to keep quiet for the rest of their lives?
A. They do feel guilt and shame, but then I hear that "fear can change a person a lot and don't underestimate how powerful fear can be." I also get that "fear can alter good judgement and people have a natural feeling of self preservation for themselves and family." Some (not all, but some) want to rid their conscience.

I have done several readings on different aspects of this topic.  The following are links to other readings you may be interested in:

Thank you.  The time is 8:10 AM.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boko Haram Attacks

6:48 AM
Q. Are the people doing the attacks and terrorist behavior citizens?
A.  It looks to me like a group of men that are from many different locations (mainly Nigeria, but not only Nigeria) that have aligned together to evoke fear and try to gain control of an area.  I see they operate with random behavior (never even a clue where they will pop up- that that is part of their tactical behavior because you can't protect everything all of the time).  Keeping people caught off guard is part of the fear.  They are operating in this way to over power people, and cause fear and terror.  I see the word renegade and rogue when I think of the group- and get the impression they were once affiliated with some kind of military group or organization at one time.

I also see in the end they will step forward and have some kind of demands in order to get this terror to stop. This group has a goal to take over a geographical location when this is done.

Q. Who is funding this? Politicians from within the country or a different country?
 A. I somehow feel it is coming from within Nigeria itself and that is why they cannot protect against the attacks because they know the weaknesses (and again, you can't protect everywhere all of the time).  But I also get that the corrupt politician within Nigeria is teamed up with a person of power in a neighboring country (or in close proximity). There is some kind of group vision going on with regards to Nigeria. I also had one final thought on this- the country affiliated with the corrupt politician would come as a surprise (and then my train of thought stopped there....)

As soon as I thought about this situation I also got that the people being kidnapped are being sold into some kind of human trafficking situation (and the image I got is them being loaded into shipping containers to either be sent somewhere or housed there during their capture.).. This wasn't the main objective of the attacks, but the kidnappers view this as some kind of opportunity.. Some people are killed right away, but some looked to be saved for another purpose.

Q. What is the benefit?

There are a couple things going on.  One, they are making money in this corrupt deal. Two, they are evoking fear which allows government to gain power. Three, this terrorist group is setting themselves up for a larger takeover and the ability to request demands. When the terrorists come forward (and I get the main spokesman will not be the person really heading this.  It is as if the face shown is a puppet for the real person in power) people will give them almost anything to make the terror stop. 

Thank you.  It is 7:01 AM.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Q & A: XII: Countries of the World [Group Post]

6:36 AM 

Q. Will North Korea and South Korea break out into a war anytime soon?
A. I see that even when they appear to get along, there is always tension due to the differences in government- I see it as a timer ready to go off.  I also see that at some point (not soon) but within the next five years China will end up getting involved (later followed by with Russia) to try to influence all of Korea to be communist.  

Q When Chinese economy/government will collapse?
A.  I don't see it (Chinese government / economy) collapsing any time soon.  In fact, they are setting themselves up to be a real power in the World. To some extent China needs the US to buy their stuff, so the collapse of the dollar would effect China, but not for long.  (During the adjustment of the new currency America won't being buying the goods in the same quantity as we are doing now.) This somehow looks like a hiccup, but not enough to collapse their system.  They are saving ahead for this occasion now, and are fully anticipating the effects (hoarding real gold, real property and not dollars).  Once they are in control of the currency they will get that much stronger. I do not see a collapse.

Q Will Japanese economy regain their superpower like they did in late 80's? When will it be?

A. I see Japan as stable, but they don't look like a front runner.  I see the trend being China being very powerful, followed by Russia (because the two of them team up).  They will try to get other countries to adopt their beliefs... I cannot see Japan really rising, but I don't see them fail either.  They look to remain fairly "flat" as far as where they move within the world.
Q. Will India Become Super Power soon? Will Narendra Modi have any role in it?
A. I see Narendra Modi as strict, which is a good thing for keeping the economy stable.  I also see him as someone that causes people to feel slightly intimidated, therefore he isn't questioned too much.  He is serious, but really has his mind in the right place- he believes he is doing the right thing for India.

I do not see India becoming a super power though.  I ask myself why.. I get it is because they don't "make" enough things.  They produce items for export, but there is some imbalance as far as how they make their money.  I get that much of their revenue comes from US (and other companies) operating in India.  If that balance were to shift, it would be a severe hit to the economy.  I hear something about much of what India has is "intellectual property" but not in their own physical property or assets. ???

Q. I was wondering if you could focus on the Philippines, if things will get better there. 
A. The energy around this question feels so unstable.  I get there is a huge divide between the rich and poor.  The poor are living in horrible conditions, and the rich just keep getting richer.  I get this huge divide between the rich and growing number in poor are having adverse effects on the economy (and social unrest).  I also get that this issue between the upper and lower class is even further exacerbated by the growing population. ??  I can't get a clear defined "idea map" of how things are going to improve.  I do get that some limitations will soon (within the next few years) will be put on family size (similar to what China does) and at that time things will start to improve..

Q. Could you please tell me if Bulgaria, as a country will exist after 10 years?
A.  I see that eventually after the situation in Crimea is resolved, Russia will slowly try to take Romania, and then move to Bulgaria.  Russia will take their time, and do this is very small movements.  It will somehow tie to the economy of these countries, and Russia will force these countries to need and become depending on them (Russia), so the takeover will happen smoothly.  This probably won't happen until around a 10 year mark, but I do see this eventually happening. 

Q. Can you look into the situation in Taiwan at the moment? The student protest vs Government issue. How will it play out? What does this mean for the future of Taiwan and the Taiwanese government? We pray for the safety of all involved and hope that Mr Ma will not use bullying tactics to get his way.
A. The students are definitely getting attention, and the Taiwan government wants this to end.  I get a lot of persistence with the students too- they won't give up easy, and the government realizes this.  The government wants the protest over, and doesn't want it to grow bigger, but in a sense they don't want to change their agreement that has been made.  I see they agree (the government) to re-evaluate the agreement, but don't really intend to do anything other than get this protest over.  Eventually the government will get their way. I do see a litte bullying (It  looks intense, ugly and a little fearful), I see the government telling the protesters what they want to hear enough that they start to believe that an agreement for change is on the horizon

Q. What can Russians do to avert fascism in their country?
A. I get a sense of strictness and see that Russia is almost ruthless in preserving what they are trying to build.  They want to be one of the super powers again.  Anyone who would rise against this will be stopped and I get a "zero tolerance" for anyone being outspoken.  They only way to avert this is to have other countries use their influence to stop it, but even then I see it as very difficult.  I keep seeing Hitler and how he was with Germany, and I get that same level of "no tolerance for disobedience" when I focus on Russia.

Q. Could you please do a reading on the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar? Will it happen and how much will the new Dinar be worth? When might this take place?

A. I do see the dinar holding value (I am referring to what looks like a gold coin and not what looks like paper money).  Within the next 18 months i see the value going up  (in relation to the continued inflation that is continually devaluing the dollar).  As the dollar loses value, the dinar will continue to increase.  I also see this currency being recognized as far as a being able to buy oil with (they currently do the exchange in dollars but I see that changing over to gold as well ??).  I don't have a specific value, but I do see it as rising.

Q. Have Americans really found something under Bucegi mountain in Romania.
A. When I focus on this area I get some sense of it being historic and spiritual.  It feels like at one time it used to be a place where people went to pray or retreat.  There is a sense of purity (I feel like I want to take deep relaxing breaths of the fresh air.).  It looks as if people seeking a form of enlightenment would retreat to the area and stay in the caves during the night, and then seek higher ground to pray during the day.  I don't see a specific object, but rather an area in the mountain where these people would stay (cave drawings and evidence that someone lived there or stayed there long ago.)

Q. Have Americans found something in an Afghanistan cave?
A. When I focus on this, I just see a complex labyrinth of caves.  It looks like military bases and hideouts.  I can't see anything significant (but maybe I just don't "see" it) in those caves.  I just see what looks like military weapons and military strategic meeting points. 

Thank you.  It is 7:33 AM.

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