Monday, April 21, 2014

Q & A: XII: Countries of the World [Group Post]

6:36 AM 

Q. Will North Korea and South Korea break out into a war anytime soon?
A. I see that even when they appear to get along, there is always tension due to the differences in government- I see it as a timer ready to go off.  I also see that at some point (not soon) but within the next five years China will end up getting involved (later followed by with Russia) to try to influence all of Korea to be communist.  

Q When Chinese economy/government will collapse?
A.  I don't see it (Chinese government / economy) collapsing any time soon.  In fact, they are setting themselves up to be a real power in the World. To some extent China needs the US to buy their stuff, so the collapse of the dollar would effect China, but not for long.  (During the adjustment of the new currency America won't being buying the goods in the same quantity as we are doing now.) This somehow looks like a hiccup, but not enough to collapse their system.  They are saving ahead for this occasion now, and are fully anticipating the effects (hoarding real gold, real property and not dollars).  Once they are in control of the currency they will get that much stronger. I do not see a collapse.

Q Will Japanese economy regain their superpower like they did in late 80's? When will it be?

A. I see Japan as stable, but they don't look like a front runner.  I see the trend being China being very powerful, followed by Russia (because the two of them team up).  They will try to get other countries to adopt their beliefs... I cannot see Japan really rising, but I don't see them fail either.  They look to remain fairly "flat" as far as where they move within the world.
Q. Will India Become Super Power soon? Will Narendra Modi have any role in it?
A. I see Narendra Modi as strict, which is a good thing for keeping the economy stable.  I also see him as someone that causes people to feel slightly intimidated, therefore he isn't questioned too much.  He is serious, but really has his mind in the right place- he believes he is doing the right thing for India.

I do not see India becoming a super power though.  I ask myself why.. I get it is because they don't "make" enough things.  They produce items for export, but there is some imbalance as far as how they make their money.  I get that much of their revenue comes from US (and other companies) operating in India.  If that balance were to shift, it would be a severe hit to the economy.  I hear something about much of what India has is "intellectual property" but not in their own physical property or assets. ???

Q. I was wondering if you could focus on the Philippines, if things will get better there. 
A. The energy around this question feels so unstable.  I get there is a huge divide between the rich and poor.  The poor are living in horrible conditions, and the rich just keep getting richer.  I get this huge divide between the rich and growing number in poor are having adverse effects on the economy (and social unrest).  I also get that this issue between the upper and lower class is even further exacerbated by the growing population. ??  I can't get a clear defined "idea map" of how things are going to improve.  I do get that some limitations will soon (within the next few years) will be put on family size (similar to what China does) and at that time things will start to improve..

Q. Could you please tell me if Bulgaria, as a country will exist after 10 years?
A.  I see that eventually after the situation in Crimea is resolved, Russia will slowly try to take Romania, and then move to Bulgaria.  Russia will take their time, and do this is very small movements.  It will somehow tie to the economy of these countries, and Russia will force these countries to need and become depending on them (Russia), so the takeover will happen smoothly.  This probably won't happen until around a 10 year mark, but I do see this eventually happening. 

Q. Can you look into the situation in Taiwan at the moment? The student protest vs Government issue. How will it play out? What does this mean for the future of Taiwan and the Taiwanese government? We pray for the safety of all involved and hope that Mr Ma will not use bullying tactics to get his way.
A. The students are definitely getting attention, and the Taiwan government wants this to end.  I get a lot of persistence with the students too- they won't give up easy, and the government realizes this.  The government wants the protest over, and doesn't want it to grow bigger, but in a sense they don't want to change their agreement that has been made.  I see they agree (the government) to re-evaluate the agreement, but don't really intend to do anything other than get this protest over.  Eventually the government will get their way. I do see a litte bullying (It  looks intense, ugly and a little fearful), I see the government telling the protesters what they want to hear enough that they start to believe that an agreement for change is on the horizon

Q. What can Russians do to avert fascism in their country?
A. I get a sense of strictness and see that Russia is almost ruthless in preserving what they are trying to build.  They want to be one of the super powers again.  Anyone who would rise against this will be stopped and I get a "zero tolerance" for anyone being outspoken.  They only way to avert this is to have other countries use their influence to stop it, but even then I see it as very difficult.  I keep seeing Hitler and how he was with Germany, and I get that same level of "no tolerance for disobedience" when I focus on Russia.

Q. Could you please do a reading on the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar? Will it happen and how much will the new Dinar be worth? When might this take place?

A. I do see the dinar holding value (I am referring to what looks like a gold coin and not what looks like paper money).  Within the next 18 months i see the value going up  (in relation to the continued inflation that is continually devaluing the dollar).  As the dollar loses value, the dinar will continue to increase.  I also see this currency being recognized as far as a being able to buy oil with (they currently do the exchange in dollars but I see that changing over to gold as well ??).  I don't have a specific value, but I do see it as rising.

Q. Have Americans really found something under Bucegi mountain in Romania.
A. When I focus on this area I get some sense of it being historic and spiritual.  It feels like at one time it used to be a place where people went to pray or retreat.  There is a sense of purity (I feel like I want to take deep relaxing breaths of the fresh air.).  It looks as if people seeking a form of enlightenment would retreat to the area and stay in the caves during the night, and then seek higher ground to pray during the day.  I don't see a specific object, but rather an area in the mountain where these people would stay (cave drawings and evidence that someone lived there or stayed there long ago.)

Q. Have Americans found something in an Afghanistan cave?
A. When I focus on this, I just see a complex labyrinth of caves.  It looks like military bases and hideouts.  I can't see anything significant (but maybe I just don't "see" it) in those caves.  I just see what looks like military weapons and military strategic meeting points. 

Thank you.  It is 7:33 AM.

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Baku Matsumoto said...

It is very helpful, thank you!!!

a2k said...

Thanks psychic for so long Q&A.I would like to share my concern over your reading in India.Indian IT industry is totally based on US.The service is exported heavily to US software Giants.IT is a good part of economy. Alongwith it there are so many sectors with US based multinational company.If your reading on collapse of USD is true,then economy here will have huge negative impact.How do you see India during that Time?Will employment,inflation be very high?How should we prepare for that Time?

Mariam Eluma said...

Hello PsyFo, please I have a question about the Boko Haram in Nigeria, the latest terrorist group.I asked this question before but you have so many requests I fear you may never get a chance to answer it. My questions are these: are the boko haram terrorists Nigerian citizens? Who do you see is funding them, is it politicians from within the country or a different country entirely? What do they hope to benefit from these killings? Thank you so much! My intuition is giving me hints but I just want to know if my answers align with yours. Bless!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ a2K: There will difinitely be an economic shift when the USD collapses. I see the new currency being phased in or "encouraged" prior to this. When you see it, take heed.... I see the transition lasting a short time, and there will be some unrest, but I feel like the pieces are picked up fairly quickly (even though the anger and upset will last a long while). I just get a very strong sense that China will become a major super power in the end of this.

@ Mariam: I did have this in my drafts, but I am happy to look at it now. I will also put it on my main page.> Are they citizens: It looks to me like a group of men that are from many different locations (not just Nigeria) that have aligned together to evoke fear and try to gain control of an area. They are operating in this way to over power people, and cause fear. I see in the end they will step forward and have some kind of demands in order to get this terror to stop.

Who is funding this? Politicians from within the country or a different country? I somehow feel it is coming from within Nigeria itself and that is why they cannot protect against the attacks because they know the weaknesses. But I also get that the corrupt politician within Nigeria is teamed up with a person of power in a neighboring country. As soon as I thought about this situation I also got that the girls being kidnapped are being sold into some kind of human trafficking situation (and the image I got is them being loaded into shipping containers to either be sent somewhere or housed there during their capture.)..

What is the benefit? There are a couple things going on. One, they are making money in this corrupt deal. Two, they are evoking fear which allows government to gain power. Three, this terrorist group is setting themselves up for a larger takeover and the ability to request demands.

@ Carmryn: I will move this question to another draft I am working on so it will not be forgotten. Thanks for the submission.

Mariam Eluma said...

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it :)