Friday, April 25, 2014

Q & A: XIII: Random [Group Post]


I wanted to take some time to focus on a series of random questions that I pulled from my list... 

Q.The following questions may appear unrelated to most inquiries on this forum, yet I don't believe so. I've noticed an increase in animal rescues under the guise of non-profit as business booms under a masked charitable need to financially rescue pets. Its not the big box pet stores that intrigue me, its the overnite rescues overflowing for a big price. My questions are, What is really going on? What habitual emotional thinking is mankind really trying to protect? What hidden truth is staring at us and yet we fear to look at it? What does this have to do with the agenda of our higher souls?
A. When I focus on this (and I am hoping I understand this question correctly) what I get is that some of the richest people out there are taking on these rescue projects as a charity investment.  The wealthy aren't doing the work, but they are donating large amounts of money to their cause. They also use these charities to provide jobs for people they know (and that are affiliated with companies that the wealthy own).  These charities serve to help them to spend taxable money, therefore reducing their tax obligation allowing them to chose how their money is spent. I also hear that to keep in mind since these charities employ people affiliated with the wealthy, in a sense a lot of the money will come full circle back to them- they are able to write off taxable income that in the end recycles back to them. (I hear that only a portion of money going toward charity actually makes it to the charity.)  

Q. If you could please focus on the New York City explosion on March 12. This building was only 2 yrs old. Is this an Insurance scam or a natural gas explosion? Or is there something more? Who owns those two buildings?
A.  I do get that this was related to natural gas.  I can't see anything intentional about it.  I keep seeing the sewers and feel there was some underground work being done at the time that caused this leak of gas that in turn filled a pocket with gas and then exploded. 

The owners are definitley going to turn this around and make a profit.  I don't see who owns it, but I see an image of two men shaking hands with an insurance adjuster and taking a check and then smiling. They have full intent on rebuilding on the land and making a lot of money on the real estate (I see an image of architectural drawings.).

Q. Hi, I would like to know about the wave of love that is coming to the planet in April also sometimes called the ionic wave or Tsunami of love. I've heard much about this but I still have many questions thank you very much for your input.

A.  The first thing I see is this energy that is surrounding the earth, and then the energy compresses and expands like a heartbeat.  Then I try to see what is happening.  I get there is some planetary alignment (my mind forces me to view the stars) that intensifies emotion going on- if you feel anger, it will intensify anger.  If you feel more connected to self (which I see is increasing overall) it will continue to magnify that emotion.  The wave of love is the idea that the positive emotions and energy felt will intensify during these certain planetary alignments.

Q. What is your read on the "Double Trident" 9/11 Memorial (image in link below)? The base of the structures are at a "subterranean" level at the site.
A.  I immediately see a "God" holding a trident.  I go to the God, Poseidon, also known as the "earth shaker" and associated with water.  I see this as some kind of tribute (or rather explanation / symbol) to those in the know and because of  how the towers came down.  I also see that they were strategically placed at a subterranean level because that further reinforces the "water" aspect of Poseidon.

I also see this being brought up much more (like in the Malaysian Flight) as some kind of universal symbol.  I get that the trident is some signifier of some earth event (I don't see which one yet though).  As if when people see the "sign" there is some action they need to take or is about to take place.  

Q. Where does fear of spiders come from? It is said people fear them more than death (people without that fear can't ever understand). I myself have this panic of spiders each time i see them even though I know they can't hurt me. Snakes, rats, bees, bugs, etc... can't seem to create anything close to that type of fear. It is very puzzling to me how so many people have this problem yet not much info on this topic on the internet.
A. The first thing I see is that people with this fear lived in a time and location (in a past life) that people died from spider bites.  Some species carried a disease or poision that if bitten, there was nothing that could be done.  The death was slow, agonizing, and killed many people. The spiders would get in shoes or your bedding, and it would happen so stealthy that the "bite" would happen before you knew it.  

I also get that people with this fear may consider doing a past life regression or a session of hypnosis to take you to this time in your past life.  If you were to see the situation from the outside rather than carry the past trauma of it actually happening to you, you would be able to get over some of the fear (quite possibly).  

Q. There have been more numbers added to the lottery and lesser prices.  I heard that the jackpot winner is chosen rather than a random win. What is your insight?
A.  I actually do see this as random.  I can't see (in my mind) this being a "rigged" event.

Hi PF. I really hope you would do a reading on vampires. Do they exist? Do they live amongst us? Or are they just stories?
A. I do see vampires, but not in the traditional "suck your blood" sense.  I see them as energy or positive energy vampires.  There are some people, that when you are around them, they actually make you feel worse being in their presence.  You may feel fatigue or in a negative mood.  These people will also want to be around you because they feel better (they are taking from you).   In a sense they "suck" the life out of you, but in a figurative form, not literally.  

Q. Do legendary giant squids or krakens exists or still exists.?
A.  I cannot see a tradiational "kraken" but what I do see when I focus on this are some really enormous octopus!  They are so scary that they feel very intimidating.  They look to live near the bottom of the ocean and feed on the ocean life found there.  Occasionally I see a diver finding one that has passed, or one may get caught in a fisherman's net, and it is so gigantic that it is called a "kraken" but isn't a "real" kraken. I will also say that a person would not want to confront this directly!

Q. Have you had any questions regarding Alzheimer's disease? I would be really interested to know any possible causes as well as alternative therapies you find helpful. My mother is well into the disease. Many thanks!

A. The image I get is that part of the brain starts to "short circuit" and quit working.  It is like how a fuse gets blown.  Your brain has to "rewire" the neuropathways, and in the process of the "rewiring" memories get lost or jumbled up.  It looks like a natural "shock therapy" occurring. As the disease progresses, more rewiring occurs, and more and more memories get lost.  The available neuropathways get more limited...

As far as therapy... I get this image of people putting magnets on their temples..?? It looks to discharge some of the extra electrical charges going off in the brain and promote healthier movement through the current  neuropathways.  I don't get this will cure the disease, but it can slow the progression. I also see people consuming protein in larger quantities like eggs, cheese, meat, etc.. (then I hear you have to heal "like" with "like" and your brain is mainly protein). 

And that is all I have for now.  It is 10:31 AM.  Thank you.

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Paula said...

On the Alzheimers, with magnets, I was reading a couple months ago in ENERGY MEDICINE by Donna Eden that the North side of magnets (and she suggested using weak magnets) applied to the skin (I think for no longer than 6 hours at a time) will slow the reaction of things, and so can be useful for pain relief. On the other hand, the South side can energize, but speed up growth/reaction/etc. so it was important to know what you wanted to use them for, and figure out which side was which. To find the North side, take a compass, and whichever side of the magnet attracts the compass needle swing towards it is the North side.

Also, some friends of mine have found results by feeding their mother unrefined raw organic coconut oil for Alzheimers, as the disease is akin to diabetes in that the brain can no longer process glucose, and so atrophies, and medium chain fatty acids make a more "digestible" substitute.