Saturday, April 26, 2014

Q & A: XIV: Spiritual, Souls, Supernatural [Group Post]

It is 12:00 PM
I wanted to do a group posting on some questions I pulled from my queue...

Q. What are the Resources available to humans to free ourselves from fear and our limiting belief system? Plants (iboga or maybe others?), technology (hemi-sync from Monroe, or maybe others)...? Will something be invented (like some sort of field) that will cleanse us? What is the purpose of living in pain and ignorance?
A. First, pain and ignorance lead to the ability to be controlled.  Self-sustaining societies may not want to be part of a bigger picture or relinquish freedoms.  If you need food, medicine, medical care from the government (or need their assistance in making it accessible even if you do have the funds to buy it) then you are somewhat a slave to that system and aren't free- so people in power want you to need them because that is how they maintain control.

I see one of the best ways to free yourselves is to become spiritually connected.  From that many things can follow, (including re-evaluating your belief system)  because a certain connectedness will guide you how to do so in a world that tries to control people.  

Then I say, how do you become more spiritually connected? and the first thing I get is to cleanse yourself.. Detoxing is one of the best ways to clear yourself and begin to work on centering yourself and communicating to your higher self.  There is a time and place for medicine, but medicine fogs your mind (I have an image of myself many years ago when I took Prozac to deal with a miscarriage- I lost a lot of clarity and quitting several years ago freed my mind ten-fold).  Many pharmaceuticals may help symptoms, but don't really cure the problem and harm your mind and  body in other ways (I'm not a doctor, but this is just what I see.). 

Also the food we eat blocks us.  Some people are VERY sensitive and meat will create a block because their body can feel the trauma the animal went to when it gave its life for us to consume.  Even being vegan a few days a week can make a big difference in having effective meditations or connecting with your higher self.

Processed food, fluoride in water, all of those things are toxic to our insides.  It is difficult to avoid it 100%, but any effort will make you feel more clarity in your thoughts and beliefs.

Iboga and other thought inducing herbs / plants (like marijuana) grown pure from the earth may help you see something, but I get it can be done from within, with your own effort and control.  Using herbs / plants feels like you are forcing something with a lack of patience.  It looks to work in people are very blocked, but may be more effective if you do it on your own.

Q. What are demons?
A  Demons are a name given to describe negative and very dark energy.  Then I see the word demon is used in a variety of ways, such as a person "is carrying a demon" (something dark or something causing guilt).  A demon can also be said to be in someone as in a possession (very dark energy).

Where to they come from (the ones that posses humans)? They are the lowest vibration spirits.  They haven't ascended because I see that there soul is "incomplete" and that is why they seek out vulnerable souls that are within humans.  They try to attach as a way to make themselves complete, and fill in what is missing.

Q. What happens when we die?
A. I see that when a person passes a ball of light (and occasionally it looks like an angel) comes out of their body and floats upward into the sky.  My intuition tells me that this ball of light is their inner soul that has left their physical body.  When the soul goes into the sky it reconnects with the other bodiless souls in the collective consciousness. It may reside there, or incarnate soon depending on the path of that soul..

Q. Can spirits (of a former life) be channeled if the soul is actively present in a current-day human?
A. When someone passes there is no guarantee that you will be able to connect with them regardless if they have reincarnated or not.  A person can set themselves up to channel, but it is really the spirits choice to come through. If a soul reincarnates I see that it is much more difficult to channel the soul as you may know it.  It is easier to receive a message from an already reincarnated soul through a medium as there are still residual memories alive in the collective consciousness or "Oneness." Someone very skilled may know how to tap into a true channeling of this kind (when the soul has incarnated), but I cannot see anything more than medium work to relay a left message or thought.

Q. When spirits are channeled they may speak of their past lives and / or current life. Can they see their future life/lives - beyond present day?
A.  I cannot see that they are able to see future lives.  When I ask why it is because if they had that much foresight it could change their life path and alter both their life lessons and those they were in contact with.  Then I flash to the movie Back to the Future where they jumped ahead in time and had to be careful not to change anything or it would change the life paths of others- my impression is that it is the same concept.

Q. Are spirits able to acquire more knowledge? As a simple example, say a practising musician passes, can their spirit continue to learn or improve their musical ability?
A. With each incarnation that soul will either maintain or advance in a gift (depending on their life lesson.  If someone is gifted in music, when they incarnate they may like music and be drawn to it not knowing why.  They may even realize they have some natural ability.  The previous soul may not pick up a guitar until the are 25, whereas when they reincarnate they may find at 16 they are playing and feel very connected and far surpass their past life soul.  I do see talent can evolve with each incarnation.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you. It is 12:30 PM


AKKL said...

Can you suggest which foods or methods are best for detoxing?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ AKKL: I always seeing juicing (even if not a way of life but a few days at a time) and staying away from animal products. When juicing I see things that look fibrous (like stringy oranges and apples, and I see sweet potatoes--somehow soften them prior to mashing??) and citrus foods. Also a lot of clean (no fluoride) water- up to a gallon a day.